Criminal Tax Evaders

They promote the torture and murder of male citizens by pretending to "social value" in such atrocities. They enslave male citizens in violation of Articles XIV, XIII, V, and I of the US Constitution Amendments and corrupt the court systems of the United States into enforcing their abrogative slave system. They have a long history of thievery of the property of citizens of numerous countries including tortures and murders of the citizens of Spain, even of members of their own criminal organization. That utterly foreign criminal organization brought its tortures and murders to the New World, enslaving native Americans to build palaces for their criminal thug leadership, just as they had done for a millenium during the Dark Ages in their European places of origin. The "religion" gangs continue to this day to freeload on the American society stealing billions of dollars and the lives of thousands of Americans in support of their wars against foreign nations who subscribe to other religious practices.

For these atrocities, their criminally corrupt puppets in Worsingdone District of Corruption have violated Article I of the US Constitution Amendments which explicitly prohibits any law respecting their criminal gangs.  It was in recognition of the abuses of the then contemporary Inquisition in Europe that the authors of the United States Constitution wrote Article I to prohibit any such law. Instead, those puppets and others throughout other levels of American government have passed such specifically prohibited *laws* allowing such overtly and viciously hate mongering, war mongering, slave mongering criminal gangs to pay nothing whatever in taxes on their enormous incomes extorted by belligerent blasphemy and other frauds against humanity, nor their fair share of the real property taxes on the massive amounts of land and buildings which they have stolen from the people of the United States.

The felony abrogations of Article XIV section 1 perpetrated on behalf of those felony tax evading gangs are particularly burdensome to WE 48% of over 18 population classified as "single"  Instead of the required EQUAL PROTECTION of the laws, WE are required to pay brutal and differentially higher taxes to support the felony tax evading "religion" gangs who pay nothing at all, their feloniously enslaved "marrieds" regardless of sexual orientation provided with radically reduced taxation, and their antisocial population litterers producing ever more illiterate, uneducable, programmable illogic devices to fawn over the preachers and leadership of the "religion" gangs provided with even inverse taxation..

This blog is dedicated to the cause of bringing those criminal gangs who currently are paying none of their fair share of the taxes being taken from the people of the United States into compliance with the Constitution and laws of the United States of America.  The issue is especially important in states such as California, currently facing bankrupting deficits largely due to the malfeasant failure to collect the taxes due from those criminal gangs, where the Conquistadors not only enslaved native populations to building massive land stealing palaces for their thug leadership but have since subverted the judicial and economic and education systems of that state in violation of numerous other aspects of the US Constitution.

As numerous modern polytackyuns, perhaps especially the wannabe cadninut for President Elizabeth Warren, aggressively recreate the practices of Queen Isabella to steal the property of anyone, even members of their own criminal gangs, who has anything which can be stolen to enrich the felony tax evading, slave mongering, hate mongering against male citizens, war mongering for purposes of "sacrificing" the lives of yet more male citizens in foreign wars created for the purpose, male baby raping, beliigerent blaspheming "religion" gangs, the felony tax evasion of those gangs has become especially burdensome against the human and civil rights of American citizens.


080305 6:22pm
      Had a visit from a lesbian couple today brandishing a gory photo of one of their sample tortured and murdered male citizens. I told them that the promotion of torturing and murdering male citizens was absolutely unacceptable to me because I *am* one of their target victims, a male citizen. I bade them remove themselves from my premises. Then I founded [the group on which this blog is based] to discuss the issues involved in their hate crimes against my gender and their frauds and perversions against humanity generally.

080305 7:48pm
      The [blog] photo is of the interior of the palace built for and at the demand of the criminal thug running St. Paul Island in the Bering Sea, an official part of the US state of Alaska. The gaudy accumulation of wealth of that criminal thug was acquired via directing the slaughter and endangerment of the entire species of fur seals who for centuries prior had used St. Paul Island as their breeding ground. When written up by LIFE magazine, the massive seal slaughters were outlawed but seal herd numbers have continued to decline since. It is not only of humans that the criminal gangs paying nothing in taxes engage in the torture and murder but entire species of other life forms.

