I am not now, nor have I been at any time since February 13, 1975, nor shall I ever again voluntarily be married to any person whomsoever in any place wheresoever.  I am not responsible for any debts other than my own.    Robert E. Grumbine, MBA

The foregoing legal notice has been published from time to time in local newspapers serving my places of residence.  It has also been frequently published in the Usenet news group misc.invest.stocks which is internationally distributed and has wide following among persons, especially those interested in money.  Among numerous other comments on the subject which I have made in that news group, I said in my article "the worst risks" on Thu, 05 Dec 2002 17:36:29 -0700, The worst risk to investors of male gender is the lesbian supremacist system of divorce racketeering which they and their faggot Xian preachers and the gigolos dancing to the female chauvinist pig tune in the "family relations" court system refer to as "marriage".  Totally abrogative of Articles XIV, XIII, V, and I of the U.S. Constitution Amendments, that institution peddled by lesbians and faggots as the only permissible heterosexual relationship is despicable in every regard.  My basic legal notice, identically as it appears at the top of this page, has also been published in numerous other Usenet news groups and other online discussion groups regularly and persistently whenever the fraudulent institution of "marriage" or the abusive Constitution abrogating slave owning status of "wife" has been raised.
     The reality of the fraud system which homosexual Xians and their criminally corrupt supporters call "marriage" is revealed in gory detail statistically in the official divorce statistics which provide indication of the incidence of criminal theft of the assets of male persons in the United States by Xian perverts via the divorce racketeering swindle system.  It is revealing of the purpose and intent of the current divorce racketeering business that it ballooned in earnest when the lesbian activist, who usurped the powers of the Presidency from her ailing husband Franklin Delano Roosevelt during World War II, had her lesbian partner move into the White House with her and began restructuring society in her own lesbian supremacist image.  Although the incidence of divorce was only 10% in 1910 and had risen only to 20% by 1940, when the usurper began her lesbian pogrom it leaped upward and currently stands at about 57% of all marriages being nothing but frauds leading promptly into the thefts and brutalities of the divorce racketeering business against citizens of male gender.  That is of course "not counting" the males murdered, by such means as that attempted by the first of the divorce racketeers in my own life, while married since they were never divorced.  Persons of sound mind and knowledge of the nature of the fraud and perversion of "marriage" could not voluntarily enter into such an abusive abrogation and perversion of the human and civil rights laws of the United States.  Do keep in mind that the rights enumerated are inalienable rights which means that no fraudulent procedure of pretending that the victim can "sign away" their rights (under duress from the promoters of divorce racketeering frauds) is effective as a matter of the fundamental law of the United States of America.
      The "marriage" fraud is based entirely on homosexual criminal demands that persons of heterosexual orientation be crippled and maimed.  Do keep in mind that Xian church officials refuse to pay any taxes on their incomes extorted from citizens by belligerent blasphemy and other means.  In doing so as organizations and when "preachers of the gospel" similarly defraud the taxpaying public by taking exemptions for living quarters and other facilities, they are in direct violation of Article I of the U.S. Constitution Amendments which states that Congress shall make NO law respecting an establishment of religion. The perjurers' pretenses at having passed such criminally abusive laws "exempting" such homosexual Xian churches and/or their ministers from the payment of taxes is not merely voidable but in fact void since they have no authority to make any law exempting or otherwise any such establishment of religion.  Each and every one of those Xian churches is thus prima facie guilty of criminal tax evasion, along with their hate crimes against male citizens such as glorifying the torture and murder of males and promoting the slave ownership of male citizens by their lesbian oriented parishioners in the fraud of "marriage".
      In this context of known criminal gangs promoting "marriage", I see prima facie evidence, in the signing of any documents purporting to be for the purpose of "marriage", of duress, fraud, and misrepresentation by those arranging such a nefarious scam against humanity..  The recent Question 2, on the Nevada 2002 ballot, further evidenced homosexual criminal religious gang intent when the word "marriage" was affirmed as meaning and defined in the Nevada Constitution as being never other than a scheme which is allowed to be inflicted only on persons of heterosexual orientation.  It was a Question in which neither "yes" nor "no" votes could have acceptable consequences for persons of heterosexual orientation.  Similar protections of  homosexuals by religious preachers and others who foster and promote the institution of "marriage" as a means of punishing, crippling, and maiming persons of heterosexual orientation, along with the attendant divorce racketeering outcome in the substantial majority of cases in violation of the U.S. Constitution, have been instituted in numerous other states.
