You Are What You Eat
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There were numerous indications of the unreliability and overt criminal activities of members of the American Medifraud and American Dentifraud extortion gangs which led to the self diagnosis and self treatment practices described in this blog.  As part of preparing this blog, I thought it might be useful to recount what those prior indications of malpractice by the self styled and licensed "professionals" were in the vain hope that some future responsible government might make an effort to correct the criminal extortions and the malicious destructions of human bodies and lives which have been evidenced.

      Prior Personal Attacks Against Me.  A series of dentifrauds maliciously and brutally smashed out entire sections of my teeth so that I have not had functioning dentition since the "election" in which the sonofaBush was appointed to the Presiduncy.  Their mutual back scratching criminally corrupt "licensing" board, with the support of the homosexual crime coverup artiste goofernor at the time, refused to hear any of the evidence of fraud and intentional destruction (prohibited by state licensing law but protected by the criminally corrupt mutual back scratching appointees to the licensing board) involved in that series of criminal attacks under color of license. The same medifraud office which injected the disease causing live diptheria into me, on another occasion ran fraudulent "blood tests" at my expense, and devoid of relevant treatment, which never found the toxins running through my body that were causing severe kidney pain which recurred several weeks later when I consumed another small quantity of the defective grocery store canned produce which had caused the first food poisoning incident.  I have no idea what the medifraud practitioner who ordered the "blood tests" was actually looking for nor whether the local hoar spittle actually ran the tests, only that hours of additional pain while the phony and unproductive "tests" were being run found nothing where in fact there was a serious toxin in operation.  Then there was the Reno dentifraud who prescribed a known chemical cause of "patient death" as if it were an "antibiotic" so that his "fill in the blanks" lesbian clerks could name one of their lesbian criminal associates in Reno as posthumous "spouse" to claim my estate after the drug and their criminal malpracticing medifrauds in that area put me underground.

      The Tobacco Wars.  Injected live diptheria into me and thousands of other residents of Colorado at the time so as to destroy our lungs to provide basis for their criminal extortions against "tobacco smokers" by pretending that all cases of lung disease were "caused by tobacco smoking" instead of properly recognizing the intentional malpractices of their own malfeasance as being the cause of the destruction of those thousands of pairs of human lungs.  I have no information to indicate that it was a discriminatory criminal injection directed only at persons known or believed by the medifrauds doing the injections to be "tobacco smokers", only that I was included in their criminally "negligent" malpractice after a lengthy and massive advertising campaign in which they urged everyone to get a "booster innoculation" against the very disease that they in fact injected at full strength.  Nothing but an "oh golly so solly" from the criminally "negligent" Department of "Health" later in the year that they ran that viciously abusive effort to increase their case load of real lung disease.  Further in Nevada a hired medifraud "expert" pretended that a blatant murderess via borking the victim, already convicted of murder on the basis of the facts of the case, was "innocent by reason of the borking scars on the corpse maybe perhaps coulda we want everybody to believe were caused by 'tobacco smoking'" and thereby turned a known murderess and her criminal associate loose on society.  More recently in California, the imposition of massive additional taxes on tobacco, with the support of the criminally abusive medifraud extortionists, while leaving the torture and murder religionists of that state who have stolen so much of the acreage at low or no taxation and continue to extort massive incomes for their criminal thug preachers devoid of paying any of the income taxes due on those incomes under an exemption *law* explicitly prohibited by Article I of the US Constituttion Amendments.

      Terry's Law.  Having killed Terry Schiavo by admitted malpractices for which their other patients paid the entire costs via financial "insurance" of the medifrauds involved which allowed them to continue malpracticing on other victims, they then tortured her cadaver for many years afterward so as to convert the insurance proceeds into further extortion payments to their criminal selves and to promote the criminal tax evading torture and murder religionists view that "human life" consists of kneejerk responses to artificial stimuli even while the "respondent" is known to be brain dead.

      Exemptions from Prosecution for Criminal Acts.  Attempted many places including Colorado (where it was going to require two of the mutual back scratching society criminal thugs in agreement) and succeeded in Oregon (where it requires only one) in setting up a murder at whim legalization system in which any criminal thug in the "health services" gang is free to kill whomsoever he/she might want to murder so long as the killer makes a pretense that the victim was "terminally ill" at the time of the murder, thereby facilitating their common practice of torturing and maiming intended victims until they have surgically removed all insurance and property and other values owned by the intended decedent and then killing the victim of their vicious malpractices to dispose of the remains.  Nevada's system of requiring another member of the identical specialty of Me Dick All malpractice to be the actual filer of any malpractice claim in the courts is virtually identical in application to the murder at whim statutes elsewhere and apparently, from my own experience, protects mere *attempted* murderers where the intended victim remains alive to protest the criminal activities.  That Nevada system also provides no means of revoking the licenses of criminal frauds and malpracticing torturers and murderers, whether successful or only attempted.  These exemptions from prosecution are all part of the murder oriented revisionism of "health services" fostered by the mass murderer Kevorkian subsequent to creation of the AFRaids epidemic to violate the civil and human rights of hetero Americans.

      The AFRaids epidemic.  Beginning in earnest in 1986-87, members of the medifraud guild, especially their then Sturgeon Genital "C. Everett Koop", the Harlem witch doctor appointed by fascist religionist presidunce Ronny Raygun, pretended that a disease transmitted by anal rupture among faggots, intravenous injections of illegal drugs using shared needles, and criminal malpractice by medifraud injections was transmittable by "heterosexual relations" so as to shut down the former places of worship of my hetero religion and to divert attention away from criminal thug homosexuals, the illegal drug users supplied by criminal drug gangs run by corrupt politicians, and from their own malpractices as "health services" pretended practitioners.  Using fabricated evidence, mostly supplied by areas where illegal drug use is especially rampant, the frauds at the Center for Disease Communication built an incidence of 2% of the total case load of persons having their "Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome" which they doubled to 4% by fraudulently attributing all "unknown" causation cases to "heteros" (a common mental aberration of homosexuals).  The entire terrorist scheme on behalf of the slave mongering male torture and murder religionist gang which was puppeteering the fascist presidunce Ronny Raygun has continued to this day with virtually no dissent from the medifraud industry, other perhaps than the Stryker Memorandum and other analyses of the criminal religionist intent to disrupt and destroy the social fabric of the country by imposing object rape con dumbs onto hetero relations.  It is used from time to time by corrupt religionist law enFARCEment officials to plant "evidence" of crimes which the alleged perpetrator could not have committed in places where the accused never was and devoid of any legitimate evidence that the accused was even there, other than the prior collection via con dumb object rape of body fluids which were then transported and planted by the religonist law enFARCEment officials for purposes of their prosecutions.

      Ancient Recollection.  A funny aspect of this blog is the long running adwierdteasement of 
some fruit growers that "An apple a day/ Keeps the doctor away".  One might wonder, if 
"doctors" were such great health oriented peeps, why anyone would want to keep them 
"away".  I'm one of the people who knows why.  The graveyards that I visit regularly without having to stay contain the remains (and spirits) of many of my peers in that knowledge.


050628  Received credible notice from that important participant in my life team, my heart, that it was going to resign from my employ instanter and in fact had already shut down supplying blood to my left arm which had gone numb beginning with only slight numbness problems a few days before.  That notice created significant cognitive dissonance vis a vis fulfilling my contract with Yahweh to do a total of 86 years (twenty five more than what I had done thus far) and we all know that it really ain't cool to breach contract with Yahweh.  It was especially credible because I had been experiencing "recurrent pain in the chest and left arm, caused by a sudden decrease of the blood supply to the heart muscle", angina pectoris, for several years and sometimes quite noticeably.  Morning weighin had been 244 pounds.
      Going to see one or another of the local medifraud practitioners in Cursing City Nevah Dare was not an option.  On their own group level, in the process of building a hoar spittle to carry on their extortions and frauds against Nevadans, they had included a false imprisonment facility to keep absolute 24 hour per day criminal control of the entire lives, activities, and especially finances  of their "recovering" victims of medifraud malpractice for indefinite periods of false imprisonment.  One of their peers in the slice and dice medifraud busymess, practicing "bury a trick" sturgeonry, was so contemptuous of human lives and human rights that, after he had already killed two and maimed numerous others to such a severe extent that others in his own Guild of Torturers Maimers and Murderers were willing to file lawsuits against him, the sumbitch filed his own lawsuit for "interference with business" against the hoar spittle where he had been torturing maiming and murdering human beings before they concluded he was creating "too much" of a bad name for them as a hoar spittle.  Even more persuasive was the attempted murder of me in July 2004 for purposes of creating a posthumous "spouse" to claim my estate under Nevada's "community property" swindle system by one of their peers in the dentifraud busymess in Reno, prescribing a known and virtually certain cause of "patient death", even when used only as an external ointment let alone at the massive internal doses he prescribed, as if it were an "antibiotic".  I should note here that the manner in which I found out what the murderous dentifraud intended to do to me was to go searching on the whirled wide wubb for information about the specific toxic chemical he prescribed in one of the many available pharmacopeias on the web.  Knowing as I did from several of my companies that they published readily accessible info about drugs and drug interactions, all I needed to do was plug in the name of the specific toxic chemical and thereby got it identified as the criminally intended poison that it was.  Got more info later which confirmed my concerns about the local medifrauds from that flagrantly extortionate medifraud gang themselves about their "viewpoints" on abuse of human populations when they began filling my post office box with "requests for donations" promoting consumption of the brain and liver lethal toxic chemical alcohol and encouraging attendance at poison pushing gatherings toward that objective.
      My only pragmatic choice was to figure out how to survive entirely without the criminally destructive murderously and extortionately intended slice and dice interventions.  It was an especially aggravating choice to have to make because, in my home state of Nevada, the criminal thugs trained in expert methods of torture, maiming, and murder for fun and profit have wangled into the Constitution a criminal purpose "law".  That law exempts their criminal selves from any prosecutions for crimes against persons and even from lawsuits for "financial damages" by the heirs and assigns of those they intentionally murder and those whose lives they destroy by malicious malpractices by insisting that such malpractice suits, strictly for financial damages covered by their malpractice insurance fraud system and never by cancellation of their criminally obtained and used "licenses" to "practice", can *only* be filed by one of their mutual back scratching peers in the identical same variety, style, and "specialty" of Torture, Maiming and Murder.

050630  Evaluating my choices of what to do about the notice of resignation, I recalled having communed with the spirits of many citizens of my home state in their final resting places (you might say "I know where the bodies are buried"), I thought it would be more interesting to stay alive than to join them on any near term kind of basis.  I also recalled the books I had read by a wildly controversial (i.e. genuine) doctor of medicine named Pritikin which explained what causes heart failure and made detailed suggestions about how to deal with heart malfunctions (and attempted resignations).  That very day I discontinued consuming my favorite ice cream sold under the trade name "Death by Chocolate" (it ain't the chocolate that kills people but the more than 50% FAT content of the ice cream).  I also discontinued consuming peanut butter, a lifelong favorite which also has a massive FAT content.  I also discontinued the typically three pounds of cheese that I had been consuming each week, along with all of the other things containing serious FAT content.  (An adverse side effect of that is that I am now "lactose intolerant" and have to take a special digestive supplement if I really insist on consuming anything at all made from milk or its byproducts.)  I began paying close attention to the labels, which have long been required on most food products sold in stores, which disclose with some precision just how much fat, Fat, and FAT is included in the products, applying a rule of "no more than 10% total fat content in anything I consume".
      The most important immediate switch in my diet was to a harsh version of the Pritikin diet consuming exclusively rice flavored with three or four bullion cubes plus my normal sodas and juices, of course plus the vitamin and mineral and other dietary supplements that I had been taking every day anyway.  With my weight having ballooned as high as 244 lbs recently under the influence of too much chocolate, among other things, it was not hard to understand how the heart problem might have flared up.  There was nothing involved in my survival beyond knowing what was going on and what I had to do about it, mostly to get the damned fat, Fat, and FAT out of my blood stream so that my heart might have a better chance of surviving as long as I am supposed to under the terms of my contract with Yahweh.  Pritikin, by the way, was quite "controversial" with his peers in the slice and dice medifraud busymess for his writings and for setting up a treatment center to help people learn to apply his suggestions for dietary control of heart problems.  One can almost hear the slice and dicers protesting to or against Doctor Pritikin "ye gads man, what you're doing is trying to put *us* out of buymess by taking away our most expensive and lucrative slicing and dicing extortions".  A probable additional facilitator of survival with only "some" damage was that I had been doing the "aspirin a day" thingy recommended, as "162 mg of acetyl salicylic acid per day" i.e. half a tablet of aspirin, by competent biochemists as a means of keeping a heart attack (if not away at least minimally damaging) for the prior several years.  As demonstrated by my continued survival to write this blog several years later, the combination of information from a real doctor that I never met in person and from real biochemists that I never met nor even knew their names was relevant and proved sufficient.

