Happy Holidays

Halloween.  The only constructive thing that I have to say about any of the conventional holidays, that doesn't instantly get me into a dispute with religious fanatics, has to do with Halloween.  That is the one night of the year when all of the normal rules about panhandling, begging, and so forth, are suspended most places for persons of "trick or treating" age.  The kids are genuinely exempt.  We've been doing this holiday for at least hundreds of years if not longer.  I believe it may even date back to the days of white magic nature worshippers in the woods.  So too are the adults exempt who would rightfully never consider giving away anything of value to beggars or for any reason whatever other than quid pro quo.  In celebration of the Halloween holiday and only to persons of proper trick or treating age, we adult providers are also exempt from the usual rules (as have a number of people who wrongly viewed my Halloween gifting process as being a trait of an easy mark quickly discovered to their chagrin).  The young people, generally from age 15-16 on down to barely old enough to walk (and an occasional babe in arms) get all dressed up (or not in more impoverished neighborhoods) in costumes reflecting their (or their parents) notions of what their souls are like.  They come around to neighborhood doors (especially those decorated with Halloween decorations and properly lit to indicate participation in the holiday), knock on the door or ring the bell and when the householder comes to the door they chant "Trick or Treat!" (or imply that by their presence in costume when they have yet to learn to talk).  For security reasons in this day and age, the young people are often accompanied by an older sibling or by a parent who keeps an eye on what's going on.
      When I was a very young child, Halloween was my favorite holiday of the year (for reasons which will become clear when I discuss other holidays later in this web page).  As I began aging and became a householder myself, I began celebrating the holiday by making sure I had something for the young people who came around to my door.  Many recent years, it was a packaged sample of the chewing gum made by one of my companies (which they sent to each stockholder at Xmas time for a variety of reasons including the reality that the company was founded by a guy who went around handing out samples of his wares in the process of originally building the company) plus a conventional candy bar or cake product purchased for the occasion.  Something I noticed over the years was that I myself was getting awfully sick from eating too many of the candy bar or cake products during the day(s) leading up to Halloween or immediately afterward if there weren't enough young people visiting my home to carry it all away with them.  Never mind lecturing me about "discipline".  I'm one of the most disciplined stock traders around.  I'm just overly fond of sweets as are many older versions of kids who liked Halloween when they were younger.  So even if the young people like them and many expect them, there was getting to be a negative personal value to continuing the "conventional" approach to the holiday.
      You may or may not ever have noticed that my previous public service web site relating to stocks and other financial matters was founded September 3, 2001.  I was getting concerned about the lack of financial education in the world and then commenced personal efforts to do something about it.  That same line of reasoning led me to develop a didactic tool for educating the youngest citizens about money as shown in the text form that I used every Halloween through 2003.  The form can be downloaded, modified as necessary, and printed by anyone who wants to pick up on this tradition.  What the piece of paper that I handed to each trick or treater provided was a list of each of the coins currently being minted by the United States government, whose face is on the coin, its monetary value, and a very brief description of why that person was important in U.S. history (how they got chosen to be on a general circulation coin minted by the government).  In each of the open spaces, I tape an actual sample of the six coins, best I can obtain without excessive time and energy searching for uncirculated samples, total cost $1.91 for the coins plus a couple of cents for the paper and computer printer and tape to put the gift together for each trick or treater.  The photograph at right shows what a stack of my prepared Halloween treats for the young people looked like.  It frankly was not that much of a financial reach to carry on this tradition.  "In for twenty five cents worth of toxic chemicals (which are called "candy" by their promoters), better to spend $1.95 for something that might actually do the young people some good" was how I saw it.
      There can be some minor complications.  For example, after I moved to an area of the country where there are casinos handling large quantities of coins and currency, there was considerable local concern about slugs and counterfeits and such.  The concerns of adults do tend to filter down to and through the young people.  So for the first time, in 2003, I was asked questions including "are they real?" (yes) and "where did you get them?" (at the bank).  My prior place of residence, which had less immediate local reason to be concerned about counterfeits and slugs, tended not to have such questions.  Those local issues to the side, my didactic tool nevertheless had other potential complications.  Having thought through the potentials, my decision was to proceed, but you should be aware of some possible adverse side effects of this plan to use Halloween for educational purposes.  Most obvious is that the kids may take the money and go across the street to the nearest candy seller and develop an even worse bellyache than they would have had on the basis of the outright gifts of candy that they got.  Even these days, $1.91 does buy quite a lot of candy.  Cool, educational mission accomplished, the kids got a bellyache to remember me by (along with some reason to inquire into their own choice of how to spend the money, a rather useful thought process well worth developing by direct experience rather than preaching).  Alternately, one of the other kids or their own mommies may steal the gift.  Less cool, but it has happened, and it provides the young person from whom the money was stolen with some knowledge of the true nature of the thieves in their own lives (just as an entire generation of savers and investors has learned that stock hypists and underwriters and so forth have considerably less honorable motives than the benefit of the victims of their criminal scams as during the Internet Mania swindles).  Having an already ample supply of candy for weeks beyond Halloween, there is also the possibility that the young people may save the money and spend it later for something else that they want.  Beginnings of real education about money in that, part of the point of the exercise.
      Even on the simplest level, there is learning what each coin looks like, what it's worth in financial terms, whose picture is on it, and a brief history lesson about why that person was important to the country which honored the person by putting their image onto the coinage.  Whatever else happens, there is the opportunity for the young person to learn from their own choices, right or wrong, or from the treatment that the rest of the world accords them as a consequence of them having some money of their own to use as they see fit.  Bottom line: instead of poisoning the kids with yet more of those toxic chemicals called candy that they generally already have too much of anyway, I provided them with an educational opportunity.

