Lesbian and Faggot Politics
Lesbian and Faggot Politics

Having grown up to be an adult human being with heterosexual interests, I am often asked by those who didn't bother to do so about my objections to the political and illegal atrocities of lesbians and faggots against human interests.  Since the question comes up so often from prepubescent retards insisting that their emotional retardation and criminal abuses of human beings are the norm and that heterosexual and other human interests are wicked or perverse, I prepared this little article to discuss some of the issues.
      My education in lesbian and faggot politics began during the years 1957-1961 at what was, oddly enough, referred to as the Colorado "Normal School", the institution where that state trains teachers to control, manipulate, abuse, and inflict developmental retardation on students in all of the elementary and secondary schools of that blighted state.  The state's educational development suffers as a result of those lesbian and faggot politics with roughly 30% of tenth graders in the schools being incapable of reading or writing competently.  But the lesbians and faggots running the government of Colorado like it that way.  It provides mindless rooters for the faggot teams and faggot dominance ritual stadiums to which they divert vast quantities of public tax monies while preventing any material number of people from comprehending the abusive criminal (and generally unconstitutional) manner in which they run the state of Colorado.  In what were euphemized as "physical" education courses, I was subjected to daily criminal assaults by violent thugs (some of it inflicting permanent bodily injury, although the murders of a 15 year old boy and a 14 year old girl by their coaches and other "players" in the "sports" programs elsewhere make those injuries seem comparatively mild to the real purpose of the lesbian/faggot sports programs which is subverting human development into mindless criminal violence), homosexual harrassment (demands for homosexual services made by those thugs in a compulsory attendance environment of stripping naked for no apparent purpose other than being homosexually harrassed) and occasional homosexual molestation.
      A particularly illuminating incident about the lesbian/faggot "normalcy" of that school might clarify.  In an article written for the school newspaper, I referred to the rendition of a song by some musicians that I particularly liked.  The illiterate lesbian principal of that high school then called me into her office to have the writing changed.  No, for that she didn't threaten me with expulsion from the school.  But using the word "rendered" as referring to anything other than the hog fat rendering plants (definition 8 in my dictionary) that were her entire life and focus was unacceptable to her.  It was only dancing cheek to cheek with a girl at a private party four miles from the school that got me threatened with expulsion by the lesbian thug who demanded that I dance cheek to cheek with other boys every day in the faggot dominance ritual classes required at the Colorado State College of Education's "normal" school (where they teach the perverts who wind up running all the other schools to run them in homosexually accepted "normal" manner).  No, using the word "rendered" in any of its primary seven meanings only got me edited by the illiterate lesbian who didn't know any of those first seven.
      In order to provide at least partial "legal" protection for the criminal lesbian and faggot assaults and molestations on students in the schools, the government of that criminally corrupt state of Colorado did some years later lower the age of "consent" to sexual relations from 18 to 15 so that the violently imposed and criminally abusive thugs of both genders in the homosexual lifestyle patterning classes might have some manner in which to pretend that their totally nonconsensual criminal assaults were "protected" activity.  As noted, there was no way that any hetero activity (not even dancing cheek to cheek with a person of complementary gender) could be conducted without the most egregious threats and abuses of participants by homosexual school administration.  The homosexual criminal abuses were, however, a mandatory aspect of the "curriculum" of those lesbian and faggot criminally run schools then as now.  Even without the later defined Federal Civil Rights Law which made homosexual harrassment a criminal act, along with being a tortious civil violation of human rights (confirmed as applying to lesbians and faggots by the US Supreme Court in overturning the ludicrous pretense of the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals in the lesbian/ faggot cesspool of the *parish* of New Orleans that their criminal thugs were exempt from the prohibition of sexual harrassment in the schools and work places), every aspect of the school administration pogroms of homosexual lifestyle patterning were then and not merely are now entirely illegal.
