The reason this article got written is that somebody just tried to sell to me the local equivalent of "The Brooklyn Bridge".  Unlike stocks, where I have owned some (or a whole bunch of different ones) ever since I was fifteen years old, I have never in my entire life owned a single speck of dirt.  The under the fingernail kind that happens when one is working or the coated all over the car kind that happens on dusty roads doesn't count.  Based on the facts discussed in this article, it is beginning to appear that I never shall, regardless of how hard I might try to buy some.  As a result, I have no "standing" to be talking about real estate and it could be important to you that you know that this article was written by a total "outsider" to the extortion, fraud, and manipulation games being played against humanity by the thugs and thieves of the "real estate" industry.  Mere "attempted" grand larceny by deception does not provide "standing" when it wasn't successful for the reasons detailed in this article.
      My earliest recollection of anything having to do with "real estate" was the pile of currency sitting on top of a bookcase in our family's apartment on "Market Road" on the south side of Chicago that my mother had gotten from her father with which to make the down payment on a house for us out in the suburbs.  My parents had been "house hunting" for what seemed like ages prior.  The best part of that was stopping at a 21 flavors ice cream store on the way home from inspecting what never turned out to be an actual house for us.  I'm not going to mention amounts because inflation since then has made the 1954 "dollars" involved seem trivial by 2005 standards (there has been considerably more than a nontuple in the "number" of dollars required for any given purchase since then), but it was a really impressive pile of currency compared to the fact that one could buy a large size candy bar for a single nickle.  The house itself turned out to be something of a disaster area for me.  Early on there was mommy's dog (something which most apartments don't allow but that, with a house, become possible for inconsiderate "oh the kids will take care of it" style parents)  crapping all over the basement and all over the yard where I might otherwise have been able to play.  Then there was the lawn growing in that back yard which I was required to mow through the massive defecations of mommy's dog(s).  Also there was the wholly unreliable mass transit system from the suburbs into the city which created for me one of the most impressive "tardiness" records ever assembled at the otherwise excellent school that I attended in the city.  Those two aspects of "the house" no doubt contributed in major ways to my disinterest in acquiring a house of my own in later years.
      Very much more important in shaping my views of surreal estate was the emotional turmoil that my mother went through relating to one of her later purchases.  For reasons of her own, she kinda liked having "a house" everywhere that she wanted to be on a regular basis.  So there was a main house in her chosen home town.  There was a work related house in the city where she chose to work for several years (which worked wonderfully for her when the invasion of obnoxious population litter accompanying one of her later boy friends -- they call them "husbands" in her putrescent "religion" -- proved at times to be more than she was willing to cope with).  Then too there was a ski cabin which she had built up in the mountains near the cold and snow that only a broken leg or two could prevent her from spending days at a time schussing through.  That ski cabin demonstrated one of the realities of the surreal estate fraud and scam busyness. "You think you own it?  Silly stupid person you are" is the gist of that set of realities.  A gang of criminal thugs, related to the frauds who "sold" the land to her for building her ski cabin, had "reserved" what they call "mining rights" onto the land that they "sold" to her.  Beautiful piece of land even to a nonskier such as myself.  Lots of old growth trees providing a pleasant environment even for the badly designed ski cabin, based on absurd dysfunctional designs she had seen on her travels to Scandinavia, that she had built there.  One fine winter day she goes up to "her" ski cabin and discovers that those criminal thugs had run a bulldozer through "her" old growth trees in order to build a somewhat more gradually climbing road up to their "mining" (land raping and pillaging and environment despoiling) operations at the top of the hill.  Years of fees paid to licensed professional liars and tons of "court costs" later, there was a "settlement" in which the new "road" was permanently blocked and the criminal thugs had to go back to using their earlier road to carry on their raping and pillaging at the top of the hill.  But the valuable and pleasant environment provided by the old growth trees was absolutely and forever gone Gone GONE!  It required decades for them to grow in the first place, all destroyed in a few hours of unauthorized criminal thuggery on "her" land by the holders of those "mining rights" which had been "reserved" when the criminal thugs fraudulently "sold" the land to my mother.  She was not a happy person about that destruction of "her" property.  That unhappiness communicated itself to me even though I was residing somewhere else altogether by that point in time and never saw most of the details (as well it should since it provided the basis for being on the lookout for similar criminal thuggery in any subsequent "land" dealings that I might be doing on my own).
      Moving on from my own family's knowledge of surreal estate and into the related busyness as it has existed in Nevada since time immemorial, the experiences of Alison (Eilley) Orrum Bowers were among the first brought to my attention.  She was one of the pioneers who went to Mormon Station in Carson County, Utah Territory, in 1855 (the place is now known as Genoa NV) with her second husband, a religion missionary.  A parcel of 320 acres of good farming land in Washoe County was acquired by Alexander and Eilley Cowan in the Spring of 1856.  In the Fall of 1857, one of the perennial wars against every religion other than homosexual Xian perversion, carried on by the criminally corrupt and unconstitutionally abusive Frauderal government in Worsingdone DC, induced Alexander to return to the center of Mormon government in Salt Lake City while Eilley moved up into the mining areas of the mountains to the East.  She built a boarding house in Gold Hill when the beginnings of the Comstock Lode were discovered in 1859.  From her catbird seat housing miners, Eilley claimed numerous parcels of mining land.  One of her claims was next to a claim owned by Lemuel Sanford (Sandy) Bowers.  A rich vein of silver running through their claims persuaded Eilley and Sandy to marry and join their mines.  They became among the first millionaires of the Comstock Lode and, during the years 1861 through 1863, proceeded to build a mansion on the Washoe Valley land that Eilley acquired by divorcing the long gone religion missionary Alexander Cowan.  Although Fort Churchill military base (a day's horseback ride to the southeast) was built a mere nine months before the beginnings of the Civil War, under pretense that it was to "protect against the Indians" whom a large number of racist local thugs had ridden out to murder after Indians killed two local kidnappers and rapists of an Indian girl only to be themselves ambushed and slaughtered , it served only as a training camp for Union soldiers and never saw direct action in the War Between The States.  The Bowers and other residents of the newly renamed Nevada Territory were able to enjoy their riches throughout that destructive war in the East and, in October 1864, Nevada became a state.  During the following five months, President Lincoln was re-elected and the Civil War "officially" ended but then Lincoln was assassinated (with what I have concluded was more than a little help from Abe's lesbian thug wiffey Mary Todd who had long been in the habit of bashing the President's head with a log when he was the least bit slow about kindling a fire in the White House fireplace), and the mines of the Comstock Lode were beginning to play out.  Efforts to "save" the mine added only debt to the lives of the Bowers and, in April 1868, Sandy died of silicosis, a lung dysfunction caused by the dust of the mines from which he had garnered the silver with which to build the mansion.  The heavy financial problems persuaded Eilley to return to her earlier role of boardinghouse keeper by turning her mansion into a boarding house and resort.  During an effort to increase the number of rooms in the mansion so as to obtain more revenues, a rumor was started in town that the workmen were not going to be paid with the effect that not only was the work never finished but various mechanics liens were added on top of Eilley's already onerous debt load forcing the sale of the mansion at public auction in the Spring of 1876 (seems to me there's a lesson in that somewhere for all the "add hock" freeloaders currently defrauding savers and investors with "Home Equity Loans" at artificially rigged low interest rates).  The spirits of Sandy and Eilley Bowers and adopted daughter Persia, with whom I communed in their family cemetery up the hill behind the now County operated park which includes the Bowers Mansion, have had substantial influence on my views of surreal estate in Nevada.