050804  Keeping in mind that the reduction in my weight was entirely a side effect of getting the FAT out of my diet and not any kind of intentional "weight loss" program, I achieved a milestone in my progress today.  The day that I moved in to my long term rented premises in Cursing City Nevah Dare, I had weighed 222 pounds.  On the day of my heart attack it had risen to 244 pounds.  My weight at morning weighin today was back down to 220 pounds, taking at least some of the stress off of my struggling heart to have 24 fewer pounds to carry around with me.  My observations during the intervening 37 days showed considerable emphasis on the left arm nerve problem which originally signalled my heart's intent to resign.  I noted that the weakness or numbness or pain in that arm was aggravated whenever I slept on my left side but that it was lesser when I made a point of sleeping instead on my right side.  Paying attention to my internals, I noticed that what my heart seemed to be objecting to when I slept on my left side was *others* of my internal organs weighing on it.

051026  Morning weighin was 212 pounds, down 32 pounds or -13.1% from weighin on the morning of my heart attack four months ago.  Wrote to a young friend who doesn't yet have to worry about heart problems that "you are what you eat" applies in the reverse too as "you aren't what you don't eat".  Less fat intake results in becoming "less fat".  Noted that for a person such as myself who used to absolutely LOVE such things as the ice cream accurately called "Death by Chocolate", ate entire POUNDS of cheese every week, insisted on mayonnaise on everything, yadda yadda yadda, it has been one heckuva shift to go on a rice diet combined with actually reading (and applying self preservation standards to) every single label of every single food that I buy at the stores these days.

051109  It is of course true that my previous lifelong consumption of fatty foods, especially nut meats which I loved to eat and peanut butter which had been a core edible throughout my life, was a significant contributor to the clogged arteries problem at age 61.  So I was amused today when I observed a new low at morning weighin at 206 pounds on this same day as I bought shares of stock of a leading manufacturer and packager of nuts and other fatty foods.  Without me consuming vast quantities of product, the stock hasn't done all that well, down -61% at the point of true beginning of this blog on 090329, from where I bought the shares today.  But I'm still alive even if I can't consume any of my company's products.

060429   A regular recurrence throughout my observations about morning weighins was that I tended to reduce significant poundage every time I went on one of my travels.  This is the opposite result experienced by many travelers who believe they are required to try every specialty local food wherever they go, especially on cruise ships where the cuisine is expertly prepared and of culinary delight.  Today I returned from a several day tour of various legitimate sights in Southeast Nevada, none of the fraud and theft casinos run there by organized crime, and weighed in at a new low of 194.  Such side effects and opposite results from what many travellers experience are explained by my long term aversion to restaurants and/or fast food establishments following from numerous food poisonings and digestive upsets created by those virtually unmanageable employers of contemptuous empees who couldn't care less about the health and safety of their employer's customers.  As a result of that aversion, I carry with me not only a cooler of my favorite soda (and a backup supply of not yet chilled cans of that same soda) but also another cooler with such things as reduced fat turkey slices, fat free yogurt, cans of fruit and tuna and so forth, along with a supply of boxes of negligible fat containing cereals, relying entirely on my own carried with supplies and rare visits to legitimate grocers along the way rather than local food preparers.  The significant amount of walking that I do to see the sights also doesn't hurt anything.

060713  Noticed a new low in my weight at 186 after hours of shimmy shimmy cocoba Kicks in 
the Ass on a tour of the Black Rock Desert in a Rent A Junker defective vehicle.  A significant 
part of that weight reduction was probable dehydration from having been running around all 
day in the hot desert.  But it was especially noticeable because of some research I had done 
into what my weight was "supposed to be".  The height/weight chart based on ages 25-59 with lowest mortality rate including indoor clothing weighing 5 pounds suggested that for my height  6'1" large frame weight desirably should be 168-192, i.e. (192-5=) 187 would be a proper objective for reducing mortality rate.  Certainly I couldn't consider the possibility of having lost "too much" weight until after I got down below that 187 number.  Weight loss as a result of dehydration is of course an ultra temporary phenomenon, promptly reversed as soon as the person drinks a normal quantity of sodas or other beverages, as I regularly do.  But it was interesting to me to see that first time "within range" weight number this morning.
      No worries from having gotten "within range" even on a temporary basis.  The midpoint of 
the desirable weight range would be (168+192)/2-5 = 175 without clothing and that was my 
real checkpoint number for my weight.  Another statistic that I was looking at was the "Body 
Mass Index" computed by weight in pounds divided by height in inches times 10.  On that 
scale, over 30 is defined as obese and in the range 25-30 defined as overweight.  At my 
050628 weight of 244 pounds, the BMI was 33.4, definitely obese.  At the top end weight of 
187 my BMI would be 25.6 and I was only slightly under that today.  Only at weight 182.4 
would my BMI get under the 25 number.

060821  During my just completed tour of Southwest Idaho, I noticed a defect of the qualities of an ultra low fat diet.  Absent a continuing inflow of fat, Fat, and FAT, the body tends to burn whatever accumulated fat it can lay combustion chemicals onto.  What happened was a recurrence of the joint problems which I first experienced while looking out over BumpAss Hell from the top of the road through Lassen Volcanic National Park.  At that time it had already been suggested to me that regular daily consumption of Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM (MethylSulfonylMethane) would be helpful in alleviating the joint problems typical of aging.  Since I am *not* allergic to shellfish (such as crab, shrimp, lobster, and crayfish), I promptly added the indicated dosage to my standard vitamin and mineral supplement regimen and continued that on a daily basis. For the joint problems to recur even while I was taking the "Joint Soother" suggested there might be a different kind of problem surfacing.  The "joint problems" in my knees expanded to include muscle problems in my legs above the knee.  So I went out onto the whirled wide wubb to research what might be causing the pain and disruption of normal walking abilities.  My diagnosis based on personal experience and what sources on the web had to say was that the burning of accumulated fat was chewing up the normal fatty cartilage which keeps the bones in my knees from rubbing against each other, in the absence of which I was developing "osteo arthritis".  Oops!  With all due respect to my heart which hates fat clogging its arteries, it was clear to me that I needed to take in "enough" fat to allow my body to heal that osteo arthritic condition so that I could resume walking normally without the pain and difficulties that I was experiencing.  So, having been on an ultra low fat diet for nearly 14 months, I added some fat content to my diet.  Took quite awhile to heal the osteo arthritic condition, about a month or so, but it did get done and provided a warning to me that there can be "too much of a good thing" in the ultra low fat diet that I was practicing.  I know of no medifraud establishment validation of this observation but the fact is that the course of treatment that I followed did in fact work to alleviate the osteo arthritic condition without unduly endangering my fat hating heart.

070701  Despite my intermittent efforts to treat osteo arthritis, my morning weighin showed that I matched the low of 060713 at 186 pounds without the dehydration which had been involved at that time and without reappearance of the osteo arthritis experienced during and after my Southwest Idaho tour.  It was a significant day for me anyway because it was just after the second anniversary of my heart attack.  I had managed to survive not only the heart attack itself and an intervening serious side effect of my radical dietary changes, but had done so for a full two years of additional active living.
      I never made note of the observation at the time but there was another thing I noticed during my two years of radical dietary revision.  One of my favorite places to visit in the Reno area is the Animal Ark Wildlife Sanctuary located 8 miles north on Hwy 395 from the "Spaghetti Bowl" intersection of Hwy 395 and I-80 and 12 miles east on Red Rock Road.  They have a hill climb which had been stressing me unduly, when I had approaching 244 pounds to carry around, to get up to see their resident versions of my furry friends the bears and other interesting life forms in that part of the Sanctuary.  As my weight declined as a side effect of my ultra low fat diet to get the fat out of my blood stream, I found that hill climb getting easier and easier to do.  Less weight to haul around with me meant less effort required for walking up steep paths.

071023  During my house hunting in the Cursing City area, I was chatting with the realtor showing a badly damaged and grossly overpriced house which probably had "the usual" title defects that fraudulent conveyancing has long since inflicted on virtually every stick of construction and every pile of dirt in the area.  Somehow the conversation drifted over to her husband's heart condition and the cholesterol reducing drugs that their dock tore was prescribing to treat that symptom while leaving his weight at 244 pounds, virtually identical to what my own weight had been on the day of my heart attack.  My own weight as I was standing there was right at my computed optimum 175 pounds, down -28.3% from where it had been when my heart told me it was resigning from my employ.  No drugs involved nor dock tores either for that matter.  But after detailing what I had done to resolve my own heart problems in the prior 52 months, I also mentioned that "of course my pharmaceutical companies [the guys who also provide those online pharmacopeias that saved my life when the Reno dentifraud tried to kill me with a drug that defies my comprehension as to how it got approved by the FDA] do what they can to provide treatments for those who aren't willing to exercise the requisite dietary discipline".  Yes, I actually said that.  Dunno whether it did any good what with the realtor being the sort who insisted over and over again that a manufactured house in a grossly mismanaged trailer park subject to foreclosure for the debts created by the mismanagers of the trailer park against all "owners" there and subject to at whim forced sale of the house by the mismanagers for any pretext they might care to inflict on it was (choke, gag, some people have fewer qualms about outright lying than others do) "clear title".  But I did try to point out some aspects of heart reality to the "real"tore.

071122  The absolute low seen at my morning weighins was today at 172 pounds.  A significant contributor to the unusual weight loss during the prior three months was the enormous effort involved in trying to locate a suitable place to sleep on a regular basis after the criminal thugs in Cursing City Nevah Dare made my former rented premises uninhabitable with criminally designed obstructions which destroyed a full set of nearly new tires and were threatening to destroy my spinal cord with the resulting bumps and jolts inflicted by a redesigned traffic pattern to assure infliction of those obstructions on anyone trying to reach my then residence.  Travelling over large distances to locate some land to buy (as distinct from the ubiquitous fraudulent conveyancing prevalent throughout my home state), packing all of my belongings for relocation and especially having to constantly commute between considerably more secure storage space that I rented some miles away in that area and the felony identity theft intended invasions of my premises which the criminal thugs were doing on a regular basis, and the rest of the stresses and strains of "moving", were all factors in reaching that absolute low.
      It concerned me, however, because it was *below* the best suggested weight at 175 pounds that I had computed as described in this blog under the 060713 entry.  I had long since observed that, despite the absence of fat from such things, consumption of sweets was an immediate weight gain situation since the body burned those sugars first instead of any of the normal food calories.  Under the circumstances I was delighted to see a gift of confectionary products from a young friend and made special efforts to pick it up at the Reno offices of the common carrier through which my friend sent it when they reported they couldn't deliver to my normal post office address for receipt of anything and everything anybody might want to send to me.  What with the criminal thugs there making access to my physical address dangerous if not impossible, there was no way I could ask that it be delivered to the physical address.  Having gotten the confections picked up, I promptly regained much of the recent weight loss, back up to 180 pounds by 071217 and to 182 pounds on 080204 as a result of a major food consumption splurge including sugary cereals due to supply chain problems.