080317 8:49am
      I was talking about his gang's practices with the criminal tax evading preacher of a slave mongering fraud "church" some years ago. Pursuant to Article XXI of the US Constitution Amendments, it remains a felony to serve alcohol to any person under the age of 21 most places, including the state in which that criminal tax evader was preaching his hate crimes, because of Federal highway funding restrictions against states which permit poisoning younger people. I asked him WHY he was in fact serving alcohol to minors and pretending it was a "religious" practice to perpetrate that felony. He told me that the young people "wouldn't be interested" in the hate mongering war mongering slave mongering garbage that constituted the rest of his "religion" if he *weren't* poisoning them with alcohol. He was probably accurate. I can only wonder what the founder of that style of criminal tax evasion, Martin Luther, might think about such "morality".

080322 7:27am
      Precinct voting booths and other "community" meetings held in structures whose sole purposes are organizing criminal abrogations of the human and civil rights of American citizens are among the most ludicrous of the intrusions of the criminal gangs into American life. How can a person vote rationally under direct control of a criminal tax evading, slave mongering preacher of hatred against male citizens, fraud and subversion? How can a genuine community meeting be held in a place which is violently and viciously opposed to every relevant and essential aspect of American community? It is a mockery of citizens for such abusive "voting" procedures and "meetings" to be carried out in such antithetical places.

080323 6:13pm
      Had another sample this very day of the effects on people who associate with the known felons of the criminal tax evading fraud promoting "churches". Preacher promotes torture and murder of male citizens and then spews the Machiavellian gibberish "Jesus died for our sins so we're all forgiven" so as to encourage their listeners to rip off human beings, make false promises, agree to complete work for which they've already been paid, and then go running off to do entirely different things, stalling out the tasks for which they've already been paid with severe disruption for long periods of time of the lives of those they rip off with their cavalier presumption of being forgiven for ripping off human beings. They aren't forgiven. They are only fraudulent and criminally presumptuous as a result of associating with such known felons. That appears to be what they teach them in "Sunday School".

080415 10:43am
      On this TAX DAY 2008, when all of the rest of us are required to pay for the criminally corrupt goofermint which promotes organized crime against us, none of the belligerent blaspheming slave mongering preachers of torture and murder of male citizens are paying anything on their massive extorted incomes. Yet they are being allowed to erect fully functional full scale murder weapons, artifacts which have never been used in all of history for anything but torture and murder, around the landscape by which felony menacing against citizens can be accomplished. Shameful behavior.

080501 4:47pm
      MayDay has been a day of infamy in America since May 1, 1987 when the antihetero fascist Conquistador "religion" puppet Ronny Raygun completed his subversion of the former places of worship of hetero religion in this country with his medifraud terrorist object rape con dumb demands under the "AIDS" banner. The criminal tax evading slave mongering perverts of the "religion" establishment always have hated heteros (perhaps because they attribute some minimal hetero activity as being the cause of their own births). Ronny Raygun's criminal abrogations of Article I of the US Constitution Amendments were the ultimate expression of their hatreds of heteros and of any religion but their own criminal tax evading homosexist perversions.

080923 5:12pm
      New school year and the torture and murder criminal tax evading religionists are at it again. Not only do the children in schools have to survive the child molesting homosexist pedophiles emplaced to teach "physical education" and "sports". The belligerent blasphemers' version of "America" in which their vanity and demand that their preachers be treated as representatives of "deity" was being blared so loudly as to be clearly audible more than two blocks away. Pity the poor children's eardrums if not the religious beliefs of many of their homes that taking The Name in vain is blasphemy and wrongful in accordance with Mosaic Law (commonly known as The Ten Commandments).

081204 12:00pm
      Of course defacing the signs in Nevada's highway rest areas has long been a practice of the torture and murder religionists. But I was surprised in recent days to see their criminal proselytization posted on dozens of utility poles throughout a small town in California that I visited. Not that there isn't another town like Carson City with a Constitutionally abrogative city goofermint using taxes to promote the torture and murder religion just up the road from there. But surprised anyway. New mayor situation?