A Bright Idea
     Comes now the beginnings of my own efforts to purchase some land in March 2004.  A whole set of surrounding economic conditions influenced those beginnings.  During my discussion of the experiences of Eilley Bowers, I mentioned the "official" end of the Civil War in the Spring of 1865 (which was, as Honest Abe would count it, "seven score years ago").  The homosexual slave mongering Xian Conquistador wooden head puppet play actor Ronny Raygun and the related series of Confederate States politicians who have been running the "United States" government since 1980, with endless criminal abrogations of the human and civil rights of Americans in violation of the Constitution, have demonstrated that the Civil War in reality never ended.  As was the slave based economy and financial system of the Confederacy, those criminal abusers of humanity and abrogators of the Constitution under "color" of being officials of our government have been intentionally destroying the United States of America.
      Perversion of the American banking system into a set of criminal abrogations of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments by His British Lordship the criminal mastermind Greedspan, who was appointed by the fascist criminal tax evading Xian perverts of the Raygun/Bush administration in 1987 as a result of his criminal loyalty running cover for the Bush crime family member who bankrupted a savings and loan association in Denver some years earlier, has been an important aspect of those surrounding conditions.  Article IV prohibits illegal searches such as those facilitated by the criminally motivated publication of confidential personal information on their infinitely hackable web sites by bunkos and other financial intermediaries.  It also prohibits illegal seizures, takings without the consent nor authorization of the owner of the funds, such as are being carried on under euphemisms such as Automated Clearing House, Point of Sale Terminals, Electronic Funds Transfer and the new Check21 system for honoring and facilitating the efforts of criminal forgers.  Prior to the reign of terror of that criminal thug Greedspan, honored by those perennial and perpetual enemies of "the colonies", the British monarchy and government, for his treasons in high public office against the Constitution and people of the United States, there had been at least some reasonable level of integrity and lawful behavior by the banking system of this country.  No more.  Not only is there now open season for criminal theft devoid of any lawful order of anybody with the right to issue such an order but there is readily accessible publication of confidential balances and details of personal transactions by the criminally corrupt banking system so as to facilitate such criminal thefts.
      A second line of attack against Americans going on in the surrounding conditions also derives from the wrongdoings of His British Lordship the criminal mastermind Greedspan.  Since being appointed by the fascist/communist criminal tax evading Xian "religion" based Raygun/Bush administration in 1987, His Lordship has continuously facilitated, encouraged, and demanded the criminal theft of stockholders equity out of publicly owned corporations under the euphemism "stock buybacks" at ludicrous multiples of net tangible equity in violation of securities laws prohibiting the rigging of securities prices to artificial high levels.  That same criminal theft system of stock buybacks was a primary cause of the mass bankruptcies during Great Depression I as the thereby looted and gutted publicly owned corporations devoid of capital with which to run their businesses collapsed under the sheer weight of the amounts stolen.  Although I have been trading stocks since September 1961, the result of those criminal machinations by the treasonous Greedspan has been to deny me and investors generally a huge proportion of the normal universe of stocks and to make de facto bankrupt numerous companies which had been in my portfolio for years/decades.
      Turning to more local concerns, our dear old electric utility company has been having hugendous problems producing electricity for the rapidly growing population of Nevada.  It was in deep financial trouble as long ago as the merger of the old Nevada Power Company (mostly hydro electric based on Hoover Dam) of which I owned shares for years into the current Sierra Pacific Power, such that I was delighted to be bought out at a fair price (never seen since) at the time of the merger.  The financial situation became ludicrous during the criminal extortion scheme operated by the legis critters of Worsingdone DC against the American people under the "deregulation" swindle carried on by their appointed major campaign contributing criminal gang "Enron".  The bottom line on that aspect of the surrounding conditions is that our dear old electric utility company has been having to import 60% of the electricity required by Nevada's *existing* population, from the incompetently run and frequently taken down for no better reason than the shear "fun" of it fascist criminal controlled National Grid System.  It hasn't the financial wherewithal to build the generating plants needed *even* if the efforts of Californicating frauds to prevent economic development weren't the influence that they are.  Small efforts such as the "Nevada SureBet" program for siphoning customer money into the hands of retro fitting businesses, to lower their demands on the inadequate systems, have no potential even for melting the tip of that iceberg of demand far in excess of the generating capacity of the company.  Whether it is even within the capabilities of the company to make use of their knowledge of real estate to facilitate a project such as mine, which has immediate personal requirements as well as longer run generating capacity potentials, was unknown to me at that time.  It may prove to be a situation where it is easier for the bureaucracy to spend customer money retrofitting large users with a "come and get the money" approach rather than any of their knowledge base facilitating alternatives that don't require any financial outlays by the company.
      Stir in one measure of a demonstration project created by whole crews of tax burning government and quasi-governmental local area agencies which got me to thinking that "maybe" a solar based off grid style of project could be of use to my beloved home state Nevada and to myself.  Voila! the bright idea:  Bob buys some land, takes a few bucks from what he has made trading stocks and invests it in a solar generating based development project, and thereby not only has a rational use of capital but also makes a meaningful contribution to Nevada.  Lots of problems in that notion, not the least of which is the shortage of components for solar panels and the criminal theft of the assets of my company which had been producing solar generating equipment (by the Ponzi scheme perennially criminal frauds of de facto bankrupt Generic Eclectic who clearly intend to scuttle solar energy on behalf of their multi billion dollar swindle systems of "conventional" electric generating plants).  But it was an idea that I wanted to pursue and, with the paucity of rational investment alternatives in stocks resulting from the criminal machinations of Greedspan, something which might be a reasonable use of capital.
      One of the favorite stories of frauds and swindlers in the surreal estate industry is based on the purported purchase of Manhattan Island for $24 worth of beads and trinkets and typically concludes "and see how many billions it is worth today".  Historical sources suggest (devoid of verifiable proof) that something on the order of 22,000 acres (or 22 square miles, the actual size of Manhattan Island, which is 14,080 acres) were "bought" on August 10, 1626 by Peter Minuit of the Dutch West India Company (founded by the High and Mightinesses of the Netherlands in June 1621 to seize, steal, and pillage the resources of their assigned invasion areas -- or bargain only when necessary) for 60 guilders (typically translated as on the order of US$24) worth of beads, buttons, and other trinkets paid to a gathering of the chiefs (most violent and abusive local thugs and pretenders to authority) of the Canarsee Delaware natives (or of the Algonquians who lived on the island).  What the stories fail to mention is the extra costs of bloodshed during persistent when not perpetual wars made by natives seeking to retake that which was "sold" or by other foreigners seeking to steal or destroy it all, imported materials required to make anything of the "purchase", and massive labor inputs over centuries of development.  The point of the story, which the frauds of the industry gloss over, is that real estate is entirely about violence against persons with decisions about ownership not made under any rule of law but exclusively in relation to who is the biggest and baddest violent thug in an area at any given point in time and the ongoing "respect" of other thieves and thugs for historically established reputations for *being* the biggest and baddest violent thug.  To this day, that view of things extends all the way down to turf wars between rival gangs of violent thugs on that same island over land areas as small as a single city block (about 10 acres).
      That underlying reality of real estate, being about fraud and violence against persons not property rights, created substantial reasons to set aside the "bright idea" even before "The Brooklyn Bridge" swindle was attempted against me in July and August 2005.  The historical reality was compounded when the supposed American arbiters of what constitutes law reviewed the final clause of Article V of the US Constitution Amendments which proclaims nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation. The central legal issue of the case was what constitutes "public use" sufficient to justify the imposition of condemnation proceedings against the owner(s) of real property.  On June 23, 2005 in Kelo et al. v. City of New London et al. (full text no longer available on the former web site which had it), the Supreme Court of the United States by a five to four vote in decision number 04-108 decreed that a mere "plan" (euphemized by the Court as a "carefully considered development plan") for using the taken property, regardless of whether any of it was ever to be open to the public, was sufficient to allow the taking of private property.  Any moderately literate thief can write such a "plan" in a matter of hours and any criminally corrupt gang of thieves styling themselves as a "government" can go through the dance required to satisfy the "carefully considered" nonsense within a matter of weeks or months.  All it takes under Kelo is for enough bribes to be paid to the criminally corrupt and generally nonelected swindlers styling themselves as a "government" and voila! private property gets taken with the very same criminally corrupt swindlers getting to decide what constitutes "just compensation".  In other words, the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that real estate remains entirely about who is the biggest and baddest violent thug in any given area, not about law nor human nor civil rights but about competencies for violence.  To a person such as myself, living in a town run by a Board of Stupid Visors so criminally corrupt as to have perverted the taxpayer funded Community Center into a slave mongering hate mongering against males criminal tax evading Xian "church" in violation of Article I of the US Constitution Amendments, complete with permanent signage identifying that building as now being such a criminal "church", Kelo is equivalent to proclaiming that any individual right to own real property has been vacated by the US Supreme Court.  Two of the dissenting Justices (O'Connor and Rehnquist) have since been removed from the Court to be replaced by sonofaBush appointed renowned fascists tentatively including one, later withdrawn, whose only "qualifications" for the position of "Justice" were having been a personal crony of the sonofaBush and belonging to a violently abusive homosexual Xian criminal tax evading "church" gang.