      Another insight into the homosexual Xian criminal scheme to impose slavery in violation of the U.S. Constitution is provided by looking at the origins of the only Commandment known to be practiced to any extent by homosexual Xians.  "Thou shalt not commit adultery" is its usual form, as originated by the bastard foundling Moses on the tablets he engraved while purportedly visiting with Yahweh on Mount Sinai.  Every other Commandment, all of the ones that homosexual Xians violate most regularly and viciously, makes human sense.  The demand that no human person ever be allowed to relate to another on an adult basis, as distinct from the infantile slave owning fraud of "marriage", is a clear reflection of the hatred of Moses for his own not really known parents.  We don't know from the historical record whether Moses' parentage was an Egyptian soldier playing with some Jewish slave girl who floated the baby on the Nile or whether it was the "finding" princess herself who brought the baby Moses into the Pharoah's household after playing around with some Jewish male slave.  What we do know is that Mushy had some really extreme hates against human adult hetero relationships, as expressed in his Commandment prohibiting anyone ever risking the creation of another little bastard such as himself.  Cool.  Mushy had his perverted little problems based on questionable birth, never getting into the promised land and all that.  That's no excuse for the criminal slave mongering (in violation of the Constitution) which is carried on by the homosexual Xian religion nor the subjugation of human interests to the childish pandering of that slave institution "marriage".
      One of the more insidious scams inducing fools to enter into "marriage" was discussed in my post of Tue, 31 Dec 2002 12:49:43 -0700 to the Usenet news group misc.invest.stocks under the subject "a very Married Xmas".  In that post, I noted that There is to be sure a tax advantage provided by the promoters of marriage as a way of life to people who bow down and tolerate the abrogations of Article XIII of the U.S. Constitution (which prohibits ownership of any human being by any other).  But [the end of the calendar year] is that time of year when naive males have a tendency to go flocking into the divorce racketeering industry "for tax purposes", so let's take a look at how the arithmetic *actually* works out.  Start with capital.  According to long term statistics on capital growth (and ignoring the frauds generated during the Internet Mania swindles for the purpose of looting pension plans and suckering people into the swindles in the first place), the expected return on capital for those involved with stocks is about 9% per year.  Suppose the joint filers under the Married Xmas philosophy are paying 10% less tax on any given amount of income than would a single person.  That amounts to 0.9% of capital preserved because of having a Married Xmas.  Each year that it goes on.  Well now, let's then take a look at how long the Married Xmas bit typically *does* go on.  It is only roughly three years before the lesbian divorce racketeers step in and transfer 50% of the original capital to their temporarily loaned lesbian trained divorce racketeer.  The probability of that divorce racketeering outcome is currently running about 57% of all of those frauds which they call "marriage".  So that is a benefit of 3x0.9% and a loss of 50%x0.57 probability = 2.7% benefit versus -28.5% cost or a benefit to cost ratio of approximately 1 to -10.  Not good.  I should add that, according to legend involving elderly widows and other females having property of their own developed from business or employment of their own without having stolen it first in the divorce racketeering business, the swindle system styled as "marriage" may not be entirely restricted to victims of male gender.
      Earlier frauds on behalf of the homosexual Xian swindle which they call "marriage" included such homosexual perversions and abrogations of the civil and human rights of heterosexuals as outlawing any places of worship of heterosexual religion in 49 of the 50 states.  To eradicate the effectiveness of the last remaining state, the homosexual Xians used their medifraud Sturgeon Genital to carry on a pogrom of terrorism beginning about 1987 in which that Harlem witch doctor insisted in the name of "medicine" that only the Constitutionally abrogative swindle system of "marriage" with its attendant majority of the situations divorce racketeering outcome or the maliciously abusive act of object rape using condoms were thenceforth to be permitted as forms of heterosexual relationship.  Even diligent research took several years to locate the underlying Center for Disease Control documents which showed that the homosexual hucksters had fabricated much of the "evidence" of linkage of HIV transmission to heteros in narcotics using counties and even assigned all "unknown" cases to heteros, thereby doubling the actual numbers, so as to bluff their way up to a maximum of four percent of the cases being "hetero related".  Further inspection of the actual data showed that virtually every "hetero causation" incident was one involving illegal injectable drugs or the presence of other diseases of the sexual organs of at least one of the participants.  In summary, "hetero" HIV/AIDS was a myth created for political oppressive purposes by the homosexual gangs in implementing their policy decision to "make AIDS everybody's problem."  One direct consequence of that medifraud terrorism against the American people resulted in the effective perversion of all former remaining places of worship of heterosexual religion into the maliciously abusive format of object rape using condoms despite the absence of state law or regulation codifying the abusive policies promoted by the Frauderal Sturgeon Genital during the Raygun/Bush administration.