      The lack of focus on the meaning of words (or intentional abuse of language to pretend to characteristics which don't exist) has subsequently risen among lesbian and faggot criminal groups generally.  What they do is to insist that a word "means" exclusively the fifth of the definitions in the "New World Dictionary of the American Language" while ignoring the absolute dissonance of their criminally abusive membership from the rest of the definition: joyous and lively, merry, happy, lighthearted; bright, brilliant (gay colors); given to social life and pleasures (a gay life); wanton, licentious (a gay dog).  There is nothing I can see in the criminal assaults, homosexual harrassments and molestations, eagerness for wars and brutality against humans, and other abusiveness which characterizes the faggots who claim that word as their group designation to match any of the first four definitions of the word by which they want to euphemize their criminally abusive group members.
      Described in considerably better detail in my article on the homosexual criminal institution of "marriage" which in the vast majority of instances proves to be nothing but divorce racketeering, there was then in 1966 and 1975 a pair of uses of violence and threats of violence via the criminally corrupt "family relations" court system on behalf of a pair of lesbian thieves in violation of my human and civil rights as an American citizen.  That system of corrupt courts was set up by the homosexual Xian churches for the exclusive purpose of abrogating the Constitution of the United States of America against male citizens and on behalf of their lesbian parishioners.  Not hard to figure out if one has ever visited one of those most obscene and repulsive atrocities against humanity, a conventional fully equipped Roman Catholic church with its inevitable front and center graphic display of the torture and murder of male citizens and its surrounding "stations of the cross" in which particular contributing acts of torture are graphically celebrated.  Perverted by a faggot Roman soldier out of the religious beliefs of early minorities who found something of value in the teachings of Jesus Nazarenas, organized at the Council of Nicea in the homosexual Xian year 325 to be a political swindle system, and then throughout its history engaging in wars and tortures and murders to inflict its lesbian supremacist system of atrocities on the human race, that religion and its minor offshoots is the center of the slave mongering criminal system in which males are treated as mere chattel of their lesbian owners in "marriage".  No surprise whatever that in recent years numerous "priests" of that perverse lesbian supremacist religion have been found to engage in rape and molestation of young boys and dissemination of the principally homosexual male AIDS disease.  Perhaps the most ludicrous aspect of all about that homosexual religion is the election of the most ignorant of all of their totally and formally and required to be ignorant legions of ignoramuses about heterosexual matters as "pope" who, according to the idiocy of their criminal religion, is then "infallible" when speaking about heterosexual matters while remaining devoid of any knowledge whatever about the matters of which he speaks.  Ah yes, but by military force, violence and other atrocities against humanity, that criminal religion and its offshoots has indoctrinated people into the absurd belief that it requires their slave mongering system of "marriage" which has turned into nothing but divorce racketeering, and the explicit permission of the lesbians and faggots who run that religion, for any couple of heterosexually oriented persons to engage in any heterosexual behaviors.
      Not content to allow the provision of Article I of the U.S. Constitution ("Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof") to be enjoyed by anyone other than their homosexual Xian perverts, there then began just prior to 1987 a pogrom of terrorism against heteros in the United States run by Bush the Elder (son of Nazi sympathizer Prescott Bush and in keeping with the Hitlerian "Youth Corps" in which young Germans were trained to be lesbians or faggots) and his Harlem witch doctor medifraud Sturgeon Genital.  All of the terms of that terrorist pogrom were defined by faggots engaging in anal rupture and suffering as a side effect the transmission of HIV/AIDS, although the disease itself was also prevalent among users of illegal injectible drugs and among victims of medifraud gross negligence and malpractice.  It was the national vote of faggot gangs to "make AIDS everybody's problem" implemented by the faggot administration of Conquistador Xian puppet Ronny Raygun and Confederate States slave mongering Bush the Elder which shut down (perverted them into object rape emporiums engaging in homosexual Xian brutality using condoms against male citizens) all of the remaining places of worship of hetero religion in the one remaining state where the homosexual Xian religion gangs, in violation of Article I of the U.S. Constitution Amendments, had not already outlawed heterosexual practices not under control of their lesbian/faggot "marriage" felonious enslavement perversity.