Oh Yeah?
      They may *call* it "real" estate, but it became clear from the gitgo that the process of buying land to carry on such a project was going to have a whole slew of surreal features.  My first "surprise" was when I discovered that the real estate agents offering land for sale couldn't even provide me with basic directions on "how to get there" for most of the adequately sized parcels that I wanted to consider buying.  The motivating (for this article) fraudulent seller of the local version of "The Brooklyn Bridge", despite ostensibly "owning" the land being offered and claiming to have been involved in erecting a corner marker for that parcel, even provided ludicrously false and misleading directions on how to get to "her" land.  When selling agents and even an "owner" don't know where the stuff is, it does raise some questions about the reality of "real" estate.  Virtually all of them were dealing exclusively in "paper land" devoid of any comprehension of reality, with the exception of course of the fraud who wanted me to pull off to the side of Interstate 80 across northern Nevada to stand only at one *corner* of a parcel of sink land he was trying to sell, knowing full well that the land turns into a mucky inaccessible swamp every time that it rains and that there is no road access to the land even when it isn't raining.
      But there are ways of getting around that aspect of the intentional ignorance and deliberate malice of the sellers of land.  One of my earliest purchases in Nevada, when I was first roaming around the state beginning in 1966, was a copy of the Nevada Map Atlas of quadrangle maps published by the Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT).  With that wonderful book, I could actually find and travel on back country roads of which there was not even a hint on standard official state maps. I suspect that other states have similar publications, although I was never all that interested in any other state than Nevada.  Although it is great for gross features such as roads, it really isn't all that helpful for fine details on the level of parcels of land since it attempts to display 5.5 by 4 entire Township Range areas (each 36 square miles in size) on each 8.5"x11" page.  Get 792 square miles displayed on each page and it gets really difficult to see any of the relevant features of even a single section (one square mile) let alone quarter sections (160 acres) or parcels in the 40 acre size range that I was looking for.
      "Forty acres and a mule" was the Civil War era promise to soldiers who survived.  When you look at that in terms of it being a quarter mile (1320 feet) square or 1.742 million total square feet, it might sound like a lot.  Even when looked at in terms of those "HUGE quarter acre lots" spin doctored by scammers selling tiny tract homes, there are 160 such trivial spaces in developments which begin with 40 acres.  Get on up to the livable "Five Acre RANCHES" offered by other developers and there are still eight such spaces in a forty acre parcel.  In city terms, where "eight blocks equals a mile", it is roughly four square city blocks.  But in development terms, 40 acres is about the minimum required for putting together a reasonable project for experimenting with solar generating and solar based development.  Although in the Civil War era it might have been enough to feed a retired soldier and his family, it is only about one fourth of the standard sized 160 acre family farm and a really trivial portion of what is required for mechanized farming operations.  To be sure, I was willing to consider parcels as small as 20 or even 10 acres in "the right place" off grid.  In fact I even looked at some parcels as small as 5 acres.  But 40 acres more or less was my focus throughout my search efforts.
      In case you haven't noticed when driving around the countryside, there is a whole lot of totally useless land in the world.  The sides of mountains may be interesting to look at but you can't build anything there.  I had a lot of mountain sides offered to me during my searches for land, along with things such as that sink land mentioned earlier.  The most spectacular ludicrosity that I looked at was the 40 acre parcel on the nominal edge of a small town near home which is directly in the flooding path of the Carson River, has been subjected to major flood damage in numerous years, and the fraudulent seller of that parcel (which had already been skipped over by developers who went further outside the small population town rather than throw away their money on the severe flood plain problems) asked me for four muh muh muh MILLION dollars for that trivial useless parcel of flood plain which inevitably is going to have to be donated in due course to become part of the State Park immediately west of it (or to become a human killing field the way that the below normal water levels of the Mississippi River and Gulf of Mexico stinking cesspool of New Orleans has done).
      The best resource that I found for dealing with the intentional ignorance and deliberate malice problems, along with early identification of obvious problems such as that flood plain, is the web site maintained by the US Geological Service and Microsoft under the TerraServer name.  Despite the involvement of the generally predacious Micey Sorft, it has been created and maintained in a generally and genuinely accessible form which does not engage in the typical AntiTrust Law violating games that Micey corrupted web sites elsewhere so often inflict on visitors.  Of course I must first translate the typical Multiple Listing Service numbers or other intentionally vague descriptors which sellers use to reference parcels of land *into* County Assessor "parcel numbers" so that I can look up the land on the (typically Intentionally Egregious browser requiring) web site of the involved county to get its precise legal description (may be called "legal" but what it is is a *physical* locator).  At the same time I can look at really vague and grotesquely incomplete ownership histories, just in case I have already identified some particular swindler by name and method of fraudulent operation (just as I regularly review the munchiment of fraudulently run publicly owned companies).  I can also get a record of the tax history of the parcel for a number of years into the past and indicated into the future.  But the only genuinely reliable piece of information on the County Assessor web sites is that legal description and early verification that the purported seller is at least "somewhat" related to some form of "ownership".
      Never forget that "You think you own it?  Silly stupid person you are" principle that I mentioned early in this article.  Having a county government "say" that you (or the purported seller) owns it only means that they're looking to the named person at the specified address to pay the annual taxes, not that there is any actual ownership of anything at all involved.  In the "Brooklyn Bridge" situation proposed to be sold to me, described later, there was in fact decades of ongoing criminal corruption of the county government with the actual owners of the property to present the mere *appearance* that it was owned by the purported and fraudulent "seller".
      Having found the "legal" description, I can go to TerraServer, start from the closest identifiable town or major geophysical landmark and count the miles in the relevant direction via my NDOT quadrangle maps to the actual section where the parcel is located.  Once I have TerraServer pointed at the right physical location, I can zoom on down to the specific one square mile section in which the parcel exists.  There are two ways of looking at land available on TerraServer.  One is  an aerial photograph, typically decades out of date, often by as much as thirty years, which shows "what it looked like from the air" that ten or twenty or thirty years ago.  Those aerial photographs can be missing important buildings which have been built more recently.  They can be missing facts even about roads which have been built or destroyed since the photographs were taken.  But even so, they are valuable for the information that they can provide about major geophysical features such as ravines, natural water flow pathways, mountains, and so forth.  The other is a topographical map, even more useful for identifying physical features once you get used to reading them.  For example, a "topo" will show the elevation lines throughout a parcel of land, typically on twenty foot gradations on TerraServer.  Figure the change in altitude between any one point in a parcel and any other point in that parcel.  Divide by the lateral distance covered (one mile is 5280 feet, a quarter section is 2640 feet on each side, and a 40 acre parcel -- one fourth of that -- is 1320 feet on each side) and you have a useful measure of the "grade" of the land involved.  I find it discomfiting to try to *drive* on any road as steep as a 6% grade, even with suitable guard rails, although we have a bunch of steeper roads in the state of Nevada and many of those have no guard rails provided.  Trying to build anything whatever at steep grades is an even worse chore than trying to drive such a thing.  Here in the Sierra Nevadas (much of the state), there is a huge amount of land with very much steeper grades than that.  One parcel I looked at recently begins on its "nice" part with a 14% grade and quickly escalates into a 48% grade mountain side.  If you're willing to spend a zillion dollars shoving dirt around to "re-grade" the land, "maybe" you could build a crows nest on such a parcel, but for my experimental project purposes that 6% grade maximum is a practical upper limit.
      These kinds of things can be done with reasonable speed from the comfort of your own office before you ever head on out to take a look at a parcel of land.  They save one heckuva lot of time and energy playing mountain goat (or never finding the offered parcel at all).  The exercise is both a useful prescreening tool and an assist at finding one's way around out in the real world since, of course, you can print out the topos and aerial photographs and carry those printouts with you when going out into the field to inspect a parcel of land.
      Many many years ago, I did a fair amount of work for an architect, a soils testing engineer, and other real world varietals.  In process, it got drilled into my head over and over and over again that it is absolutely and unquestionably essential to INSPECT THE PREMISES!!!  Selling agents and others in the surreal estate busyness may have never seen any of what they're peddling, as demonstrated by their lack of knowledge even of where the stuff is located, but as a buyer you had durn well better go out and see the real thing.  They may be able to get away with dealing in "paper land".  What with all the "free money" being stolen by His British Lordship the criminal mastermind Greedspan from prudent savers and investors for giving away to freeloading frauds in the "Home Equity Loan" game and gamblers "investing" in surreal estate, those selling agents in the paper land busyness have found it relatively easy to make a living without having the foggiest what the heck they're talking about.  But as a buyer squandering your own hard earned money in their game playing busyness, you yourself had durn well better INSPECT THE PREMISES.  I must confess that the lesson was so well learned from that constant repetition by professionals that some years ago, when I was accumulating shares of Real Estate Investment Trusts of widely geographically diversified multifamily residential properties, I made a point in my travels of *visiting* as many of the properties as I could fit into my travel schedule so that I could get some idea what the guys were actually doing as distinct from merely reading reports and analyzing financial statements.  It is quite amazing the amount of insight a person can get from simply walking around the *outside* of a set of buildings or wandering across the surface and around the perimeter of a parcel of land.  A particularly useful tool for that purpose is a standard Contractor's Wheel, a little gizmo with long enough handle that you can guide it along as you walk which rolls across the surface of the land and keeps track of how many feet you have traversed.
      Another gizmo that I have been wanting to buy, but have yet to find one that actually works in the field where it has to work, is a Global Positioning System.  The ones I have seen are all designed to help you find your way around freaking *cities* where you can simply read the durn street signs and refer to standard maps to see where the heck you are.  I've been reading maps and using the information from them since I was knee high to a ticker tape, so that kind of GPS is totally useless to me.  Then there's the ones that will tell you where you've been by following you around in open spaces so that you can find your way back to where you started from.  Might help hikers or campers who otherwise could lose their sense of direction but also totally useless because *my* reference points in the effort to purchase some land are "official" section lines and the interiors of sections of land which are all theoretical measurements, many of which have no *physical* points of reference out in the field.  Unlike cities, they don't post "street signs" out in the desert so that a person can know that they're at the corner of Broadway and Vine (forty years out in the future).  Even when they do erect corner markers (often no more than a mere T-post with some rocks around it) or when there "used to be" official survey markers planted in the ground, obnoxious neighboring land owners may have moved or entirely removed those markers so that the seeker of reference points has nothing whatever to refer to.  I have not yet found any effective solution to that problem, especially for parcels of land where what little does exist in the way of "roads" are meandering dirt paths bladed at meaningless angles *through* a relevant parcel rather than even indicating one of the edges of it.
      Well, all that effort at figuring out where the heck the stuff actually was, doing the USGS style inspections to prescreen it, locating it in the real world, and then walking the property to discern its potential usefulness, did result in "some" possible purchases.  What happened next in three of those instances is described in the following paragraphs, ending with a writeup of the recent fraudulent effort to sell to me the local equivalent of "The Brooklyn Bridge".