End of constructive thoughts on celebrating holidays.  Read any further and you shall see my usual curmudgeonly views on each of the other holidays of the year, some of which may be quite offensive to religious fanatics, politicians, and perhaps some others.

      I did have to discontinue my Halloween tradition.  The counterfeits and slugs oriented cesspool (which also engages in felony identity theft) responded as if there were no conceivable exemption for Halloween and promptly began demonstrating criminal fraud attacks based on the presumption of me being a suckah who gives away money without receiving anything of value in exchange.  In the schools, their "educational" pogrom about money consists of providing one only possible thing to squander the fake "money" on (the long term life threatening fat laden product known as "ice cream"), no store of value, no matters of choice, only another "do what we the criminal thugs tell you to do with whatever we give you for nothing" exercise quite similar to their "see who can stomp the other person's foot quickest" physical education training to generate income for the medifrauds in the local podiatry busyness.  In a subsequent location, the local children and their adult relations were so much into trespass, trash littering, and destruction as to disqualify themselves from any Halloween gifting.  So I have, in essence, suspended my Halloween tradition since 2003.

     Xmas.  Being a bearded person with a few extra pounds around my midriff (many extras until heart complications compelled me to radically change my diet), I already for years started off with the handicap of being perceived by many young people (and older ones too who never understood that "Santa Claus" was simply a name to which their parents "attributed" gifts that were excessive in number or cost) as "looking like Santa Claus".  The Sinter Klaas legend originally was based on a quite delightful old coot who saw the poverty in his area of Europe, the bitterness of the cold and harshness of the snow and lack of fuel supplies for the poor, and decided early one December to do something about it by gifting his neighbors, especially the children.  That "lump of coal" originally was an extremely positive gift in that it meant perhaps a bit of warmth or the possibility of cooking some food, although in more recent years it has been used as an idiom for lack of other gifts that profligate wastrels have come to expect from all and sundry within their sphere of social contacts.
      The original tradition has also been maliciously corrupted by delaying it several weeks and snarling it into the religious perversions promoting the antisocial Xian practice of population littering against human viability under the nominal excuse of the "birth of Jesus".  The ultimate insult against the humanly enhancing aspects of Xmas was levelled in 2003 by those vicious purveyors of male mutilation tools, the Gillette Razor Blade company, when they ran advertisements on a local radio station pretending that the centuries established icon of the Xmas season, Santa Claus, had been perverted into a slime faced transvestite adopting female facial appearance using their mutilation tools to eliminate his long flowing white beard.  Turned out that they had been stealing so much of the stockholders equity out of that company with "stock buybacks" at ludicrous multiples of net tangible equity that, in addition to diminishing revenues due to having already overly saturated the market for their male mutilation tools, they had put the company into de facto bankrupt condition with more real liabilities than real assets.  Hence pretending that they had perverted the last famous personage known to have a long beard became a "marketing" effort to get what limited remaining human population there might be with beards, not already mutilated with their tools of malicious destruction, to convert to the company's male mutilating lesbian supremacist social perversion.
      All that to the side, even when I was very small, I never did like Xmas.  Not only were there offensive overtones of antimale religion trashing the environment throughout the season, but my mother had a peculiarity of requiring, demanding, insisting that each child of hers keep accurate detailed accounting records of who received what from whom.  Oh blech!  So instead of an opportunity to enjoy anything, Xmas became an experience closely akin to filing a complicated tax return, even while I was child.  Phooey.  No fun.  Not a holiday that I ever found any reason whatsoever to favor.  Then later there were all of the idiot relatives and others looking for some extremely well thought out gift in celebration of that noxious holiday, the unreasonable drains on my own meager young finances, and the total lack of sense to any of it.
