Funny Business Contrasts

190310  One of the wannabe cadninuts for Presidunce in the pending 2020 "elections" has made much of the conviction of Paul Manafort for tax and bank fraud, arguing that the four year sentence imposed was negligible in relation to what is imposed on his racial peers for what he wants to pretend are lesser crimes.  Reality is that he and his colleagues in Worsingdone District of Corruption have designed and iimplemented an entire set of tax and bank fraud felony abrogations against
      WE elderly interest income dependent retired whose rightful incomes have been fraudulently transferred beginning in January 2001 via the Frauderal Reserve Bored to the BUNKO industry and other enslavers such as the debt drunk bankruptcy inflicting Presidunce Trump at nothing to negligible pay for our resources used for their frequently criminal purposes such as "financing" the felony theft of the ratable property of continuing stuckholders under such euphemisms as "stock buybacks".
      WE owners of personal property in stocks since October 2007 and later bonds which have been illegally seized in violation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments into the permanent adverse possession of the criminally slopperated "computers" of the fraud and theft industry including the squandrous wastrel Treasury Department which insists that all of the debt instruments it "sells" can only be represented on its own, THE DEBTOR's, criminally slopperated "computers".  The result has been criminal destruction of property thus feloniously seized and imposition of fraudulent "fees" in support of the felony adverse possession.
      WE 48% of the over 18 population classified as "single" to be subjected to brutally and differentially higher taxation, in violation of Article XIV section 1 of the US Constitution Amendments, to support the felony tax evading, slave mongering, hate mongering against male citizens, war mongering for purposes of "sacrificing" yet more male lives in foreign wars created for the purpose, male baby raping, belligerent blaspheming "religion" gangs who pay nothing at all towards having their abrogations of human and civil rights enFARCEd against us. But it is not only the felony tax evading gangs themselves but also their feloniously enslaved in violation of Article XIII of the US Constitution Amendments "marrieds" being provided with radically reduced taxation and their antisocial population litterers producing ever more illiterate uneducable programmable illogic devices to fawn over the homosexist preachers and leadership of the felony tax evaders.  We brutally taxed 48% are entitled to EQUAL PROTECTION of the laws rather than the current feloniously abrogative special "religion" schemes.
      Each and every one of the 535 lying thieving perjurers of their Oaths of Office to "UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION" are known guilty of far worse and vastly farther reaching felonies than what Paul Manafort was convicted of.  Being compelled to "work" in the Marriage You Wanna and cocaine infested cesspool of Worsingdone District of Corruption is by no means sufficient punishment for the major felonies which he and his perjurious criminal peers in the Hows of Unrepresentatives and Snithole perpetrate against us.  Not for a moment suggesting that Paul Manafort didn't deserve the four years in prison to which he was sentenced but ALL OF THEM, without known exception, are self perpetuating ORGANIZED CRIME

150513  For promoters of the swindle of the "exists only on criminally slopperated computers" Bitcoin and aggressive promoters of the felony theft of the ratable property of continuing stuckholders under the euphemism "stock buybacks", I suppose it makes sense that MarketWatch would be promoting the "politically correct" destruction of a central element of the United States currency system.  Even so, their article "Harriet Tubman may have just been voted into your wallet" by Shawn Langlois published May 12, 2015 5:41 p.m. ET was severely offensive.  Took some doing, and was in fact promptly deleted by their destructive promoters of fraud against Americans, but on 150513 at 9:37am I replied to their article:
      It is a severe shame when "politically correct" outweighs *financially relevant*.  The official engraving of Stonewall Jackson always serves to remind me of his famous statement at the Battle of New Orleans "don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes" which in context means "don't spend my engraving until you can get something of value for it".  The nonsense about him having been a slave owner, which was prior to Lincoln's Article XIII amendment to the US Constitution prohibiting slave ownership, becomes outright absurd when you consider that m.obAMA and Swillary and the mother of the felonious enslavement demanding Palin daw turd are ALL slave owners under the slave mongering pretenses of "religion" which they insist the entire American civilization must practice.  Although Article XIII is never enforced against such polytackyun frauds against America and is outright abrogated in the criminally abusive abrogative ecclesiastical "divorce" racketeering "courts", it remains the fundamental law of the land and supposing some "politically correct" frippery of a financial disaster is somehow "better" on those grounds is outright absurd.

