Divorce Racketeering
Divorce Racketeering

Those of us who have been subjected to the criminal abrogations of Constitutionally defined human and civil rights of the divorce racketeering industry do tend to ramble on about it whenever and wherever related topics arise.  These are some of my thoughts on the topic.

090712 at 7:01pm PST I publicly observed that
      Mention of "marriage" in a business context is becoming an indicator of criminal orientation. The trend started with a "car dealer" who spewed it forth in a totally off the wall context. Turned out the dealer doesn't *sell* cars but only engages in felony identity theft.  Most recently talking with a bunko about a money market account, it was mentioned as a "way around" the $250K limit (thru 2013) on FDIC insurance. Bunko has NO financial statements (as in zilch, nada, zip, nothing) published for review of whether it would even be rational to keep a hundred bucks there.  Stands to reason with the fraudulent, deceptive, and manipulative Constitutionally abrogative (Articles XIV, XIII, V, and I) criminal scam of "marriage" that it could be such an indicator.
      For this blog, I add that I am aware that things were different prior to the lesbian activist Eleanor Roosevelt who had her lesbian lover move into the Witty Houze while she was usurping the powers of the Presidency from her ailing "husband" FDR.  Up until her social revisionism, facilitated by "Rosie the Riveter's" harrassments and molestations of fellow female workers during World War II, the "divorce rate" had never been as high as 20%.  Immediately after the male population returned from the fields of battle and ever since, the ripemoff and throwemaway practices of the divorce racketeering industry have been running around 57% of all such criminal scams, not counting the males murdered (whether in foreign wars, sometimes created for that specific purpose as with LBJ's VietNam killing fields, or overtly by the lesbian oriented "wife") who died while still "married" without benefit of divorce court abrogations.

090708  The lunacy of the criminal abrogators and wanna be abrogators of Article XIII of the US Constitution Amendments (prohibits ownership of any human being by any other) never ceases to amaze.  Today's news reports from Nashville TN demonstrate yet another example.  For those not already familiar with the criminal religiosity of Tennessee, it has been the source of numerous attacks against Article I's assertion of the human right to freedom of speech under the pretense that the mere existence of speech "somewhere" that residents of that blighted state conceivably might be able to reach on the Internet constitutes an invasion of the criminally abrogative religionist violations of Article I prevalent there.
      The news reports the murder on July 4 of Steve McNair, an apparently locally well known participant in the "steal the other guys' balls and do violence to persons" faggot dominance ritual styled as "football".  While already known to be "owned" by another female in that criminally abrogative state, a 20-year-old waitress decided that she wanted to steal the other female's "property".  So she began an affair with McNair and claimed that he was in the midst of a "divorce" from his previous owner although no records of any such potential change of unlawful ownership surfaced during investigation of the murder.  It was a rather ludicrous claim in the first place, given  the universally disastrous financial consequences of the criminal scam "divorce" established by the perpetrators of unlawful ownership claims for unwinding their previous violations of civil and human rights.
      What appears to have precipitated the murder (and suicide by the murderess) was the mere suspicion that McNair might also be "cheating" with somebody else besides the wanna be new owner.  The whole "cheating" concept is ludicrous in light of Article XIII of the US Constitution Amendments which has prohibited all such ownership claims, the original owner's as well as the wanna be owner's, ever since the 1860s.  But it appears that the prospect of competition for the property she wanted to own, in criminal abrogation of the human and civil rights of the "property", was enough to throw the looney girlfriend into
a murderous attack against her "wanna become owner of" property.  The underlying problem remains the felonious criminal tax evaders of the religion establishment, and their complicit criminally corrupt goofermintal officials, who promote such claims of unlawful ownership of human beings in violation of Article XIII of the US Constitution Amendments.

