Review of Ron Paul
Review of Ron Paul

A FB Friend wrote on my Profile Wall there ""Hey Bob, what do you think about Ron Paul's policies?"  I replied on 080927 11:49am:  Obstetrician, member of an only slightly different branch of the Guild of Torturers Maimers and Murderers discussed in my article  Hellth Kare Frauds  as m.obAMA whose branch causes the "wrongful deaths" of at least 90,000 Americans per year from one form only of their vicious malpractices.  Facilitating entry [birth] of numerous programmable illogic devices (children) to be indoctrinated into the criminal abrogation systems of recent years is not helpful. But okay, let's have a look at  Ron Paul's web site  and see what those policies are.

One of only four Republican legis critters who endorsed in 1976 the fascist faggot Ronny Raygun whose eight year reign of criminal abrogations of the US Constitution included: (1) appointment of the Harlem witch doctor Krap who ran the AFRaids epidemic to abrogate the human and civil rights of American heteros beginning in Raygun's term as presidunce, demanding that all hetero male citizens be object raped with con dumbs; (2) appointment of the criminal mastermind His British Lordship Greedspan who created an entire onslaught of criminal abrogations of Article IV of the US Constitution which prohibits the illegal searches and seizures now prevalent in the former banking now bunko system and in the securities markets; (3) creation of the euphemized "Plunge Protection Team" which has been the primary criminal manipulation tool facilitating theft of stockholders equity and other abuses of cash paid public stockholders; and (4) commencement of the building of a religion based literal end of the world intended Doomsday Machine at Yucca Mountain in Nevada as discussed at length in my article  Yucca Mountain Doomsday Machine  along with numerous other atrocities against American human and civil rights. Pretending that Ron Paul never voted out of accordance with the Constitution ignores his active promotion of the worst criminal abrogations in the history of the country.

As a member of the House Committee on Financial Services, Ron Paul is one of those most directly responsible for the criminal corruption of the former banking system into its current Constitutionally abrogative and abusive format of illegal searches and seizures. Also for the criminal corruption of the securities industry into fragmentation fraud, permanent adverse possession of securities belonging to members of the public who paid in full for them by criminal gangs in the industry, criminal thefts of all and more than all of the equity out of formerly great publicly owned corporations which have been made into de facto bankrupt trash heaps by the "stock buybacks" permanent theft system, and the system of "loans" to freeloading frauds for the purpose of creating the Internet Mania swindles and the recent Housing Cost Bubble. Nowhere does it suggest that Mr. Paul has ever done anything toward reasserting Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments as the law governing financial institutions.

Among Mr. Paul's most virulent proponents is a known criminal manipulator who is especially active in promoting the thefts of property ongoing in the financial industry along with promoting Mr. Paul "for Presidunce". If you wish to discuss my reference to him as "Mr." rather than "Dr." it is solely to avoid overusing the pejorative emphasis on his membership in the brutal Guild of Torturers, Maimers, and Murderers of his primary profession.

There were no relevant policies to be found on the original web site that I visited nor on any of the links that I followed through to observe. Only standard "doctor's office" drivel pretending that Herr Dock Tore is the solution to whatever ails you while providing no validation whatsoever beyond "because he says so". As for his weak objections to the criminal theft of $2300 from every man, woman, and child in America as part of the sonofaBush proposed bailout of the criminal gangs which created the current "financial crisis", have a look at my own set of specific proposals which appear  [below in red]  and set forth a first draft of how this old man, who has thus far managed to survive the criminal attacks of medifrauds in Paul's Guild including even the attempted murder described in my article, views the issue. The difference between Paul's mealy mouthed empty headed objections and my specific proposals is quite noticeable. Absence of a treatment plan is not policy making. I think that pretty well summarizes my views of Mr. Paul's "policies".

on September 25, 2008 at 9:01pm, I had written in a FB political group:
There's nothing involved in this "Bailout" scam but further criminal theft of $2300 from every man, woman, and child in America. We're *in* Great Depression II already as a result of the fraudulent machinations of His British Lordship the criminal mastermind Greedspan and successor Burn Yankee. Among the steps needed to correct the fraud and theft reality are the following:

(1) re-establishment of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments as the law of the bunko industry which has been engaging in illegal searches (publishing confidential personal financial information on their infinitely hackable web sites) and illegal seizures (allowing any criminal anywhere in the world to vacate the entire account balance of any American citizen at whim devoid of authorization from the owner of the funds simply by going to those infinitely hackable web sites for the "routing numbers" and using them to vacate the account via Electronic Funds Transfer, Automated Clearing House, Point of Sale Terminals, and the forgery facilitating "Check21" scam).