131017  Wild eyed story today on the OweBowMao mouthpiece Huffington Post is headlined "Obama Debt Reduction Plan".  The story itself says nothing about *debt* reduction only yammers about proposed marginal changes in the rates of *increase* of debt, everywhere else in the story referred to as "deficit reduction".  Meanwhile numerous felony tax evading slave mongering hate mongering preachers of what they call "religion" have emphasized their desire for yet another biblical "Jubilee", where debts are forgiven every seven years.  Considering the unConstitutional influence which those criminal "religion" gangs have been demonstrating, there can be no doubt that the real Mock Rat notion of "debt reduction" is to have the feloniously abrogative Treasury Department, which has illegally seized all of the debt instruments it "sells" into the permanent adverse possession of its own criminally slopperated "computer systems", engage in a bit of electronic swizzling of the only extant records of to whom it owes all those trillions so as to wipe out the debt by electronic means.  In the alternative, to use its felony access to private financial accounts, required to participate in their "Treasury Direct" felony fraud system but also to receive Social Security "direct deposits" (with the inherent threat of unauthorized felony withdrawals at whim under the Electronic Funds Transfer abrogation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments which their Frauderal Reserve Bored created for them and other criminal thieves) to vacate private accounts to "pay" their debts.  Those are the only kinds of "debt reduction" which the felons who created the ongoing stream of abrogations of American human and civil rights intend with their nonsense yammering while voting into "law" yet more felony abrogations and squandrous wastage of the resources of the nation.
      All the while the Frauderal goofermint has been creating "debt reduction" programs for those who genuinely mortgaged the real estate they borrowed from beleaguered savers and investors whose rightful incomes have been wiped out, numerous state goofermints have been aggressively facilitating felonious foreclosures on homes against which there had *never* been any mortgage because the bunkos desiring to steal the property of the victims had the physical addresses compelled to be provided to them by the third generation fascist sonofaBush and at whim have been using that wrongfully obtained information for purposes of felony thefts of homes.  So this is far from being a "prospective" concern about the illegal seizers of Treasury Department debt but in fact the most rational explanation of *why* that felonious criminal gang, which has been in default of its obligation to collect the taxes due from felony tax evading slave mongering hate mongering "religion" gangs for decades, has 
commenced abrogating Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments by illegally seizing its own debts into its own criminally slopperated "computer systems".  Yet another Caveat Emptorium! styled as a "Treasury Department".

130923  We try to survive in a society where illegal seizure of all stocks into the permanent adverse possession of criminal gang "computer" systems has been made mandatory, where criminal theft of the entirety of the rightful incomes of elderly interest income dependent retired is pretended to be "in the national interest", where felony theft of the ratable property of continuing stuckholders is promoted and at times demanded by Chairpoisons of the Frauderal Reserve Bored, where mere paying agents feel free to steal significant chunks of the "distributions" they handle to cover the ordinary and necessary business expense of *qualifying* to snooker Americans into buying the related stocks and bonds, where criminal thieves in the "transfer agent" busymess are allowed by the corrupt regulators to steal the distributions on "income" securities for criminal sale of more "shares" of stock to unwilling buyers which are then held in permanent adverse possession of the illegally selling criminal gangs, where bunkos use the physical addresses obtained by the criminal dictates of the "Patriot Act" to feloniously foreclose on homes which never had any mortgage against them, where payments of the Social Security obligations of the Frauderal goofermint which stole chunks of our income for decades are required to be put on "debit cards" where felony identity theft is a requirement for getting the money out (or via "direct deposit" providing the criminally slopperated goofermint means to vacate accounts at whim), where all of the debt instruments it "sells" are kept in the permanent adverse possession of the squandrous wastrel debt drunk Constitution abrogating Treasury Department and they further demand felony access to private financial accounts as a condition of "buying" their de facto bankrupt debt, and where any financial account anywhere in the country can be vacated at whim by any criminal thief anywhere in the world using the Electronic Funds Transfer, Automated Clearing House, Point of Sale Terminals, and forgery facilitating "Check21" theft systems set up by the Frauderal Reserve Bored, none of which have any validation by the owner of the funds stolen but are entirely at whim of the criminal thieves.  All of those things in felony abrogation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments.  In context, the "JOBS Act" scam detailed in today's New York Times article has no probative value as anything other than just another criminal theft scheme for "a business to be of great advantage but nobody to know what it is".  Yet another encouragement of criminal theft along the lines of demanding that anybody who has real work to be done to the extent of so much as one tenth of a full time equivalent "employee" must steal from actual workers and from themselves, tolerate enslavement to ludicrous time and money wasting paperwork, and pay also to employ freeloading fraud burro crazies of the goofermint instead of getting the real work done.