090616  "Promise Keepers" is a faggot religionist gang formed more than a decade ago by the then ruling thug of the criminal assault department at the Loonie Verse Itty of unCoolorado in the Bowels thereof.  For male membership only, its premise is that whenever one of their lesbian colleagues claims ownership of a male citizen in violation of Article XIII of the US Constitution Amendments, it is the duty of the slave to belong to that lesbian thug in all regards even to the extent of never expressing any interest in any other female person.  Entirely consistent for a faggot gang to have such a premise since they view it as a fundamental deviation from their underlying homosexist orientation to have even so much as one female person in the life of a male citizen.
      Today's news reports have the junior snitter from my home state admitting to having had an "affair" with a campaign worker and pushing that failure to conform to faggot criminal religionist norms as being the "worst thing" that he has ever done.  Ignores the flagrant criminal abrogations of the US Constitution he has facilitated, especially Article IV which prohibits the illegal searches and seizures which he and his criminal cronies in Worsingdone have been inflicting on Americans along with the hiring of ten thousand additional violent criminal thugs to attack *Americans* crossing the US borders on business or personal touring.  Ignores the flagrant criminal abrogation of Article XIII he is espousing with his "Promise Keepers" membership and expressions of viewpoint from high public office where he continues to perjure his oath of office to *uphold* rather than abrogate the Constitution.  Ignores the flagrant criminal abrogation of the right to live of all life forms on earth which he and his senior snitter have been promoting in Worsingdone via the construction of the religionist Doomsday Machine 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas with seven million bombs worth of high grade thermonuclear explosives intended to arm it so that it can shatter the entire earth and destroy all life simultaneously for the greater honor and gory of their belligerent blasphemy (all the while pretending to Nevadans to be "opposing" that criminal religionist atrocity).  But since his entire "political" career has been based on homosexist criminal abrogation and violation of the US Constitution, nothing surprising in his latest nonsense promotions of the criminal "Promise Keepers" abrogators and violators of the human and civil rights of hetero oriented male citizens.
      One thing we know for certain if John Ensign is ultimately replaced by an appointee of the criminal religionist goofernor whose perjured membership in the Hows of Unrepresentatives there included radical advocacy of transferring tax money to criminal tax evading religionist preachers of torture and murder of human beings especially males along with promoting raping and pillaging of Nevada by freeloading frauds in the "mining" industry.   That is that the appointee won't be me nor any other hetero oriented American male citizen nor anyone who actually would uphold the Constitution.

090511  5:07pm  Got lost in the byzantine complexities of the IRS rulez and regurgitationz this year because of a new item I've never had before.  Under-claimed deductions by itemizing instead of taking the standard deduction.  IRS *partly* corrected my silly error.  After checking out why their figures were different from mine, I telephoned them.  "What was your filing status?"  Single absolutely.  "If you had had a wife, she would have caught the error" ;(.  Ye gads!  Only thing a wiffey would have done was to set up for criminal theft in the divorce racketeering industry of everything not already stolen by the goofermint.  Preparing Form 1040X to claim the still larger amount to which I was entitled.  "NO SUCH PERSON" remains my  answer to the "spouse" fraud that criminal religionists have installed into the subverted tax code to assure that their obedient slaves are treated far better than us mere *single* humans (until the divorce gets filed).

090504  The most ludicrous irrationality in the divorce racketeering swindle system is the insistence that there is no right of contract for specific human services nor freedom of association permissible between hetero persons.  The homosexist religionist abrogators insist that is a crime they call "prostitution".  Meanwhile flagrantly criminal abrogations of the inalienable right NOT to be owned by any other person, established by Article XIII of the US Constitution Amendments, is what they demand.  Not only demand but enforce via criminal thug magistrates and slave pursuit "laws" using violence and threats of violence in the abrogations.  The frauds, coercions, and duress invariably inflicted during creation of their "marriages" and "residential pottyner" and "palimony" swindles are the only "rights" that the criminal abrogators recognize.  They pretend that the real and inalienable right NOT to be owned can be signed away or vacated by their fraudulent clerks and religionist priesthood and in Californicatia by mere persistence of criminal trespass of lesbian thieves.

