Treasury Department in DEFAULT
the Nutty Own All Debt

      On 120806 I wrote a short objection to a puff piece about the Loonie Tied Studs Treasury Dept in which an Assd Press "Economics Writer" proclaimed that "A year later, S&P downgrade of US looks like a dud".  The puff piece which originally appeared at Yahoo source is no longer there and, along with it, my Yahoo published objections have disappeared from cyberspace.  But it has been and seems certain to continue to be a massive problem for citizens of the former United States of America about whom the 545 criminal thugs running the goofermint in Worsingdone District of Corruption continuously spew the drivel that it is "our" debt while all of the wrongful decisions and squandrous wastefulness has been for frequently illegal and unConstitutional schemes of theirs.  For my friends with financial interests, I wanted to expand here on those objections.
      Certainly none of us of Social security age can forget the belligerent (but true) insistence of Oh! Bomb Ah, during his demand that legis critters expand the "borrowing" authority of the Loonie Tied Studs Treasury, that the payments due to Social Security retirees would not and could not be made because he and his criminal colleagues in Worsingdone had long since STOLEN the entirety of the Social Security Trust Fund so that it had no money whatever to *pay* their obligations to us, for which they had been stealing chunks out of our lives for decades under pretense that we would have a retirement income.  We must not forget *whose* Treasury Department that is:  the criminal gangs in Worsingdone who treat TRUST FUNDS as property to be stolen at whim for whatever other criminal schemes they might generate along the way for squandering the assets and lives of American citizens.  That acknowledgement of criminal theft of the entirety of that TRUST FUND was itself an act of DEFAULT.
      Then too there is the felonious abrogation by the Treasury Dept of Article I of the US Constitution Amendments which proclaims that "Congress shall make NO law respecting an establishment of religion".  The Congress has never had and continues to have no authority to make any laws subservient to the criminal gangs of frauds and thieves of human lives who inflict felony enslavement in violation of Article XIII US Const.Amends. under the religionist euphemism "marriage" which leads in the majority of instances to frauds and thefts in the divorce racketeering "courts", who molest and rape young boys as they did without prosecution in Mitt Romney's term as goofernor of Messy Chews Its, who create wars for the purpose of "sacrificing" male lives as they have been bragging about their criminal colleagues of the "religion" establishment doing to Jesus Nazarenas two millenia ago, and who have created historically and continue to create massive "Inquisitions" such as "Obamacare" for the torture and maiming and murder of citizens in violation of Article V of the US Constitution Amendments.  Certainly such vicious criminal gangs are not entitled to tax exemptions on both the Frauderal but also on the similarly prohibited state and local levels, let alone exemption from prosecution for their other felonies, besides felony tax evasion.  With all due recognition that the criminally corrupt and abrogative "Congress" *ordered* their puppet criminal Treasury Dept to engage in writing voluminous criminally abrogative code to facilitate felony tax evasion, it has nonetheless been the Treasury Dept which has been complying with that illegal order and refusing to collect the taxes due from the extorted billionaire incomes of those criminal gangs styling themselves as "religion".  That is another act of DEFAULT on their obligations to comply with the Constitution of the United States of America in their financial dealings.  The Nuremberg Tribunal following World war II made clear that complying with illegal orders is criminal and having been given such illegal orders by the criminally corrupt Congress does not absolve the perpetrators at the Treasury Dept for carrying them out.
      Anybody who has been around Facebook, Themspace, and other "social" web sites for awhile, especially those who have gotten snookered into the "games" run by Zynga, is imminently aware of the whimsical and abusive nature of computer programmers.  "Now you see it, now you don't" is their basic attitude towards benign visitors.  "We may *publish* rules, but we don't follow them" is another and, in the case of Zynga outright criminal attacks against "player" computers have been regularly experienced.  It gets a whole lot more serious in the financial industry where the ability even to buy groceries and other essentials has been compromised by the felony abrogations of Article IV (which prohibits illegal seizures of the property of any American citizen) implicit in the unvalidated thefts from private financial accounts using Electronic Funds Transfer, Automated Clearing House, Point of Sale Terminals, and the "Check21" forgery facilitating system.  None of those systems of taking the property of citizens have any validation from the owner of the funds, only knowledge, often wrongfully acquired, of the "routing numbers" into the accounts.  Such illegal seizures have been carried out on a far grander scale against the former "owners" of shares of stock in formerly great American companies by largely foreign criminal gangs subverting the "regulator" Securities & Exchange Commission to get authorization to feloniously steal all stocks into the permanent adverse possession of those largely foreign criminal gangs under the euphemism "Direct Registration System".