      I may occasionally celebrate Hannukah, the feast of lights (also usurped in part by the Xian perverts so as to claim ownership of every positive aspect of every other tradition as part of their criminal abuse of human populations demanding production of ever more illiterate uneducated and often uneducable mouths to feed for the greater honor and gory of belligerent blasphemy) but without its offensive Xian overtones and generally only at the proper time for celebrating Hannukah.  I do in fact smile politely when one of the young people makes that standard error "you look like Santa Claus" when in fact all I am is an old guy who doesn't torture myself with the offensive lesbian transvestite behaviors of the victims of Gillette and other such companies.  As a stockholder in numerous retailing businesses, of course I maintain my peace about the offensive Xmas holiday since that is the time when many of my companies experience their best revenues of the year.  But through my eyes, Xmas is a despicable perversion of humanity into mindless population littering (sexless of course as is everything else about that homosexual religion).

     New Year's Day.  The conventional New Year's Day is another total bore for me, partly because it relates to the homosexual Xian calendar, partly because it is a drunk and disorderly poisoning ritual, partly because it signifies that only a few days later I must pay more estimated taxes to the homosexual Xian perversion of a Frauderal government that we have these days, partly because nothing constructive or meaningful ever happened on that day nor on the night before in my entire life.  Hence I all but totally ignore the conventional Xian New Year's Day and have noticed that my own real life new year tends to begin right around Rosh Hoshana of the Jewish calendar with Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement nine days later) tending also to be significant for me.
      It is a rather strange thing to pretend that a "new year" begins on January 1 anyway.  The Frauderal goofermint begins its year on October 1.  The county where I pay real estate taxes has a year beginning on July 1.  Various states have their own ideas about when a new year begins.  Retailers generally begin their new year around February 1 after they have cleaned up from their "holiday" selling season.  Gung How Fat Choi (chinese new year) is a whole different date as are the separate new year's celebrations of other cultures.
      It is only the New Year of DRUNKS that is January 1 of the Gregorian calendar.  No surprise in that since Gregory himself was a drunk.  Every soldier in the criminal gang that he led as capo de tut de capii for many years is *required* to consume at least "some" alcohol every single day.  So it is entirely appropriate that Gregory's "new year" January 1 be the day recognized by DRUNKS as their beginning of another year of debauching.

      Martin Luther King day.  Despite his educational degree and early life business pursuit of promoting the homosexual Xian religion, Martin Luther King was a mensch.  It was not his business endeavor of the Xian religion which made him sensitive to the civil rights issues which led to his murder by other Xians.  Virtually every racial bigot in the country is of that same offensive antihuman Xian religion.  The thing that made Martin Luther King a mensch was that only slightly hidden away practice of his, uncovered by the faggot J.Edgar Hoover during the Freaky Bureau of Instigation "investigations" of Dr. King, of being an active heterosexual person.  Decent working girls, an occasional competent courtesan, all met in pursuit of his heterosexual interests, are what made a mensch of that surficially nothing but another lesbian supremacist criminal Xian preacher.  Get connected to humanity, as Martin Luther King in reality did, and you wind up with a certain "care is matic" personality.  So even though I am not of the race which perceives itself as having benefitted most greatly from the later works of Martin Luther King, I recognize a certain kinship with him as a fellow active heterosexual human being.  Hence I do quietly acknowledge and celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday.