090423  Glancing around the Twitter web site today  where I tweet occasionally  I ran across the tweetings of the professed current Attorney General of the State of Californicatia.  Very focused on his apparent "re-election" campaign in 2010, he twittered at length about how he at first felt it necessary to defend the recent Proposition 8 (prohibits lesbians or faggots claiming ownership of each other in the religion fraud of "marriage") but then went on to say he had found another clause of the Constitution of the State of Californicatia which he wildly misinterpreted so as to pretend the criminal tax evading religion fraudocracy's slave mongering as being a "right" of every resident of the state.  That state has been notorious for many many years for its criminal abuses of human beings on behalf of the torture and murder "religion", extending the fraud and theft aspects of "alimony" for criminal thieves all the way out to "palimony" for lesbian criminal trespassers on the homes of male citizens devoid of any of the requisite pretenses of consent and agreement normally required for the interpretation that the lesbian criminal thief involved had any ownership rights whatsoever.  The notoriety was increased when their wooden head puppet play actor goofernor Ronny Raygun was elevated to the Presiduncy of the Loonie Tied Studs of Merka and not instantly but ultimately imposed object rape con dumbs on the former places of worship of hetero religion in the only state which theretofore had been in compliance with Article I of the US Constitution's requirement that no goofermint could ever be permitted to interfere with the otherwise lawful religion practices of religons *other than* the torture and murder perversions that Ronny Raygun and the criminal controllers of Californicatia insist must be inflicted on everyone.  Considering that there was not only medifraud terrorism including falsification of incidence records involved but also subversion of the tax laws to imprison the head of the largest place of worship of hetero religion and subversion of the drug laws of the nation to send felonious illegal drug pushers into the county where that place of worship had been to poison the surrounding population and facilitate the desecration of that place of worship, it was clearly not in any lawful interest that the fascist criminal subverter of the human and civil rights of hetero Americans, Ronny Raygun of Wholly Wierd Californicatia, carried out that criminal scheme against American heteros at the insistence of his supportive national faggot criminal gangs who voted to "make AIDS everybody's problem" while in fact being exempted from the terrorist attacks generated by the Harlem witch doctor who carried out the medifraud "authenticity" exercise on their criminal behalf.  Nor can there be any doubt that the slave ownership features of the criminal scam euphemized as "marriage" have been for more than 140 years and remain prohibited by Article XIII of the US Constitution Amendments which outlawed all ownership of any human being by any other.  But with the successors of the violently enslaving Conquistadors retaining virtually absolute control of that subverted goofermint in Californicatia, to the extent that even in the face of fiscal catastrophe they refuse to collect any of the taxes due from those criminal "religion" gangs on their ludicrously large extorted incomes and stolen property holdings, it is no surprise to see their puppet Attorney General absolutely disregarding Article XIII of the US Constitution Amendments so as to support malicious lesbians and faggots in their criminal claims of "right" to own other human beings.