Obnoxious Neighbors
      Even city dwellers know about obnoxious neighbors.  They're the ones who steal your assigned parking spaces leaving you no place to park your car to get to your home.  If you're trying to grow a few flowers, they're the ones who steal the blooms for decorating their homes while leaving only the stubs and roots for you.  They're the ones whose kids run their bicycles or bounce their playthings all over your garden so that it gets killed without producing.  If you reside in an apartment, they're the ones who tromp all over your ceiling at three in the morning to prevent you from getting any sleep, or who carry on major yelling matches between "partners" in the unconstitutional fraud of mirage, or who are always underfoot in the apartment below yours.  Not that the varieties of obnoxious neighbors who shoot out city provided street lamps are any picnic, but obnoxious neighbors in the cities are tame compared with those out in the country.
      The first of my three prospective purchases described in this article involved not merely one but a whole slew of obnoxious neighbors.  The land itself was located "just over" the county line from the until 1987 former home of numerous places of worship of heterosexual religion.  The county which "used to" have places of worship of hetero religion is growing in population so rapidly that it will soon be beyond the unconstitutional (but enforceable) *state* limitation on where *any* places of worship of hetero religion are even permitted to be voted on let alone to operate.  Its location had me thinking not only about my solar energy project but also about the prospects for establishing "Groom Been's Brothel and Working Girl Paradise" there (or in more easily memorable wording "Boob's Place"), when as and if the homosexual Xian rampage created by the Raygun/Bush/Koop thugocracy, of imposing object rape condoms to brutalize heteros under the AFRaids terrorist pogrom of 1987 and subsequent years, might ever be alleviated and neutralized.  There never was a realistic prospect of such a development anywhere in that homosexual slave mongering Xian blighted county.  Although the people of the county voted two to one in *favor* of continuing to allow places of worship of hetero religion to operate there, during the elections of 2004, there hasn't actually been any such place of worship there since not long after the homosexual criminal object rape system, demanded by the national terrorist criminal tax evading Xian perverts, went into effect in Nevada in 1986-87.  What it really is is that the criminally corrupt Bored of Stupid Visors of the County, having had their proposal resoundingly defeated to permanently ban places of worship of hetero religion, then proceeded to create amazingly draconian rulez and regurgitationz such that no hetero place *could* ever be started in that county.  Some version of such rulez should in reality be applied to the slave mongering hate mongering criminal tax evading homosexual Xian "churches" but of course aren't since the Bored of Stupid Visors is made up entirely of such Constitutionally abrogative criminal thugs.  Regardless of development purpose, one must never forget that Boreds of Stupid Visors (referred to in many states other than Nevada as "County Commissioners") and other quasi "elected" county officials are ALWAYS part of the group of obnoxious neighbors with which any land owner must contend.
      Not a real issue in this instance.  It is not only that there haven't been any decent working girls or competent courtesans in Nevada since the homosexual Xian terrorist pogrom desecrated former places of worship.  Now there are only rubber ducky object rapists masquerading as practitioners of hetero religion in some of the mere buildings where places of worship "used to be".  Even the local "dating" web sites have been taken over by lesbian thug "former" slave owners looking for their next victim to rip off in the "community property" divorce racketeering system, a smattering of Clintonesque suckemoff swindlers, and the criminal tax evading Xian induced plethora of girls looking only for other girls.  My solar energy project was quite sufficient motivation for me to purchase some land even if Article I of the US Constitution Amendments, prohibiting the Frauderal or any American goobermint from interfering with the practices of religions other than the homosexual slave mongering Xian perversion, is never restored to relevant operability.
      But the Bored of Stupid Visors, as related to that one fanciful future land use, was hardly the only obnoxious neighbor involved.  Primary obnoxious neighbor involved was the railroad.  As a result of the same kinds of criminal gang "lobbying" that we still have in Worsingdone DC, back when the Transcontinental Railroad was first being built, the railroad companies were provided with a Frauderal grant of every other section (square mile) of land for many miles on both sides of wherever they decided to lay the rails in a checkerboard pattern of land ownership.  Despite there being no legitimate purpose for continuing such ludicrous incentives, that professorial twit who referred to World War I as "the war to end all wars" (oh puleez), Woody Wilson, ratified those fraudulent property ownership rights by further goobermint edict half a century after the original criminal gang lobbyists had done their dirty work and the campaign contributions received by the criminally corrupt legis critters in Worsingdone had long since been spent and the legis critters themselves buried.  Even during the "reorganizations" of all of the bankrupt railroad companies during Great Depression One, the criminally corrupt bankruptcy courts allowed the fraudulent and abusive bankrupting munchiments of the companies to *keep* those fraudulently obtained property ownership rights.  So when the scammers running the railroads decided in the early 1950s to generate some revenues from their vast and fraudulently obtained property, they did not actually *sell* any of the land.  Instead, they created fraudulent front organizations to sell whatever it was that remained *after* reserving unto themselves in perpetuity all petroleum, oil, natural gas and products derived therefrom, with or underlying said land or that may be produced therefrom, and all rights thereto, together with the exclusive right at all times to enter upon or in said land to prospect for and to drill, bore, recover and remove the same. Together with all rights, privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining.  In an amazing feat of honesty for that County, those criminal trespass and destruction rights were actually set forth in every succeeding Deed in that County that I have seen transferring land up to the present.  What with the extreme increases in oil/gas prices of recent years, one could hardly even *imagine* that there is other than severe impairment of title and usefulness of the land involved in that reservation of "rights".  I did write to the current "name" of the railroad that owns those rights to see if one might negotiate the repatriation of that reservation back into the land itself.  The answer I got made the prospects seem slim (and expensive), certainly in relation to the original high price being asked for the land by the group that currently "owns" whatever else is there.
      But it isn't as if "future" rights were the only aspect of that obnoxious neighbor the railroad.  They also had actual trackage across the top end of the parcels of land which were being offered to me.  The "right of way" for that trackage consumes 200 feet on each side of the center line of the existing railroad tracks leaving an ultra small smidgen of the nominal 80 acres of the pair of parcels on the steep hillside on other side of the tracks.  Just about enough space, if one can play mountain goat while installing it and there aren't County restrictions against posting it, to erect a sign saying "my land is on the *other* side", i.e. no value remaining even if that smidgen isn't "officially" part of the railroad right of way.  I did look into that in detail with the notion that a freight loading dock might otherwise have been built there for some future light industrial application of a portion of the land.  No way.  Even though the smidgen is "officially" part of the parcels, it has no use value.
      As is often the case, highways tend to be built right next to and parallel to railroad tracks.  An important, currently two lane asphalt paved with adequated shoulders, highway does in fact exist just outside the area reserved for the railroad right of way.  That highway comes equipped with an easement in perpetuity for yet another 100 feet on each side of *its* center line.  For a person thinking about erecting expensive solar panels on the land, there is a complication presented by that highway.  I'm sure you have seen, as have we all, those dents and holes in road signs everywhere around the country, where criminal thugs have used the road signs for firearms "target practice" from their vehicles moving along the highways.  Fragile solar panels don't take well to being shot at.  However much advantage there might be to having an adjoining highway, there are also some practical *dis*advantages.  A couple hundred feet for one thing, more hundreds of feet for another, nibble nibble long enough and after while there isn't a whole lot remaining for any useful development.
      Well, you know how it is when you leave parcels of land laying around in the sunshine long enough.  Some phoney craporation comes along and digs up a swath of it to "lay cable" for communications between their offices at distant ends of the neighboring highway.  Lots of signs about "call us to mark the cable before digging" littered all along the temporary pathway that they built while doing their digging (also lots of enforcement procedures in state law "protecting" that cable), but no real identification even of *who* owns that cable.  No way of obtaining information about what rights *they* think they have to restrict or impair development of the land around or over their labelled cable.  A nearby land owner informed me that, regardless of the mere "appearance" of communications cable, there is in fact no way of tapping into it for actual service to any land in the area.  My own investigations were unable even to find out who owns it.
      Last but certainly not least was the obnoxious neighbor to the south of the western portion of the parcels of land that I was looking at.  Among his cute tricks was pulling up all of the actual survey stakes from earlier legally relevant surveys of the land.  More injurious was his "interpretation" of the access road easement that was recorded for his land and for the eastern 40 acres of the parcels.  Instead of blading that road through where he was legally permitted to, he thought it would be more convenient for him to destroy 30 feet of the more valuable hilltop western parcel with his chopped up (and useless for actual transportation) "access road".  A more complicated road easement on the west side of the parcels, right on the county line, for the official "section road" which rightfully belongs to the County, was never legally removed even though that neighbor to the south has fenced off the previous road at his property line and cajoled the neighboring County into using their influence to take over enough of the BLM land (that agency wound up with many of the "alternate" sections in the railroad checkerboard pattern) on the other side of the county line to build an actual road there.  Compounding the other problems created by his continued ownership and use of one of those rampaging bulldozers which are a severe threat to sensitive instruments such as solar panels, that obnoxious neighbor was known to operate unsafe diesel generators which have already inundated the property with ash when his unsafe practices produced a fire on the 4th of July several years ago.
      One should also never forget Mother Nature who is an obnoxious neighbor for everybody everywhere.  Although it hasn't been seen in recent drought years, there are clear indications that a small river or stream exists "at times" near the railroad, highway, and cable intrusions into the subject land.  She also makes use of numerous pathways down from the higher ground to the south to take care of runoff when it rains.  Obnoxious neighbors all around to the contrary notwithstanding, it really was a lovely set of parcels of land.  Nice rocky hilltop with excellent views of Lahontan Reservoir (whose construction I suspect was the *source* of the hill itself, i.e. a dump for the materials removed during creation of the reservoir and its related dam further east) and of the surrounding hills of the Sierra Nevadas.  Lovely alkali flat created by occasional downpours evaporating without running off into the Reservoir.  Basically, a sampling of all of the features of Nevada which made me fall in love with the state itself when I first traversed it back in 1966.
      My bottom line, however, was that *net* of the obvious recorded easements against the land and the uselessness of the smidgen on the other side of the tracks, the pair of "40 acre" parcels amounted to 48.203 acres, potentially benefitting from the full length highway frontage but impaired by the trespassing road built where it wasn't legal for it to be built while leaving the original easement for an ingress/egress road untouched.  The asking price was quite high in relation to all of the *other* obnoxious neighbor problems, but the deal killer was the criminal trespass and destruction rights reserved by the railroad for so little as "prospecting" for oil/gas on and under the land.  Subsequent investigation has shown that there "may be" more restrictions against the railroad actually destroying the land and anything built on it than the chain of title suggests, but the problems and costs of attempting to negotiate for the release or purchase of those "oil/gas rights", so that I could proceed with my solar energy project, would leave me unwilling to pay at closing anything more than about 41% of the asking price.  That seemed to me an unlikely bid to make, given the horrendously complex "group" of inheritors and such who currently have title to the land.
      The final decider, however, was that early in our discussions the exclusive listing agent had said to me that *she* had gotten a release of such oil/gas rights on some land of *hers*.  Later the story was that a friend of hers had gotten such a release.  Our discussions dissolved when the story telling devolved into her failing to contact her "friend" to obtain and communicate to me any information on *how* such a release might have been obtained, leaving me to conclude that her stories were mere puffery from the gitgo.  I never did bid for nor read an actual Preliminary Title Report on those parcels.  There may have been a whole range of other problems and obnoxious neighbors who didn't surface during the discussion phase.

Reading the Fine Print
      The second of my three prospective purchases involved a different kind of problem.  The land itself was beautiful.  Nice gentle slopes upward from a defined County road to a high point near the far edge of the parcel.  No obnoxious destructions or invasions from neighbors.  According to my research at the County Recorder's office, it even had a recorded easement *available* to it and included with any prospective purchase along the section line to reach the state highway if intervening land owners at some future time were to cut the existing winding road from the property out to that highway.  The land included much available surface natural stone with which I might think about building various structures I might need along the way and perhaps eventually a house for myself.  I had seen the parcel before while driving through the area en route to numerous other parcels which were being offered for sale.  Each time I passed it, I said to myself "gee that's a pretty parcel of land".  No notions about "Boob's Place" for this parcel because it was smack dab in the horizontal middle of the county which is facing near term elimination of even the legalized rubber ducky rape emporiums as its population grows over the state limits for permissibility of places of worship of hetero religion.  Only my solar energy project.  When I saw the parcel listed on the local MLS, I went out to inspect it and was delighted that it was in fact the very parcel that I had been admiring during so many previous bouncy rides over the first mile or so of the rough but tolerable dirt and rock road that goes past it.
      I was not, however, willing to get caught up in another version of something that I would wind up not being able to buy because of defects in title.  So I said to myself, as I carefully researched every speck of ownership history on the County Assessor's web site.  With my notes about the chain of title in hand, I drove the roughly hundred miles to the County Recorder's offices in that county and spent hours reading each and every document that was available on microfiche, making additional copious notes.  When another document not on my list was so much as *referred* to, I went through the microfiche files to find that document and read it too.  I even contacted the BLM to see if they had any mining or other claims recorded in *their* records.  By golly I was thorough (or so I thought).
      Overjoyed at the prospect of having finally found something that appeared to have reasonably clear title, I contacted the real estate agent who had provided me with the parcel number to research and had a formal bid written up to present to the owner.  I did of course have the presence of mind to make my bid conditional on no adverse exceptions nor reservations in the title insurance other than the known 60 foot road and utility easement at south end of property but naively was not expecting there to be any after my so careful title search of "every" relevant scrap of recorded paper.  Eager to get some land bought to commence work on my project, I did press the owner in writing to accept my bid of his full asking price within two days of my signing the bid document and to close the sale within two weeks thereafter.  I was pleased when the real estate agent representing me in the deal phoned promptly to tell me that my bid had been accepted and I would be able to read the Preliminary Title Report soon thereafter.
      When I drove the fifty miles or so to read that Preliminary Title Report, past the property I was hoping to buy to the Title Insurance Company involved, I already had my pickaxe and shovel and contractor's wheel in the trunk of my car so as to begin work on the land as soon as I could get the purchase closed.  Sitting in the escrow agent's office, I began reading.  It didn't bother me that the owner hadn't bothered to pay his first quarter real estate taxes due at the end of June (it was already nearing the end of September) because that would be cleared during closing.  A person without a pickaxe in the trunk of his car (and a pickaxe mind for the reading) might have glossed the next item that caught my attention.  It said:

         [Exception] 4.  Covenants, conditions, restrictions and easements as set forth in an instrument Recorded:  October 6,
            1958, in Book [yadda yadda yadda] Official Records of [the relevant county].