130915  Yet another silly article " Five years after Lehman, Americans still angry at Wall Street: Reuters/Ipsos poll" by Michael Erman, Reuters, September 15, 2013 about 5am to which I responded at 1:18pm:
      Article doesn't even mention the real reasons for anger.  Illegal seizure of all stocks commencing in October 2007 into the "Direct Registration System" whereby criminal gangs in the fraud and theft industry have been *given* permanent adverse
possession of the property of American citizens in violation of Article IV US Constitution Amendments with "authorization" from the criminally corrupt SEC.  Illegal seizure of all debt instruments "sold" by the long since Constitutionally abrogative (Article I prohibits their exemptions of "religion" gangs) Treasury Department into their own, the DEBTOR's, criminally slopperated computer systems under the euphemism "Treasury Direct".  Criminal theft of the entirety of the rightful incomes of the elderly interest income dependent retired arranged by the Frauderal Reserve Bored for the benefit of largely foreign criminal gangs in 
the fraud and theft industry with assurance that the Shari'a policy of zero interest on the full time all the time use of our funds is going to continue for years longer even after "tapering".  Felony subversion in violation of Article IV US Constitution Amendments of "financial account balances" so that any such accounts can be vacated at whim via Electronic Funds Transfer, Automated Clearing House, Point of Sale Terminals, and the "Check21" forgery facilitating system, none of which have any validation from the owner of the funds/property stolen but only the desire of the criminal thieves to vacate the account(s) whose details are feloniously published on infinitely hackable web sites by feloniously facilitative financial intermediaries.  Felonious foreclosures on homes which never had any mortgage against them using the criminal purpose gathering of physical addresses under the "Patriot Act" as the basis for such felony thefts.  Felony theft of the ratable property of cash paid public stockholders via fraudulent transfers to criminal cronies in the stock manipulation busymess under the euphemism "stock buybacks".  Criminal thefts of income declared due to stockholders as "fees" by mere paying agents appointed by criminally complicit corporate munchiments sloughing their own ordinary and necessary costs of doing business discriminatorily onto the owners of "their" companies.  Only criminal thugs of the sorts running major finkle institutions could pretend there isn't massive basis for "anger" against their frauds and felonies and thefts and other criminal abuses of Americans.

130723  Read a profoundly silly article this afternoon on the MarketWatch web site, "For the rich, $5 million is the new $1 million" by Matthew Heimer, July 23 2013 2:23pm, to which I responded at 7:00pm:
      The notion of anybody "feeling wealthy" in the current environment of a goofermint gone berserk in violation of Article IV US Constitution Amendments requires a degree of blindness to reality that most productive people don't have.  All stocks have been illegally seized into the permanent adverse possession of criminal gangs in the fraud and theft industry under the euphemism "Direct Registration".  All Treasury debt instruments have been illegally seized into the permanent adverse possession of the debt drunk squandrous wastrel debtor itself under the euphemism "Treasury Direct".  The supposed equity of publicly owned corporations is being fraudulently transferred to criminal cronies of the munchiments under the euphemism "stock buybacks" to such an extent that vast swaths of formerly great American companies are now de facto bankrupt.  Dividends are being stolen by "paying agents" as "fees" for criminal purposes and then imputed as income to the owners from whom the money was stolen.  The rightful incomes of elderly interest income dependent retired have been stolen in their entireties to benefit the frauds and thieves of the bunko industry.  Even homes which never had any mortgage against them are being feloniously foreclosed by never prosecuted criminal bunkos using information gathered under the flagrantly abusive "Patriot Act" and claiming that gathering is "legally required" .  All of the above information is being feloniously displayed on infinitely hackable web sites.  So the notion of "feeling wealthy" immediately raises questions as to "what are you smoking/drinking/snorting?" not any credibility as it might relate to the real world in which you only "think" you've got something which has all been stolen by criminal gangs and their controlled corrupt abrogative goofermint.
      In my response, I didn't even mention the regular criminal thefts using Electronic Funds Transfer, Automated Clearing House, Point of Sale Terminals, and the "Check21" forgery facilitating system, none of which have any validation from the owner of the funds stolen and the "routing numbers" to facilitate the thefts are readily available on the infinitely hackable web sites where feloniously facilitative financial institutions publish that confidential personal information.  Didn't mention that I've already been subjected to such felony thefts nor that the criminally corrupt Freaky Burro of Instigation refused even to take the *information* about that felony theft using instrumentalities of interstate commerce by one of their protected criminal gangs.  I also didn't mention the felony identity theft procedures established for any recipient of "social security" under the Direct Express debit card system to obtain any of the money that we were supposed to have been paid by the criminal goofermint which stole from our wages for decades prior to beginning to "pay" the amounts due to us, nor the wrongful tracking of what we're spending our money on and where we're spending it.  Nor did I mention the felony identity theft of my identification papers attempted by a long known felonious bunko when I attempted to withdraw a small amount of cash from my former account with them.  Who's got the kishka?  Not me and not you.  Only the criminal gangs and their corrupt abrogative goofermint.