090227 at 11:20pm   An avid promoter of the frequent antecedent of divorce racketeering saw my standard legal notice rejecting the criminal atrocity of "marriage" and wrote to me "Marriage is not for you? There is a story there somewhere."
I replied promptly:
      Looooong story commencing with statutory rape of a minor boy for purposes of inducing mirage, followed by inducing the purchase of an inflation adjusted four million dollars of "life insurance" on the not then yet 18 year old male, followed by an attempted vehicular homicide by another boyfriend of the statutory rapist which did substantial permanent bodily injury, followed by the inevitable divorce racketeering for fun and profit. Proceeding right along in the homosexually regimented criminal state Loonie Verse Itty town where the foregoing occurred, along comes "Lucretia Borgia" to poison the remains that Divorce Racketeer Die Erste left, complete with invasion of my home by her criminal cronies, invasion of the office where I was employed by the wannabe competitor in business who was already trashing my home, said "Lucretia" being Divorce Racketeer Numero Dos whose date of terminal criminal abrogation of my civil rights under Articles XIV, XIII, V, and I of the US Constitution Amendments is mentioned [in my standard legal notice] as the terminus of my willingness to be involved in the criminal conspiracy of the homosexual "churches" against the human and civil rights of American males for the benefit of such as the intended "beneficiary" of death insurance and the poisoner of life and business which they refer to as "marriage".
      I shouldn't omit from this lengthy story the attempted murder of me by the dentifraud in Reno, prescribing a known cause of "patient death" as if it were an antibiotic while his lesbian criminal clerks were intent on writing in the name of one of their criminal cronies as posthumous "spouse" under Nevada's "community property" laws to the point of objecting, devoid of any conceivable standing, to my practice of writing "no such person" on the otherwise fraudulently completable blank line by which invasive abusive dentifrauds and others insist on obtaining information and/or opportunity for frauds about "spouses". Cemeteries in Nevada are replete with samples of tombstones on which locals were sufficiently doubtful of the criminal claims for purposes of theft of estates as to be annotated "erected by his wife" while being unable to *prove* to the contrary or to establish alternative claimants.
       Short form of all of the above is that this involves no lack of information below and beyond the obvious 57% criminal theft via divorce racketeering rate which is recorded in the general stats (not counting males murdered while still "married", in foreign wars among other forms of murder including what was attempted by Divorce Racketeer Die Erste, who aren't included in the divorce statistics).
      Incidentally, yes, I read where you are an avid proponent of the religious institution about which you asked. No conflict for me in responding to your humorous views on the inherent difficulties of the financial world :). But on my own page I do require that my legal notice appear as a first line of defense against what I see as inevitably and in all but a very small minority of situations intentionally criminal theft system run by homosexual thugs of the religion establishment in violation of the human and civil rights of American hetero males.
      Amusing sidelight on all this is the day I went in, just after moving to Cursing City NV, to the Senior Citizen Center where the clerk informed me that, my own views to the contrary notwithstanding, she and her lesbian criminal cronies were going to get me "married" yet again. In light of the known and previously experienced mechanism of poisoning to induce absurd behaviors in the victims thereof and the standard practice of serving and consuming food at the meetings in the Senior Citizen Center, I never returned there. The persons therein were obviously too immature as human beings and too accomplished as criminal thieves in the divorce racketeering industry to provide any social relevance for an adult human male of considerable human and financial experience.
      Meanwhile, I hear that lesbians and faggots in the state of Californicatia are eagerly pursuing the opportunities to claim ownership in violation of Article XIII of the US Constitution Amendments of others of their own kind, despite the efforts of their homosexual criminal tax evading "church" leaders to protect them from the predations against humanity of that institution that they designed to destroy the lives of the vast majority of heteros who ever get involved in it. Bizarre world some days.

081206 at 2:23am  I try to avoid reading the tabloids at the grocery store but one caught my eye anyway today. Headline was to the effect that Obama required Hillary Rodham to divorce Bill Clinton as a condition of her prospective appointment as Secretary of State. That's gotta be one of the longest running "divorce" scams on record, ongoing at least since the election campaign of 1992, roughly five times as long as the typical lesbian criminal thief divorce racketeer allows one of those fraudulent mirages created by the criminal tax evading "churches" to exist at all. Can't say whether it'll happen this time either, but omigosh "yawn".

081022 at 7:45am   I'm sure most of you have heard the endless horror stories styled as "mother in law jokes". We all know that house guests and dead fish start to stink after three days, if not sooner. Got a new slant on the "in law jokes" last couple of days. As if couples themselves, compounded further by a whole passel of children, didn't have enough problems!!! Inlaw moved in on them for FOUR MONTHS (quite a bit longer than three days) and then was offended when the unrelated, other than as a result of the mirage, member of the couple started getting aggravated by the inlaw's going on perpetual presence.  Yikes!!!