090306 2:48pm
      There is a peculiar blindness about fanatics of the torture and murder religion.  A web site which pretends to a policy stated as "debate of a religious nature is not allowed on the site" means only that infliction of the fraudulent claims, subversions of reality, and abuses against humans by the torture and murder religion is entirely welcome there but that any "debate" (saying anything against such antihuman practices or rejecting the abuses) is prohibited.  Pretty standard stuff for a European thugocracy which tortured, murdered, and burned at the stake vast numbers of native Americans for refusal to kiss the stinking arses of the criminal thug preachers of that religion.  Entirely consistent with the refusal by goofermint officials  in Massachusetts to prosecute felony child molesters and rapists there under pretense that those faggot "officials" of the religion establishment are somehow "above" the law.

090413  Had another demonstration of the same "practice of religion" that I observed last year on 080323 about the effects on people who associate with the known felons of the criminal tax evading fraud promoting "churches".  Guy who contracted to do some work for me chewed up my time and energy with discussions of his torture and murder religion, how I was "supposed to" ignore their criminal activities in the real world and believe their mere *preachings* about the right way to live despite the fact that their officials don't and regularly engage in felonies and other criminal acts against Americans.  Posited that his "orthodox" version of that torture and murder religion celebrated the fraud of pretending that one of the humans, that religion thugs had brutally tortured and murdered a couple thousand years ago, had "risen from the dead" a week later than the less "orthodox" versions of that criminally abusive "religion".  After meeting with his felonious preacher on Sunday, he overdrew an advance on the contract beyond where he had actually gotten so that he could spend some money to celebrate his criminal gang's fraudulent pretenses of murdered victims rising from the dead, promising to show up promptly this morning at 8am to continue work on his contract.  Based on his promise, I squandered an hour's worth of full flow of water through my garden hose (rather expensive and in short supply these days) in order to soften up the ground he was working on to facilitate the digging project.  Never did any work today but got the itch to go do something else, showed up 2.5 hours late with promises of being here instead this afternoon to continue.  Didn't show up then either.  Guess it must be part of their "orthodox religion" that contracted work is supposed to be done "a week later" too.

090418  Of all the criminal gang rituals of the torture and murder religion, their so called "Easter" has got to be the most abusive mockery of them all.  Even for those who didn't notice, during and after the genocides against persons of Jewish race in Germany and the captured territories carried out by the Schickelgruber goofermint there, that the policies were designed to implement the long standing pretense of the torture and murder religion that it wasn't criminal religion thugs (the Sanhedrin) who were indistinguishable from themselves in practice (regardless of specific frauds being preached) but "the Jewish race" which was responsible for the murder of Jesus Nazarenus.  Of course aggravated by the fact that Adolf himself was the bastard son of an allegedly "Jewish" father but primarily based on the long standing fraudulent preachings of officials of the torture and murder religion to distract attention from the reality of it having been *religion* thugs who murdered their purported "hero".  Even for those who didn't notice that the leadership of the torture and murder religion have been the most actively war mongering criminal thugs throughout history, not only during the obvious original series of "crusades" when the war mongering was overtly generated by their honchos but covertly during such frauds as the French "revolution" during which only their previously appointed royalist thugocracy and dissenters from torture and murder gang rule lost their heads to Napoleon's guillotines while not a one of their homosexist criminal priesthood was thus extinguished from life.  Even for those who haven't noticed that their "Pacem in Terra" has never meant anything but a claim of "right" to torture and murder humans, especially those who disagree with their frauds and thefts.  Even for those who didn't notice that the purpose of Article I of the US Constitution Amendments was to mitigate against repetition of the religion based tortures and murders and thefts of property even from members of that criminal "religion" which were going on at the time it was written or immediately prior in Isabella's and various other European thugocracies' inquisitorial brutalities for the purpose of theft of property by religion officials.  Even for those utterly blind to reality who haven't noticed that none of their dead relatives have ever "risen from the grave" and that the humans that the torture and murder religionists have killed by the thousands and millions around the world have also never done so.  It remains a mockery and further abuse of humanity for those criminal tax evading war mongering slave mongering baby raping homosexist frauds and thieves to glorify the torture and murder of their perennial sample male victim by preaching the absurdity that Jesus Nazarenus "rose from the grave" after their predecessors in crimes against humanity had murdered him on an earlier version of the felony menacing reality which they erect and propagate throughout what otherwise would be a potentially human and humane society.