      The homosexual Xian churches don't limit themselves to mere criminal tax evasion and abrogation of the civil and human rights of Americans with such scams as the object rape pogrom of terrorism run by Raygun and Bush the Elder.  The reaction of the Archdiocese of Denver to charges of molestation of young boys by one of their parish priests was illustrative.  No, they did not claim that the alleged child molester didn't do it.  Instead, they claimed that Article I of the U.S. Constitution gave them as an organization and their individual representatives the absolute and unquestionable RIGHT to violate the laws, i.e. that their child molesting parish priest was "exempt" from the laws against child molestation on grounds of "religion".  That isn't what the Constitution says.  It says no law respecting establishments of religion.  No exemptions from taxation applicable to the incomes nor to the massive real estate holdings of those organizations.  No exemptions from criminal prosecution.  No grant of rights to impose their perversions on others against our will.  What they have the right to do is to practice their religion exclusively on consenting persons of sufficient age to provide informed consent.  It's another characteristic of lesbian and faggot politics, both in the homosexual churches and in the public school systems, that such niceties as complying with the strictures of criminal law and Federal Civil Rights Law is generally and blatantly ignored.
      Continuing their apparently standard group norm distortions of language, one of the more amusing perversions of American English which faggots and lesbians use to describe anyone who objects to being criminally assaulted, homosexually harrassed and molested is the absurdity "homophobe".  Fear and terrorism seem central to the nature of faggots and lesbians.  I think it derives from their own fear of reaching out beyond their own gender for human relations that they impute fear (perhaps of being retarded at the prepubescent level that they themselves are) to those of us who despise their criminal assaults, homosexual harrassments and molestations, abrogations of human and civil rights, and other vile practices.  Objecting to being hit, brutalized, violently attacked, and physically damaged under cover of "education", "dentistry", "medicine", "sports" and others of the pretended colorations that lesbians and faggots utilize to cover their criminal acts against humanity is no phobia.  It is a matter of right not only to object, but in fact not to be hit, brutalized, violently attacked, physically damaged, and abrogated of human and civil rights.
      A rabid promoter of homosexual criminal narcotics infested destinations for tourists recently brought yet another lesbian/faggot perversion of language to my attention.  Many young people do go into denial over the criminal attacks of lesbians and faggots in the schools and elsewhere, saying such nonsenses as one who claimed "oh, that's only an insult, not a real demand for homosexual services."  The rabid representative of homosexist culture insisted that failure to go into denial, but instead to see things as they actually occurred, "proves" that one "is" homosexual.  Abusive criminal "it's all the victim's fault" illogic which is standard in every homosexual narcophony town that I have ever had the misfortune to visit.  The victim "wanted it" claim the rapists and maimers and brutalizers of humanity.  Nope.  None of us ever did want their criminal attacks, homosexual harrassments nor the molestations they inflicted.
     The viciously abused people of Colorado (one such state where lesbians and faggots have imposed homosexist criminal abuse and perversions onto residents) in 1992, after four years of the faggot Bush the Elder administration run in his own name following the eight years in which he ran things via the puppet play actor Ronny Raygun, did manage to get together a 54% vote of the people which did, for nearly the last time in Colorado politics, have a quorum of the registered voters.  We the people outlawed by Colorado constitutional mandate all of the numerous homosexual preference laws which lesbian/faggot Xians had inflicted on us.  There were many such homosexual preference laws, not only the practices of lesbian/faggot school administrators inflicting criminal assault, homosexual harrassment and molestation on all of the young people of the state.  For example, there was discrimination in housing (not only at the state university where new students were required to reside in homosexual dormitories with persons of same gender in the bedroom assigned by the lesbian/faggot administrators).  No hetero couple in the state, without bowing down to the homosexual Xian slave mongering divorce racketeering swindle system and thereby obtaining the consent of lesbians and faggots to engage in hetero activities, could rent a motel room anywhere in the state while any lesbian couple or faggot couple was welcome to do so.  There was discrimination in educational advancement such that when this author wrote papers in his own name they were frequently flunked while, when writing in the names of that lesbian/faggot state university's preferred lesbians and faggots for the same courses and the same professors, obtaining "A" grades (occasionally reduced when the involved approved lesbians and faggots didn't bother hiring me to write their papers until they were already overdue).  So there was much basis for the people of Colorado to vote to terminate homosexual preference laws in the state.  Problem was, the government really was under total control of lesbians and faggots, one of whom took our 54% vote of the people and misrepresented it to the Supreme Court of the United States as to what it was about, so as to have our vote struck down and to foster the continued criminal assaults, homosexual harrassments and molestations against young people, and other homosexual preference laws of the state.  The lesbian oriented state attorney general who did that piece of dirty work against the people of Colorado, in part out of loyalty to the faggot Bush the Elder administration, was subsequently appointed by that cheerleader of faggot dominance rituals, the sonofaBush, to be Secretary of the Interior in his war mongering, economy destroying, human and civil rights abrogating, sovereign nations invading administration.