      Lincoln's Birthday and Valentine's Day. For most people, those two holidays may seem entirely unrelated to each other, even though they fall on the calendar exactly two days apart (on the 12th and 14th of February each year).  Abraham Lincoln, you may recall, was President and an avid promoter of Article XIII of the U.S. Constitution Amendments which prohibits slavery, the ownership of any human being by any other, in the United States.  His "Emancipation Proclamation" is revered by most persons of Negro Race who make the frequent error, supported and promoted by the majority of criminal slave mongerers of all subsequent years, of believing it to have been exlcusively for their racial benefit that slavery was prohibited.  It requires a certain naivete about Lincoln himself to adopt such a view.  Good old rail splitter turned lawyer Abe Lincoln was afflicted with one of the most vicious lesbian thuggesses ever seen in the White House as his "wife".  Mary Todd, the thuggess in question, used to consider it within her purview to bash Abe up beside the head with a log when he was the least bit slow about building a fire for her in the fireplace, for example.  Although I have never seen anyone else suggest this, unlike the first remark about her behavior, I am convinced that it was Mary Todd who arranged for the assassin John Wilkes Booth to be *able* to get into the Theatre to murder Abe while he was watching a play on the day of his death.  She had already long since demonstrated herself to be that kind of criminal spirit and could not even conceivably have missed the point of Article XIII that it was directed toward emancipating all of the male slaves of lesbian criminal thuggesses such as herself.  Take a look at the color scheme in the conventional homosexual Xian "marriage" ceremony by which lesbian criminal thuggesses (dressed in white to allude to white slave owners of the Confederate Xian religion) takes ownership of the hetero oriented male (dressed in black to allude to the black slaves of that same Confederate religion).  Abe Lincoln and the northern Congress of that day may have been able to place Article XIII into the Constitution Amendments but the homosexual Xians are still to this day demanding and inflicting slavery on male citizens in violation of that Constitutional mandate.
      Shift now to Valentine's Day, the two days later event which is part of the pair of holidays to which I refer.  "Will you be my Valentine?" sounds all happy and cozy unless you know who and what the original "Saint Valentine" of the homosexual Xian religion was about.  Remember the standard cartoon character "Cupid" who is styled as shooting arrows through the heart of those who are supposed to "fall in love"?  That wasn't any "cupid" and those were real arrows with which Mister Valentine was murdered lo those many years ago.
      So let's take a look at the day in the middle, February 13th.  Could one possibly interpret that day as being an appropriate day for "freeing the slaves" of having our hearts shot to pieces by criminal lesbians?  For most people probably not.  For me, yup.  You see, it was on that day in 1975 that the last of the lesbian criminal poisoners, thuggesses and thieves of my own life was allowed by the criminally corrupt homosexual Xian judiciary of the area where I was residing at the time to run off with my money, in violation of numerous of the laws of the state where the event occurred.  Yet once freed from that one lesbian criminal thief, it became the beginning of a more human life style in which no lesbian criminal has been able to subsequently claim ownership of this human being in violation of Article XIII and the rest of the aspects of the U.S. Constitution which the criminal Xians violate with their slave mongering swindle of "marriage" and divorce racketeering.  See my legal notice for further information about the meaning to me of that Independence Day established by real time real life experience immediately between Valentine's Day and Lincoln's Birthday.