090422  In response to the article by Ben Stein "Big Brother and Your Taxes" of original posting date Monday, April 20, 2009, 12:00AM, a Yahoo Finance User replied appropriately today:
      What amazes me in every story about taxes is that hardly anybody ever mentions the Constitution abrogating criminal tax evaders who pay nothing whatever on their grotesquely large incomes obtained by extortion, malevolent meddling in the lives of humanity, belligerent blasphemy, promotions of hate crimes including torture and murder, forgiveness for the perpetrators of all criminal atrocities against humanity, overt criminal abrogation of the civil and human rights of American citizens, and living very large on the hog in mansions built generally with violently enslaved labor on which they also pay little or nothing in taxes.  Meanwhile "of course" they assert their individual "vows of poverty" to explain how none of the stolen property which they possess could possibly be attributed to them individually nor even on an organized criminal gang basis.  Article I of the US Constitution Amendments specifically prohibits laws favoring those criminal gangs who pay nothing in taxes.  "NO LAW respecting an establishment of religion" is what the Constitution says.  No tax exemptions.  No exemptions from prosecution for their felonies against American citizens (such as the molestations and rapes of children in Boston and Denver).  NO LAW respecting their violently abrogative criminal gangs against America.  Perhaps "some day" the tax collector will remember the Judgement at Nuremberg which held that those who obey illegal orders (of the criminally corrupt legis critters to refrain from collecting the taxes due from the tax evading criminal religion gangs) are guilty of crimes against humanity just as if they thunk up the criminal abrogations of failure to collect taxes from the criminal tax evaders *themselves*.

090520  4:10pm PST  In an article by Shawn Pogatchnik of the Associated Press "Catholic Church Shamed by Irish Abuse Report" it was detailed:
      DUBLIN – After a nine-year investigation, a commission published a damning report Wednesday on decades of rapes, humiliation and beatings at Catholic Church-run reform schools for Ireland's castaway children.  The 2,600-page report painted the most detailed and damning portrait yet of church-administered abuse in a country grown weary of revelations about child molestation by priests.
      The investigation of the tax-supported schools uncovered previously secret Vatican records that demonstrated church knowledge of pedophiles in their ranks all the way back to the 1930s.  Wednesday's five-volume report on the probe — which was resisted by Catholic religious orders — concluded that church officials shielded their orders' pedophiles from arrest amid a culture of self-serving secrecy.  "A climate of fear, created by pervasive, excessive and arbitrary punishment, permeated most of the institutions and all those run for boys. Children lived with the daily terror of not knowing where the next beating was coming from," Ireland's Commission to Inquire Into Child Abuse concluded.
      Victims of the abuse, who are now in their 50s to 80s, lobbied long and hard for an official investigation. They say that for all its incredible detail, the report doesn't nail down what really matters — the names of their abusers.  "I do genuinely believe that it would have been a further step towards our healing if our abusers had been named and shamed," said Christine Buckley, 62, who spent the first 18 years of her life in a Dublin orphanage where children were forced to manufacture rosaries — and were humiliated, beaten and raped whether they achieved their quota or not.
      The Catholic religious orders that ran more than 50 workhouse-style reform schools from the late 19th century until the mid-1990s offered public words of apology, shame and regret Wednesday.  But when questioned, their leaders indicated they would continue to protect the identities of clergy accused of abuse — men and women who were never reported to police, and were instead permitted to change jobs and keep harming children.  The Christian Brothers, which ran several boys' institutions deemed to have harbored serial child molesters and sadists on their staff, insisted it had cooperated fully with the probe. The order successfully sued the commission in 2004 to keep the identities of all of its members, dead or alive, unnamed in the report. No real names, whether of victims or perpetrators, appear in the final document.
      Nothing surprising in those details in light of the unprosecuted permanent cripplings via "capping" carried out by both criminal tax evading Xian gangs during the Irish "civil war" over whether the people of Northern Ireland should be bowing to the Pope's Nose in Castel Gondolfo or to the Archbishop's Throne at Canterbury.  Nor any surprise that the Irish criminal religionist and abrogator of the US Constitution Ronny Raygun was the originator of the object rape con dumb terrorist medifraud criminal attacks against heteros which have been perpetuated by his criminal tax evading slave mongering Xian successors in perfidy against the American people in support of their  Divorce Racketeering system of enslavement.  It is all part and parcel of the "True Meaning of the Cross"es that they construct to menace human populations.