130430  Got hit with some new ploys of the criminally corrupt Treasury Department's Infernal Re Venue Serve Ice:  my 2012 Form 1040 was completed Mar23, signed on the original, certified mailed to them Mar25.  A "letter 12C" pretense of "unsigned return" was received today.  Dunno whether they're only stalling about paying the large amounts they owe to me or whether it is a more serious effort to appoint a felony abrogation of Article XIII US Constitution Amendments "spouse" (all such references carefully stricken from my actual return) or to appoint a felony identity thief to "represent" me via "preparer" information (similarly stricken) or whether it is to process a fraudulent modification for the page 2 that I signed in the original via the demanded "authorize whatever we wanna do with a blank form SIGNATURE".  Confronted with that fraudulent blank form, devoid of any relevant information, on which they demanded that I sign "Under penalties of perjury, I declare that I have examined the return (including any accompanying schedules and statements) referred to in this letter and, to the best of my knowledge and belief, it is true, correct and complete" [again note there was NO relevant information, only a demand for my signature on a blank form], I telephoned the IRS, went through a pair of 15 minute stalls "on hold" and spoke with one of their agents.  The conclusion of that call was that I could reprint page 2 of my Form 1040, again sign it in the original, annotate it "process as original" per the IRS agent to whom I was speaking, and send it along with a copy of the fraudulent Letter 12C.   Whatever the underlying IRS fraud involved, the "process as original" page 2 newly signed by me is going out in tomorrow's postals.
      I should also note that this demand for a blank form signature, to authorize whatever different pages than the ones I filed they might want to inflict on me (along with the felony abrogations being carried out by their senior Treasury Department offals), is NOT the first fraud run by IRS personnel against me.  In relation to my 2008 tax return, there were entirely new to me financial situations which, in combination with their obtuse obfuscatory "instructions", resulted in me making an error on the return that I originally filed with them..  Instead of correcting it properly in accordance with the facts in front of them, they did an only *partial* correction.  Seeing instantly from their partial correction that they had ignored the facts in front of them, I filed a Form 1040X.  When I went to them to check "where's my refund" various of their personnel strung me along for months on end saying it was "in process".  Last note in my DayTimer was to the effect that their demanded 16 week further delay for processing my 1040X would be over on 090908.  What happened when I followed up on that note was that they said to me "hell no, we ain't gonna pay the $140 that we owe you; the partial correction we did of the error resulting from our obfuscatory instructions is all you're gonna get".  They never did pay the money that they owed to me.