081224  Received a letter with some information from the Medicare people which relieved the dread that I had been feeling about the rumor that coverage by Medicare Part B (payments to dock tores) required allowing one of the criminal malpractitioners under pretense of "health exam" to further torture and brutalize what I have remaining as a functional body after their predecessors in crimes against humanity have already perpetrated the atrocities detailed in the beginning paragraphs of this blog.  Being required to allow a member of that criminally abusive thugocracy, which has already done so much damage to me and kills 90,000 Americans per year in their hoar spittles by means which are acknowledged by their most avid *supporters* of AARP as being "wrongful deaths" due to intentional incompetence and deliberately malicious malpractice, was not on my list of tolerable things to do.  I was already preparing to "go to the mattresses" to defend against that proposed criminal attack by the vicious destructive thugs of the medifraud industry.
      According to the letter, my fight or flight preparations were unnecessary.  The "required" physical exam at my expense (and at risk of my survival given the criminal record of the entire medifraud industry) was in fact not at all required unless I wanted to contribute more than $96.40 per month of my meager Social Security Benefit (unknown at the time how much more since it depends on my "income" which, even under current criminal theft conditions arranged by the corrupt legis critters in Worsingdone District of Corruption, is still likely to be more than the level at which the rate of theft from my benefits to be misdirected to medifraud malpractitioners increases beyond that $96.40/month).  All I would be required to do was to return the cute little "coverage" card refusing to accept the medifraud "insurance" (for services which have long since proven to be absolutely unavailable at ANY PRICE because of the criminal corruption of the licensed practitioners of that torture maiming and murder "profession" as discussed at length in my article Hellth Kare Frauds  and voila! the problem of theft of that more than $96.40/month of my meager Social Security benefits disappears as a problem and the money *doesn't* disappear.  I continue to get the full meager amount that I have been getting and don't have to allow my body to be subjected to criminal assault and possible murder by the criminal thugs of the medifraud industry.
      Emailed a friend at the time noting the criminally abusive tortures under pretense of "testing" that he himself had described being subjected to (along with many others unduly trusting of the extortionate members of the Guild of Torturers Maimers and Murderers) as part of his own "heart" situation, tortures which CAUSE bodily dysfunctions and potential patient death so as to generate more busymess for their extortionate selves.  I observed that there is in fact nothing to cover with "insurance" when there are no relevant services of any kind available from the criminal thugs and abusive frauds and extortionists of the "health services" criminal gang (which was at that time about to take control of the Witty Houze via their long time licensed professional liar protector of intentional incompetence and deliberately malicious malpractice m.obAMA with no doubt a resurgence of the "Code Red" criminal attacks by violently forced injections of toxic disease causing agents by members of that criminal guild in various test locations including Cursing City Nevah Dare).  I perceived no justification in
paying for something which I know in advance I'm never going to get as a thing of value worth having paid for but only to be supporting a criminally abusive and Constitutionally abrogative violent gang of extortionists and thieves, torturers, maimers, and murderers.  That which I can't buy anyway because none exists, health services, isn't something that can be "covered" by insurance.  So I told my friend at the time that I planned to continue implementing choices to keep the criminally abusive dock tores of the medifraud establishment away.  He never responded to that email.  Too much wound up in his naive faith in his own favored status as a person that the criminal thugs are willing to keep alive, if only so that he can consort with and contribute to the other kinds of organized crime representatives at the "poker" tables that he frequents.

090211  Got an inappropriate notice from the Social Security Administration today telling me how much of my meager retirement income was about to be stolen by the criminal thugs of the Guild of Torturers, Maimers, and Murderers under the Part B pretense of coverage (trivially and unreliably covers only portions of the extortionate demands of the criminal thugs anyway even if one does agree to pay it).  The proposed theft was FORTY EIGHT POINT FOUR PERCENT of the first of this year COLA adjusted total Social Security check to me each month.
     Other than my photo journalistic article  Hellth Kare Frauds, I hadn't at the time I received the inappropriate notice written up any of the criminal rap sheet which the members of the Guild of Torturers, Maimers, and Murderers has developed for their fraudulent, deceptive, and abusive guild of predatory criminal thugs.  But there were profound reasons for me to have rejected the Part B medifraud services "coverage" proposed as a result of that criminal gang's subversion of the legis critters in Worsingdone District of Corruption to include themselves as recipients of tax monies gathered by the goofermint from employed persons under the so called "Medicare" system.  It was not only the criminal rap sheet that gang of frauds and thieves has developed.  It was not only the fact that I have seen nothing whatever in the way of genuine "health services" from any member of their criminally abusive "profession" in the past 22 years (since it was permanently subverted by that Harlem witch doctor "Koop" into an instrument of homosexist religionist viciousness against hetero persons).  But ultimately it was the fact that if there ever was a *genuine* health services practitioner who provided useful services I would have no particular difficulty paying the rightful fees for such services out of my own pocket without the endless bookkeeping hassles and nonsenses and complex obfuscations of the fraudulent "insurance" system. I doubt there ever will be, as criminally subverted and extortionately fraudulent as that "profession" has become in the past 22 years.  The fraudulent "insurance" makes no guarantee that there is anyone competent to *provide* services, only that whatever criminal thug gets there and wants to bill for incompetence and malicious abuse is going to get *paid*.
      But "if there were", the insurance system would be of no relevance, so I categorically refused to accept Part B "coverage".  Hence the notice from the SSA was entirely inappropriate and I called their local offices promptly to make sure their records reflected the reality that I had rejected the Part B fraud system.  The records did reflect my rejection of the fraud system and so I wound up at the end of the day appreciative of them having informed me of just how ludicrous the criminal thugs of the medifraud profession were intending to be in stealing FORTY EIGHT POINT FOUR PERCENT of my meager Social Security income in the absence of any competent and genuine "health care" observed nor provided at any time by any of their criminal membership in the past twenty two years.

090318  Morning weighin was 188 pounds, yet more above the recent range topping at 186 pounds, and I have been experiencing a significant increase in noticeable angina.  Obviously my recent permissiveness about allowing mayo back into my diet and overeating in some other ways just plain isn't an acceptable course of activity.  Cooked up a batch of my original life preserving curried and spicy rice with tuna and peas and have resumed paying much closer attention to those food contents labels (one of my most frequent recent foods contains too much fat, over 10% of its content).

090329 At this morning's weighin my electronic scale said that I weighed 177 pounds.  Reminded me that I've been talking quite a lot to individual people about "You Are What You Eat" without ever putting any of it into a blog.  All the yammering (whenever the subject of heart health or overweight problems comes up in the natural flow of conversations) is one of the side effects of me having survived now 3 years 9 months beyond an event which, for many people, is life terminating.  Although I am adding numerous historic commentaries properly dated for when they actually occurred, as best I can, today is the "point of true beginning" for the blog itself.  Reflecting on what has been happening, on the day of my heart attack my morning weighin showed that I weighed 244 pounds.  My 16 months ago low was 172 (a bit too light and with side effects of aggravated osteo arthritis as my body burned the fatty cartilage which prevents joint bones from clashing with each other).    There never was any intentional "weight loss" proggie involved.  Simply a demonstration that "you are what you eat" and if you eat a lot of fat, Fat, and FAT, guess what, you *are* fat.  My reason for cutting out the vast majority of my fat consumption was, on the advice of the best authority I've got on the subject, my heart, along with what Pritikin had to say on the subject.  It was the fat I was consuming which was clogging my heart arteries and causing the attempted resignation of that essential part of my life team.

090501  Yesterday I was out on my land working on various projects.  Among them was a lot of kneeling on knee pads to lay the base for a new protective structure for the sandbags which are essential to cope with the otherwise severe flooding that occurs through my land during monsoon season via the convenient entryway of my driveway cut.  As I was getting up and down from laying that concrete base, I noticed the beginning twinges of osteoarthritic problems in my leg muscles, a sign that I've been consuming "too little" fat recently.  At this morning's weighin I was down to 172 pounds which matches the absolute lowest weight that I've been since about fifty years ago as a preteen and young teeny bopper.  The weight itself is only three pounds less than my calculated "optimum" weight at the midpoint of the "healthy weight" range.  But the osteoarthritic symptoms do concern me.  So this morning for breakfast I cooked up a store bought version of macaroni and cheese (the cheese is supposed to contain lotsa fat but when I checked the contents label it sez only 3% which is way within my normal low fat food range; may have to prepare a home cooked version using real cheese to get the fat intake up).  Then I baked a prepared ready to bake cherry pie that I've been saving in my freezer for a long while.  I inhale such things practically in a single breath when I allow them to be around at all.  Going to continue monitoring the weight and symptom appearances going forward.  However, for today, I am reminded of a song heard long ago "Can He Bake a Cherry Pie, charming Billie?"  "He can bake a cherry pie, He's a carer for his land, He's an old thing and been most everywhere".

090509  Revisited 172 pounds at this morning's weighin.  No resumption of the osteoarthritic symptoms which concern me.  Only some pain in my neck yesterday resulting from the combination of the whiplash injury inflicted by a criminal thug in Cursing City the last time I visited there with the heavy manual labor I've been doing digging ditch for my intended irrigation system.  So I decided to review the original specifications from which I arrived at my "desired weight" of 175 pounds.
      What the specs had to say was contained in a height/weight chart based on ages 25-59 with lowest mortality rate incl indoor clothing weighing 5 pounds which suggested that for height 6'1" large frame weight should be 168-192.  That made the maximum "lowest mortality rate" permissible weight 192-5= 187 pounds.  I based my "desired weight" on the midpoint of the specified range which would be (168+192)/2-5 = 175 w/o clothing.  There are a couple of complications in those figures.  In the first place, I was already over 59 at the time of my 050628 heart attack (when I weighed 244 pounds) and am now 65 years of age.  The height/ weight chart didn't have anything to say about us older folks.  But my real question is "how low can I go" without  becoming too lightweight?  The answer would appear to be 168-5= 163 pounds w/o clothing, still quite a ways down from this morning's 172 pound measurement.
      Another way of looking at the question was provided by a "Body Mass Index".  That is defined as weight in pounds divided by height in inches times 10.  A calculated BMI over 30 is defined as obese, e.g. at my 050628 weight of 244 the BMI was 33.4.  Anything in the range of 25-30 is defined as overweight, e.g. even at the high end of desired weight range 187 my BMI would be 25.6.  Only at weight 182.4 would my BMI get under 25, at 175 pounds it would still be 24, and even at 163 pounds it would be 22.3.  There wasn't any specification in the BMI article about the levels at which underweight or severe emaciation sets in.  Seems they were concerned only about fat people and not those dying of malnutrition or disease.
      The bottom line for me from this review is that, all the while I continue to monitor my condition for any resumption of osteoarthritic symptoms which would require fat consumption to alleviate or any serious resumption of angina which would require more aggressive efforts to "get the fat outta here", I am resetting my "don't worry about it" low end weight down to 163 pounds.  I shall continue to take in my daily dosages of vitamin and mineral supplements together with the essential Glucosamine Chondroitin & MSM and the acetyl salicylic acid tablet which no doubt participated in preserving me from dying during that 050628 heart attack.  I am continuing to prepare and consume flavored gelatin, when I remember to cook some up, so as to maintain cartilage health.  But I'm not going to worry about it any more if my weight drops a little further towards that 163 pound minimum.

