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Once upon a time the people at allowed the creation of personal web pages.  That has since been discontinued.  Even before that they weren't allowing access to update nor modify anything on the page that I had there.  In the process of building Bob Grumbine's Central Blogging Site, I ran across a copy that I downloaded of that religious web page and have transferred here for posterity all of the relevant content of that religious web page.

About Bob
This is my "fun" site.  I think it's neat that Netscape provided this chance for some fun time.  I also have a serious site shown in the links at bottom.

   By the way, here on MyWebPage:  Minors Prohibited, Ninos Prohibidad, Enfants Prohiber, und Kinder Verboten, but you already knew that because Netscape already told you so about all of the MyWebPage site.

Likes and Dislikes
I like Spring days, Coca-Cola classic, pretty flowers, raspberries fresh or frozen, country & western music, Indonesian coffee, air conditioning in Summer, ground cow grilled to a golden brown, the temples of Bali, apple juice, wild animals in zoos, Dole cinnamon raisins, classic rock'n'roll, London style fish'n'chips, river boating on the Rhine, tuna with mayo and Mandarin orange slices, museums and artifacts, mellow jazz, old fishing boats, refrigerated nanners, a nice warm furnace in Winter, the little park down island from Trinity Church where Bernard Baruch used to feed the pigeons, apricot juice, filet mignon sauteed in butter, friendly local libraries, chilled black olives, the catacombs of Rome, helping young people, visting Death Valley with a full five gallon water jug, French style cut green beans drenched in melted American cheese, visiting graveyards without having to stay, toasted and salted Georgia pecans, and most of all travel to places that I haven't been before.

 I hate sports, religious wars, terrorist propaganda,
 and all other forms of violence against persons.

the Ten Commandments of my religion
  1. Thou Shalt Not Take the Name.
  2. Thou Shalt Not Poison.
  3. Thou Shalt Not Steal.
  4. Thou Shalt Not Litter.
  5. Thou Shalt Not Maim.
  6. Thou Shalt Keep Wholly the Seventh Day.
  7. Thou Shalt Be True.
  8. Thou Shalt Commit Adultery.
  9. Thou Shalt Think.
 10. Thou Shalt Encourage Thought.
My Favorite Books
 Brave New World by Aldous Huxley
 Transactional Analysis by Eric Berne
 Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the 
    Madness of Crowds by Charles MacKay LLD
 The New York Times Cook Book
 any state or province's Travel Guide

My Politics

as long as it ain't Democrat, ain't Republican, and ain't infringing and abrogating the Constitution of the United States under some other name, it's hokay with me.

Other Things About Bob

My zippy little car gets me around the country to wherever I want to visit people.  My laptop computer keeps me in touch with what's going on in the rest of  the world while I travel.  A little omphaloskepsis is good for a person from time to time.
My Favorite Song
 To all the girls I've loved before,
 who travelled in and out my door:
 I'm glad they came along,  I dedicate this song,
 to all the girls I've loved before

 To all the girls I once caressed
 And may I say I've held the best
 For helping me to grow, I owe them nothing more
 To all the girls I've loved before

 To all the girls who shared my life
 Who now are someone else's wife
 I'm glad they came along, I dedicate this song
 to all the girls I've loved before

 To all the girls I've loved before
 Who met once in the room
 then left me on the run, I dedicate this song
 to all the girls I've loved before.

 To all the girls who cared for me
 Who filled my nights with ecstacy
 They live within my heart, I've always been a part
 Of all the girls I've loved before

 To all the girls I've loved before
 Who travelled in and out my door
 I'm glad they came along, I dedicate this song
 to all the girls I've loved before.

 The winds of change are always blowing
 and every time I try to stay
 The winds of change continue blowing
 and they just carry me away

(I know somebody for sure must have a copyright on these lyrics and if they object I'll pull this from my site, but it's my favorite song, so here it is for now ....)

A Poem Written by Bob
Write your vows on scraps of paper, duly notarized and authorized and filed with all the proper authorities, and you have but a chimera in the minds of fools.  Instead write your vows on the sands of the desert, then love the writing away with passionate embrace, those vows shall be written indelibly on your own immortal souls.

about Peter Pan

Cultural artifacts are key to the transmission of culture.  I love girls who know, not only that Captain Hook is to be avoided, but that a Peter Pan is something other than the name of Tinker Bell's boyfriend, that remaining always a child is not what life is about, and always to keep it clean.