I had to admire the cleverness of the Title Insurance Company which wrote that intentionally misleading and obfuscatory piece of gibberish, even putting their red herring (a ploy designed to induce trained seals and other incompetent readers to clap their flippers or hands in glee while ignoring what was being said) in all caps so as to lead the reader astray from the point of the scam.  But my pickaxe mind was not about to walk out of that office without actually *seeing* the document being incorporated by reference.  Seems the escrow agent hadn't bothered to obtain one for me but had telephone contact with a representative at the County Recorder's office who was able to fax a copy for me to read.  There it was again.  The fraudulently conveyancing railroad had reserved unto themselves in perpetuity all petroleum, oil, natural gas and products derived therefrom, within or underlying said land or that may be produced therefrom, and all rights thereto, together with the exclusive right at all times to enter upon or in said land to prospect for and to drill, bore, recover and remove the same. Together with all rights, privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining. Not a hint of it nor cross reference to it in any of the papers that I had so carefully read at the County Recorder's offices.  But up it pops as an exception in the Preliminary Title Report despite clear language in my purchase agreement that my bid was contingent on there being *no* such exceptions nor impairments.  "Accepting" a bid and trying to close a transaction even when they knew that what they were selling violated the explicit terms of the bid.  Shame shame.
      I was aghast.  There I was with my billfold flapping open in the breeze, having made a formal bid for the property at a price reflecting my expectation of receiving *clear* title to the land but instead was being offered a severely impaired title subjecting the land to precisely the same rampaging bulldozers and drilling rigs destroying my sensitive solar panels and other developments under current economic conditions highly likely to result in such "prospecting" by the railroad or its assigns.  I notified the real estate agent representing me promptly of the failure of the seller to satisfy my essential terms of bid that there be *no* such adverse exceptions and wrote up the proper and required report to the seller in writing of my valid objections to title contained in the Preliminary Title Report, indicating that I would *not* tolerate that lethal exception but that pursuant to purchase contract the seller would be allowed ten days in which to cure the defect at his own expense, failing which the bid would be cancelled.  Predictably, the seller was unable and/or unwilling to attempt what I already knew to be an at best difficult process of negotiating with the railroad to release or sell those reserved "rights" to criminally trespass and destroy the land and anything I might build on it.
      Subsequent discussion with the real estate agent involved and with others have made clear that there is virtually *nothing* in the state of Nevada owned by private parties, as distinct from the Frauderal goofermint which owns a substantial portion of the land area of the state, which *doesn't* have that fraudulent conveyancing by the railroad as an impairment of title.  When considering the matter carefully the following Spring, I guesstimated that clearing up that impairment (or accepting the serious risk that it might never be clearable) would require time and money expenditures amounting to about half of what I had been otherwise willing to bid for land.  The seller in this Read The Fine Print situation would not have been willing to accept such a bid since his own cost some years before was more than that amount.  The impasse was quite genuine and irresolvable.
      Notice, however, one important distinction between the two failed attempts reported above:  In the first county the fatal flaw was clearly disclosed up front in every land transfer document.  You would have had to be blind and/or "reading challenged" to miss it.  In the county right next to it, the fatal flaw was concealed so thoroughly that not even a thorough reading of every scrap of paper admitted to exist by the County Recorder's office was able to find any reference to it.  Only the Preliminary Title report attempted to incorporate the fatal flaw "by reference" and to mislead most readers into thinking it was nothing serious because of their all caps red herring verbiage.  Read The Fine Print!

The Brooklyn Bridge
      "Hey guy! see that beautiful bridge. Think how much money you could make charging tolls to cross it. I'll sell you all of my right, title and interest to that beautiful bridge for a mere price" is the basic story line.  It is called a "quit claim" deed.  It conveys no more and no less than all of the right, title, and interest which the seller actually owns to the buyer.  Virtually none of the historical sellers of that bridge ever owned it.  At all.  That is the crux of the story.  The allusion to the Brooklyn Bridge is not because there is any body of water involved but because stories about *sales* of that obvious landmark have been a classic feature in the annals of fraud and deception since time immemorial.  Yup, it shore is one beautiful hunk of a bridge.  Yup, a quit claim deed shore did wind up in the hands of the gullible.  Each of them.  Nope, the buyers didn't get diddly in the way of ownership nor control of that bridge as a result of paying their money to the various sellers.
      As I write this article, I have just been through a local version of "The Brooklyn Bridge" story.  There was a previous tidbit of personal history about the county in which the parcel was located.  En route in the late 1970s from a place of worship of hetero religion near the eastern border of Nevada to one of the then finest such places near the western border, I stopped in at the County Recorder's office in that county to see who owned the land there.  Huge tracts of the land was titled in the name of the man who is unique in the annals of fraud for having been individually responsible for destroying an entire market in the commodity of which he was a major grower, by having his criminal cronies running the public "exchange" in futures contracts "settle" his contracts at a trivial increase in price when it became clear that he could not and would not deliver the goods that he had contracted to deliver.  As detailed in my article Impacts of Futures, he was by no means the only rescinder and abrogator of contracts in the quite generally fraudulent and abusive "futures" markets.  But he was the only one ever to cause an entire market to go out of business by his failures to perform.  When I began looking at the parcel of land involved in this situation, I did not take that as an indicator of the nature of the county government there, despite their then dependence on him for a significant portion of their tax revenues, but only another activity of a nationally known fraudulent individual.
      What got me to go take a look at the land was that the proposed seller was asking a price close enough to my revised version of what I would be willing to pay (adjusting for the known universal impairment of title by the fraudulent conveyancings of the railroad in the 1950s) that negotiation might accomplish an actual transaction.  I did of course telephone the seller/listing agent (same person) to verify that my possible all cash bid "might be" accepted if made, before being willing to drive the six hours out to the parcel to inspect it and then six more hours to get back home.  There were no thoughts of a "Boob's Place" on this land.  The closest ever extant place of worship of hetero religion in the area was an incompetent "fools rush in where Angels fear to tread" place 46 miles away, the closest formerly legitimate such places were 54 miles away in one direction or 97 miles in the other, the population of the entire county involved is only about 1900 persons, and even *with* knowledge of where the land is located, it is somewhat difficult to reach.  Doing my solar energy project there would have required some serious reorganization of my work plan.  Instead of being able to bop on out to work on my land during my daily "afternoon jaunt" time, I would have had to spend days at a time on the land to be able to get anything done.  Although there are pluggable telephones through which I might take care of my nightly work processes via IN-WATS a little over half an hour's drive away and a public rest area about twenty minutes away in a different direction, the land is basically isolated with the nearest theoretical lodgings to use until my development reached a fairly advanced stage being in that "fools rush in" town an hour away.  On the positive side, that would mean fewer peeps around to scoff and laugh at me while I make the inevitable mistakes and blunders during my development project.  On the negative side, that distance from home or even from civilization would require a very different way of working on the project than I had originally planned.  Competing hysterias being relatively tame at the end of that week, I took a day to go INSPECT THE PREMISES.
      The seller's "directions" to the land were defective in virtually every regard.  Even adjusting the first leg mileage figure for the fact that there was no road at all where I was supposed to turn but only one road half a mile before and another half a mile after, the "directions" were way off base.  It was only because I had brought with me printouts of the county maps and topos from TerraServer that I was able to find the parcel at all.  As I neared the subject property, there were several "dips" in the weakly defined section road, never mentioned by the seller, which emphasized what the aerial photographs and topos had made clear which was that the seller was misrepresenting the nature of the "dip" at the west edge of the land.  I stopped my car well before that western boundary of the land and walked the rest of the way into what turned out to be a quite deep and steep sided *ravine* eating up something over 14% of the supposed land area of the parcel.  Not only was it a serious impairment of the useful land area but both the area topos and visual inspection on the ground made clear that that ravine was the permanent property of Mother Nature for carrying the sometimes serious runoffs during rain storms from the tall mountains on the other side of the ravine.
      There was a new trick of obnoxious neighbor Mother Nature which was of concern to me as I inspected the land.  At random places on the surface were burned patches where every plant had been scorched out of existence and even the ground showed indications of scorching.  Those patches were far too randomly located to have expressed any human intent.  My conclusion was that the land has a problem with lightning strikes creating brush fires which are then doused by the typically related rain storms.  My solution was to include plans for an appropriately placed flagpole, not out of desire to run anything up the flagpole for the sake of patriotism or whatever but out of self defense to provide a distracting focus for Mother Nature when she hurls her lightning bolts at the property.  Unlike the previous two properties, this parcel did *not* have any native stone clearly available on the surface for use in constructing out buildings nor my eventually intended native stone house.  Its flora showed minimal variation compared to other parcels, consisting largely of creosote, sagebrush, and a variety of range grass, all of it substantially closer to the ground, indicating a scarcity of rainfall even in the current comparatively wet year.  Its fauna consisted mostly of flies, other insects, and a grasshopper who introduced himself as I was leaving, without any of the little lizards who are my indicator of a livable environment.  Despite failing my lizard test and despite the loss of developable area to Mother Nature's runoff handling ravine, the land at first inspection did appear to be adaptable to my purpose of solar energy development.  Its slope was at worst 3.2%, well within my limits.  It had lovely views of the surrounding mountains and of a broad agricultural valley in between the high level parcel and the next range of mountains to the east.  I did of course use my dig it all camera to take dozens of photos of the land and its surroundings so that I would be able to review what's actually there without having to return for another inspection.  My decision was to go ahead and bid the parcel at the price that I had already discussed with the seller.  That was July 9 with written bid July 10.
      Although the seller represented the chosen title company as being very efficient, it was not until five weeks later on August 16 that a Preliminary Title Report first became available.  The rest of the process was so much a matter of painstaking "discovery" of the nature of the defects in title "owned" by the seller that I have largely dispensed with chronological presentation of *how* I discovered what the seller was doing.
      One potential problem was so obvious as to have been mentioned specifically in my Memorandum of Bid:  the seller had done a recent "name change" indicating historic or newly formed "community property rights", i.e. the seller did *not* have the sole and separate right to sell the property to anybody under Nevada's byzantine fraud against humanity and business of "community property" laws.  I demanded as a condition of bid that the title insurance cover me against any community property rights arising out of any relationship that the seller might have had or might currently have.  The belatedly issued Preliminary Title Report not only refused to do so and refused to provide any indication of them even having researched how many such adverse interests might exist, but the seller attempted to palm off a mere quit claim deed "proposed" to be obtained (in the future) from *one* such potential holder of community property rights "as if" that were dispositive of the issue.  The deal smelled too much from the gitgo like a scheme to defraud a buyer by taking money under pretense of sale only to have one or many holders of "community property rights" surface later to extort additional sums or to enforce substantial indivisible part interests in the property (including the major investments planned as soon as I had "ownership" of the property).  Since I have no capacity for researching the fraudulent and abusive divorce racketeering industry of Nevada, that refusal to insure likely would have been a deal killer all by itself.  That was by no means the only defect in title.
      Immediately after receiving a copy of the Preliminary Title Report on August 17, I wrote up a "discussion" draft of what amounted to politely phrased objections to the title being offered.  Only one of the five items was ever cured, that being providing me with a copy of the expected fraudulent "oil/gas rights reserving" conveyancing by the railroad back in the 1950s, which had been acknowledged as likely in my Memorandum of Bid and for which my bid price had already been adjusted.  Although the seller made much in her original pitch for the land about a possible "gusher" of water as soon as anybody tried to drill a well, based on geysers which exist on the *other* side of the intervening mountains, and was referring to water as being an "inalienable" right of the land, the laws of Nevada on the subject were clearly not supportive.  According to more recent MLS listings, the seller is, incidentally, continuing in the role of "real estate agent" to fraudulently misrepresent such exceptions to water use law as *do* exist in Nevada "as if" they were property rights belonging to the sellers of the other parcels that agent is trying to unload from the same county for relatives and friends.  A representative of the Department of Water Resources made clear to me *how* fraudulent sellers of real estate "could have" undermined even those statutory exceptions to water use law.  In the absence of title insurance for water rights, which I never expected since the most that might be there was a statutory exception allowing the drilling of a domestic use well, those efforts to misrepresent the nature of water availability raised serious questions about the demanded "faith" and "trust" in the seller(s) wildly beyond what is rational in any arms length transaction.
      An offshoot of the most fatal flaw in title was that the title company refused to insure *access* to the land, at all, ever.  Never mind that there "appeared to be" a weak "county" section road leading to and across what appeared to be the section line at the south end of the parcel.  The question is whether any purchaser would be legally entitled to *use* that weak section road.  The title company said no.  The seller went into a lengthy hullaballoo about having a friend of hers in the Bureau of Lies and Manipulations in the earlier mentioned "fools rush in" town near the property issue a BLM "right of way" across the top of the BLM land immediately to the south.  That devolved into an invitation to me to squander roughly $1,000 on mere "fees" to the BLM as part of an "application" for such a right of way.  As will be clear later, the notion of applying to BLM was mere fraudulent misrepresentation of the nature of the access problem itself, but BLM itself justifies substantial skepticism.  Not only was the supposed issuing office located in the "fools rush in" town where fraud is rampant, even by purported places of worship of hetero religion, but I had already been talking with local BLM officials about my solar energy project and had been told that they do business only with large criminal gangs from out of state stealing Nevada's sunshine for export to other states (despite our severe lack of generating capacity) and would never consider granting anything to a mere individual such as myself.  The notion of going to BLM had been dead long before the fraudulent seller ever proposed squandering "fees" to her friends.  Furthermore, the current chief honcho of the Bureaus of Lies and Manipulations is the former state attorney general of Colorado who fraudulently misrepresented to the US Supreme Court the case of the 54% of voters who required by state constitutional amendment that her criminal cronies discontinue their daily criminal assaults, homosexual harrassments, and homosexual molestations of children in schools and the rest of the homosexual preference laws which the criminally blighted government of that state inflicts on citizens there, so as to have our Federal Civil Rights enforcing amendment struck down by the US Supreme Court.  With an agency known to be criminally corrupt and abusive from the top down, the suggestion of "applying" to them for access rights was ludicrous.
      Now to the central fatal flaw in title with which the seller refused to deal.  According to the best information that I was able to obtain during more than a week of diligent inquiries, it all began with a rapacious attorney from Reno who organized a title company, pretending to be a fiduciary carrying on the business of a "Title Company" and issuing "Title Insurance" so as to steal other peoples property via multiple breaches of fiduciary duty to the victims during make believe "escrow" arrangements.  A quite common swindle carried on by licensed professional liars is to steal "a piece of the action" whenever they get involved with other people's property.  They tend to see themselves as *being* the law rather than as being required to comply with any of it.  State bar associations and judiciaries rarely penalize the thieves if only because the victims of such thefts provide such a wonderful continuing flow of "employment" for other licensed professional liars trying to unravel the original scams.  What that attorney did was to *interpose* his fraudulent "Title Company" into transactions involving truly vast tracts of land in the county where the subject parcel is located.  No investment whatever, only some fraudulent conveyancing to steal the *substance* of huge amounts of land (my inspection of merely some of the county records showed that included the entire south half of the section of land in which my proposed purchase existed).  The language he wrote into subsequent titles after interposing his fraudulent "Title Company" into the process included the following clauses:

         TOGETHER WITH 75% of all mineral rights owned by Grantor

Quite substantial that 25% reserved by the fraudulent title company unto itself out of what they fraudulently took from the actual seller since even a smaller reservation would facilitate criminally destructive trespass for "mining" purposes.  It is a far worse reservation than the fraudulent conveyancing by the railroad since it applies to *any* kind of mining that the scammy attorney, his successors or assigns, might want to inflict against any "owner" of the property.

          RESERVING, THEREFROM, an easement of 30' along all boundaries for ingress and
          egress, with power to dedicate, and, except any and all oil rights, including the right of
          entry for exploration and production of oil or other carbohydrates.

The fraudulent title company couldn't very well attempt to steal the oil/gas rights cuz those had already been fraudulently retained by the railroad in 1951.  But by golly, MILES from the nearest pretense of a town, they're demanding CITY level street access rights while the normal County easement is 30' *only* on the SECTION boundaries, not out of a small piece of land such as 40 acres.  This in a County where, as far as I have been able to discern, the county itself has at least not yet ever asserted its own potential right to such an easement even on the section boundaries.  No attendant duties to pave or provide any service to the land thereby stolen, only a theft of land away from any useful purpose for the benefit of the thieves.  It was this clause, incidentally, which made the BLM approach entirely irrelevant since the fraudulent holders of those "reserved rights" could readily construct barriers to access onto the rest of the land in that thirty foot easement.

          RESERVING, THEREFROM, a right of way, with right of entry upon, over, under,
          along, across, and through the said land for the purposes of erecting, constructing,
          operating, repairing and maintaining pole lines with cross arms for the transmission
          of electrical energy, and for telephone poles, and/or for laying, repairing, operating
          and renewing any pile line or lines for water, gas or sewerage, and any conduits for
          electric or telephone wires, and reserving the sole right to convey the rights thereby

Adversely construed, that third reservation suggests they have the "right" to criminally trespass *and* to prevent me or any other purchaser from ever laying any conduits for electric or water lines.  To make any part of my development plan work, I have to be able to lay underground electric and water lines long before I erect my first solar panel.  Not only that, but the kinds of violent trespass contemplated by the first two parts of their fraudulent conveyancings are annihilative of sensitive instruments such as solar panels, once installed.  What it amounted to is that the rapacious attorney created an absolute control mechanism in perpetuity so that *only* his fraudulent Title Company could ever plan or develop the land.  His wording indicates that he intended a 1950s style swindle system similar to what trashes human livability of the Lost Wages and Reno areas.  No possibility of installing 2010s technology onto *that* parcel of land nor any other with similar draconian "private" land use regulations.
      It makes a farce of the fraudulent misrepresentation of the county government that they have no zoning or other restrictions on development.  All they've done is to "privatize" it in the hands of thieving criminal gangs such as that run by the rapacious attorney.  It is worth mention that a representative of the county, when I was researching *who* that holder of fraudulent "rights" actually is today, although she is certain on the basis of her position and longevity in the county to have that knowledge, refused to answer the question.  In the final analysis, I took that refusal to be a claim of Fifth Amendment rights to refuse to answer on grounds that answering might tend to incriminate her.
      Meanwhile the nominal deeded "owner", with all of the actual costs of purchasing the land, was vacated of any land use rights but left with only the *duty* to pay the annual tax assessments to the county.  That is what made the deal, in the absence of repatriation of those "reserved rights" nothing but a "Brooklyn Bridge" fraud.  The seller only "hinted" at the prospect of such fatal flaws in title when recounting to me early "intent" to do some things with the land during the many years the seller "owned" it.  "Coulda been" mere lack of follow through, but more likely was that the seller was *barred* from carrying out any plans by the effects of the rapacious attorney's fraudulent conveyancing and was only looking for somebody else on whom to palm off the obligation to pay taxes on useless land.  Shades of the criminal swindler (and 1970s major land owner in that same county) who rescinded and abrogated all of his contractual obligations to *deliver* goods to public participants in the futures market centered on the agricultural product he purportedly grew.
      The criminally "sweetest" part of the scam attempted against me derives from what happened to those reserved rights created by the rapacious attorney.  Not many years later, he sold his "Title Company" (and presumably all of the fraudulently obtained "rights") to another such craporation whose principal office is in Lost Wages.  It was puzzling, after the seller's earlier representations about how effective the chosen title company was, that it took five weeks for the Preliminary Title Report to appear.  Based on the evidence that I *did* see, the delay resulted because the chosen title company was preempted by the criminal thug gang from Lost Wages and told that *it*, the actual owner of the stolen "rights", was going to be the Title Company of record and the "Title Insurer".  Never mind prior agreements with the purported seller made by the chosen title company.  Buttinski wanted overt control of the deal so as to use its proposed *infinite* amendment rights *after* closing to update its criminal thefts of ownership of the land.  So when the fraudulent Title Company which issued the belated Preliminary Title Report (the one based in Lost Wages) said that they were unwilling to insure access rights to the parcel, what they were really saying was that they, the actual owners of those fraudulently separated access rights across all parcels in the area, intended to *prevent* any tax paying owner of record from using the property for anything.  Due notice of unacceptable defects in title under the standard terms of purchase contracts for land in Nevada having been provided to the fraudulent seller on August 25, I formally withdrew my bid on September 4 and the fraudulent seller confirmed unwillingness to address the issues on September 5.