090514  Wow!  Leave it to the political potty that ran the criminal Internet Mania swindles 
against Americans, and who approved every criminal abrogation of the Constitution proposed 
and implemented by the terrorist sonofaBush, to come up with a scheme to insure that their criminal thugs in the medifraud and dentifraud industry get PAID for criminal abuses of citizens of the former United States of America.  Reminds me of the pretended opponent of the Constitutionally abrogative Nancy Pelosi in "her" San Francisco district who was eager for implementing such a system of murder of all political opposition by medifrauds, such as her hero Fidel Castro carried on in Cuba after his criminal gang takeover there, beyond the immediate firing squads and criminal expropriations of American stockholder property (another of her points of admiration for Castro and something that Pelosi and the rest of the criminally corrupt legis critters are already doing on behalf of the fraud and theft gangs which appointed them to high "political" office).  With that "opponent"'s criminal purpose policies now being implemented by Pelosi herself (predictably), it is a little difficult to see what difference the "opponent" would have made in Worsingdone.  Same story and criminal purposes, only a different face.
      As noted in this blog on 090211, with reference to my online photojournal about the 
criminal malpractices under color of license at  Hellth Kare Frauds, I rejected the theft of forty 
eight percent of my meager Social Security income being stolen by the criminal gangs in the 
medifraud busymess for their "Part B" MediFraud coverage.  According to the AP reports 
today, House Democrats are crafting a plan that would require all Americans to carry health 
insurance .... Individuals would be required to get coverage, either through an employer or 
government plan, or on their own.  In plain English, despite the absolute absence of competent medical or dental care in the former US, despite the prevalence of Kevorkian style declarations that anybody any criminal thug in that busymess "doesn't like" must therefore be "terminally ill" and subjected to at whim murder, despite the 90,000 per year "wrongful deaths" perpetrated by the criminal thugs in hoar spittles as acknowledged even by their avid 
proponents of AARP, the criminally corrupt members of m.obAMA's political potty insist that we all PAY IN ADVANCE via "insurance" the criminal thugs for making their health and body and 
life destroying and murderous decisions against us, regardless of outcomes or even survival of the victims of their crimes.
      Naturally, I object to that criminal purpose scam of compelling payments to those criminal 
thugs who destroy human bodies and lives and attempt or carry out murder and mayhem 
under color of "medical" license.  In the continuing absence of revocation of license when they torture, maim, and murder human beings, there is no set of "services" to be "covered" by such compulsory "insurance".   When Mr. m.obAMA pretended that "America doesn't torture" (any 
more) he carefully omitted mention of his wife's criminal thug establishment who in fact not 
only torture and maim humans but in the Kevorkian school of "medical practice" engage in 
premeditated MURDER, including of course the Reno dentifraud who tried to kill me 
personally with a malicious lethal prescription so that his lesbian clerks could name one of 
their gang as posthumous "spouse" under Nevada's "community property" scam.  Catching 
and evading that murder attempt was, of course, part of why I'm still alive today, as was 
avoiding the similarly unprosecuted felons in the medifraud hoar spittle in Cursing City during 
and after my 050628 heart attack.  Remains to be seen how I do with additional criminal thugs 
being assured by Worsingdone of payment for torturing, maiming, and murdering me and all 
other opponents of their antihuman atrocities.

090527  New low of 168 pounds at weighin this morning, dates back to early teeny bopper days more than 49 years ago.  Acceptable under my new guidelines for minimum weight established 090509.  The new low could partly be dehydration as a result of going out in the hot desert sun yesterday afternoon in a futile effort to spray the ever increasing growths of Tumbling Tumbleweeds, especially in my gravel driveway, with an alleged killer of "the toughest brushy weeds", Ortho Max Poison Ivy & Tough Brush Killer, asserted by the selling big box store to be effective against Russian thistle up to about 6" tall.  We shall see whether that works but at least some of the tumbleweeds are looking a little less aggressively healthy this morning.  Meanwhile I'm heading off to the kitchen to prepare a nice breakfast for the day.

090515 10:12am EDT  In response to an article by Tamara Lytle "The Trillion Dollar Question: How to Pay for Health Care Reform" published in the AARP Bulletin Today on May 14, 2009, I commented:
      Until medifraud and dentifraud malpractitioners have their licenses revoked for torturing, maiming, and murdering humans, there is no reform.  Paying more extortion via "compulsory insurance" to the kinds of criminal thugs described in my photojournal at  Hellth Kare Frauds  aggravates and accentuates the murders and maimings and intentional "mistakes" problems that the malicious frauds of the malpracticing "health services" industry have been perpetrating against Americans. The question should not be about paying more extortion to criminal thugs.  It should all along have been about reining in the criminal thuggery ongoing under pretense of "health services".

090615  The scale showed 169 pounds at weighin this morning but there were some early signs of osteoarthritic muscle pain in my right leg while I was running my errands around town this morning.  I attribute it to too much recent stress on my knees as I've been working on solving the water leak problem in the front end of my Drip Watering SystemThe trusty strap on knee pads that I've been using for years (since a girl friend introduced them to me) to the contrary notwithstanding, all that kneeling is hard on my old knees.  But I've also been at the ultra low end of fat intake.  So it is time for me to mix up a batch of my favorite tuna salad (two cans of tuna fish, one can of Mandarin oranges, a dash of mustard seed) heavy on the mayo to moisten the salad and provide a convenient source of fat intake.  May also cook up a home made version of macaroni and cheese if the tuna salad isn't prompt about relieving the osteoarthritic symptoms.  Likely to take some mayo with my regular intake of canned salmon too, at least until the muscle pain symptom goes away.

090628  It wasn't until very late this evening that I remembered today was the fourth anniversary of my heart attack.  The scale showed 170 pounds at weighin this morning, down -74 pounds or -30.3% from my weight on the day my heart credibly tendered its resignation from my employ.  With four years of additional life having been made possible by my choice to adopt the advice of a competent medical doctor (Pritikin, whom I never met but only read his books) instead of allowing the criminal religionist slice and dice medifrauds of Cursing City Nevada to terminate my life (as one of their criminal peers had already attempted to do via prescribing a faggot designer drug which causes what amounts to chemical sodomization and "patient death" for purposes of appointing one of the lesbian criminals in Reno as a posthumous "spouse" under Nevada's draconian Community Property theft system), I am pleased with the choice that I made four years ago.
      There is of course still some angina from time to time.  My approach never repaired any of the damage to my arteries already done by decades of a diet loaded with fat, Fat, and FAT.  It only took the *additional* loads of heart blocking fat out of my blood stream so that my heart could get back to working somewhere close to normally.  All of the other damage done to my body by criminal thugs under color of license (such as the smashed out teeth and lungs destroyed by a criminal purpose injection of live diptheria under pretense of "innoculation" against that lung destroying disease) has continued to disrupt my life functions.  The carpal tunnel damage done by slave labor in the exclusive lesbian/faggot Loonie Verse Itty bowels of unCoolorado forty years ago has been aggravated now by later developed arthritis which in turn is being stressed by the work I'm putting into finally owning a house and a little parcel of land of my own after all these decades of work and worry.  The whiplash injury inflicted by the criminal religionist thugs of Cursing City in furtherance of their earlier criminal attacks against my spine under color of "authorizing" a malicious landlord to build a false imprisonment scheme complete with vehicle and spine destroying obstructions continues to be bothersome from time to time.  But for all of those accumulated problems of having resided in a criminal religionist society which encourages torture maiming and murder of citizens, especially males, I am in fact still alive.
      The human and civil right to practice my own religion was permanently abrogated by terrorist medifrauds under direction of the homosexist criminal religionist Ronny Raygun more than 22 years ago.  My savings are at continual risk from freeloading frauds and criminal thieves and misappropriators of societal resources on Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.  But I am able to write some in these blogs on various subjects of interest to me.  I get to carry on with my photography hobby of more than 54 years.  I have a whole set of interesting challenges and possibilities as a result of now finally owning a place to live and a little parcel of land.  So I'm happy with my decision four years ago to take responsibility for keeping myself alive rather than consigning my remains to be interred by the criminal frauds and thieves of the death dealing hoar spittle slice and dice industry in the criminal religionist cesspool of Cursing City Nevah Dare.

090717  Guessed what the scale was going to say even before I got onto it this morning.  I had kind of overdone it yesterday working outside in the midst of an Excessive Heat Warning from 
the National Weather Service with temps up around 112F.  First there was the gathering of yet another two grocery bags full of those noxious tumbleweeds when it was already getting hot in the mid morning.  Then the pallet of hardware cloth that I ordered late last week finally got 
here at absolutely the worst time of day, top of the highs for the day.  Delivery truck was a 40 
foot trailer with no relevant fork lift, just barely a means of getting the pallet down off of the 
truck and to the inside end of my concrete driveway cut.  Very long distance from there to 
where I wanted to stash the 100 foot coils of hardware cloth pending use as part of my place's 
rabbit defenses.  Got the pallet unpacked and each of the coils and the pallet itself moved 
hundreds of feet to where I wanted them.
      Of course consumed large quantities of hydrating liquid during each of my stints out in the hot desert sun and scorching ambient temperatures.  But noticed during each of those stints in the excessive heat conditions and moreso towards the end of the day that I was in fact getting and had gotten heat stressed.  Yup, verified on the scale this morning, new absolute adult lifetime low weight at 167 pounds, more of a lightweight than I've been at any time in more than 50 years.

090803  At this morning's weighin, the scale said I matched my adult lifetime low weight of 167 pounds.  As computed on May 9, not a matter for concern, still above the minimum healthy range low at 163 for my height and build.  But it reminded me of something that I used to hear about but never understood until recently.  As a fat or classified "obese" person, I was always hungry.  One meal per day.  Beginning when I got up in the morning and continuing until I went back to sleep at night.  That was the way I was dealing with being always hungry.  Recently I have been having to consciously remember to feed myself.  None of the hunger pangs that always afflicted me when I was way overweight.  As I understand it from my readings in Dr. Pritikin's books, it is the chemistry of fat, Fat, and FAT itself that accounts for the difference.  Had to get that stuff out of my bloodstream regardless because it was literally in process of killing me via clogging the blood supply to my heart.  Weight loss was only a "side effect" of changing my diet.  But now that the substantial overweight condition is gone, I have what amounts to a "skinny person's" outlook on eating.  I do need to do some of it but there are few if any of the continuous hungry feelings that used to be part of my life.
      One particularly strange thing I want to add to this.  Sugar has long been considered a "no no" for dieters.  Yet now, so long as it is the *fat free* version, I have found myself capable of inhaling an entire quart of sherbert (basically sugar water with flavorings) in a matter of a few hours without weight or other disruptions.  That is a common feature of "skinny people" which I have heard causes endless skepticism if not hatred among the fat or obese, that we can in fact do such things without the typical side effects that they suffer.  I do have to remember to have a meal of real food before turning in for the night, because of some of the other side effects of running on sugars, but from time to time when I'm feeling oppressed by the endless heat of summer, it is something I can do to chill out.
      There is one other side effect of having become a skinny person that I really ought to mention.  All of my trousers were bought when I weighed considerably more than I do now.  Ain't got no buttocks to keep them up any more.  So they tend to slide down and threaten to fall off even with a sturdy belt trying to hold them in place.  Requires endless pullings up of trouser legs so that the originally correctly sized cuffs don't get caught under my shoes.  For sure I'm not gonna threaten my heart by eating so much as to rebuild the former trouser perches.  So one of these days I'm gonna hafta buy a whole new set of trousers to wear that fit my skinnier self better.  Even at trouser costs these days, it's a small price to pay for continuing to stay alive to be concerned about such things.

