History of this Web Site
History of this Web Site

      This history is presented here as an exercise in omphaloskepsis :)  Between September 2001 and November 2006, I maintained a public service professional web site on a series of ISPs with whom I had email and other relationships.  Most recently that public service web site had been on earthlink/~bgrumbin.   I took that site down when I could no longer get visitor counts from the ISP and felt that I needed that information in relation to the amount of work that it took to maintain the site.  Silly little thing to get upset about.  Nobody really needs visitor counts other than those fraudulent social web sites who use fictitious "accounts" created by their own computers and the externally measured visitor counts for the purpose of selling adwierdteasing to snookered commercial interests.  I never allowed adwierdteasing on my public service professional web site, nor would I provide the URLs of any external web site which demanded fees for visitation.  So the visitor counts really didn't matter in retrospect.
      But there was a more important reason for that former site to be taken offline.  The tenor of that public service professional web site was that, with sufficient research and analytical effort, it might be possible to survive and prosper in the corrupt, rigged, and manipulated "markets" for securities despite the criminal thefts of stockholders equity already then gutting and looting vast swaths of formerly great American companies into de facto bankrupt debt drunk trash heaps.   Reviewing the site itself in context of no longer having visitor counts, I concluded that its overall tenor might mislead people into squandering their hard earned money buying stocks when I was quite certain we were heading into an intentionally engineered Great Depression II (as pointed out in my "Surreal Estate" article last amended 051217).  So I took the site down rather than risk injury to unknown others who might thus be misled.
      I did, however, have a small group of articles still online to which I thought I might want to refer people in the future.  No index.html to lead people into the site but the articles still capable of being accessed by anybody to whom I gave the specific article's URL.  Mostly forgot that I even had those things still online until I was doing some cleanup work on my computer preparatory to a full system backup on the evening of 090307 (2 years 4 months after the site itself was discontinued).  Part of that cleanup consisted of gathering together my list of places where I have "some" web presence.  Pretty much all over cyberspace, at least the American language speaking portions of cyberspace.  Some of my blogging on those sites is quite specific to the sites themselves and unlikely to be repeated here.  Other blogs originated where they were solely because I "was there" and had something I wanted to say, so I said it there ;) quite regardless of whether anybody was ever going to read it.
      Having rediscovered my original public service professional web site, during my 090307 computer cleanup, I asked myself "Why not gather those things together in this one place where I can see all of them, add to them as desired, edit and modify as required?"  Could save me a whole lot of dancing around cyberspace, especially in relation to those malicious and/or corrupt sites who insist that I shut down my then normal business computer (Win98SE) and instead use my separate physical computer (Xtra Problems) subject to the Constitutionally abrogative "Remote Control" sorft WAR (violates and abrogates the prohibition of illegal searches and seizures specified in Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments) that the convicted criminal predatory Microsoft monopoly has been using to subvert the human and civil rights of Americans beginning with and ever since their Millenium Edition.  I was regularly being subjected to criminal attacks via that "Remote Control" sorft WAR by knowledgeable hackers who demonstrated that the "request" to access my computer, which some less irresponsible original equipment and software suppliers carried out "apparently" before accessing my computer, had nothing to do with whether Micey Sorft's constitutionally abrogative imbedded and irremovable sorft WAR was going to facilitate them carrying out whatever criminal attacks they might want to perpetrate.  Hence my distaste for using the Xtra Problems slopperating system.
      So I began 090308 assembling all of my blogs onto the earthlink/~bgrumbin web site.  Unless I had something to say which quite genuinely related specifically to the web site where it was posted or unless it was something needing to stay there relative to original inquirers on those web sites, it was easier for me for maintenance purposes to have it all in one place.  As a result,  Bob Grumbine's Central Blogging Site became a compendium and more or less comprehensive review of what this old coot has to say about the life and times in which I have managed to remain resident despite multiple efforts to terminate my finances, other human and civil rights, and even life itself on occasion.  It expanded fairly rapidly, within the limitations of the ultra small 10 Mb of space available to me on Earthlink, to include numerous web pages using "hotlinks" to include the voluminous photos that I maintained on servers capable of delivering those photos whenever viewers accessed the web pages.
      The difficulties of relying on hotlinks to deliver page contents had me looking around cyberspace from time to time to see if there might be a more appropriate arrangement than what I had on Earthlink.  What I regularly found was that proposed servers all demanded criminal access to underlying financial accounts using the felony abrogations of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments implicit in the "Electronic Funds Transfer" criminal theft system designed and implemented by His British Lordship the crimiinal mastermind Greedspan from his catbird seat as Chairman of the Loonie Tied Studs Frauderal Reserve Bored (which has been owned by and operated for the exclusive benefit of largely foreign criminal gangs ever since "the war to end all wars" and "creation of the income tax exempting felonious religion gangs" Woodenhead Wilson created it as a governing agency attached to the US government).  So, despite the unreliability of those hotlinked external servers, my Blogging Site remained on Earthlink.
      The situation began to change for the worse when the primary external server I had been using, the former Webshots formerly owned by American Greetings, went out of business as of 121201.  The leveraged buyout new owners of "Smile" wanted to play a game of "give us your passwords for social and other web sites so we can gather all your stuff together under our control".  Didn't bother the "Smile" insiders that it is felony identity theft under the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act for them to have those passwords and other access capabilities.  It's what they wanted to market as a purported service and none of the criminally corrupt goofermint agencies are actually enforcing the law against such perpetrators.  And for perpetrating that felony against "customers", the leveraged owners wanted (you gots to be kidding) to be paid for their criminal activities.  Most of my hotllinked photos and graphics disappeared as a result of Webshots going out of business.
      I had transferred some of the most important photos and graphics for my Blogging Site over to a secondary server facility, along with keeping there some of the albums for my Photos web site on those servers.  Then in early January 2013, all of those disappeared too.  Eventually I got the explanation that their physical arrangements for maintaining their server equipment had been compromised by Hurricane Sandy, that none of my photos and graphics that they had were destroyed, but that it would be "a while" before hotlinking capability might be restored.  Created a dilemma for me because some of the things that I have to say on this Blogging Site are things to which I regularly refer elsewhere and wanted to be able to continue to refer to whenever it suits me to do so.
      A potential solution for my dilemma was presented by a Twitter email to me reporting to me that one of the people that I follow on their site was "following" a thing called Hostable.  Nothing particularly interesting in Hostable's tweets but they did make clear that they were a hosting facility that I hadn't previously talked to about my server needs.  So I called them, found that they had apparently relevant services available for which I could pay by a rational nonrecurring method (three years in advance), and created the domain on which this web site now appears.  Since that domain creation on 130202, I have been rebuilding Bob's Central Blogging Site at its current URL.

    Bob Grumbine    :-)##