080722 at 10:04am   Heard today the second stupidest reason for getting involved with the lesbian criminal thieves of the divorce racketeering industry. Today's second stupidest reason was from a young man whose cohabitant was finagling him into the divorce racketeering scam: "because she deserves it". Top honors for stupidity remains with the official of one of the criminal gang "churches" in Northern Ireland. You know, the ones who violently maimed their memberships for real or imagined lack of conformance with criminal gang rule during the civil war in Northern Ireland. His Facebook status line promotion, reported to me by a real world friend, was "I'm lonely, so I should get a wife" (not even sure his criminal gang "church" allows marriage of its homosexist officials, but that's the notion he was promoting). Certainly does further that church's preachings of torture and murder of male citizens, hence within his official duties.

080502 at 4:38am   An Australian citizen, being enslaved by the criminal tax evading homosexual "religion" gangs in his country, asked me some years ago whether he might find any respite from the criminal thefts of his property and income on behalf of the lesbian thug that the "courts" there, controlled by Her Majesty the Queen of England who appoints their Supreme Court, had declared to be his owner. Regretfully, I had to inform him that no, Articles XIV, XIII, V, and I of the US Constitution Amendments had been so subverted by those same medieval European criminal thugs that the divorce racketeering situation here in the United States was every bit as bad as what he was experiencing in "Church" controlled Australia.

080410 at 6:11am   I don't suppose freeloaders are sensitive enough to see the difference. There are those of us who have been subjected to fraudulent mirage, nearly successful attempted murder for insurance, years of body destroying slavery, multiple poisonings by persons with access to our homes, flying fists following from lesbian "consciousness raising" sessions, and even attempted murder under color of "health services" license for the purpose of appointing a posthumous "spouse". We are unlikely prospects for panhandlers demanding donations for "homeless women and children" after decades of being put through homelessness ourselves and body crippling slavery by the criminal thefts of the divorce racketeering industry. But I suppose they really don't care. Nor do the criminal thugs appointed by slave mongering "religionists" destroying the lives of male citizens in that industry in violation of the US Constitution. Met such a freeloader when I went shopping in LA County this afternoon. Beau Ring

080319 at 2:39am   Those of us who have had our lives and fortunes destroyed by the homosexual criminals of the divorce racketeering industry do not tolerate criminal assertions of "ownership" of one's self in violation of Article XIII of the US Constitution Amendments.  A former Facebook "friend" attempted such a criminal assertion earlier today using one of the crime promoting Facebook "applications" which treat such criminal abrogations as if it were a "game".  He has been removed from my "friends" list. Friends do not OWN each other nor endeavor to claim such (the way that divorce racketeers invariably do).  Addendum 081114:  that criminally abusive "friend" on Facebook was an identified member of the group of felons who stole my photograph from my Profile page there and created a series of felony identity theft FB accounts using my photograph and variations of my name to promote homosexist causes and for other criminal acts against me.

080213 at 7:20pm   Happy 33rd Anniversary to me of FREEDOM DAY, when I was declared to be no longer the Article XIII violated property of lesbian divorce racketeer Numero Dos. Horribly expensive for me because the homosexual Xian criminal thug magistrate involved didn't like the laws of the state which required him to be less unfair to me. But FREEDOM DAY established on this date immediately between Lincoln's Birthday and Valentine's Day :). I've managed to steer clear of subsequent lesbian criminal wannabe slave owners ever since, even the ones who tried to have me murdered in Reno by their faggot dentifraud malprescriber of lethal chemicals so as to get one of themselves declared to be a posthumous "wife".

080201 at 6:05pm   The homosexual subversion of civil and human rights they call "marriage" is so foul that they'll even kill you to inflict it on your murdered corpse.  Couple of years ago I visited one of the effluents of the homosexually regimented Loonie Verse Itty of Nevada at Reno. He prescribed what he called an "antibiotic" which proved to be a faggot designer drug for causing chemical sodomization and "patient death". His lesbian clerks were quite abusive about my having filled in the "spouse" question on their invasive "medical information" form with "NO SUCH PERSON". Seemed they intended to do what so many other criminals in that state have done to others: to create a tombstone in a cemetery with my name on it, my corpse underneath, and the "erected by his wife" monicker as part of stealing my property under the draconian "community property" laws.