090901  Got a catalog in yesterday's postals that may help me cope with the problem that this morning's weighin at 169 pounds only suggests.  I talked about it in my blog entry of 090803:  my trousers that I bought when I weighed considerably more than I do now have been having a tendency to slide down and threaten to fall off even with a sturdy belt trying to hold them in place.  The catalog offers trousers made of the material that I prefer (corduroy) because of its wrinkle free and sturdy character whether used for working around my land or running errands midst other people.  Can't say I much care for the French fly with button closure since the buttons tend to tear off but in practical terms of protecting my legs from the multitude of hazards on my land and satisfying the requirements of civilization that I be clothed when I go out in public, it looks like the best that I'm going to be able to find.
      Figuring what size to order this time for the significantly smaller version of me that requires clothing and hoping that the catalog publisher had what I want in stock available for shipping to me was a bit of a chore.  I'm now three sizes smaller around (last measure was just before my heart attack).  I no longer have the bulges where "standardized" clothing manufacturers expect there to be bulges to hold pants up so the distance between the top of the pants and the crotch that they're allowing is eating into what is normally considered to be inseam.  Nobody makes low rider pants of the material that I prefer.  Fact is I'm lucky to be able to buy some without the "expansion inserts" that allow fat people to continue getting fatter after buying pants but make the pants too loose for us skinny people who aren't gonna get any wider cuz fatter means dead as a result of the fat, Fat, and FAT that would be running around in our blood streams.  But I adjusted the inseam measure to "short" (which I'm not) in order to adjust for the effects of my pants not being willing to ride anywhere near as high as the standardized manufacturers assume they're going to ride. Has the adverse side effect of facilitating tearing out the crotch of the pants when I'm active but it's the best compromise I can get from non tailored assumed high rider pants.
      Ordered twelve pairs of corduroy pants in my now smaller size.  Then went on to order some boxer shorts that might stay on by themselves instead of falling off immediately while dressing.  It isn't cheap replacing one's basic everyday wardrobe, but it really was getting to be a hassle of endless pullings up of trouser legs so that the original correctly sized cuffs didn't get caught under my shoes.  It's all in the difference between weighing 244 pounds on the day of my heart attack versus only 169 pounds this morning.  Nothing intentional about the weight loss itself, only a side effect of getting the lethal fat, Fat, and FAT out of my blood stream.  Worth it, I think, for being able to stay alive to spend the money on the wardrobe replacement.

090915  How sweet it  is to have some boxers and slacks that actually fit!  Got my shipment of replacement clothes with my postals yesterday.  I may have been guessing when I ordered 37 short instead of 40 medium the last time I ordered, but I got it right.  They fit and I'm now able to walk around my land without tripping over the cuffs of my trousers.
      One bit of a correction that I have to make to my gloating about being a skinny person in my 090803 blog entry.  I may have been able to inhale an entire ONE quart of fat free sherbert (basically sugar water with flavorings) in a matter of a few hours without weight or other disruptions but when I did TWO quarts in barely over 24 hours, it did have some adverse side effects.  Weighin yesterday was up to 174 and back down only to 172 this morning.  That much sugar did kind of tilt the metabolism in such a way as to make me hungrier which led to eating more than normal which, with all that sugar running around insisting on being burned first, wound up adding some pounds.  It also created some internal problems with what remains of my dentifraud destroyed teeth experiencing "sweet tooth" pains.  So perhaps I need to be a bit more restrained about my frozen sugar water consumption than my previous comments indicated.  That said and in process of being done, it really is nice to have some clothes now that fit my leaner meaner person.

090917  I was amused by a quote from David Brownstein, M.D. in a promotional flyer from of Riviera Beach FL which said "If word ever got out that 2,000 mg of vitamin C 
daily, along with the 'correct hormonal balance,' could stop heart disease in its tracks  
actually stop plaque from forming in your arteries how long could the drug companies sell 
billions in cholesterol lowering drugs?"  Dunno about that.  Mostly they sell to peeps who aren't willing to get the fat, Fat, and FAT out of their blood stream the natural way, by changing their dietary habits as I did.
      What I do know is that I've been taking 2,000 mg of vitamin C daily ever since Dr. Linus 
Pauling, a biochemist, proved that it had health benefits relative to the common cold and 
published his 1970 article "Vitamin C and the Common Cold".  I may not share the notion that 
it "prevents" the common cold but it sure does help to minimize symptoms and their 
frequency.  Should note here that Pauling was recommending 3,000 mg for that purpose, so 
perhaps it is a simple matter of my dosage being "not quite enough" but good enough for 
significant benefits.
      As for "stop heart disease in its tracks -- actually stop plaque from forming in your 
arteries", I have to respectfully disagree with *Mister* Brownstein.  I had been taking 2,000 mg 
of vitamin C daily for many years prior to my 050628 heart attack and had no distinguishable 
"hormonal" imbalances.  The vast majority of the clogging of my arteries occurred *while* I was taking those megadoses of vitamin C.  But I do need also to mention that, medifrauds and 
dentifrauds having already long since proven themselves to be criminally destructive of my 
body and life, there were none of those "licensed" criminal thugs in my life to "prescribe" any 
of those cholesterol lowering drugs.  So I never bought any of those either, just as I won't be 
buying Brownstein's promoted publication.
      The one thing that clearly did help was the daily doses of aspirin that I had also been 
taking (1) because I am not one of those who experience gastrointestinal bleeding from 
consuming it and (2) because I studiously avoid contraindicated combative drugs such as 
ibuprofen.  Anyway, respectful disagreements to the side, it is good to see discussion of the 
issues of how to avoid serious health threats such as heart attacks WITHOUT THE CRIMINAL 
PURPOSE MEDDLING OF MEDIFRAUDS intent on torturing potential victims beyond their 
endurance, slice and dice destruction of human bodies, and service to their only real 
"professional" purpose which is extortion (extractive surgery on the finances of the victims of 
their abusive malpractices devoid of genuine health benefits or even competent advice).
      Incidentally, I don't take the vitamin C and the aspirin at the same time.  Read 
"somewhere" (not authenticated) that aspirin flushes the vitamin C from the body, so on the 
chance that might be true, I take the different purpose and different nature bioactive chemicals twelve hours apart.  Best I can do in a world excessively run by criminal thugs intentionally 
destroying human bodies and lives under color of license for homosexist and other "religious" 
purposes extending even to promoting the brain and liver lethal toxic chemical alcohol so as to "improve circulation" of money from the resources of human populations into their own criminal pockets.

090927  I have commented numerously in this blog about two side effects of my approach to allowing my heart to return to normal function after my 050628 heart attack.  The first, generally considered to be positive, has been the reduction of my weight from an obese 244 on the day of the heart attack down to a normal healthy 174 at this morning's weighin.  The second side effect was a result of normal body chemistry, deprived of the fat Fat and FAT content that I was intentionally keeping out of my blood stream, chewing up the fatty padding between the bones in my joints leading to osteo arthritic symptoms.  It was in pursuit of a rational solution to that adverse second side effect that I went out on the web last evening to see what might be available.
      Quite promptly found the  article by Chinese researchers  which proposed Calcium Aspartate Anhydrous as a treatment.  Also found reactionary comments suggesting that "Chinese" researchers were somehow less reliable than "American" researchers.  Based on the criminal rap sheet of American medifrauds and dentifrauds I had to reject those reactionary comments.  It was Americans who created the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa by using never sterilized needles to spread that blood borne disease throughout African populations under pretense of "innoculating" against other diseases.  It was Americans who used that pandemic and their own homosexist criminally abrogative orientation to falsify records and pretend to a "hetero" transmission mechanism for that disease of anal rupture homosexuals, illegal injectible drug users, and victims of medifraud malpractice so as to terrorize American heteros into use of object rape con dumbs in lieu of hetero relations.  That in turn created a pandemic of obesity in the United States which was not merely coincident with but caused by the malicious disruption of healthy hetero relations in favor of their object rape demands.  Having undermined the remaining integrity of the "health services" in the US with that homosexist corruption, it was the Americans who injected thousands in the criminally blighted homosexist state of Colorado with live diptheria under pretense of "innoculations against" diptheria so as to massively increase the number of real cases of lung disease for their corrupt "Health Department" to fraudulently attribute to their socially created bogeyman "tobacco smoking".  It was American dentifrauds who smashed the teeth out of my face under pretense of treatment as described in my article Hellth Kare Frauds  and then went on to attempt to murder me by lethal malprescription so as to facilitate their lesbian posthumous spouse wannabes in Reno claiming my estate under Nevada's draconian "community property" fraud system.  It has been Americans who not only facilitated the mass murderer "doctor" Kevorkian in his killings of considerably more than a hundred citizens who, according to autopsies, never had any of the "terminal illnesses" that the criminal "doctor" pretended they had but then released that murderer from prison to further proseltyize for his murder practices when similarly corrupt medifrauds "found" that Kevorkian himself had a "terminal illness".  Even AARP, most ardent proponents of increased theft from taxpayers for the American medifraud malpractitioners, admit that 90,000 "wrongful killings" per year have resulted from one only of the medifrauds' readily avoidable malpractices.  It has been American politicians, same ones who ran the AFRaids "epidemic" object rape scam against heteros and their criminally appointed successors, who recently have been offering financial incentives to medifrauds to murder citizens under cover of gathering (or forging) their signatures on "end of life consultation" forms.  Under the circumstances, it did not seem reasonable to me to agree that "Chinese" researchers even could be less reliable than "Americans".
      There was, however, a methodological defect in the Calcium Aspartate Anhydrous article.  The manner of presentation suggested close affiliation with the  proposed sellers  under the "Ezorb" brand of the compound studied.  The sellers wanted $400.06 for 12 bottles each 180 gelatin capsules of 560mg (12 months maintenace supply) delivered via FedEx or USPS from their southern California shipping location.  More importantly, the researchers neither considered nor reported on potential nor actual side effects from their "92% absorption rate" calcium compound.  The high absorption rate could be a negative, rather than positive, if the absorbed calcium then were to cause adverse side effects.  Researchers at the University of Auckland in New Zealand evaluated 1,471 healthy post-menopausal women, average age 74, for a period of five years.  Of them, 732 were given a daily calcium supplement and 739 were given a placebo.  Participants received either 1 g of elemental calcium daily as the citrate or identical placebo. They were asked to take two tablets (each containing 200 mg elemental calcium) before breakfast and three in the evening.  Over the next few years, heart attacks were more common in the women taking the calcium supplements.  Unlike the bogus "hetero" transmission mechanism for the wimpy blood borne HIV/AIDS, there is plausibility to the notion that excessive calcium intake has possible risks of kidney stones and heart attacks resulting from vascular calcification.
      Lacking more definitive research on side effects and my own "heart failure in remission" condition, I must therefore tread cautiously toward accepting the claims of that research study.  Even completely curing the osteo arthritis would be of little value if in process it were to finalize the resignation of my heart from my employ.  In fact, I have been taking 400 IU Vitamin D and 1000 mg (one gram) of a mixture of calcium carbonate, tricalcium phosphate, dolomite, oyster shell and egg shell as part of my daily supplement regimen.  It has largely been for the purpose of reducing the rate of destruction by natural causes of what remained of my dental structures after the criminal attacks by dentifrauds destroyed so much, using a calcium compound of considerably lower absorption rate.  Even that intake has to be placed under review as a result of the potential side effects pointed out in this arthritis research effort.  Meanwhile, I also ran across an even more clearly rejectible therapy for arthritis variants, osteoporosis, and osteopenia:  a product called ENBREL, a drug which reduces immune system effectiveness and is especially dangerous in those of us carrying TB positive impacts.  That one warns of its side effects in its own descriptive literature.

090930  Doing some more reading this morning about arthritis, I got a chuckle out of it.  Recently signed up for a news letter about arthritis.  In it they claimed that several servings of fish per week are helpful, especially things like salmon, because the kinds of fish they mentioned are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and calcium.  What was funny about it is that I naturally gravitated from tuna to salmon awhile back as a basic part of my diet.  At the time, I thought it was because I remembered the beautiful blonde girl playing her guitar and singing to us in the chilly drizzle next to a salmon spawning stream from which an absolutely fresh salmon had been caught and grilled and served to us near Juneau Alaska during my 1975 Alaska tour.  Best tasting salmon steak that I ever had and probably ever will have.  My reading suggested that the reason I liked the canned salmon so much was because it's actually good for me.  In process of saying "let's have some more of that", perhaps my body was recognizing it as useful?  I doubt that's really how it worked because everybody also tends to go for flavorful nasties, such as the fat-free but hazardous because of its 25% sugar content sherbert that I recently had a minor problem with.  But I got a chuckle out of it anyway.

