Don't Ask Don't Tell
      Years ago, it was a criminal religionist based Supreme Court decision which held that females were not to serve on the front lines in the military.  Primary aspect of that decision was the intent of the criminal religionists that male citizens were to be tortured, maimed and murdered as an expression of their belief in "sacrifice" of male lives to criminal gang purposes, but that females were not.  Most of the wars since that time have been for the apparent exclusive purpose of slaughtering male citizens devoid of legitimate American purpose, especially VietNam but also other military exercises since.  But there was also an intent to maintain the military as a NONsexual environment for doing essential work for the nation.  "Don't Ask Don't Tell" was an attempt to maintain that NONsexual environment.
      What the Mock Rat criminal subversion of the military has done is to open the field for predatory homosexual thugs to make the military a criminal harrassment and criminal molestation environment, to totally homosexualize it just as child molesting homosexist pedophiles in the schools have done with their pretense of secondary and higher "education" which accomplishes little but homosexual regimentation.  Meanwhile we have seen
  • (1) the subversion of places of worship of hetero religion into object rape con dumb emporiums at the demand of national faggot gangs exempted from the terrorist propaganda campaign run by Sturgeon Genital Harlem witch doctor Krap against heteros, 
  • (2) the cold blooded lengthily premeditated murders of 76 American citizens near the sonofaBush's ranch at Waco Texas for refusing to allow their children to be taken to the local schools to be criminally assaulted, homosexually harrassed, and homosexually molested, 
  • (3) the refusal of Mitt Romney and other criminally corrupt politicans to prosecute the felony child molestations and rapes of young boys in Messy Chews Its; 
  • (4) the homosexual abuses of prisoners of war at Abu Ghraib, in violation of the Geneva Conventions to which the United States was a signatory, and 
  • (5) the homosexual molestations of all airline passengers initiated by the sonofaBush and expanded by Oh! Bomb Ah to make such molestation "safe" for the criminal molesters.
It all demonstrates the criminally abrogative intent of the denizens of Worsingdone District of Corruption to compel the nation into their own brutally homosexist mold.

      Bob Grumbine, December 23, 2010 at 8:18pm

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