080201 at 11:05am   The worst of it is what is done to people in California where the criminal theft of "palimony" and recognition of "residential partners" creates situations as destructive of individual human rights as the mirage swindle itself, but the fraud of "common law" mirage, i.e. the criminal thugs of the curt system pretending there was one of their slave mongering frauds even when the male victim never intended for there to be, is inflicted elsewhere too.
      Talking with other males about entirely different subjects, they frequently launch into impromptu unrelated detailing of the criminal thefts of their homes, their incomes, and their lives which have been inflicted by the criminal thugs of the curt system in violation of the US Constitution whose Article XIII prohibits the kind of *ownership* claims that those curts are acting on in rewarding lesbian frauds with such violently enforced largesse.  It is a shameful subversion of human and civil rights.

080109 at 6:59am   One of the lesbian divorce racketeers tromping around on Facebook wrote on a group posting area "any christians out there up right now?", i.e. anybody who believes in the torture and murder of male citizens via whatever means including criminal theft of life, liberty, property and pursuit of happiness in violation of Articles XIV, XIII, V, and I of the US Constitution Amendments via the inevitable conclusion of the Mirage Swindle System promoted by the homosexual Xian "churches" to the extent of 57% of all males ever entering into that criminal fraud system (not counting those murdered by their "wives" while still "married").  Archbishop O'Malley expressed himself well, after settling for mere money the criminal realities of his faggot priesthood molesting and raping young boys, to urge his leagues of licensed professional liars to help protect fellow lesbians and faggots from that system of frauds designed explicitly to crucify heteros.

070225 my response to a story published this date about Virginia legis critters "apologizing" for the racial version of slavery:
      Anyone who has been through the lesbian criminal divorce racketeering industry knows that slavery continues to flourish in the United States to this very day.  In Las Vegas, one of their criminally corrupt judges even threw a man in jail for being *unable* to pay the criminally approved slave payments to a lesbian criminal slave owner who had already been "divorced" from the former and continuing slave.  It is kind of cute how the wannabe lesbian slave owners typically wear "white" and require their slaves to be to wear "black" when performing their homosexual church approved takings of ownership.  When the Missouri Supreme Court struck down an "alienation of affection" award to a previous slave owner, it was only for the benefit of the subsequent slave owner who had "stolen" the male slave.  Nothing whatever for the victim of the crime of slavery carried on by the churches, the "marriage" fraud with its 57% divorce rate (not counting those males murdered while "married), and the divorce racketeering criminally corrupt judiciary which enforces the payments by slaves to their current/ former owners.
      The bottom line is that the pretense of the fraudulent legis critters in the state most closely affiliated with Worsingdone
District of Corruption of "apologizing" for one version of slavery, while continuing to carry on the most flagrant and abusive ongoing form of slavery, is patently absurd.

061206  "I'm her eigth old man, I'm enna ree, Henry the Eighth I am" were the words of a popular song in the 1960s.  Those lyrics express the reality of the lesbian divorce racketeering system built on the guilt feelings of successors to the judges who approved the murders of the series of wives of the criminal thug Henry VIII of England, each of which wives perpetrated the "treason" of failing to litter the landscape with progeny to rule that blighted thugocratic torturous and murderous cesspool which was and is England.
      To assuage that guilt the frauds and thieves of the homosexual Xian divorce rackets destroy the lives and fortunes of millions of male citizens claimed to be owned, in violation of Article XIII of the US Constitution Amendments, by female criminal thugs every bit as vile and destructive as the nominally male British king Henry VIII.  The violators of the Constitution have gone so far as to imprison a man in Las Vegas Nevada for failing (in fact being unable) to pay what his former illegal owner got that criminally corrupt court to approve.
      Yet the man in that city of felony identity thieves, Lost Wages, was comparatively lucky.  One of his peers in the lesbian run divorce rackets in the bowels of unCoolorado made an effort to comply with the criminally abusive and flagrantly unconstitutional order of the magistrate there.  Robbed a store to get the money, caught and imprisoned for years.  The magistrate and lesbians involved laughed aloud in open court about that compliance with an illegal court order while the magistrate imposed ongoing liability for a fraudulent scam the mother/daughter lesbian team had run on him while he had been slaving for them.