091008  Had some serious internal growling going on after I got up this morning.  Sensitive as I am to my heart condition and the mild angina which sometimes appears, I was concerned.  First did some exercises that tend to limber up my heart and then some external heart massage.  Didn't change the internal growling any.  Then I remembered that my weight at this morning's weighin had been down to 170 from previous day's 174.  Hmmm, possible that it's my *stomach* growling at me?  Unusual if so, typically haven't had any "hungry" feelings since I began my radically revised ultra low fat heart protecting dietary habits, but certainly a conceivable explanation for internal growling.  Decided to try the cure for that.  Microwaved one of the nice little 2.4 oz breaded chicken patties that I like and consumed it along with a dollop of 31% total fat content Thousand Island dressing that I also like.  No more internal growling.  No need for an extra aspirin nor for worrying about medifraud attacks against my old person.  Problem solved.

091130  It was more than eight years ago that I quit using table salt.  Quite amazing considering that previously I had been sprinkling salt on practically everything that I wasn't consuming with added mayonnaise or cheese ;).  No futzing with "salt substitutes".  I just quit using table salt after reading Dr. Pritikin's explanations of its negative health impacts, adding water weight with neither hydrating nor any other benefits.
      Among my health subject readings, I ran across an article last night talking about the potentially significant benefits of consuming iodine.  The author was pretty gungho about the whole thing, stressing credulity to some extent, but backing up his claims was the fact that "generally recognized author itties on hellth" had required the manufacturers of table salt to commence "iodizing" (adding iodine) to their product a very long time ago for genuine health reasons.  Having consumed absolutely no table salt for more than eight years, it occurred to me that the benefits of iodine, however significant they might or might not be, have been totally absent from my diet for that entire period.  Of course I remembered my teeny bopper science experiment which demonstrated, along with puncture wounds from glass rods and so forth, that I was NOT going to become a chemist like my biological father.  I was attempting to sublimate elemental iodine and the experiment got out of control with absolutely beautiful (and totally deadly if inhaled) purple clouds floating around the school laboratory.
      My regular dietary supplement provider does have sea kelp tablets available.  That is what was suggested by the gungho author as a readily available source.  But it takes quite awhile to get an order together, placed with them, and delivered to me, and I wanted to start correcting that probable dietary deficiency promptly.  When I went to a store in the nearby town to acquire an iodine supplement of some kind, the clerk first led me to their supplies of "for external use only" tincture of iodine (a quite poisonous substance used for killing microorganisms in wounds).  For internal use, the only suggestion they had (of anything in stock) was a heart threateningly fat laden fish oil supplement which only "might" contain "some" iodine.  I didn't even look at the label to see "whether" it had any iodine content.  I had already tried that fish oil supplement and my heart had rejected it absolutely with clear statements that "whatever the goofs are claiming as benefits for that crap, it ain't nuttin but blood vessel clogging function destroying fat, Fat, and FAT!!! threatening to kill me."  But the store I tried first did suggest a nearby "health food store" which had bottles of properly sized for swallowing tablets each containing 41 mg of Laminaria digitata (sea kelp) and 225 mcg (0.225 mg) of Iodine compared to the "Recommended Daily Allowance" of 0.15 mg.  Began adding one of those tablets to my dietary supplement intake each day.

091217  Not everything that I've done as a self caring survivor has been appropriate.  In the incident I describe here, the advertisement read like the ultimate snake oil sales pitch.  It asserted that the compound being offered was capable of curing virtually everything from immune system degeneration through obesity through baldness and hair color fading.  Googling the specific compound comes up with a number of claims that it's all quackery, written by asserted doctors of "medicine".  The difficulty with evaluating the claims of quackery is that the Sturgeon Genital of the Loonie Tied Studs of Merka, appointed by the homosexist fascist religionist Ronny Raygun of Wholly Wierd Californicatia, was such a quack as to prescribe the torture and murder religion practice of object rape using con dumbs against hetero male citizens to retard the spread of a disease of anal rupture faggots, illegal injectible drug users, and victims of medifraud malpractice engaging in needle freakery against patients.  All the while that criminally abrogative "official sailor suit wearing" medifraud was carrying on his terrorist attacks against us, we who were active heterosexuals at the time knew from our own lives and absence of the pretended disease transmission that the criminal religionist pretenses were so much malicious antihetero propaganda.  The difficulty is further compounded by the current efforts of torture and murder religionists to steal an extra trillion dollars from victims of prior medifraud malpractices not already murdered by them for the purpose of further aggrandizing and spreading criminal brutalities and destructive attacks against humans by the criminal thugs slopperating under color of irresponsibly issued "health services" licenses.
      In my own situation, the conflict is even more severe because one of the licensed criminal thugs in my geography overtly attempted to murder me by malprescription.  An actual successful murderer was protected from prosecution and so presumptuous as to file suit against the hospital, where he had been killing and maiming humans that barred him from practicing there, for "interference with business" (his business of maiming and murdering humans as a bury a trick sturgeon). The regional hospital in my area not only promotes consumption of the brain and liver lethal toxic chemical alcohol but has a false imprisonment scheme running whereby the victims of their criminal brutalities are incarcerated in a specially designed set of holding cells so that the medifrauds running the place can complete looting and gutting not only insurance but all other assets of the victims of the scheme.  It was that environmental reality which persuaded me to rely on the information received from his books and the implicit advice of Dr. Pritikin, widely denounced as a "quack" by the slice and dice invasive surgery medifraud and extortion establishment, with the result that I survived my 050628 heart attack and remain alive and functional to write up this quandry despite the violent criminal attacks, injection of disease *causing* agents to support their religionist falsification of data regarding "tobacco smoking", and attempted murder of me by the medifrauds who denounce Pritikin and others not promoting the criminal abuses of humans by their Guild of Torturers, Maimers, and Murderers.
      There was one element of recognizable "possible" fraud that did exist in the pretenses of the snake oil salesmen.  They claimed "no adverse drug interactions" while selling a compound containing a significant quantity of ginseng (the most likely component of their snake oil for producing what they claim is a "feel good" illusion).  There is some prospect of adverse interaction between that blood pressure increasing chemical and the aspirin which I must take to minimize the life threatening impacts of clogging of the arteries to my heart.  Further doubt could have been raised by the fact that the advertisement itself appeared in a publication of a "gardening" group which had attempted a bogus book selling fraud against me when I first met them.  In any event, today at 9:48am I ordered a six month supply of their "Growth Hormone Releaser" to be delivered to me about one week hence.

100106  I didn't immediately publish my discussion of 091217 about the "Growth Hormone Releaser".  I had qualms about its acknowledged ginseng component having potentially adverse interaction with the aspirin that I consume every day and no reliable source for resolving those qualms.  My qualms were aggravated when I saw that the compound was manufactured within my own geography, same general neighborhood where the murder attempt against me was made by dentifraud malprescription and where the regional "hospital" engages in torture, under the euphemism of "testing", for purposes of generating business for their sturgeons with false imprisonment arranged for some of their victims.  I was further annoyed upon reading that not only were the makers demanding an inconvenient "five days on two days off" schedule for their product but insisting that it be taken three hours *after* the last meal of the day on an empty stomach.
      I am publishing that discussion of 091217 and these further notes now because, as the man falling from a forty story building shouted out upon passing the twentieth floor "so far so good" ;).  There haven't been any noticeable adverse interactions between the ginseng and aspirin nor any other material adverse effects that I have been able to identify after consuming thus far eleven doses of the compound during the more than two weeks elapsed from first consumption on 091222.  Other than the mild effects of the ginseng, there also haven't been any noticeable positive results, something which the collectors of the roughly $44/mo cost of the six month supply of the compound were very careful to emphasize was likely for the first three months.
      It remains entirely possible that the assertions of quackery were true, despite the disreputable and overtly fraudulent nature in every other regard of the disputants of the largely ridiculous positive claims of the sellers of the compound.  In any event, the stuff didn't kill me right away, nor cause any noticeable adverse impacts, so I am likely to continue consuming it on the recommended schedule for the indicated three month test period (along with my regular regimen of proven effective dietary supplements) and evaluate further as I proceed.  Recalling that the malprescription by the Reno dentifraud under pretense that it was an "antibiotic" was reported in its objective descriptions as often delayed in producing the colonitis and "patient death" intended by that murder for estate claiming purposes prescriber of that generally recognized toxic chemical, I did want to get these notes online for the record in the event there are subsequent adverse consequences which I have not yet been able to recognize.

100130  Adverse side effects are an indication that a treatment or consumed substance is not acceptable.  For no otherwise explainable reason, I experienced unusual dizziness as I was merely *preparing* to do some work in my yard this afternoon.  Brain function being the most important aspect of my identity, without which I cease to be me, I traced that adverse side effect to the cumulative effect of the thirty doses of the GHR compound.  Between its questionable ginseng component and the unknown impacts of its other constituents, I decided to discontinue consuming that compound.  It was scheduled for its "two days off" anyway as of tomorrow, but dizziness is far too unacceptable a side effect for me to resume consuming the compound when next otherwise scheduled.  I shall be monitoring any repetition of the dizziness effect to determine if it properly subsides without additional consumption of the GHR compound.
      There is some question whether conventional medifrauds would even consider that dizziness to be an adverse side effect.  Having killed Terry Schiavo by culpable malpractices resulting in payments from their fraudulently operating "malpractice insurance" companies to the estate of the decedent, involved medifrauds tortured and brutalized her corpse for many many years afterward.  Terry was already long since measurably and demonstrably *brain dead* as a result of the culpable malpractices.  The primary purpose of the tortures of the cadaver was to siphon the estate's funds back into the pockets of abusive medifrauds.  But they were assisted in that objective by Terry's parents who were members of a criminal religionist gang which stoutly maintains that the only purpose of "life" is to bow down in autonomic fashion to the criminal thug preachers of that millenial torture maiming and murder "religion".  So when the avaricious medifrauds were able to demonstrate that by artificial abuses of the corpse they were able to generate knee-jerk (autonomic) responses, the criminal religionists and their allies in the corrupt and fraudulent "political" gang system were eager to assist in facilitating the looting of the estate by members of the same criminal gang that murdered Terry.  Key point:  a dead brain is not considered by conventional medifrauds nor their "religion" nor political allies to be an adverse side effect, only a forced cessation of the perennial disagreements of sentient humans versus criminal thugs demanding absolute control of human lives.
      Of only slightly lesser demonstrative value is the insistence of conventional medifrauds that chemotherapy is a "life" saving process.  They have carried that insistence (for criminal exotortion purposes of payments for the "treatments") into the courts at least in Texas and Minnesota (and perhaps elsewhere) when sentient humans have refused to allow those "treatments", regardless of the grounds on which the refusals have been based.  Meanwhile, objective members of their own profession, not in direct line to receive the extortion payments, have researched the consequences of chemotherapy and found that there is universally brain damage and subsequent incapacity of the victim of the "treatments" to perform in a fully human fashion.  Yet again, brain damage is treated as being an entirely acceptable (to the extortionate medifrauds) consequence of their "treatments".
      The most common expression of contempt for brain function by conventional medifrauds is their promotions of the brain and liver lethal toxic chemical alcohol as if it were "healthy".  No doubt that poison does improve the "circulation" of money from the resources of the victims of alcohol poisoning into the profligate lifestyles of the poison pushing quacks of the medifraud industry.  It does so not only directly via the impaired cognitive functioning of the poisoned leading to more reliance on other fraudulent abuses by the licensed criminal thugs but indirectly via the damage that the cognitively impaired do to other humans while driving motor vehicles and performing other real world tasks.  As with the criminal abuses of hetero citizens using object rape con dumbs inspired by the quack Harlem witch doctor homosexist religionist beginning with the Raygun fraudocracy against America, few if any licensed practitioners in the medifraud industry have been willing to speak against that malicious abuse of humans by their peers, on whom they depend for defense against malpractice lawsuits and glossing of their crimes against humans in license challenges.
      With full knowledge that even professional relations of those insisting that the suppliers of GHR are "quacks" have regularly insisted that brain malfunction is NOT an adverse side effect of their own "treatments", it is a direct contradiction of the fraudulent misrepresentations of the sellers of GHR for there to have been what *I* consider to be adverse side effects.  I should also note the coincident onset of kidney pain which is a recognizable consequence of the toxin removing functions of the liver and kidneys getting overloaded with poisonous substances which they are trying with difficulty to remove.  The bottom line is that when the misrepresentation of "no adverse side effects" proved FALSE, I discontinued consuming the compound.  In the absence of continued assault by that compound, there was no recurrence of the dizziness.