      Then in 2000 there was the fraud of a "treatment plan" issued by one licensed dentist at the apparent direction of his faggot supervisor which mentioned only surgery on a single tooth.  Having gained access to my mouth by that fraudulent misrepresentation, the criminal thug licensee proceeded to smash out four of my teeth.  A subsequently consulted licensed dentist, who apparently had been too busy admiring and being admired by his faggot associates at the college he attended (and had photos on his walls expressing such sentiments) to learn the required anesthesiology for carrying out his profession, then proceeded to destroy a fifth tooth, and compounded his criminal destruction with a song and dance about how I really ought to start using injectible drugs to control the ongoing pain that he had caused.  Well, in any event, that is what the faggot second dentist said was the reason that he didn't use proper anesthesiology while destroying that additional tooth after months of delay so that he could find out why the previous unnamed dentist had smashed out the first four.  The results produced by that pair of criminal thugs under pretense of "dentistry" are shown in this photograph.  Such frauds and criminal destruction of human bodies are outlawed by statute in Colorado.  Make no mistake about that.  There are good laws there, along with all of the homosexual preference bilge that the lesbian/faggot Xian religion has placed on the books.  But after decades of training to be nothing other than lesbians and faggots, after the malpractice coverups of the Raygun/ Bush/ Koop swindle against scapegoat heteros had compromised the integrity of the health professions, there were nothing other than lesbians and faggots running the state government to apply those dental practice laws. I asked that the license which had been used for purposes of criminal fraud and destruction of my body be revoked as required by Colorado law.  I followed up with an appeal to the homosexual Xian governor when the lesbian thug in the dental licensing office refused to allow even so much as a hearing of the facts.  Nothing was done about the original criminal fraud and dental malpractice nor the followup criminal destruction by the subsequent faggot thug hiding behind a dental license.  Not even a record of complaint against the malpractitioners on the Licensing Board web site.  Laws are irrelevant, according to lesbians and faggots in positions of power, only their prepubescent retardation and the continued ability to destroy the lives and bodies of human beings matters to them.
      Well, that's just some of the personal reasons why I am less than enthused about those prepubescent retards who have never been able to grow as human beings beyond lesbian and faggot practices.  On a more general social scale, there's also the theft of $260 million from the people of a five county area around Denver for the building of a "prettier" faggot dominance ritual stadium for one of the faggot gangs in the area after they ran a terrorist KristalNacht destruction of downtown Denver to "celebrate" their faggot gang "winning" the StuporBowel, in a rigged election, created by the lesbian and faggot legis critters, and devoid of quorum of the registered voters.  Even that pales into insignificance compared to the flagrantly unconstitutional payments to homosexual Xian criminal gangs passed into "law" in the form of the sonofaBush's H.R.7 abrogation of the U.S. Constitution.
      Given the lengthy series of criminal acts by lesbians and faggots against my own person, I found nothing surprising whatever in the reaction of the young men harrassed, without criminal thug child molesting coaches controlling the situation and protecting the criminal molesters, by the faggot Matthew from Fort Collins Colorado.  That they returned some of the criminal violence which had been inflicted on them under control of faggot coaches in the schools was to be expected by Matthew and by the lesbian/ faggot society which then incarcerated the young men for homocide.  That they had no doubt been object raped by their identified lesbian trained "girl friends" as a result of the national homosexual gang imposition of that perversion onto hetero relationships during the years prior to Matthew's homosexual harrassment of them made it even more likely that some of the violence which lesbians and faggots have been regularly imposing on hetero oriented persons would be returned.  The fraudulent defense created by their court appointed "lawyer" was an offense against justice.  There could have been no conceivable absence of knowledge of the criminal and abusive nature of homosexuals, nor any expectation that the demands of Matthew for homosexual services were in any way different from those accompanied by criminal violence in the schools, nor any reason for the young men to believe they could escape Matthew's demands without being subject to further criminal assault by faggots.  I have been informed that the death of the faggot Matthew is considered a "hate crime" in the lesbian/faggot community and on the floor of the criminally corrupt Congress.  Daily criminal assaults, homosexual harrassments, and homosexual molestations of children, criminal destruction of human bodies by faggot dentifrauds, imposition of homosexual activity on prisoners of war, imposition of object rape condoms on places of worship of hetero religion--lesbians and faggots "forgive" themselves for all of those blatant hate crimes against humanity.  But one of their own gets some feedback of the same kind from the criminal assaults that they have been inflicting on human beings and *that* they consider a hate crime.