      Easter, oddly enough, made it through my childhood as a reasonably positive day of the year.  There was the Easter Bunny and the delightful coloring of hard boiled eggs and the Easter baskets of chocolate bunnies and marshmallow delights.  It was only later when the religious perverts of Xianity began force feeding their criminal scam about glorifying the torture and murder of Jesus Nazarenus by people very much like themselves in actual practice, spewing their fraudulent malicious nonsense about said Jesus having "risen from the tomb" to mock the entire human race which has never done so and has no reason whatever to believe any of their lies and fabrications about the Nazarene having done so, murdering people throughout history and defrauding American citizens in recent years so as to compel practice of their perverse "religion" of male murdering, antiheterosexual, lesbian supremacist practices by others who have the good sense not to believe their criminal scam, that it became an offense against humanity, that "Easter" holiday.  Keep it clean and focused on the Easter Bunny and I can approve of it.  Inflict the homosexual Xian murder promotions and I am as disapproving of the Machiavellian perversions as I am of any other gang of murderers glorifying the fact that they got away with murdering one male citizen a couple of thousand years ago and have practices designed to murder every other male or subvert males into fauning lesbian supremacist slaves.  Having been born male, such criminal hate mongering against persons of my gender are not acceptable at all.

     May Day, I remember it well.  The day the homosexual Xian Confederate States politicians tore down the Constitution of the United States with their terrorist medifraud attacks.  May 1, 1987 in memoriam.  No more freedom of religion, unless you like their object rape condoms, divorce racketeering, slave mongering lesbian supremacist, male murdering perversion imported from the Dark Ages of Europe pretending to be a "religion".  No more freedom to own property since 1987 was also the year they appointed that communist criminal mastermind Greedspan to destroy the United States economy by looting and gutting all property owned by individual humans via "stock buybacks" and the Automated Clearing House.  Freedom of speech, but only so that they know who disagrees with their criminal abrogations.  Elections, but only between appointees of the homosexual Xian freeloading criminal tax evading churches and with the majority of Americans refusing to vote for any of their criminal appointees.  Computers and information, but subject to the invasions of privacy and sabotage of productive business and personal activities created by their pet convicted criminal predatory Microsoft monopoly.  May Day always was the national day in the former Soviet Union that the homosexual Xian Confederate States politicians imitate with all of their policies.  The American flag is still there, flapping in the breeze.  It just doesn't mean anything any more without our US Constitution continuing as the supreme law of the land.

      Fourth of July is that day in 1776 formally recognized as being "the day" when the Declaration of Independence was signed and is celebrated as the national Independence Day of the United States.  Putting aside all historical accuracy questions as to timing of an event that most likely occurred over a period of several days, the Fourth of July is important to me in a moral and ethical sense as symbolizing the Constitution of the United States which developed out of that proclaimed independence from the criminal thugs and thieves of the then Kingdom (now Queendom) of Great Britain.  In recent years under the criminal Confederate States politicians who have been running the United States into the ground to punish this nation for defeating their predecessors in slave mongering and perfidy during the Civil War, many aspects of our Constitution have been weakened or violated or abrogated by the Confederate States government that has been imposed on us.  Since 1995, the people of the United States have refused to ratify those criminal gangs of the Confederacy as being a lawful government by consistently refusing to provide a quorum of the registered voters for all of the Confederate criminal gang candidates combined, regardless of the criminal "political party" labels which they have usurped, all of which added together represent not even as many as half of the people of the nation.  Foreign criminal gangs are represented, as for example by his Lordship Greedspan who has been destroying the economic substance of the nation with his incesssant criminal attacks against property rights and income rights of American citizens to our own property and incomes.  Historic defilers of human rights such as the homosexual criminal gangs of Europe operating under the "Xianity" name, which managed to keep Europe in the Dark Ages for more than a millenium, are also wildly overrepresented by the criminal politicians of the Confederacy including the direct affront to Article I of the U.S.Const.Amends. of the sonofaBush's H.R.7 swindle system which intends to pay American taxes directly to the homosexual Xian religious establishment for the aggrandizement of their criminal scams against the people and to compel attendance at their malicious indoctrination sessions against human and civil rights.  The American people are not represented.  Although I do not attend the nonsense fireworks celebrations nor bother with the pandering empty speeches of the politicians who spend the other 364 days of the year abrogating and violating the Constitution, I do reserve the Fourth of July as a day of quiet remembrance for the very valid and essential humanity embodied in the United States Constitution.