100212  Felt some unusual angina approximately located in my right atrium (the upper part nearest center chest if I'm reading the dictionary graphic correctly) this morning.  Most previous angina has been centered in the area of the lower left ventricle.  Took an extra aspirin, hope it helps.  Having no other meaningful thing that I could do underscores what a bitch it is that, for the past 23 years beginning with Harlem witch doctor C. Everett Koop, medifrauds have been abrogating human and civil rights with object rape con dumbs on behalf of homosexist criminal supremacy under their AFRaids banner, injecting dread diseases such as live diptheria under pretense of "innoculation" in support of their drunk and disorderly promotions of the brain and liver lethal toxic chemical alcohol and their fraudulent extortions against "tobacco smokers", using fraud and criminal assault to destroy my dental functions, even attempting murder by malprescription, and now running an attempt via criminally corrupt politicians to steal a trillion extra dollars from me and other Amercian citizens as bonuses to those thugs for their criminal attacks against us.  I can't rely on members of that licensed criminal "profession", local or otherwise, to do anything other than gutting and looting my estate and perpetrating further destruction of my body.  So I take a single extra aspirin tablet and can only hope I survive to continue fighting the criminal religionist Inquisition they've got going under pretense of "health care".  Oh! Bomb Ah's scams never have been about assuring availability of competent services, only about "insuring" payment of extortion to criminal thugs and expanding the number of criminal religionist attacks against 31% more humans than currently.  Still alive at end of day to post this.

100803  That ain't no sun worshippers' tanning device outside my Little House in the Desert.  How I know that is that I waaay overdid it yesterday.  Early in the day I was outside using a vibration causing Brush Cutter which jangled my nerves quite badly.  Spent several hours indoors chilling out and letting my nerves settle down after that.  But then I went out in the heat of the day and into the brutal desert sun to pull two overfilled wheelbarrows of Salsola tragus (tumbleweeds) and a portion of slightly less noxious individual weeds one by one out of my gravel driveway.  I was totally drained.  The brutal desert sun doesn't cause "sunburn" for which a person could wear a simple concoction of sunscreen to protect against.  It burns a person up from the *inside*, not on the surface.  I was so drained that I had to turn in an hour earlier than normal, without my typical evening meal before bed, and got a full eight hours sleep.  Still felt drained this morning.   Even a sufficiently hydrated person loses a bunch of other things in the brutal desert sun which is why the National Weather Service, under Excessive Heat conditions, tells people not only to stay in air conditioned surroundings, but also to "stay out of the sun".
      Funny thing I overheard at the post office when I went into town today was that "the heat" drains a person.  Sure, it does some damage, especially relating to hydration if a person hasn't been consuming adequate quantities of NONalcoholic beverages.  But the rodents who have been attacking the plant life on my little pile of dirt had survived weeks of mere *heat* above 110F before being captured trespassing on my land, more if they happened to be over 10 months of age.  Yet a mere couple of hours of exposure to direct sunlight in a cage lacking any shaded areas and they were *historic* pests, never again to bother any of my plant life.  I may not know the exact components of the brutal desert sun which account for that distinction between what it does and what sun worshippers extoll on their coastal beaches.  But I can certainly vouch for the ancient method of termination with extreme prejudice, staking a person out on the desert sand in that sunlight as depicted in some of the old time "Western" movies which still had some semblance of reality in them, as distinct from "six shooters" which fire 75 rounds without ever being reloaded.

101107  "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day" is an often repeated homile.  There is some truth to that homile, as I've been finding out since I started maintaining my weight between 168 and 172 pounds (170.4 at this morning's weighin).  For a variety of temperature related reasons, I often go out early in the day to get done some of the never ending tasks that I want to accomplish for my little pile of dirt in the desert.  Did so again this morning.  What got the observation written up today is something that I've noticed on several occasions in the past.  When I go out to work on my pile of dirt without breakfast, I tend to get light headed well before the work is done.  I think it has something to do with the body storing whatever loose energy is available during the sleep time and then being a mite slow, under the stress of physical labors, to start burning it back out of its storage places.  Came inside with my immediate work project only half done to cook up one of the nice little pot pies that "my guys" in the food processing industry prepare for me (and anyone else that wants one).  Ate it and felt much much better about going on with the rest of the work that I had already started accomplishing.  "Most" important may be an arguable point about breakfast, but especially for physical labors it certainly is relevant.

110611  Bad habits can be hard to break.  In my last writeup 101107, I mentioned my bad habit of going outside to get some work done before having any breakfast.  That bad habit has since been compounded with a change in my beverage intake resulting from the criminally destructive packaging that the "penny wise and pound foolish" thieves and frauds in Atlanta, who control the company that makes/made my former favorite beverage Coca-Cola, started several years ago to use instead of proper aluminum cans.  Impetus for the change was that more than 40% of the new self destroying cans leaked all over the place, through their tops, bottoms, and sides, in process destroying one of my kitchen cabinets and the walls and floors in two other areas where I had some of that beverage stored.  At first I was inclined to try to find a different soda to consume, made by some other company that doesn't use that self destroying canning material and doesn't also steal my stockholders equity for the benefit of their criminal cronies in the stock manipulation "let's make our embezzling stock options worth something" busymess under the euphemism "stock buybacks".  Then it occurred to me that the carbonic acid, which is the central theme of *all* sodas regardless of who cans them, certainly hasn't been doing any good for what remains of my teeth after criminal thug dentifrauds smashed out most of my teeth under color of license (to torture maim and murder American citizens as detailed in my article Health Kare Frauds ).
      So what I've been doing recently is consuming quantities of distilled water in place of most of my previous soda intakes.  What I was ignoring is that each of those sodas, along with the potentially harmful carbonic acid, also contained 35-44 grams of sugars per 12 oz can.  The result is that a previous nearly continuous flow of available sugars wasn't getting through as an available energy source for the rest of me.  Did a repeat of my bad habit (no breakfast yet) this morning and got forcefully reminded of the point of that "not hungry, why bother" meal.  Between the lack of breakfast and the generally lower sugar levels that I've been running as a result of changing beverage intake to distilled water and the work that I was doing, my old thing went into hypoglycemic collapse mode.  No fun at all.  Definitely going to have to discontinue that bad habit of trying to work without breakfast and consume some decent foods each morning "whether I feel like it or not".

120206  There comes a time in many "treatment plans" when the treatment quits working the way it is supposed to.  That had long since happened with my consumption of Glucosamine Chondroitin and MSM for joint problems and was happening with my "dose of macaroni and cheese" treatment of the osteoarthritis in my legs when it flared up.  I had received a brochure from my regular supplier of vitamin supplements about an extract of the bark of French Maritime Pine trees sold under the "Pycnogenol" brand name.  It claimed that dietary supplement was a super antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, binder for collagen and elastin, and catalyst for the production of chemicals which naturally release blood vessel constriction.  Collagen and elastin are the building blocks of healthy joints while blood vessel constriction was the origin of my heart's notice of termination of employment.  The brochure said that By its very definition, osteoarthritis is joint inflammation.  As joints sustain damage over time, the body unleashes inflammatory mediators and enzymes that can destroy cartilage, inhibit "shock-absorbing" collagen production, and accelerate wear and tear.  These factors can generate more inflammation and set a vicious cycle in motion.  So I ordered an initial 5 month supply today of that supposed helper.

120222 (approx)  I had only been taking the Pycnogenol for a very few days when I awoke one morning to find that I couldn't successfully walk the short distance to my nearby master bathroom for my morning weighin and hair combing.  Too much pain and weakness in the leg which had previously been problematical.  I recalled that I still had the metal Swissgear walking stick, that acquaintances suggested I buy, sitting with my travel equipment.  I had tried to use it during my 2006 tour of McArthur Burney Falls Memorial State Park and found that it got in my way rather than being of any use at that time.  Quite suddenly that morning I found that the thing might have some use after all.  So I began using it for getting around the house and especially for the walking required when I do my errands in the sort of nearby town.  It wasn't going to be of much use for the longer distances involved in maintaining my Arboretum, but at least for day to day things it was helpful.

120320  Noticing the difficulty I was having walking the full perimeter of my Arboretum last Fall, I had attempted for several weeks to locate an "electric golf cart" kind of device to carry me and several hundred pounds of equipment and supplies for further development of the Arboretum.  Never did find anything workable and what I did find was in the price range of $10,000 or more from unreliable and/or distant and uninformative suppliers.  But the Pycnogenol wasn't helping "enough" and the walking stick was actually good only for short distances, so I took my computer out on the web to see who might be able to supply a "mobility scooter" to enable me to get around enough to at least see and work on the trees, shrubs, and bushes in my Arboretum.  Found something that might work and that had a sufficiently sturdy railing at the back to which I might attach and haul my little green garden wagon to carry equipment and suplies.  Rather expensive little dude at $2,800.43, but the notion of not being able even to see what I've been developing as an Arboretum was less tolerable than that expense.  So I ordered it and, better late than never, it arrived for unpacking and "some assembly required" in early April.

120404  Photographed and showed friends "My New Ride" visiting the aggressively growing Bamboo Patch at the farthest side of the thus far developed part of my Arboretum.  It was an important milestone in my coping with the decrepitness inflicted by osteoarthritis.  With the mobility scooter I could do an entire perimeter inspection of the fencing I built in 2011 around the land that I purchased and was developing into an Arboretum.  I could carry whatever tools and supplies I needed for working on various aspects of the development on my little green wagon attached, with hardware connectors I bought at a not too distant big box store, to the back of the mobility scooter.

120512  Catastrophe afflicted the metal Swissgear walking stick that I had been using to get around.  It broke in the middle which made it useless for any purpose.  No way I could leave that problem unresolved.  So I detached the rubber nubbin from the bottom of the metal walking stick which protected floors and other surfaces from scratching.  Took my Dremel metal cutting tool and chopped off the potentially still useful head of the old walking stick with its included compass.  Hobbled out to my garage and selected a length of 3/4" PVC pipe left over from construction of my underground irrigation system.  Cut it to a slightly longer length than the "bit too short" metal walking stick had been.  Inserted the nubbin from the old walking stick into the bottom of the pipe (fit perfectly).  Added some tape bracing to hold the still useful head of the old walking stick into the top of the length of PVC pipe.  Voila! within the same morning that the old Swissgear predecessor broke, I had a new functional walking stick, essential for getting around now that osteoarthritis is majorly interfering with my legs.