130428 For some years now I have been receiving the FINRA Investor Newsletter to which one can subscribe via  this link which does require individual subscribers to skip down to the bottom of the page to get the individual version of the newsletter.  In the latest edition, they mention a good source of municipal bond information being the Electronic Municipal Market Access web site.  But they also reminded me of an incident that occurred some years ago.  The email included reference to "Source Credibility" and recited the story of one investor who was taken for $100,000 by a local to him con artiste.  The story notes that "Investors who are overconfident about their ability to spot a ‘great opportunity' are less likely to ask for help and advice from others," said FINRA Foundation President Gerri Walsh. "And that's exactly what fraud criminals want."
      The incident of which I was reminded was the telephone call I got years ago when I was still allowing scam orgies to gather my contact information.  The call was from a self presented "municipal bond salesman" at a time when I was residing in a criminally corrupt narcotics infested exclusive lesbian/faggot state loonie verse itty town.  He began his spiel by telling me what a wonderful place that narcophony crime cesspool as for "raising children".  Only if one *wants* children criminally assaulted,
homosexually harrassed, and homosexually molested by the child molesting homosexist pedophiles in the schools and their criminal thug trainees, poisoned with LSD, pot, alcohol, aromatic solvents, and other toxic chemicals, compelled to participate
in other forms of homosexual lifestyles, and severely discriminated against if ever they show any signs of hetero orientation, could his opening statement even conceivably have been "true".  Along with rigging the "vote counting" software on a homosexual preference issue so as to record the actual votes in the wildly diverse precincts of the town as being mere fractions of one percent away from their intended 75% homosexist result (while the rest of the state majority favored constraining their criminal activities), turning over tax purchased "greenbelt" land to homosexual criminal cronies of the corrupt City Council for "development", and "legalizing" one of their preferred poisons which remains Federally prohibited, they later began a scheme to municipalize the electric distribution system so as to be able to shut off anybody who disagreed with any of the rest of their
criminal scams.  But in the telemarketing call, it boiled down to "source credibility".  Having opened his spiel with such an absurd statement about the criminal cesspool with which I was altogether too familiar from having been sabotaged into residing there for decades, the salesman had established himself as a totally non credible source.  It was a very brief conversation after that absurd opening.

130425  Sometimes the arguments of the powers that be get downright absurd.  Case in point is the 130424 article by Bob Moritz of Yahoo Finance, The Exchange, "How Money Works: Why Our Kids Don’t Get It and What We Can Do About It" to which I replied:
      yeah yeah sure thing.  "Educate" the kids while the honchos in Worsingdone District of Corruption are playing an entirely LIE CHEAT AND STEAL game in violation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments which prohibits their illegal searches and illegal seizures of the property of American citizens.  Rightful interest incomes of elderly interest income dependent retired stolen to provide free money to largely foreign criminal gangs in the fraud and theft industry.  Former banking, now bunko, system reorganized so that financial accounts can be vacated at whim by any criminal thief anywhere in the world using Electronic Funds Transfer, Automated Clearing House, Point of Sale Terminals, and the Check21 forgery facilitating system, none of which have any validation from the owner of the monies stolen.  All stocks illegally seized into the permanent adverse possession of broke makers and "transfer agents" under the "Direct Registration" criminal theft system.  All debt instruments "sold" by the fraudulent profligate wastrel debt drunk Treasury Department illegally seized onto its infinitely hackable criminally slopperated "computer" systems.  The equity of cash paid public stockholders, our  *ratable* property, stolen from us and strewn around to criminal cronies of corporate munchiments as if it were the munchies in some grade school cafeteria food fight under the euphemism "stock buybacks".  Entirety of the Social Security Trust Fund, accumulated by theft of the rightful incomes of citizens, stolen for criminal purposes of the frauds who now pretend that their obligations to pay are a mere "entitlement program".  Pretenses of "health care", including theft of rightful incomes and now even taxes on non consenters to being criminally assaulted, nothing but a mechanism for enriching the Guild of Torturers Maimers and Murderers who are wrongfully killing at least 100,000 Americans per year in their "treatment facilities" by one form only of their criminal malpractices.  While the flagrantly criminal and Constitutionally abrogative "leadership" of the nation is so aggressively lying cheating and stealing, the notion of "educating" any genuine citizens is absurd.