     Thanksgiving Day.  The fourth Thursday of November has always been a difficult day for me, fraught with arguments with family about silly things and tedious disruption of normal life activities.  It was not until I visited New England on a May 2002 vacation trip that I began to understand the true origins of that difficult holiday.  Plymouth Rock, for example, was where a gang of murderers who were being interfered with in the vaguely civilized nation of England for killing loyal subjects of His Majesty the King on grounds of their perverted homosexual Xian religion first landed on the ground of the American continent and proceeded to practice their murderous homosexual religion on all who came within their purview.  The book, "The Scarlet Letter", was only nominally fiction and Hester Pryne being fire branded with an "A" on her forehead reflected some quite real torture and murder behaviors of the criminal perverts of the homosexual Xian religion.  Many of the other "original colonists" were similar criminal perverts who left the then civilization in order to inflict their viciousness on human sorts.  So, how is it that I could find any joy in a day which celebrates the fact that some native American tribesmen fed the incompetent criminal perverts so as to keep them alive through their first winter in America?  Unlikely.  It was the later arrivals from other parts of the European continent landing elsewhere who brought some semblance of civilization to the American continent, albeit with some negative effects on the native Americans who had supported the criminal perverts on that first "Thanksgiving Day".  I will in fact occasionally cook up a turkey something (not a big bird, more usually a prepared roast of turkey meat), often enjoy some cranberry sauce, ears of corn rather than maize, perhaps a lovely cooked stuffing made in accord with an old family recipe of turkey giblets and spices and breading, sometimes a pie of some sort although rarely pumpkin, but generally over a space of days rather than on Thanksgiving Day itself.  The holiday itself remains too much a reminder of the worst elements of American society: the criminal homosexual Xian perverts who abrogate every law and the Constitution itself created by more civilized later settlers.
      Nonetheless, I did find some things during the peace and quiet of November 26, 2009 for which to be thankful and drew up a list of *those* things.  My list included thanks
      For the lovely flowers and trees and cactuses which grew so nicely for me this year carrying out their own life imperatives with but a little facilitation and water supply from me;
      For having been able to shut off the faggot violence and lesbian supremacist propaganda drivel telebitchin set in July 2003 so that those frauds against my human and civil rights are no longer present except when Wholly Wierd garbage addicts are around;
      To the Asian peoples willing to produce economically many of the goods that the L.A. Bore Onions, felonious abrogative bunko systems, and criminal thieving craporate munchiments are too greedy and rapacious to allow to be produced in the United States;
      To the members of my hetero religion who maintained as long as they could the effort to sustain some semblance of a civilized human society in the United States until the lesbians and faggots and criminal tax evading religionists of the post Eleanor Roosevelt era viciously abrogated the Constitution commencing with Ronny Raygun circa 1987;
      To the few genuine health professionals who provided the information and advice for me to survive a criminal medifraud murder attempt and even a heart attack without the invasive and murderous extortions of their criminal peers in the "health services" swindle system;
      To George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and the other founders of the United States of America for writing a Constitution which at least warns of the kinds of criminal machinations that berserk treasonous goofermints conduct against human populations, even if they couldn't reach out to prevent the current stream of atrocities against Americans;
      and To the Social Security Administration, this year anyway, for allowing me to prohibit the life destroying criminal thugs of the medifraud industry from stealing FORTY EIGHT PERCENT of the meager retirement income that I paid for as a young man to further their 23 year running criminal attacks against my human and civil rights with their tortures, maimings and attempted murder of my body.

      Conclusion. There are of course numerous other recognized holidays during the year which require me to take a day off from work (not an unwelcome prospect at times since they provide opportunity for me to catch up on bookkeeping and research).  Should any of them become particularly significant to me, I may add them to this writeup at some future time.  But when it comes right down to it, there is only the one holiday of the year that I genuinely like that has not been trashed by Xian perverts, namely Halloween, and I chose for many years to celebrate it by giving children their own samples of that which many consider the most scarifying of all things, money.

      Bob Grumbine    :-)##

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