120517  As the original supply of Pycnogenol was running out, I reviewed the fact that it had been nowhere near as effective at "collagen binding" as I might have hoped.  So when I placed my latest order for dietary supplements today, I replaced the horribly expensive "brand name" 100 mg tablets with generic Pine Bark Extract 150 mg tablets.  Neither the original brand name not its subsequent replacement have actually "cured" any part of my problems, but I continued to consume them on a daily basis with the thought that it "might have been worse" if I hadn't been taking them.

130305  Using my walking stick regularly even to get around the house had been stressing the elbow of the arm that I use to control it.  That elbow was increasingly painful and the pain wasn't going away even after a good night's sleep.  Reading the plethora of catalogs which are mailed to me, I noticed an Elbow Support designed for athletes with "tennis elbow" and similar ailments.  The catalog claimed it had been developed at European medical research labs, that horizontal and vertical stretch permits unrestricted movement, that it wouldn't chafe as do some other materials, and that it was made of lightweight breathable material which promotes airflow.  The sellers indicated that strategically placed silicone implants relieve pressure from problem areas and enhance performance through intermittent massage that promotes circulation while the softly contoured silicone ring keeps pressure off the joint cap.  Even with the price tag of $105.95, I thought it might help reduce the pain and perhaps alleviate the strain which my involved elbow had been experiencing.  So I ordered one which arrived Monday March 11.  The Elbow Support has seemed in its first few days of use during my waking hours to be helping "some".

130314  As of this morning it has been 7 years 8 months and 16 days since my heart credibly threatened to resign from my employ.  I still have occasional bouts of angina when my diet gets a bit out of whack.  But I am in fact still alive to tell about it and dealing more or less successfully with the additional dysfunctions which age has been inflicting.  This has been entirely without intervention by nor consultation with members of the extortionate, fraudulent, abusive, and destructive Guild of Torturers Maimers and Murderers who had long since criminally attacked and severely damaged my body and life, in violation of Article V of the US Constitution Amendments, applicable professional practice laws, and the general prohibition of murder of humans for "fun and profit".  I consider it to be one of the primary reasons I'm still around to write this blog that neither they the Hellth Kare Frauds , nor the lesbian criminal thugs of the divorce racketeering industry, have had access to complete the destructions that they attempted or carried out on numerous previous occasions.

130604  I've known all along that the root cause of my 050628 heart attack was bad diet, largely corrected since that time.  But as a matter of curiosity, I wanted to know whether there were any current "high blood pressure" problems involved.  So I ordered and received today an Omron 7 Series Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor along with another gadget that I'm hoping will help with my osteoarthritis problems.  In the first three tests of the blood pressure monitor, my ticker averaged 124/69 systolic/diastolic blood pressure with a pulse rate of about 72 beats per minute.  That compared to the American Heart Association's guideline for upper limit of normal home blood pressure of 135/85, which is to say that my new gadget has assured me that, whatever other problems it may have, my ticker is not being confronted with excessive blood pressure.  Coolisimo :).

130830  Back on August 11, I saw an article on Facebook which suggested a treatment for the osteoarthritis which disrupts my getting around like I used to.  Went out today and bought a five pound jug of wild honey.  Already had a spice bottle of Saigon cinnamon in the house.  Began the suggested treatment.  Reciting here what the original article had to say:
      ARTHRITIS: Arthritis patients can benefit by taking one cup of hot water with two tablespoons of honey and one small teaspoon of cinnamon powder. When taken daily even chronic arthritis can be cured. In a recent research conducted at the Copenhagen University, it was found that when the doctors treated their patients with a mixture of one tablespoon Honey and half teaspoon Cinnamon powder before breakfast, they found that within a week (out of the 200 people so treated) practically 73 patients were totally relieved of pain -- and within a month, most all the patients who could not walk or move around because of arthritis now started walking without pain.
      Sounded great and the Copenhagen University has no known relationship to the Swedish cooperators with OweBowMao pretending that refusing to be object raped with con dumbs by one or more of their lesbian thugs constituted a prosecutable "offense" by WikiLeaks publisher Julian Paul Assange.

130923  suspending the experiment, consuming two tablespoons of wild honey with a scant teaspoon of ground cinnamon, as of this morning.  Two adverse side effects noticed immediately:  taken on an empty stomach, what the original article indicated, that much honey causes gastric distress, only alleviation for which is eating a bunch of other things and drinking lots of fluids at the same time.  Longer term, all that SUGAR intake causes "the usual" effect of ballooning my weight which is a threat against my heart functioning (a more serious problem than the osteoarthritis since heart failure leads to incapacity to move at all while osteo simply slows one considerably and causes some pain and fatigue).  Reached an unacceptably high weight at this morning's weighin.  Basically having consumed five pounds of honey I've added five pounds to my weight.  No noticeable improvement in the osteo related symptoms.  End of experiment.

140206  Getting around "somewhat" on my own hind legs. Bit of a surprise how that developed. Never did get the skyrocketing weight problem resolved that was caused by the misleading "honey and cinnamon" regime. When I tried the "rice only" diet that initially got my fat clogged arteries under control after my heart attack, the scavenger dudes started attacking the cartilage in the knee of my comparatively "good" leg causing it to start to weaken. Crazy scavengers wouldn't dream of attacking belly fat but went for most distant peripherals. I had to abandon the diet. Actually went back to consuming a whole lot of cheese which finished ballooning my weight from its former 170-175 range up to 180-185. Weird thing about osteoarthritis is that when one tries to deal with one part of the stress, with such as my walking stick, it only *shifts* the load onto other bearing structures, such as the elbow of the arm that I was using to control the walking stick. Had to buy an elbow brace to deal with that. But then using the walking stick started causing *back* muscle problems. Ooops. Tried walking a bit without the walking stick and found that the excessive cheese consumption has gotten "enough" fat stored back into those clashing joint bones that I could in fact durn near *walk*. Not normally. Still very wobbly and I'm carrying the walking stick with me in case it's needed. Not gonna be running any races for sure.  But in fact *walking*.  Is a sort of cool outcome from a potentially dangerous weight increase.

140426  Sounds contradictory but isn't:  "QUIT taking aspirin to cure that headache".  The
background situation:  beginning several years prior to my 050628 heart attack, I was taking a full tablet of aspirin every day.  Although my radical dietary change after the heart attack was responsible for reducing the fat, Fat, and FAT which caused the heart attack, it was most likely the aspirin which allowed me to get through the attack without subjecting my remains to the criminal machinations and false imprisonments of the slice and dice, brain and liver lethal toxic chemical alcohol promoting, medifrauds in Cursing City, one of whose members had already 
attempted to murder me by malprescription for purposes of appointing a posthumous spouse.  Note however that the 325 mg per day that I had been and continued taking is two to four *times* the recommended dosage for control of heart problems.  In simplest summary, it has been a chronic overdose situation leading to chronic aspirin poisoning.  Not acute since the amounts have been small relative to my remaining weight, but chronic accumulation of salicylates.  Can't get the indicated verifying blood test due to the perennial criminal attacks of medifrauds which have long since feloniously abrogated my right to practice my religion for purposes of promoting their religionist felonious enslavement in the divorce racketeering industry, smashed out most of my teeth by fraud and criminal violence for "fun and profit", and injected me and thousands of others with live diphtheria in support of their extortions against "tobacco smokers", along with the attempted murder by malprescription.  But I am taking the reasonable risk of omitting the daily aspirin intake from my usual supplements "for awhile".  Closely monitoring my angina and shall resume a lower level of aspirin intake if it increases.  But by the end of day one, the procedure was working.  My headache is gone *because* I didn't take the aspirin which was creating "analgesic shock" as it wore off.  Whirled wide wubb sources were all but wholly useless in evaluating this situation about their "wonder drug" aspirin.

150324  While I was in the Arboretum this morning, weeding one of my Desert Willows in the low end area and replacing the water emitter for my largest Elm tree, I also went up on the Hillside to check on the guys there.  The Desert Willow at the top of the Hill had some noxious weeds growing in his area.  While I was removing the weeds, he poked me in my right eye.  Cleansed the eye with boric acid solution as soon as I got back to the Little House.  But it had gotten very painful even trying to keeep the right eyelid open.  Placed a gauze patch over the right eye to try to keep it closed while using my remaining left eye.  Took a couple of naps to see if the pain might settle down.  Applied a cold compress from my freezer.  Didn't  help enough to encourage me towards allowing it to "heal itself".
      Keep in mind my genuine terror from decades of malpracticing medifrauds, basically ever since 1987 when they conspired to terrorize heteros on behalf of the slave mongering hate mongering "religion" establishment with their object rape con dumbs.  Combined with the murder attempt by malprescription in 2004, that terror had made it an all but  foregone conclusion that I would attempt to survive, after my heart attack in 2005, using the book published advice of a medic that I never met, the wildly controversial among his peers Dr. Pritikin, rather than subject myself to the slice and dice sturgeonry in the local false imprisoning hoar spittle which had already distinguished itself as promoting the brain and liver lethal toxic chemical alcohol to encourage "donations" for their further malpractices.
      But in life functionality terms, having my right eye taken out and put into serious pain was "more serious" than the mere possibility, widely threatened by slice and dice medifrauds, that I would die without medical intervention.  Dead would have only been dead, "not my problem any more" if I had been wrong about following Dr.Pritikin's advice instead of subjecting myself to one of his antagonistic slice and dice medifrauds.  Blinded would have been an entirely different situation.  No more financial analysis on which my livellihood depends.  No more planting and caring for trees, bushes, and flowers in my Arboretum and enjoying their pretty and interesting demonstrations of life.  Might not have been brain dead, as was Terry Schiavo before criminal religionists such as Jeb Bush insisted on subjecting her corpse to years of malicious torture by the medifrauds who killed her themselves so that they could recover much of the publicly costly "malpractice insurance proceeds" from having killed her.  But not any kind of a "life" as I know it.
      So I did the untinkable for a person long since terrorized by medifraud malpractice and telephoned a sort of nearby eye doctor.  Obviously couldn't drive myself in to see him holding the cold compress over my right eye, so walked far too much on my weak osteoarthritic leg trying to find some way of getting in to his office.  Nearby taxicab company phone was out of service and nobody home at their offices.  Blocks of dazed walking around trying to find a previously known friendly neighbor to get me in to see the eye doctor.  Finally found my way to the friendly neighbor's residence who was home and graciously transported me to the eye doctor and to the pharmacy to fill a resulting eye drop prescription.

150326  What the eye doctor had done, after examining the injury, was to "apply a bandage" to the scratched cornea of my right eye.  Sounds trivial when described that way but requires considerable expertise and care to get it done correctly.  Obviously not something I could have done myself even if I had known how.  The "bandage" was translucent so  that I could begin to see some out of my right eye and even allow the eyelid to remain open without experiencing serious pain.  The eye drops were a very dilute antibiotic to prevent infection while the eye was making efforts to heal itself.  Especially encouraging to me was that I was taken immediately into the examination room without even having to sign the "responsibility for payment" form (I had made clear in my first telephone call that I would be paying in cash) and there never was any maliciously invasive "medical information" form to be completed.  Followup exam the next morning revealed that my eye was making some progress at healing and today the "bandage" came off.  Still some more healing to be done and several days more of antibiotic eye drops, but my essential practical vision is back to very nearly its previous norm.  This makes the second genuine doctor that I've met in person in the past thirty years who "did no harm" and helped me towards health.
      Changes nothing about the malicious frauds of the "insurance" industry who are universally, without exception in my financial analysis work, debt drunk de facto bankrupt greenmail thieving fraud gangs incapable of honoring their commitments to provide "health services" coverage.  Changes nothing about the criminally corrupt polytackyuns who promote the interests of extortionate malpracticing medifrauds, with the resulting 100,000 per year "wrongful killings" up from 90,000 before #Obamacare, and their criminally complicit "insurance" company frauds and thieves.  But I got lucky this time and found a genuine doctor to treat my "functional life" threatening emergency situation.

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