      In another Colorado situation, a young Denver youth in his own neighborhood was confronted by a criminally abusive school trained faggot thug from a far distant area.  The trained faggot thug had no reasonable basis for being in the young man's neighborhood at all and was spewing violent threats as he hopped out of his car to inflict injury on the young man.  There was no conceivable way that the slight young man could stand against such a violent criminal nor was it credible to believe that he could outrun that trained faggot thug.  So he used the only means of self defense available against permanent and irreparable bodily injury in the situation, deadly force.  The lesbians and faggots of the Colorado court system found him guilty of murder.  I tend to believe, on the basis of the evidence presented, that it was self defense without viable alternative.
      Similarly in the Columbine School massacre, the homosexual Xian governor of the state appointed a crew of known homosexual activists including the lesbian oriented former attorney general who had abrogated the Federal civil rights of Colorado school children to attend schools without being criminally assaulted, homosexually harrassed and molested via her scuttling of our 54% vote of the people to terminate those criminal actions of the Colorado school system against young people.  The crew of white washers also included what I believe to have been one of the Colorado court system's abrogators of the U.S. Constitution who held it "legal" for lesbian thugs equipped with badges to entrap male citizens and prosecute under the anti-heterosexual laws which that lesbian/faggot government has created.  No wonder then that the whitewash committee found that Eric and Dylan were "aberrant individuals" when in reality their actions were simply returning some of the violence which that criminal school system inflicts on all young people in the state.  Yes, most of us get through it somehow without returning the debt of violence that we owe to the lesbians and faggots who trashed and continue to trash our lives.  But it is entirely conceivable that those young men, defrauded of adequate education so as to be unable to identify the criminals responsible for their daily hell of being subjected to criminal assault, homosexual harrassment and molestation, would turn violence on some of the lesser puppets of the lesbians and faggots ordering the criminal violations against the Federal civil rights of students.  Eric and Dylan alluded to as much in their posthumous remarks about "jocks" which were later suppressed along with so much else about the Columbine Massacre after the body counters, trained in similar schools to be unable to do arithmetic, corrected their original death toll count from 25 down to 15 persons and commenced the whitewash.
      Then we get on down to the real reason that the faggot Bush the Elder administration inflicted the practice of object rape using condoms onto formerly hetero places of worship.  Last time I passed through Texas I read in the newspaper about its use against an occasional visitor from New Mexico.  The local DA was preparing to prosecute for "child molestation" a hetero male from that neighboring state on the basis of semen found in relation to the alleged molested child.  Standard hoopla of the lesbian Xians of the area.  Make believe a young girl has been "molested", plant "evidence" gathered elsewhere in one of those object rape receptacles and preserved for the occasion, and voila the criminally corrupt DA has an "airtight case" of whatever sex related crimes he wants to "prove" against the victim male, using a jury made up entirely of local lesbian and faggot Xian perverts.  I think there were even a number of such "sex crimes" convictees on the sonofaBush's list of "executions" while he was in office as governor of Texas, which makes those killings nothing but cold blooded murder by the sonofaBush using the fraudulent and abusive evidentiary tool which Bush the Elder handed down to him.  The only genuine sex offenders I've ever met have been lesbian and faggot "athletics" coaches molesting children, their criminal thug trainees, and lesbians engaging in object rape and other criminal assaults after soliciting for heterosexual activity.