090523  Got run into by another feature of the crime preachings of the criminal tax evaders today.  Always there are the basic demands that "nonbelievers" bow down to their criminal thug preachers, to the whims of their individual gang members, and to allow takeover of all persons and property in their paths.  But according to the crime preachings, all their members need do is to intone some nonsense phrasings, without repair of the criminal harm that they've done to human beings and our property, and according to the preachings, they are "forgiven" of their mere "sins".  Always of course it is "all the victim's fault" for "having been born" into a world where the criminal gangs of Xianity have been rampaging against humanity for the past nearly 1700 years or, at the least, for having been somewhere in the vicinity of one of their crime gang members.  They seem even to believe in their exemption from needing to repair the real harms they have done to humans, to believe that their magical phrases lead to "forgiveness" because, after all, they and their kind tortured and murdered Jesus Nazarenus a couple of thousand years ago and have been preaching ever since that the torture and murder of other male citizens is all they need to do to earn their way into "heaven".  The only thing to which they are entitled "for" their crimes against humanity is to be "given" the opprobium they have so numerously and plethorically earned.

090707  It is what the "One World" treasonous frauds have been talking about all along:  criminal control of the entire world economy by the Wholly Roman Umpire and its unConstitutionally tax evading criminal abrogators of the civil and human rights of everyone other than their faggot child molesting and raping officials.  Became official when the capo de tout de capi Benedict, a product of the homosexist Youth Corps of the Schickelgruber fascist war mongering and genocidal goofermint, issued his latest encyclical from Castel Gondolfo.  "There is an urgent need of a true world political authority" said the criminal thug on behalf of his world wide cadres of preachers of the torture and murder of male citizens, speaking on behalf of the criminal tax evading Curia which has already fostered massive thefts of human resources along with burnings at the stake and other tortures and murders of human beings everywhere his war mongering pretense of "religion" has been allowed to subvert the laws of nations and of humanity on behalf of universal criminal gang control of all resources and of the lives of all humans demanded to be subject to the slave mongering antihetero antihuman criminal atrocities of his priesthood.  According to the Reuters press release, the capo's criminal crony in torture and murder religiosity, m.obAMA's hubby, is expected to pay homage to the ruling crime lord within the next several days presumably to receive instructions on how to further the criminal destruction of the United States economy and financial systems and how to use the already murderous, torturing and maiming medifraud establishment to carry out the standard "cleansing" of dissenters to the criminal gang rule that Benedict and his colleagues in crime demand, much as Isabella's Inquisition and the Conquistador enslavers of native Americans were doing at the time that the founders of the United States specifically prohibited criminal tax evasion and all other forms of favoritism for the religion establishment in Article I of the US Constitution.