      The criminal abuse of human populations by medifraud malpractitioners exhibited during the afrAIDS terrorist pogrom was by no means unique.  A similar criminal abuse was carried out during a "study" of the treatment of syphillis during the 1930s and was the subject of a public "apology" by Mr. Clinton during his do-nothing, about the medifraud AIDS terrorism, administration.  The apology was posthumous of course, after the victims of criminal medifraud had all suffered debilitating dysfunctional painful deaths as a result of the criminal medifraud malpractice.  An interesting side note is that during the years immediately following the homosexual criminal AIDS terrorist pogrom, the incidence of syphillis in the Las Vegas Nevada area was reported in newspapers of the day as having tripled as a result of shutting down all genuine hetero activity in favor of the object rape condom practices demanded by homosexual Xian medifrauds and the related lesbian activists eager to viciously abuse male citizens.
      I never cease to be amazed at the ludicrous lengths to which lesbian oriented criminal frauds go in pursuit of their intended abuse of "community property" laws for purposes of theft of the lives and properties of male citizens.  Not long after I first moved to Nevada, I visited the Carson City Senior Center with thoughts that I might meet there persons of adult age, maturity, and civility.  It was quite a comedown to have the lesbian desk representative of the Center launch into a sleazy tirade about how the criminal assaults, vicious brutality, and permanent thefts of life and property which had occurred during the pair of divorce racketeering setups to which I had already been subjected by her criminal sisters elsewhere were a mere nothingness and that with the perpetual yammering (and infliction of poisons via the food served if previous situations are any guide) of herself and her lesbian sisters at the Senior Center, they would most assuredly create yet another such criminal scam against me.  I never returned to that "Senior" Center on grounds that the persons there were obviously too emotionally and experientially young, underdeveloped, and oriented towards the prepubescent retardation of lesbian supremacy for a civilized elder such as myself to be associating with.
      More recently there was the lesbian desk clerk at a purported dental practice who saw the "no such person" reply which I filled in on the "spouse" line of the patient information form and was so rude, uncivilized, and intent on the criminal fraud of "filling in the blanks" with the name of one of her lesbian sisters at some future point in time that she verbally harrassed me about that quite accurate response, insisting that it must be a character defect of mine that I was not willing to allow a criminal assailant, fraud, and thief from her lesbian coterie into my home on a permanent slave owning basis, as I was paying for the incompetent and potentially severely harmful services of her dentifraud employer.  Yup, "character defect": I despise criminal thieves endeavoring to destroy my body and steal my property.  At least the incident at the dentifraud office had the advantage of warning me that the office was criminally oriented, to the extent that I checked out the purported "antibiotic" which the thug incompetent "dentist" had prescribed and found it to be a drug with severe side effects of producing toxins which overtly cause potentially lethal colonitis, sort of like being sodomized from the inside out, consistent with the dentifraud practitioner's training at a lesbian/faggot institution which emphasizes the homosexual dominance ritual approach of "steal the other guy's balls and do violence against persons" instead of anything compliant with the Hippocratic Oath.  I do what I can to protect against that "fill in the blanks" approach to criminal theft via the draconian and criminally abusive "community property" swindle system.  When filing my tax returns, for example, I scratch out all of the "spouse" lines and record "no such person" in all such places on the forms so as to help defeat lesbian criminals who might otherwise use blank lines to create posthumous slave owning criminal abrogations of my civil rights even after I'm dead and buried.  Speaking of posthumous creation of fraudulent mirages, I have always wondered whether such might be the situation with the "erected by his wife" monuments that I see occasionally in cemeteries, i.e. lesbian criminals who never knew the decedent paying a nominal cost for a grave marker in order to create claims against the decedent's estate.  No more ghoulish than the mirage swindle, divorce racketeering, and "community property" theft systems themselves.