Use It Or Lose It
      The perennial battle cry of the fraudulent sellers and their putrescent "title" companies was "just cuz it *says* there are adverse rights doesn't mean those invasive and destructive rights will ever be exercised".  Such a further fraudulent misrepresentation doesn't even come close to an experienced business person such as myself.  If they weren't going to be exercised, they wouldn't have been fraudulently written into the title in the first place.  My own not very silent but inevitable and continuous companion in business throughout more than four decades of dealing with the real world has been the notorious Mr/Ms Murphy whose LAW proclaims "anything that can go wrong will, at the worst possible time and in the worst possible way".  Intentional and malicious frauds such as those who destroyed the value and usefulness of land in Nevada with their "reserved rights" are among the enforcers of that law.
      Be that as it may, the wannabe thief by deception in the Brooklyn Bridge sales effort did recite one means of eventually solving the fraudulent conveyancing problems which afflicts much if not all of the privately owned land in the state of Nevada.  In relation to that seller's ludicrous notion of applying to the corrupt BLM for a right of way to access the land, it was mentioned that such a right of way would have to be *used* within a short number of years or become null and void.  Likewise in relation to any water rights that might be purchased for the land:  null and void if not promptly and effectively used for agricultural or domestic purposes.  The fatal flaws in title of each of the parcels discussed in this article date from the fraudulent conveyancings and "reservations of rights" by the railroad and by a rapacious attorney masquerading as a "title company" during the 1950s and 1960s.  If and only if there were statutory provision vacating any such "rights" not in fact exercised with expenditure of funds by the holders of those destructive and invasive "rights" within a reasonable period of time, the defects in title would in due course evaporate leaving the land both beautiful and *useful*.
      Such statutory provisions are not likely to be created in the foreseeable future.  The current salesman for the narcophony criminal cesspool of Worsingdone DC to the geographically large District which covers the vast majority of the state of Nevada has vigorously aligned himself with criminal tax evading Xian "churches" in their efforts to steal Federal tax money to further line their slave mongering criminal pockets and to subjugate the indigent into providing slave labor for the greater honor and gory of belligerent blasphemy under the sonofaBush's HR7(2001) unconstitutional scam for transferring control of tax money over to those hate mongering slave mongering criminal tax evading "churches".  That salesman for Worsingdone has further aligned himself with those rapists and pillagers of the land and people of Nevada, the Canadian and domestic "mining" industry, to make it easier for them to steal land in perpetuity without even having established fraudulent conveyancing "rights" to it.  His criminally abusive political potty, notorious for their voter registration frauds during the 2004 elections and for making "illegal" any voting for any candidate not nominated by one of the major criminal gangs, through their local appalling propaganda and terrorism trash newspaper has even suggested that *that* current full time Worsingdone resident and despoiler of human and civil rights of Nevadans is "going to" move here to become the next governor of the state.
      It is nonetheless the one useful thing to come out of my discussions with the attempted grand larcenist by fraud and deception about the Brooklyn Bridge property.  In the absence of actual investment and actual use of those fraudulently created "rights", the railroad and local criminal thug gangs should lose the stolen "rights" for which they paid nothing ever, have them vacated in perpetuity so as no longer to be a value destroying impairment to the land of Nevada.  As of this moment, no such "shoulda woulda coulda" statutory provision appears possible.  The criminal corruption of government in Nevada, which defrauded so many citizens of voting at all and many others of the right to vote for candidates of their own choice as distinct from criminal gang appointees during the 2004 elections, makes the notion of corrective action pure fantasy at this point in time.  [The subsequent goofernor, campaigning on the basis of rightful activities against construction of the thermonuclear Doomsday Machine 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas, has made imminently clear his corruption with criminal interests, not only by having been one of those who approved the effective control of casinos by a nationally notorious criminal gang, but by referring to the felony identity thieving casinos as a "gold standard" of regulation.]  Furthermore, the sonofaBush's intention to build a Doomsday Machine 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas to blow the entire world to smithereens at whim or upon a mere shifting of the tectonic fault line in the area, as discussed in my article about Yucca Mountain, creates a "prime directive" for the related criminal gang members of minimizing the opportunities for Nevada's population to grow and flourish.  Preservation of criminally abusive sets of "rights" against the land and people is therefore one of the central concerns of the powers that be in the state.
      As demonstrated in the criminally perverse set of rulez and regurgitationz created by the Bored of Stupid Visors against the establishment of any place of worship of hetero religion in the Obnoxious Neighbors discussion, in flagrant violation not only of the Constitution of the United States but also in violation of the expressed intent of two thirds of the citizens of that County who voted to allow such places of worship, there is more than one way for gangs of criminal thugs to abrogate and violate the human and civil rights of citizens.  One would reasonably expect the Bored of Stupid Visors of the County which fraudulently misrepresented "no zoning nor land use restrictions" in relation to The Brooklyn Bridge parcel to promptly codify the most severe set of restrictions that their criminal thug cronies, who have previously been controlling land use by private fraud, could think up for them to enact into rulez and regurgitationz.  One would reasonably expect similar perversity against human and civil rights in every other area of the state where such a "Use It Or Lose It" provision went into effect.  So there is no likely benefit to human interests, nor to the possibility of developing my solar generating project, *even* if the statutory provisions discussed above were enacted.

Summary and Conclusions
      Well now, if this were baseball I would be forced to a conclusion of "three strikes and I'm out".  I have made three major attempts at purchasing some land during the past fifteen months or so.  All three resulted in discovery of fatal flaws in title such that I could not justify anything like the purchase prices involved and/or discovery that nothing of value remained for use after fraudulent conveyancing had stolen it all, such that I would not have been able to proceed with the project which is the only reason for me to purchase land.
      One sidelight on the underlying lack of value created by those fraudulent conveyancings is that every shred of loan paper, "secured" by land and buildings impaired by such defects in title, is a ticking time bomb in the portfolios of the irresponsible bunkos who have been making "loans" of stockholder and depositor money to the freeloading occupiers of such land and buildings.  It is not only that the "borrowers" never had the means nor the intent to repay the fraudulent loans of "free money" under Greedspan's criminal rampage against America.  It is that the underlying collateral is largely worthless, dependent entirely on the artificial scarcity of land for relevant purposes created by generations of fraudulent conveyancing and decades of manipulation of prices to ludicrous high levels via the irresponsible lending practices of the, themselves largely de facto bankrupt, bunkos.  [Written in 2005, this wasn't "prescience", only recognition of the realities of what had been created to produce the problems evident during the unwinding of the Surreal Estate Bubble in 2007 and subsequent years.]
      This "core dump" article about my experiences to date with surreal estate is my way of reviewing how, if at all, I might want to proceed in the future.  I suspect it means that I won't be wasting any more time nor energy trying to find that which doesn't exist, some land with sufficiently clear title to allow me to carry out my solar energy development project.  What with the sonofaBush's ongoing implementation of criminal tax evading Xian plans to build a thermonuclear Doomsday Machine in Nevada at the edge of a major tectonic plate to create their hate mongering "religion"'s much desired "end of the world", it probably won't even matter that we're all plunged into darkness before he and his criminal Xian colleagues blow the world apart in the midst of the Great Depression Two which His British Lordship the criminal mastermind Greedspan has been so diligently at work setting up against the human and civil rights of Americans.  Nonetheless, I hope that it might be of some use to those of you thinking about land purchases, if only as a form of "scarecrow flapping its arms".

Valuation Criteria
     When I completed the above Summary and Conclusions on 050922, it was my impression that I was not going to be pursuing my solar energy development project any further.  A telephone call from a prospective seller of land proved me wrong.  Like an old war horse hearing a bugle, I promptly started researching the land owned by that new prospective seller.  In process it occurred to me that there was yet another section to be written for *this* article, regardless of whether anything comes out of my research into the potentially available land.
      Getting down to the very bottom of the relevant valuation criteria, the lowest number of the bunch is the "assessed valuation" against which is applied the "mil levy" or tax rate which determines the amount which must be paid by the owner of record to the county in which the land is situated, each and every year *promptly* or (with some grace period which locally is two tax years) to have the County Treasurer seize ownership of the land for nonpayment of taxes and to sell it at the County's Annual Auction of such properties to the highest bidder above the taxes and penalties and interest due to the County.  That number is one step down and is defined by law in Nevada to be 35% of the "taxable valuation", the first realistic estimate of what the property is actually worth based on all information available to the County Assessor and in accordance with state law on *how* to compute the taxable valuation of properties.  There is typically a reassessment period of about four years after which each and every property in its review cycle must be reassessed as to "what's it worth?" so that taxable valuation is not only a real world number but updated often enough to be relevant.
      Moving along into the fantasy world occupied by such people as "real estate" sales persons, self styled "appraisers", and the bunkos who fraudulently lend stockholder and depositor money at ludicrously low interest rates and absurd multiples of any real world value to freeloaders on the system via "Home Equity Loans", gamblers in real estate seeking to "flip" the properties, and other frauds seeking to perpetually increase housing costs against humanity, there is something called the "appraised value" which tends to be quite close when not some manipulative increase over the "market value".  A generally coherent fellow trader in value stocks was nonetheless incoherent on this subject because of some years that he spent earlier in his lifetime *selling* "real estate".  Although he seems to understand when I talk with him about not playing the "greater fool" in the major manipulative scams regularly created against cash paid public stockholders of publicly owned corporations, even recognizing the only truth there which is that "the market will continue to fluctuate", his former career as a salesman of "real estate" had him *insisting* that "market price" was the reference point for what *I* should pay for land for my solar electric generating project.  At the very tippy top level of the fantasy world of "real estate" sellers are those who insist that no sale can be closed below (nor loan made based on anything less than) the "highest and best use value".
      To summarize the above, there are at least four significant ways of valuing real estate:  assessed valuation, taxable valuation, appraised/market valuation, and highest and best use valuation.  In markets as "frothy" as the current situation, as even that perennial manipulator of bubble markets His British Lordship the criminal mastermind Greedspan has referred to what's going on now, the pair of fantasy valuation methods tend to skyrocket dragging the pair of real world valuation methods up with them so as to create onerous intrusions into the budgets of those who bought "more house" than their real world budgets would allow, based on plans to freeload on prudent savers and investors at ludicrous low interest rates (thereby forcing thousands if not millions of elderly retirees out of their own homes due to rightful interest incomes rigged to artificially low levels) via infinitely increasing borrowings through "Home Equity Loans".  Did I mention that I've never gotten involved in playing that freeloading and self deceiving game of pretending to "ownership" of that which is actually owned exclusively by the defrauded savers and investors whose money was used to build it?  Haven't.  There may be some among the freeloaders who wind up wishing that they hadn't either.
      Since the only thing I get to take home from a real estate closing is the subject pile of dirt (and not even that when frauds such as the attempted seller of the local version of the Brooklyn Bridge are involved, then not even the right to *visit* the subject pile of dirt), I have no conceivable reason for paying too much of the fantasy kinds of valuation.  I have a quite specific project in mind which does eliminate quite a lot of the useless parcels which are on the market at any given time.  That project is not merely to "produce electricity from sunlight" for the benefit of the inadequate local electric company and other users but must also result in me being able to build a home on the land in which to live out my remaining years.  I must be *able* to carry out my project of many phases and subprojects without unreasonable interference from the generations of fraudulent conveyancers who have trashed title on vast quantities of land so as to make it useless and/or subject to criminal trespass and destruction in perpetuity.  The quantity of land involved also must be large enough (40 acres has been my standard all along) for me to do my project.  Larger and multiple parcels would also be of interest but thus far I have not been able to locate even a first *one* parcel of 40 acres or better.
      When I allocated some money "for the purchase of real estate", I actually did begin from a price closely approximating "market value" as the generally coherent fellow stock trader insisted that I do.
Yes, with a line drawn through the range of asking prices per acre below the mathematical "median" of all such prices, but basically "market value".  My beginning attempts at actually buying some land at that price resulted in my discovery of the fatal flaw in the title of virtually every parcel of land in the state of Nevada, as described earlier in this article.  Clear title is what I had in mind and insisted on in bidding.  That fatal flaw (oil/gas rights reserved by the railroad which, under current high oil/gas pricing are virtually certain to lead to actual invasion and destruction of the land by themselves or companies to whom they sell the rights) meant that I had to adjust my price thinking to accommodate the extra time and costs of trying to negotiate the release or purchase of those rights so that I could proceed to invest the serious money into the land for my project without perpetual fear of imminent destruction by criminal thugs exercising those "rights".  In the alternative, it meant that I had to accept the risk (a price lowering factor) that the railroad or its assigns might *never* release nor sell those hostile destructive "rights" for repatriation into the land.  My estimate of the time/ cost/ risk factors involved amounted to half of the original price that I had been willing to pay for clear title which, I have been assured, I'm never going to get regardless.  Incidentally, none of the higher *priced* parcels of land on the market have clear title either.  Same fatal flaw, only a higher asking price.
      Although the Brooklyn Bridge fraud involved draconian restrictions on any use ever, such that actual ownership remained in the hands of the 1960s era fraudulent conveyancers with nothing but the duty to pay taxes being conveyed to subsequent purchasers, there were other parcels that I looked at which had some obvious zoning or easements or reservations but which nonetheless still had "some value".  Not for my intended project, mind you, but "some value" in relation to my allocation of funds "for the purchase of real estate".  As an accommodation to sellers of such parcels, if and only if conditions become such that they *need* and/or want to sell to me at that price and only to the extent of my allocation of funds, I decided I would be willing to pay the realistic Taxable Valuation (roughly triple assessed valuation) which is calculated by the most serious participants in real estate, the County Assessors whose employers depend on those numbers being sufficiently realistic to provide the funds for running their respective county governments without fomenting civil wars or insurrections.
      So I conclude this article (for the second time) by mentioning four sets of valuation criteria for parcels of land that I might look at in the future.  There are of course going to be more Brooklyn Bridge offerings and useless sides of mountains that I simply won't be able to buy at all.  There may be some eager sellers who *don't* have what I need for my project but who want some of the cash that I'm willing to provide at my accommodation price of Taxable Valuation.  Maybe "one of these years" there will be somebody with some suitable land with "only" the fraudulent conveyancing of the railroad reducing its value to my time/ cost/ risk adjusted price.  Or, indulging in the kind of wild eyed fantasies that so many sellers engage in, there might even be somebody somewhere who has clear title to some land that *would* be useful for my project.  With these pricing parameters in mind, I'm keeping an open mind as I review the parcels about which the prospective seller telephoned me.
      A key point that I should mention here is that I don't have the disease that so many in my own regular field of endeavor have of finding that money "burns a hole in their pockets".  My pockets are entirely cool.  I don't "gotta" spend nuttin.  Allocation to me means only that I'm *willing* to spend if and only if I can find something that I want at a price that I'm willing to pay.  I justify the costs of inspecting potential purchases, after of course prescreening them with the proposed sellers and the topos and aerial photographs available to me so that there might at least be "some chance" of the parcels being useful, as expenditures for the purpose of getting me out of the office and into the sunshine looking at some pretty scenery even if it *never* results in a useful purchase.  Hasn't yet.
      Incidentally, with the hyperinflated "real estate" muckit, the ludicrously excessive unpayable debt loads of millions of Americans, the systemic flaws which have been built into the financial system, and the criminal thefts of stockholders equity out of vast swaths of American industry, all pointing to creation of Great Depression Two, my expectation is that sooner or later some people *are* going to want to "hit my bids" with actual parcels of land that I shall be willing to buy.  Meanwhile, I remain the landless peasant that I've been throughout my life while the freeloading "lords" of the land use my money for financing their profligate wastefulness.