090908  I don't know that it represents all that much of an improvement from glossing the vehicular killing of a citizen of Phoenix Arizona by an official of one of the criminal tax evading "religion" gangs there who drove away from the scene of the killing and made no report that he had been involved until the killing was traced to his vehicle which he had been driving at the time of the killing.  For "punishment" of the provable charge of vehicular manslaughter and leaving the scene, the criminal Bishop was merely "admonished" to quit interfering with the government's ongoing investigation of molestation and rape of children by other officials of that "church".  No penalties.  Got away with murder is what it boils down to.
      But there was a story in the September 2009 AARP Bulletin which says there may have been at least "some" attitude improvement in Phoenix.  Given the rabid promotions AARP has been doing of the criminal tax evading religionist scheme to reinstate the Inquisition universally against American citizens, it was no surprise that they headed the report "What an Outrage".  Well it is, really, but not in the direction that the author of the story intended to be taken.  What happened was that one of the criminal tax evading gang officials began blasting the entire neighborhood where his freeloading fraud orgie was failing to pay taxes, promoting slave ownership of male citizens by its lesbian parishioners, and engaging in other hate crimes against humanity.  Every half hour major noise pollution against all persons living within sound range of his criminal gang center.  Some of the residents of the neighborhood not immediately under threat of criminal attack by his "church" membership filed complaints and were able to obtain a conviction against the criminal thug blasting their homes with his offensive noises for Disturbing the Peace which it certainly was, even as described by the glossing author of the article in the AARP Bulletin.  There are of course freeloading fraud gangs, similarly engaged in felony tax evasion, preparing to appeal the conviction of their related criminal thug ghetto blaster.  But I thought it interesting that in this case of intentional abuse of entire neighborhoods, there actually was a conviction of one of the self styled "exempt from human law" thugs.

<>130510  A "trending" set of tweetings on the Twitter web site reminded me of the absurdity of the felony facilitations of the criminally corrupt Treasury Department's #IRS.  It appears from the tweeters' remarks that the Infernal Re Venue Serve Ice has "admitted" to "targeting" "conservative" groups as part of a Mock Rat administration effort to suppress Repuke Licking causes.  Yet the most "conservative" groups of them all, the ones for whom Mock Rat former SpokesPoison of the Hows of unRepresentatives Nancy Pelosi criminally diverted taxpayer monies to maintain and preserve the palaces built by slave labor at the points of swords for the faggot criminal thugs of *her* "religion", continue to pay NOTHING AT ALL in the way of taxes.  Flagrant violation in that and in the "exemptions" written by her colleagues in the "Congress" of Article I of the US Constitution which expressly prohibits any such "laws":  "Congress shall make NO law respecting an establishment of religion".  No tax exemptions.  No exemptions from prosecution for other felonies against citizens of the United States, such as the refusals to prosecute offals of Pelosi's "religion" molesting and raping young boys in Messy Chews Its while Repuke Licking Mitt Romney was goofernor.  None of that.
    But it isn't only the Treasury Department's #IRS and the rest of the Frauderal goofermint which is in flagrant violation of the US Constitution ON BEHALF OF (not "targeting") those worst of all "conservative" groups styling themselves as "religion".
Specific sections of the main text of the Constitution prohibit any of the political subdivisions of the United States (states, counties, and municipalities) from violating the human and civil rights of American citizens:
      Article IV, Sect. 2, paragraph (1) The citizens of each State shall be entitled to all privileges and immunities of citizens in the several States. 
      Article VI. Sect. 2.  This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which 
shall be made in pursuance thereof, and all treaties made, or which shall be made, 
under the authority of  the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; 
and the judges in every State shall be bound thereby, anything in the constitution
or laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding.
      Article XIV, Sect. 1.  All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.  No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law, nor deny any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

      So when any state goofermint "exempts" those criminal gangs styling themselves as "religion" from the payment of income taxes on their billionaire incomes extorted by belligerent blasphemy or from the payment of property taxes on their largely stolen and fraudulently maintained trillions of dollars worth of land and buildings, they are similarly in flagrant violation of the Constitution of the United States of America.  Furthermore, when local offals "outlaw" such things as places of worship of hetero religion or engage in felonious persecutions of heteros for engaging in anything other than the felonious enslavements in violation of Article XIII of the US Constitution Amendments "required" by the "religion" establishment and euphemized as "marriage" (followed in the vast majority of cases by divorce racketeering), they are similarly criminal in their activities.  "Targeting"?  Pshaw!  There was only a meager belated attempt to minimize the number of criminal gangs claiming "exemption" from taxation for criminal purposes. 

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