The "Affordable Care" Fraud

      Article V of the US Constitution Amendments explicitly states that "No person shall ... be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law".  Such due process must be specific to and in advance of harms to the individual victim thereof.  Line 61 "Health care: individual responsibility" of the 2014 Form 1040 is an overt felony abrogation of that prohibition.  The only function of the "Affordable Care Act", in accordance with which Line 61 was criminally created, is to compel payments, whether styled under the fiction of "insurance" or via the Line 61 "penalty", to and for the benefit of active felons violating Article V as detailed below.
      The destructive impacts of those benefitting active felons date all the way back to my childhood when I was told that they the "doctors" promoted consumption of what I found was a brain and liver lethal toxic chemical alcohol as being "good for health".  Only with considerable help was I able to break free in 1978 at the age of 34 from that malicious toxicity, the first actual effect of which is not "health" at all but sabotage of the ability of the victim to recognize what the poison is doing.  The active felons are still promoting that poison, even running such things as a poison pushing "health fair" to gather "donations" for their criminal enterprise in Carson City Nevada.
      During the 1986-87 period, the then Harlem witch doctor "Surgeon General" of the US, Everett Koop, ran a felony religionist terrorist propaganda campaign against hetero citizens.  During that terrorist attack against human and civil rights to practice hetero religion, as distinct from the felonious enslavement to "marriage" and *divorce racketeering* demanded by the felony tax evading "churches", Koop and his fellow active felons insisted that non "married" heteros must be object raped with con dumbs to "protect" against a disease virtually exclusive to anal homosexuals, illegal injectible drug users, and victims of injections of their HIV/AIDS disease by medifraud malpractitioners into nonconsenting citizens.  The felonious perpetrators even fabricated "evidence" at the "Center for Disease Control" to support their felony religionist attacks against non "married" heteros while entirely omitting relevant discussion in their terrorist propaganda campaign of any of those who actually had their disease.
      During their "bonded debt" schemes against "tobacco smoking", the feloniously corrupt and abusive Colorado "Department of Health" ran a fraudulent promotion of "booster shots" purportedly to "protect" against Diphtheria and Tetanus.  Instead of any innoculation, what they injected into thousands of residents of that criminally blighted state was LIVE DIPTHERIA to brutally destroy the lungs of we thousands of residents.  There can be no doubt, given the falsification of "medical records" in an entire range of other circumstances including the HIV/AIDS fabrications, that the extorionate intent was and remains ultimate fraudulent attribution of their maliciously caused *real* lung disease as if it had been caused by "tobacco smoking".
      Beginning in 1996 in CA, those active felons began substituting their own guild of criminal thugs posturing under color of license to practice "medicine" for the previous entirely underground distribution of marijuana against human populations in violation of Federal prohibitions of such distribution by anybody to anybody.  As a one time resident of the homosexist narcophony cesspool "Boulder Colorado", I had long prior been subject to violent criminal assaults and poisonings by the criminal users of marijuana.  Most recently the users of "medical marijuana" have continued criminal attacks against my property including smashing down valuable trees and bushes growing in my Arboretum and smashing out the costly to replace fog light on my car.  A released from prison for prior felony narcotics use, ongoing user, has perpetrated numerous burglaries against my property, stealing essential tools from my garage via forcible entry and "learned in prison" lock picking.  Yet criminally corrupt offals such as current Nevada governor Sandoval have insisted on facilitating that criminal distribution of marijuana despite repeated refusals of Nevada voters to allow ANY such criminal distribution under ANY pretense.  Other nationally notorious polytackyuns such as Senator "Doctor" Rand Paul express their contempt for the civil and human rights of the entire rest of humanity by insisting that he and his other active felons in the medifraud industry are to be allowed to distribute and promote the criminal attacks by their drug users.
      Then in 2000 to 2001, a series of felons licensed by the state to "practice" dentistry maliciously destroyed virtually the entirety of my dental functions leaving me nearly toothless.  When I complained to the self styled "regulators" in accordance with Colorado state dental practice laws which prohibit fraud and malicious destruction of human dentition, there was not even a public hearing on the issues but only a "Board decision" of criminal accomplices of the series of malicious dentifrauds that none of their peers who perpetrated the legally defined criminal destructions of my face were to suffer any consequences for their defined criminal acts, only the rest of my life without the teeth that they maliciously smashed out.
      Following that felonious destruction of my face, I went to see a dentist in Reno in 2004 about some of the side effects of that malicious destruction.  Instead of treatment for the immediate problem, what that dentifraud did was to prescribe a designer drug KNOWN TO CAUSE PATIENT DEATH while his office clerks expressed the intent to "write in" the name of one of their lesbian accompliaces as a *posthumous* spouse on their invasive "medical information" form.  It was only because the feloniously intended clerks alerted me to the nature of that "dental" office by demanding that I "leave blank" the feloniously abusive "spouse" line on their invasive "medical information" form (while demonstrating their "fill in the blanks" practices on the murder intended prescription itself) and that certain pharmaceutical companies had educated me to the availability of online pharmacopeias that I was able to recognize the real nature of the drug prescribed and consequently to consume none of it.
      Prior to "passage" of the feloniously abrogative of Article V "Affordable Care Act", even the criminally corrupt with their supporting fraud and theft "insurance" companies AARP was acknowledging the "wrongful killing" of 90,000 per year Americans by the active felons of the medifraud industry from one form only of their criminal malpractices in their "hospitals".  Since "passage" AARP has acknowledged the increase in those "wrongful killings" to more than 100,000 per year of my fellow Americans.  Criminal attacks producing permanent bodily injuries under color of license, such as those to which I have been subjected, aren't even "counted" by the felonious promoters of the taking of lives, liberties, and properties by the active felons of the medifraud industry.
      Compounding knowledge of the felonious nature of those intended to benefit, from the collection of "insurance" and/or "penalties" for payment of the extortions of the active felons of the medifraud industry, is my own work as a financial analyst.  In my work, I have reviewed the financial statements of virtually ALL of the criminal craporations styling themselves as "insurance" companies, not only those offering "coverage" under the felonious "Affordable Care Act" but the rest of them as well.  Without known exception, every such company is debt drunk, de facto bankrupt, and engaging in felony theft of the ratable property of their own continuing stuckholders under the euphemism "stock buybacks" which have left them, UNIVERSALLY, incapable of honoring their commitments to "cover" anything, let alone the extortionate demands of the active felons of the medifraud industry.  They use accounting gimmicks such as pretending "reinsurance" while NONE of them have the resources to cover their own liabilities let alone anyone else's.  They also claim commissions paid to their fraudulent sales agents as if that were an "asset" against which claims could be paid while it is only the absence of assets paid to perpetuators of the PONZI SCHEME swindle that the companies perpetrate.
      So what I am faced with in the "line 61" of Form 1040, is perpetration of yet another felony against me and all others similarly situated, beyond the felonies previously perpetrated under pretense of an "income" tax.  In accordance with the published "rules and regulations", I have included the amount which I am told the IRS intends feloniously to collect from me and have in fact deducted it from the gross overpayment of taxes "due" which I made early in 2014.  I could not, however, allow such felony theft of my property, nor the attendant encouragement of "wrongful killing" torturing and maiming of my fellow Americans, without filing this timely objection.

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