061116  Particularly revealing of the homosexual criminal Xian nature of the atrocities of the divorce racketeering busyness was the exhortation delivered to Roman Catholic lawyers by new Archbishop O'Malley of Boston which was reported January 11, 2004.  Those lawyers had been kept busy for many years subverting the laws against molestation and rape of children, protecting the faggot criminals among officials of "the church" there from prosecution, by pretending their faggot criminal thug officials were *above* the laws of Massachusetts and the United States.
      An $85 million strictly financial settlement, devoid of any of the jail time due to be imposed on those faggot criminal child  molesters and rapists, had freed those lawyers to pursue O'Malley's demand that lesbians and faggots be protected from the criminal abrogations of human and civil rights which the church's "marriage" institution inflicts on heteros.  Similar violations of the Equal Protection of the Laws clause of the US Constitution had been written into law elsewhere, so as to define the Constitution abrogating fraud of Xian "marriage" as being a viciousness reserved exclusively for use against heteros.
      With so many of his church officials and membership being devoted to homosexuality and to inflicting homosexual abuse on others including children, it is easy to understand why O'Malley was so concerned that lesbians and faggots be protected against each other's criminal theft motives long since demonstrated in their divorce racketeering abuses of hetero humanity.  The massive increases in divorce rates had created an environment in which the homosexist predators had nobody remaining to turn their criminal attentions to than each other.
      It would be as simple for them as acknowledging the reality that Article XIII of the US Constitution Amendments prohibits ownership of any human person by any other, but for their greedy and avaricious stake in the divorce racketeering busyness, rental of church facilities for the imposition of that criminal slave ownership system on male citizens, and profound "religious" hatred of heterosexuals in general and males in particular.
      The sudden concern about protecting homosexuals from each other's criminal theft motives arose out of a November 2003 ruling by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court that same-sex couples have a "right" to carry on the same slave owning and divorce racketeering theft practices currently reserved by the church and its related criminal tax evading Xian imitators for lesbian criminal thieves seeking ownership of male citizens.
      His Eminence has his work cut out for him trying to protect his lesbian and faggot parishioners and church officials from each other in the criminally abrogative fraud system they of the church have always maliciously inflicted on heteros.  "We do this kind of criminal thing only to heteros" doesn't hold together very well logically despite other tax evading homosexual criminal Xian gangs elsewhere passing state Constitutional Amendments setting forth exactly that "as a matter of law" (but in violation of the Equal Protection Clause).

061112  one of the favorite sayings of the licensed professional liars who run the divorce racketeering industry is that the thefts in those criminally corrupt courts are "the screwing you're getting for the screwing you got".  As if the intentionally incompetent and often malicious sexual malbehaviors of "wife"s were in any way comparable to the efforts of competent courtesans or any but the least competent 10% of decent working girls ;(