"my religious web page" recounts realities which existed prior to the Frauderal goofermint's  felony abrogations of the Article I US Constitution Amendments' civil right of heteros to practice our own religion.  Portions of those felony abrogations are detailed in my photo journal Hellth Kare Frauds and in my blogs  Divorce Racketeering and  Lesbian/Faggot Politics .  The distinguishing feature of my religion was the decent humane treatment of hetero males as distinct from the feloniously enslaving (in violation of Article XIII of the US Constitution Amendments) felony tax evading religionist fraud of "marriage" which in the majority of such frauds, not counting those in which the males involved were murdered while still "married", results in further felony abrogations of Articles XIV, V, and I of the US Constitution Amendments in the ecclesiastical "divorce" courts.
      The photo below is of my signed print #260 (of the 500 limited edition by renowned western artist Steven Saylor) that I bought (complete with Certificate of Authenticity from the publisher Evergreen Studio) to remember what it was like when Article I of the US Constitution Amendments was still in effect in my home state Nevada.  It is the artist's montage of a place of worship of hetero religion extant prior to the criminal abrogations of human and civil rights by Raygun/ Bush/ Koop and subsequent homosexist goofermints.  This montage of water color portraits by Steven Saylor is close enough to the reality of hetero places of worship that, if I had violated our basic rule against taking pictures instead of attending to proper reasons for being there, a resulting photo montage made by me at the time would have looked very much like Saylor's water color montage.