      Brutality inflicting terrorist political pogroms such as the AFRaids "epidemic", by those criminal perverts promoting the fraud of "marriage" against the human and civil rights of American males, combined with such utterly rude and fraudulent manifestations of criminal lesbian intent to abuse "community property" laws, are further evidence that no currently inflicted marriage, since there are now no heterosexual alternatives remaining (and of course marriage itself is rarely heterosexual in practice anyway), could have occurred other than by fraud and duress.  In conclusion, I observe that "marriage" is not about bells and happiness and constructive possibilities, but is in fact (in the proven majority of all such situations) nothing but a criminal conspiracy in abrogation of the "equal protection of the laws" clause of the main text of the U.S. Constitution, such equal rights laws as Colorado's Article II Section 29, and the Articles XIV, XIII, V, and I of the U.S. Constitution Amendments, for the purpose of defrauding male citizens of life, liberty, and property.  I consider the notice recited again at the top of this page and the detailed understanding of the nature of the criminally abusive institution of "marriage", evidenced in the discussion which follows the notice, to be further adequately public notice of my status and *intent* on the subject of the homosexual Xian perversion of "marriage", by which major parts of otherwise legitimate governments have been perverted into being accessories to the fact of commissions of felonies against the human and civil rights of American citizens of male gender.

      Bob Grumbine    :-)##

Addendum 030617:  In an unusual 5-2 decision today, the Missouri Supreme Court struck down that state's "alienation of affection" law, saying that "stealing" the love of a married person is an arcane legal doctrine.  Alienation of affection is grounded in the outdated idea that married people have property interests in each other and its present-day interpretation does nothing to preserve marriages, Judge Richard Teitelman wrote for the majority.  The decision is quite specific to Missouri law, does not strike down the more general slave ownership characteristic of the institution of marriage (even while making mention of it), and was on behalf of the female person who had been sued by an ex-wife, subjected to a $75,000 judgement against her by a lower court (which was vacated by the Missouri Supreme Court), but who is now the current wife of the male whose affections were supposedly alienated from his first owner.  It deals exclusively with the ownership claims of female persons to their slaves in the despicable institution of "marriage", vis-a-vis each other, and does nothing for the male slaves themselves claimed to be owned by one or another of the females..

Addendum 040111:  Now freed, by the recent $85 million settlement, of their previous task covering up and then negotiating financial terms relative to the rapes and molestations of hundreds of young boys by faggot church officials in Boston, Roman Catholic lawyers there were exhorted by the new Archbishop O'Malley to devote their efforts to protecting lesbians and faggots from the criminal abrogation of human and civil rights which the church's "marriage" institution inflicts on heteros.  It would be as simple for them as acknowledging the reality that Article XIII of the U.S. Constitution Amendments prohibits ownership of any human person by any other, but for their financial stake in the divorce racketeering business, rental of church facilities for the imposition of that criminal slave ownership system on male citizens, and profound "religious" hatred of heterosexuals in general and males in particular.  The sudden concern about protecting homosexuals from each other's criminal theft motives arises out of the November ruling by The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court that same-sex couples have a "right" to carry on the same slave owning and divorce racketeering theft practices currently reserved by the church for lesbian criminal thieves seeking ownership of male citizens.  The court gave the Legislature six months to pass a law that complies with the ruling.  His Eminence has his work cut out for him trying to protect his lesbian and faggot parishioners and church officials from each other in the criminally abrogative fraud system they of the church have always maliciously inflicted on heteros.  "We do this kind of criminal thing only to heteros" doesn't hold together very well despite other tax evading homosexual criminal Xian gangs in Nevada passing a state Constitutional Amendment setting forth exactly that "as a matter of law".

Addendum 040827:  Demonstrating yet again that the homosexual criminal tax evading Xian perversion of "marriage" for the purpose of trashing heterosexual human lives is not limited to the United States, one of my regular news sources reported the Johannesburg South African man who shot dead the pregnant lesbian fraud to whom criminally corrupt "families" were coercing him into marrying and then took his own life because of the criminal duress that they had been inflicting on him.  The Sowetan newspaper there reports that the criminally abusive "families" insisted on dressing their intended groom's corpse in a cream colored suit and the pregnant lesbian fraud in a gown as part of having a faggot Xian preacher in the rural village of Ceres in Limpopo inflict a "marriage" ceremony on their corpses.  A "cultural expert" was cited as claiming that "in African culture, there is no death -- there is merely the separation of body and soul.  It is also important because the families are married together" (in their criminal efforts to "marry" the individuals who had no desire to be part of that abusive Xian institution) and reportedly concluded "This does not mean the relationship has irretrievably broken down."  No doubt the sort of thing the lesbian thuggess in the dentifraud office intended to do by filling in the blanks (that I didn't leave) to exploit the rapacious "community property" laws here in Nevada after her criminal thug "health sciences" licensee killed me.

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