061030  In violation of the Constitution of the United States, the homosexual Xian churches have set up a slave mongering subversion of the court system to destroy the lives and steal the property of male citizens of hetero orientation, still in operation more than "seven score years" after such ownership claims were outlawed
      The 13th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States:  1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime, whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
      slavery  (noun)  1. the owning or keeping of slaves as a practice or institution; slaveholding.  2. the condition of being a slave; bondage; servitude.  3. a condition of submission to or domination by some influence, habit, etc.
      slave  (noun)  1. a human being who is owned as property by another and is absolutely subject to his will; bondservant divested of all freedom and personal rights.  2. a person who is completely dominated by some influence, habit, person, etc.
  "the outdated idea that married people have property interests in each other"  - Judge Richard Teitelman writing for the majority of the Missouri Supreme Court in a 5:2 decision published 030617 striking down an arcane legal doctrine based on the presumption of such ownership rights.
      Year    Marriages    Divorces    Div Rate
      1910          948               83            8.75
      1920        1274             171          13.42
      1930        1127             196          17.39
      1940        1596             264          16.54              Numbers in Thousands, Rate as Percent
      1945        1613             485          30.07              The Hammond Almanac, 1980, page 251
      1955        1531             377          24.62
      1965        1800             479          26.61
      1975        2153            1036         48.12

020925      Table 3. Provisional number of marriages and divorces:
                  Each division and State January 1998-2000
      [By State of occurrence. Divorces include reported annulments]
                                           ****  Marriages  ****               ****  Divorces  ****
       Area                          2000      1999       1998         2000       1999      1998
    New England               3986      3521       3326         3583       2595      2781
    Middle Atlantic           17761      9363       9705        15763    12661      5654
    East North Central     14028     12885    16475         9954       9916    11279
    West North Central      7767       7652      7903         5572       5516      6130
    South Atlantic            26527      26035    26741       16437     18031    15442
    East South Central    19295      15345    19525         7345       8019      9629
    West South Central   17402      18094    18658         9549       8308      9010
    Mountain                    20108     22806     18820         5382       4894      5430
    Pacific                        18985     12552     12100         4177       5008      4821
       Total U.S.             145859    128253   133253       77762    74948    70176

In summary 1998 was 52.7%, in 1999 was 58.4%, in 2000 was 53.3%
Source of this table was  the CDC web site

020925  the date is that of the computer file that I retained of the content of my response to an investments newsgroup post relating to the banking industry in Australia, not necessarily when I wrote it.  What I said was:
      Quite regardless of what you or the belligerent blasphemers that you go to listen to every Sunday have to say, the fact of the matter from the viewpoint of a lender is that the criminally abusive divisions of assets and liabilities which occur in the lesbian supremacist divorce racketeering industry are not an acceptable financial risk.  Hence there is no excuse for leaving interpretation of individual liability for the debt, of the likely beneficiary of lesbian supremacist "morality", up to some probable Kangaroo Court magistrate.
      We have six million males on the streets of the United States these days, made homeless as a result of the criminal perversions of the Kangaroo Courts and of the similarly lesbian supremacist approach of sending males *only* off to "fight their country's battles" in lesbian arranged murder sprees of the males of various countries.  That is more than two percent of the *entire* population of the United States made destitute as a result of criminal religious practices.  Oddly enough, it is nearly a third of the total population of Australia albeit in a much more heavily populated land mass.  Even that number is ignoring the thousands of males murdered in the mines and other slave labor camps created by Xian perverts in such states
as Alabama who were incarcerated for purely *religious* crimes such as "adultery" or "non support" of some lesbian thief awarded slave ownership in violation of Article XIII of the U.S. Constitution.
      Then the very belligerent blasphemers who created the problems in the first place come around on holidays blasphemously asking for "donations" to feed the homeless they created, such feedings to occur on those holidays only.  Pshaw!  The lender is right to demand individual liability of the prospective freeloading divorce racketeer.  Now *if* in fact it is true that many or most lenders in Australia are ignoring these cold hard truths of the divorce racketeering industry, then that would be an additional reason to place an "avoid" on the shares of such irresponsible lenders.

Legal Notice
I am not now, nor have I been at any time since February 13,
1975, nor shall I ever again voluntarily be married to any
person whomsoever in any place wheresoever.  I am not
responsible for any debts other than my own.
      Robert E. Grumbine, MBA