(2) prevention of further thefts of the rightful incomes of elderly interest income dependent retired persons for the benefit of criminal gang financiers who have been provided with free money for their criminal attacks against the American financial system. Many elderly had their homes stolen during the first phase of the "free money" swindle for the benefit of those freeloading frauds in the financial industry and those who have been given for nothing free housing and large streams of income from "refinancing" their fraudulently acquired "homes". Interest rates must rise to reflect not only the thefts of value via "inflation" but also the severe risks of total collapse which the intentionally incompetent and deliberately malicious Worsingdone crime families have been inflicting on America.

(3) prevention of further thefts of stockholders equity by criminal gangs in the stock manipulation busymess under the euphemism "stock buybacks" which are nonratable transfers of all, frequently more than all, of the equity of formerly great American public corporations. The trillions already stolen have created vast swaths of American companies who need only file with the bankruptcy courts what they have already filed as financial statements with the Securities & Exchange Commission to create the same kind of avalanche of corporate bankruptcies which characterized Great Depression I. Already accomplished. Only the paperwork needs to be futzed with. I prepared a proposal for  Corporate Bankruptcy Reform  to recover some small portion of the criminal thefts from the fraudulent munchiments who stole the money on behalf of their criminal cronies.

(4) reorganization of the securities markets from the fragmentation fraud system imposed by the British pottynership front craporation Goldman Sachs and the Arab gang owned Citicrap so as to facilitate infinite manipulation of the "market prices" of the trash paper they have made out of our publicly owned corporations via "stock buybacks" thefts. A return to a responsible "specialist" system is mandatory for re-establishing fair and orderly, publicly accessible, continuous auction markets for securities in place of the all fraud and theft all the time fragmentation system that GS and C imposed on the markets with the help of corrupt regulatory officials.

(5) disbandment of the criminal manipulation agency generally referred to as the "Plunge Protection Team" which was created by Presiduntial Order of fascist Ronny Raygun in 1988 to rig markets to ludicrous high levels so as to facilitate the trillions of criminal thefts which have been carried out under the "stock buybacks" euphemism. That criminal purpose agency consists of the Chairman of the Frauderal Reserve Bored, a representative of the US Treasury to provide the fiinancing for the criminal rigging, a representative of the manipulative "futures" markets to arrange the tail wagging dog abuses which send the cash markets spinning at whim of the criminal manipulators, and a representative of the SEC to provide imprimateur for the criminal riggings of that fraudulent and abusive and theft facilitating goofermint agency.

(6) cleanup of the criminal subversion of property ownership inflicted in such states as Nevada (and everywhere else that similar subversions have been inflicted) whereby criminal gangs wind up in permanent absolute control of all land and buildings. Created by fraudulent conveyancings by the railroads and by a licensed professional liar affiliated with the Loonie Verse Itty of Nevada at Reno, those criminal thefts make ownership of homes or any other kind of property in that and related states entirely impossible. The recent flood of "foreclosures" in the crime controlled Las Vegas area was a mere *symptom* of the general criminal subversion of property ownership in the state. All Criminal Gang control all the time is not a permissible situation. It is based on facilitations of "reserved rights" in perpetuity whereby criminal gangs convey only the duty to pay taxes on property devoid of any genuine ownership interest in access and use of the land and buildings. Land reform in such criminal controlled states is another priority.

Bottom line is that the theft of another $700 Billion from the American people for the benefit of the criminal gangs with lobbyists in the District of Corruption has nothing to do with "working". Until the steps detailed above have been implemented, there is no scheme developed by the criminal thieves, of the criminal thieves, and for the criminal thieves which won't result in the "former United States of America" perishing from the face of the Earth.