      WARNING:  I talk in this web page about places of worship of hetero religion as they WERE in the years 1976 (and long prior) into 1987.  Most of the buildings may still be there, as shown in the photos which follow, but the religious practices have been changed radically as a result of the terrorist homosexual Xian rampage under the "AIDS" banner inflicted by conquistador puppet Ronny Raygun, the fascist thug Bush the Elder, and their medifraud malpractitioner Sturgeon Genital.
      The places of worship of hetero religion have all been desecrated and defiled.  There are no more decent working girls nor competent courtesans in Nevada, even though many of the buildings may still be where they were.  There are now only rubber ducky object rapists carrying out the homosexual Xian brutality dictated by the fascist Xian Raygun/ Bush/ Koop fraudocracy at the insistence of national faggot gangs who voted to "make AIDS everybody's problem."
      It was "cute" how the abrogators chose the acronym for their purported "dread disease" since the object rape con dumbs they promoted in place of human relations had always prior to that time been called "sex aids".  So, in order to sell and inflict yet more object rape condom brutality against hetero males, they named their "disease" by the long standing name of the very thing they intended to inflict.  Indeed it was an "aids epidemic" created by the Xian homosexist political administration to abrogate the human and civil rights of American heteros.
      It is a credit to the historic honesty of places of worship of hetero religion that the version of "the sign" appearing at right, warning potential worshippers that former humane practices had been displaced by the homosexual Xian torture maiming and murder intended infliction of object rape con dumbs, acknowledges that object rape *doesn't* prevent sexually transmitted diseases.  If anything it aggravates internal recognition, whether conscious or not, by the male victims of having been brutalized instead of being treated humanely in pursuit of hetero relations.
      With these warnings duly given and explication of the verbiage of the terrorist abrogators duly provided, the following are photos of some of the *buildings* which "used to be", long ago prior to 1988 "were", and show no indications of ever again becoming places of worship of hetero religion.
the "D&D" on Jenny's "bar", by the way, refers to "Drink and Diddle".  The "drink" part wasn't why I visited there some years later as a person who had by then long since discontinued consumption of the brain and liver lethal toxic chemical alcohol for any purpose other than as a mouth wash promptly spat out.  It was to communicate my spirit, through the medium of a decent working girl there, to another Nevadan who might need to know how to do it. Yup, social diseases such as refusal to consume alcohol really *can* be communicable in places of worship of hetero religion.  Got that social disease myself at another such place prior to establishing Article XVIII as the applicable part of the US Constitution Amendments for myself in 1978.  As the Bible expresses it, yes I "knew her", a working girl who had gotten clear of that poison.  I had decided upon review that life without alcohol was better.
At left, seen from the "wrong side of the tracks" was the closest to my then residence of places of worship of hetero religion.  At right, the "best of the best" where I met about 30% of all of the ladies of excellent reputation in my life during the years that practice of my religion was still possible (prior to the felony abrogations of Article I US Constitution Amendments by the Raygun/ Bush/ Koop homosexual Xian fraudocracy).
It amused me to think, in relation to the homosexual Xian society's pretense that places of worship of hetero religion were "brot hells", that this arrow viewable from the main highway was saying "this way to hell"
      The absolute largest of the places of worship of hetero religion was the nationally known "Mustang Ranch" about 10 miles east of Reno NV.  It was its size which made it the initial focal point of the felony abrogations carried out by the Raygun/ Bush/ Koop fraudocracy.  Although it seemed to me at the time that the attacks began in late 1986 and finalized on May 1, 1987, the reality was two of the three parts of the criminal attacks had begun several years before:  (1) the gradual increase in terrorism against heteros under the "AIDS" banner pretending that a disease of anal faggots, illegal injectible drug users, and victims of other forms of medifraud malpractice was somehow "hetero" in nature and (2) using the Infernal Re Venue Serve Ice to pretend that necessarily independent working girls were mere "employees" of the Mustang Ranch, just as the felonious enslavers in the ecclesiastical Constitution abrogating "court" system do with their lesbian oriented criminal thieves in the divorce racketeering industry, and all the while leaving untouched the genuine felony tax evaders of the hate mongering against males, baby raping, slave mongering Xian "religion" establishment.  The third part of the Raygun/ Bush/ Koop scheme was to send their Frauderal illegal drug pushers in to the county where the Mustang Ranch was located so that, to this day, the majority of the population there is under the influence of illegal drugs as demonstrated by their voting patterns when poison pushers attempt to "legalize" the inflicted poisons.  After the Frauderal attacks jailed the owner of the Mustang Ranch and stole his entire property, the rest of the operators of places of worship of hetero religion fell into line with the felony abrogations demanded by the homosexist Frauderal goofermint.  Some years after the felony abrogations against heteros had been perpetrated and the great hall where decent men and women formerly met for hetero purposes had been desecrated by allowing a lesbian thug to claim ownership of a male citizen there in the criminal religionist fraud of "marriage", the telebitchin showman Donahue did a presentation at the Mustang Ranch in which he emphasized the object rape con dumb nature of the Frauderally destroyed remains of that former place of worship of hetero religion.  Since then, the main building itself has been torn apart and relocated as part of a criminal religionist object rape emporium some distance further from Reno.
Notice the guard tower at the back of the building.  It is such a common thing for faggot Xian thugs to brutalize hetero females, so as to deny male citizens any decent treatment anywhere, in accordance with the perverted Xian "religion" imperative that males are born exclusively for the purpose of being tortured maimed murdered and "sacrificed", that certain defensive measures were necessary in order to operate a place of worship of hetero religion.
One specific faggot Xian thug, who did express the standard Xian hatred of decent working girls by viciously battering one of the girls at the Mustang Ranch, was shot dead from that very guard tower as he left the premises.  No doubt it was a benefit also to the males in that faggot Xian thug's everyday life since such violent abusers of humans tend to be quite indifferent to the gender of their victims.
      There were SIDE EFFECTS to having allowed medifrauds representing the slave mongering felony tax evading Xian "churches" to desecrate hetero places of worship.  In the immediate aftermath of the closure or subversion of places of worship of hetero religion into object rape emporiums, the incidence of syphillis in Las Vegas was reported as having TRIPLED.  The wildly promotive of object raping hetero males "American Red Cross" was all the while gathering donations of HIV/AIDS infested blood supplies and selling those supplies to medifrauds to further disseminate the actual disease.  The "testing for AIDS" promoted by current Presidunce Oh! Bomb Ah imitates the machinations of the unCoolorado Dept of "Health" which, so as to increase its case load of real "lung disease" which they could falsify records to show as having been "tobacco related" (so as to increase their revenues from extortions against tobacco smokers), caused thousands of residents of that criminaly blighted state to be injected with live diptheria which actually is a lung disease.  Further demonstration of the criminal religionist influence on the "medical" profession was the torture for fifteen years of the corpse of a young woman whom they murdered, provably brain dead, demonstrating the Xian insistence that "life" consists of knee jerk responses to criminal thug stimulii and that medifrauds will use any pretext possible to extort any insurance or other assets which might be available from torturing and maiming their victims even after death.  When the "wrongful killings" of more than 100,000 Americans per year are known to be caused by the Guild of Torturers Maimers and Murderers, which also aggressively pushes the socially destructive illegal drug marijuana and promotes consumption of the brain and liver lethal toxic chemical alcohol, their fabricated slanders and libels against heteros under the euphemism "heterosexual AIDS" are devoid of probative value.

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