Eventually Bought "Something"
      With only minor editing and [comments added], the foregoing was completed by 051217.  The rest of this blog is about piles of dirt that eventually I did buy.  A false imprisonment project coupled with felony identity theft activities, attempts to take control of incoming postals, and deliberate vehicle destroying and health attacking obstructions at the place I had been renting from fraudulent and abusive landlords urged me to resume searching for "a house to buy" in mid 2007 (different objective than my original project design).  Found something out in the desert that provided a very small pile of dirt for me to play in and closed the purchase 071115.  One of the attractions of what I bought was the reported "low" rate of property crime in the area.  Found out later how that "low" reported rate was being rigged.  "Neighbor problems" with criminal trespassers raising clouds of dust and ear splitting noise levels, along with flood problems resulting from Mother Nature's perennial monsoons, induced me to pay a ludicrous high price to the series of gamblers "flipping" surrounding piles of dirt to buy that surrounding land whose purchase I closed 101115.  My excuse for paying that ludicrous high price is that the perennial battle cry of surreal estate purveyors, "location, location, location", was significantly true of that surrounding land and its crew of criminal trespassers.  Altogether the piles of dirt that I eventually bought amounted to nothing even close to the originally intended "40 acres".  I have been working diligently ever since toward developing those piles of dirt into something that might "eventually" become a home.
      An immediate problem that arose with my purchases was that an adjoining paved roadway had been stupidly and/or maliciously designed to dump the flood runoff from an entire uphill subdivision against my Little House in the Desert every time Mother Nature inflicted one of her monsoons.  Nothing in the way of a storm sewer constructed as part of that wrongful design, nor any prospect of any such thing being built at any time in the foreseeable future.  Given the tendency for storm sewers to become blocked by the trash strewn by the abusive "public", I'm not even certain that it would have helped even if such a storm sewer had been included in the wrongful design.  So I proceeded to attempt to defend myself and my property from those flood waters being funneled against me and mine.
      The previous owner of my Little House had disclosed that local land use officials had been involved when he constructed the chain link fence around the central part of what he sold to me.  So I telephoned them and inquired what I might do to defend myself.  The land use official that I spoke with assured me that I owned everything out to the curb of the funneling roadway and was free to build whatever I wanted, so long as it didn't exceed four feet in height.  That reading of the American language was what I had seen in reading my title papers and the Title Insurance Company involved had not bothered to inform me of anything different.  So I constructed a line of concrete block near the curb to redirect a "jumper" flood water flow over the curb and, after being forced to do so by criminal vandals slashing the sandbags I placed near the opening of my driveway cut to shut off the inflow of flood waters during monsoons, also a sandbag defense blockhouse next to my driveway.  Further developed a little garden in that front yard area complete with fencing against the local rampaging rabbits.  Speaking of criminal vandals, slashing sandbags was only one indication of the actual rate of property crimes going on in the area.  The attacks were and remain persistent but generally "unreported" or falsely reported by law enFARCEment offals as being something else altogether on behalf of the ruling criminal gangs.
      The efforts I made had been significantly effective against the most serious flood water destruction of my property for several years but left an ingress open for destruction of the Arboretum that I began developing in the surrounding land, whenever the flooding wasn't so serious as to require deployment of the sandbags to defend the house itself.  I was started on constructing a flood channel for those "lesser" flood waters when the efforts of local criminal gangs halted the process on 121002.  What they did was to send one of their narcotics using criminal thug puppets illegally riding a dirt bike to smash through the defenses I had built against such criminal trespasses and to smash down sections of my garden fencing and the USPS required mailbox next to the paved street.  During that criminal attack, when the violent assailant refused to leave my property and carried out further criminal destructions of my property, I called "911" for assistance from the local office of the Sheriff's Department.  What they sent was a criminally corrupt deputy, himself a dirt biker no doubt similarly ignoring in his own trespassing the county codes prohibiting the operation of dirt bikes without written consent in hand from the owners of the land, to write up a totally fraudulent report of the incident in which he pretended that the criminal thug wiffey of the violent assailant, who was herself part of the criminal attacks, was a "victim witness".  The corrupt deputy ignored a genuine neighbor witness from across the street who had seen the entire incident and absolutely omitted everything that I had observed during the criminal attacks when writing up his fraudulent report.  Weeks later I was allowed to see the fraudulent report which had been written in conformance with the "it's all the victim's fault" orientation of criminal gangs and the "true meaning of 911" established during the sonofaBush administration's terrorisms against America.  Fully explained how that fraudulently reported "low rate of property crime" had been rigged.
      Meanwhile I followed up on the corrupt deputy's insistence that the criminal assailants had "rights" to a portion of what was defined in the American language as being my land.  Ultimately uncovered a fraudulent taking of "some" portion of my front yard, where my flood defenses were built, which had been accomplished by licensed professional liars some 52 years earlier but not disclosed to me by the negligent Title Company.  Even after discovering that the fraudulent claims did exist (and that my Title Company would not defend me against those claims), they were defined in such a way as to make it impossible to determine in the real world *where* they existed.  Finally on 121218, I got a printable email, from the person whom other members of the applicable County goofermint agreed was the appropriate official, defining in writing how to determine the end of those fraudulent claims and demanding that I remove my sandbag defense blockhouse and relocate my garden fencing in accordance with that definition.
      My slave labor destroying what I had necessarily built to defend against their wrongfully directed funneling of flood waters against me and mine was completed by 121231.  Did that mean the re-establishment of the peace and domestic transquility which my old person needs?  Not hardly.  Their criminal vandals continue to spew trash onto my property (along with their fraudulently claimed frontage), to attack and slash the fencing that I built on unquestioned portions of the surrounding piles of dirt, and then further demonstrated the criminal realities on 130306.  There were some strange noises coming from the street that morning.  When I went out to investigate, there was a COUNTY diesel run truck parked directly across the street while crews of COUNTY empees were doing something else further down the street.  When I went out less than an hour later to run errands in town, the COUNTY truck was gone but I noticed a siphon hose sitting next to my diesel pickup truck.  It hadn't been there when I investigated less than an hour before.  Might not have becen made aware of  what happened but for their leaving that siphon hose as a souvenir of their criminal theft.  I keep meticulous records of fuel consumption, among other financial records.  Those records indicated the amount of the criminal theft of diesel fuel to have been about 15 gallons, $65 worth.
      So not only does the involved County fail to preserve and protect but they engage in overt criminal thefts from citizens below and beyond the real property and other taxes which they collect.  Meanwhile they use force to steal from male citizens claimed to be owned by lesbian thugs in their notorious divorce racketeering industry, in felony enslavement violation of Articles XIII, XIV, V, and I,  and refuse to collect any of the real estate taxes on the massive quantities of land and buildings owned by the felony tax evading, slave mongering, hate mongering against male citizens, baby raping, homosexist "religion" establishment, in flagrant violation of Article I of the US Constitution Amendments which prohibits any such special laws at any level of goofermint.  Does indeed make "land" quite surreal, whether from the perspective of a prospective or actual "owner".
     Bob Grumbine    :-)##

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