      As if the criminal scheme to collect "evidence" for transportation elsewhere in object rape receptacles they call condoms weren't bad enough, lesbians and faggots are a primary source of all of the junk email trashing the lives of citizens.  It is like being forced to live through yet another version of the criminal assault system of the homosexual locker rooms all over again, just to review one's incoming emails.  Of the 211 junk emails accumulated in my published email address during the couple of days through 040107, no less than 58 (27.5%) were playing the faggot locker room game of "mine is bigger than yours" or the lesbian locker room game of "you gotta compete with my plastic fantastic lover the dildo" so as to sell patches, pills, and other perverse methods of bloating, distending, and trashing the otherwise healthy male penises of the junk mailers' victims.  Yet another 20 (9.5%) were suggesting use of a well known drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, or any of that drug's imitators and sound alike scams, without even hinting at the medical warning labels required to be given to users of that drug for its legitimate purposes.  With both of those classes of junk email, it is nothing but more homosexual harrassment, of the milder kinds inflicted in "schools" operated in accordance with lesbian and faggot lifestyle patterning principles, forced into the privately owned email boxes and lives of American citizens to abrogate our civil and human rights to be other than prepubescent retard lesbians and faggots.
      In most recent news about the lesbian and faggot war against human rights, the 030626 decision of the U.S. Supreme Court is interesting.  The justices voted 6-3 to strike down the Texas law against the specific practice of sodomy, generally believed to be a primary feature of homosexual male relationships and demonstrably the root cause of most "sexual" transmissions of AIDS, saying it violated due process guarantees.  The petitioners are entitled to respect for their private lives, Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote for the court's majority.  The state cannot demean their existence or control their destiny by making their private sexual conduct a crime.  Yet the Colorado Supreme Court has held it entirely okay for lesbian thugs in Aurora CO, having been issued police badges, to solicit and then arrest males for any effort towards the private sexual conduct of heterosexual relations, there has yet to be any successful challenge of the deprivation of equal rights to housing of hetero couples (who stay clear of the homosexual Xian religion's slave ownership system) at motels or for that matter at the state university, and every other part of the lesbian and faggot system of antihetero demeanings remains egregiously operational.  Even a virtually exclusive homosexual and illegal drug user and malpracticing medifraud "disease" resulted only in a rampaging terrorist pogrom against, not any of those who had the disease, but exclusively against heteros.
      Carrying the ludicrous perversions of language and of freedom of speech, carried on by lesbians and faggots against legitimate human interests, one step further there occurred on 031108 the butchery of the captions for a photo album of that group of domesticated animals which were most vital in developing the Western United States.  Jackass, jenny, donkey, mule, hinny, and ass are the only proper names for various kinds of that group of animals of the genus Equus which were shown in my photographs.  Yet responsive to the hypersensitivity of prepubescent retards of homosexual orientation to several of those words, demanding censorship of words which they are capable of perceiving as referring only to their own behaviors and anatomies, the correct use of those words in my captions for my photos of those animals was rudely censored by a purported photo album site which has one or more homosexual persons on its staff.  Attesting to the illiteracy of the lesbians and faggots doing the censorship, they have no filter in place for the actual gutter word "arse" which they are pretending is what the word "ass" means.  The perverse censorship event raises questions even about the permissibility, among lesbian and faggot perverts, of quoting certain sections of the Bible which also correctly use the same words of language to describe animals in use for human purposes.  Gee, makes me wonder if my failure to edit out the identifying features of the jackasses and male mules might also have caused undue sexual excitement among the retard faggots viewing those photographs ;(.
      There is lots more but I think this basic analysis of why I am underwhelmed by the lesbian and faggot politics of "political correctness" swindlers is sufficiently clear.  Lesbian and faggot politics is nothing but a declaration of supremacy of criminal thuggery and abrogation of the fundamental rights of citizens of the United States to be secure in our own persons and property.
     Bob Grumbine      :-)##

040429 Addendum:  the recent photographs of the behavior of homosexual Xian military representatives, of that cheerleader of faggot dominance rituals the sonofaBush, in Iraq compelling homosexual behaviors by prisoners of war in their internationally illegal homosexual Xian crusade against Islam is nothing new.  There in Iraq it violates the Geneva Convention while here in the United States it is "only" Federal Civil Rights law.  Whether in the Colorado school system or in other school systems throughout the nation where homosexuals have control of the administration, such things are common and standard practice.  No surprise that when the homosexual Xians go to war against sovereign nations they engage in the same behaviors of compelling participation in their perverted religion that they inflict on people young and old here in the United States.  It is who they are, wherever they are.