      "Trust our computers" insist the criminal thieves of American incomes and property in violation of Article IV, the largest of whom is a de facto bankrupt foreign corporation.  A few examples of what "trust our computers" means in real terms:  Bernie Madoff stole billions from his trusting investors by giving them nothing but "statements of account" showing that they were "gaining" by leaving their money with him.  Then too former Gulled Mon Sux CEO, former goofernor of New Jersey, former Snitter in Worsingdone, and ultimately CEO of a criminal gang in the "commodity futures" busymess was so effective at rigging "computers" that forensic experts have yet to *find* about a billion dollars of customer funds which by law were to have been *segregated* from the assets of his criminal gang futures busymess.  Then too there was the "Flash Crash" engineered by criminal manipulators in the securities markets using their computers to trash the markets.  There have also been incredible torrents of pretended "order flow" from criminal manipulators which disappears within milliseconds but leaves the false impression of "trading interest" at rigged prices.  Then on August 1, 2012, some "computer programmers" at Knight Capital Group trashed their firm so thoroughly that bankruptcy was a serious option, bailed out only because too many of their customers were dependent on Knight for "clearing" their trades (which never result in the buyers of securities ever receiving any actual stock but only yet more "computer" entries perpetrating the illegal seizure of those securities by the broke maker and bunko and "transfer agent" busymesses).
      Comes now Oh! Bomb Ah's Loonie Tied Studs Treasury Dept and decrees that itself is going to be the permanent adverse possessor of all of the bonds and other debt instruments that it issues and sells as part of financing its squandrous wastrel Worsingdone criminal cronies.  The DEBTOR to be the only possessor, illegally seized in violation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments, of its own debts.  What a "novel" (felonious) notion for solving the Nutty Own All debt problem.  But they went far beyond mere illegal seizure of all debt instruments into their criminally slopperated "computer" systems and insisted that they be given felony access to private financial accounts of those stupid enough to "loan" money to a known felony abrogator of the US Constitution in other regards noted above.  I have seen licensed professional liars employed by other criminal gangs arguing that "oh golly, we aren't the government, so we don't have to comply with the Constitution".  But the Treasury Dept is in fact a key part of the criminally corrupt goofermint and not even those licensed professional liars can argue their way out of the requirement that a central part of the goofermint MUST COMPLY with the Constitutional prohibition of illegal seizures of American property.  Yet another incidence of DEFAULT by the criminally corrupt Treasury Dept which has the duty to comply with Article IV US Constitution
      Computers are not markets nor safe nor appropriate places for the holding of property.  They are manipulative tools rigged by their programmers and administrators against human and civil rights.  S&P may not have gotten to the real point in their downgrade of the squandrous wastrel Treasury Department debt load.  Illegal seizure of all bonds into the permanent adverse possession of the freaking DEBTOR itself and subjected to the whims of the pogrommers creating the debt, carried out under the euphemism "Treasury Direct", is felony abrogation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments which prohibits such illegal seizures of the property of any American citizen as is the Oh! Bomb Ah Treasury's demanded felony access to private financial accounts via the unvalidated criminal theft opportunities of EFT and ACH.  When only the debtor is "allowed" to have any record of its debts, that debtor is already grotesquely in DEFAULT.  Not Mere CCC-, certainly not the smidgen of adjustment that S&P published and that numerous fraudulent members of the "ratings" busymess refused to adjust at all, but flat out "D" rated.  IN DEFAULT.

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