070921 at 05:09:26am, in response to an article on AOL, "La. Protests Hark Back to '50s, '60s" by MARY FOSTER,AP Posted: 2007-09-21 03:26:21, I replied:
      It is a mockery of civil rights to pretend that criminal thuggery is a "right". It may be what the schools are teaching with their homosexually regimented "physical education" courses taught by child molesting homosexual thugs. It may be what the freeloading
medifraud and dentifraud criminals, who have obtained exemption from prosecution for their tortures, maimings, and murders of human beings under pretense that they serve "some other people" than the ones that they brutalize and kill, have in mind as "rights" to maim, and torture and kill humans. But it bears no resemblance whatever to genuine civil rights.

090630  It follows from his "education" in the homosexist criminal cesspool of Bossed On Massa Chews Its, where they are so gungho for homosexual molestation and rapes of children and nonconsenting adults as to have refused to prosecute the faggot felon officials of the criminal tax evading "church" organization there.  But recent tweets on his Twitter web site from the recently appointed Presidunce Obama make it clear that we the people of the United States are in for four more years of homosexual criminal abrogation of the human and civil rights of hetero Americans.  His June 27 5:02pm exhortation that "1 in 5 Americans with HIV doesn't know it. Please share this National HIV Testing Day video" is entirely consistent with the related effort to steal a trillion dollars from the American people to encourage the kinds of homosexual criminal terrorist attacks against Americans in which the medifraud profession has been engaged since the faggot fascist Ronny Raygun began the AFRaids terrorism to shut down places of worship of hetero religion, consistent with the demand of lesbian criminal religionists for additional encouragement of their divorce racketeering thefts and destructions of the lives of hetero males.  It is also consistent with the criminal injections of thousands of residents of the state of Colorado at the direction of the corrupt Department of "Health" there with live diptheria so as to generate thousands of cases of real lung disease for them to fraudulently attribute to "tobacco smoking" as part of their extortions against those who don't accept the medifraud industry's promotions of the brain and liver lethal toxic chemical alcohol.  As part of a self-fulfilling prophecy, no doubt the medifrauds involved in the "testing" are likely to do the same kinds of things that their torture oriented extortionate peers do to cause heart failures by increasing stress levels until the intended victim experiences heart failure creating the opportunity for them to slice and dice the victim's body for purposes of extractive surgery on the victim's finances, i.e. injecting the disease into those who didn't have it, just as the extorionsits in unCoolorado did in support of their anti-tobacco engineering efforts.
      The clincher was the June 30 12:55pm entry about the "exciting celebration of LGBT Pride Month at the @WhiteHouse yesterday".  No doubt lesbians, faggots, and "trans-sexuals" have much to be "proud" about in their record of criminal abrogation of the human and civil rights of heteros, in the same way that "sports" fans are "proud" of the mayhem inflicted by their "steal the other guys' balls and do violence to persons" criminal thuggeries.  They have child molesting homosexist pedophiles installed in all of the school systems being funded by money stolen from taxpayers to organize daily criminal assaults, homosexual harrassments and homosexual molestations of young people.  They even got Frauderal thugs with badges to murder 76 American citizens near the sonofaBush's ranch in Waco Texas in cold blood and with lengthy premeditation for refusing to allow their children to be sent to such criminal assault and homosexual harrassment and molestation "schools".  They persusaded their puppet play actor Ronny Raygun to mount a multi pronged criminal attack against places of worship of hetero religion originating in the national vote of faggot gangs to "make AIDS everybody's problem".  They falsified records of incidence of their anal faggot, illegal drug injecting, and medifraud caused disease so as to run a terrorist propaganda campaign exclusively against heteros, attempting to implicate even unusually active hetero persons among whom there was no trace of their fraudulently attrributed disease.  Lots of criminal "pride" in their accomplishments using criminally corrupt politicians such as Obama to abrogate the civil and human rights of heteros.

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