130420  One of the largest of the fraudulent transferrors of the ratable property of continuing cash paid public stockholders to the criminal cronies of munchiments in the stock manipulation busymess was written up today.  Under the CNBC label, Alex Crippen wrote a puff piece titled "Buffett's IBM Stake Drops $1.2 Billion in Value", to which I responded:
      ROTFL: so much imagination backed by so little reality.  According to IBM's latest 10K for 121231, their "Equity" of 18,984 consisted MORE THAN ALL of "excess of price paid over fair market value of assets acquired" euphemized as ?Good?will in the amount of 29,247, i.e. squanderings are presented as "assets" to the extent of more than all of the "book value".  Bottom line in my full analysis of that balance sheet is that "the Bum" has gone from deficit tangible equity of $-13.80/sh at 070630 to DEFICIT TANGIBLE EQUITY of $-21.65/sh currently.  Funny how that happens when takeover artistes such as Gerstner (who did the majority of the gutting and looting of the formerly great net tangible equity >$26/sh company down to below zero) are running the show.  Primary cause of the disappearances of equity ratably owned by long term IBM holders has been the fraudulent transfers to criminal cronies of munchiment in the stock manipulation busymess in the amount of 123,131 (which is $-110.48/sh STOLEN from the ratable property of each of the continuing stuckholders for the benefit of the criminal manipulators) under the euphemism "stock buybacks".  As you can tell from this analysis, I'm much more impressed by the logic of Buiffet's supposed professor decades ago than by the Buffet religion created by scammers who just love his personal Snitter's spirited defense of the criminal manipulation tools of derriere vatives and the entire notion of stealing from continuing stuckholders for the benefit of criminal manipulators who cease to be stockholders (which Buffet himself has been implementing in his Berkshire Hathaway).
      A comment posted in reply to my observations was sufficiently within the range of the "standard deviation" from reality that I chose to expand on my original observations.  What "misanthropope" said was:  if only warren buffett were as shrewd about reading balance sheets as an anonymous loudmouth on the internet.  just a head's up, sparky. fifteen billion per year in earnings (and free cash flow) is a pretty good indicator the goodwill is worth something.  So standard a pretense of the Buffett religion that I added the following on 130421:
      I well remember the quadrupled "revenues" showing in the "reports" of virtually every "utility company" in existence when the Enron "school of book cookery and frauds against cash paid public stuckholders" was doing its thing.  They and their criminally cooperating bunkos were gungho even near the end about stealing three billions from a de facto subsidiary of Texaco to perpetuate the extortion scheme against American consumers of electricity.  It wasn't only Merrill using its Constitution abrogating adverse possession of the Enron shares owned by its victim "clients" (preventing them from being sold) but even an "adviser" to the Florida Pension fund dumping billions of pension assets into the extortion scheme trash paper.  The fraudulent transfer of the ratable property of cash paid public stockholders to the extent of $123 BILLIONS by IBM munchiment using *borrowed* money from the cooperating feoniously foreclosing bunko industry all by itself is sufficient to indict the more than a decade of criminally thieving muchiment of "the Bum".  That isn't cash flow.  That's the lives and fortunes of the elderly interest income dependent retired and the long term stockholders of what "used to be" a great American company being thrown away, as in some grade school cafeteria food fight, for the benefit of criminal thieves in the stock manipulation busymess.  As for Buffett, his true colors have long been showing in financing Lehman Brothers (now gone) and Gulled Mon Sux (still rigging muckits against the public).  All a matter of amusement for me watching this latest display of THE EMPEROR AIN'T GOT NO CLOTHES :). 

130321  Following up on the yet unresolved proposed thefts from bank depositors in Cyprus, Bernice Napach of the Daily Ticker wrote the excellent article "Forget Cyprus, Nobody Is Stealing from Depositors More than Bernanke" to which I added:
      how very true!  My figure on what Burn Yankee has been stealing amounts to SIX PERCENT PER ANNUM, or the difference between that and the negligible rates he and his predecessor the British Lord criminal mastermind Greedspan have been allowing since beginning the thefts of American property and income in January 2001.  Now more than twelve years of such criminal thefts in addition to the felony abrogations of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments inflicted by their Electronic Funds Transfer, Automated Clearing House, Point of Sale Terminals and "Check21" forgery facilitating systems, none of which have any validation from the owners of the funds stolen.  Makes Cyprus and Burn Yankee's criminal cronies in Europe look almost like "nice guys" by comparison.

130318  Why would the rest of the world shudder about the criminal theft of private property in a nuttyon of only 800,000 total population?  Only the background details were addressed in the article "Cyprus Rescue Risks Backlash" by Gabriele Steinhauser, The Wall Street Journal.  I recall a still earlier mafiosi criminal theft from Italian bank depositors, than the one Ms. Steinhauser mentioned, that was reported at the time of Italy's "willymakit" shenanigans a year or two ago but could not find the details for this writeup.  The practice of criminal thefts from citizens via debasing the coinage of the realm dates back at least as far as the Roman Mint melting the gold or silver coins that came into its possession and reducing the precious metal content in subsequent coins.  It continues to this day with Frauderal Reserve Bored chairpoison Burn Yankee running the electronic debasement presses to provide his criminal cronies with free money to carry on frauds and thefts against the American people.
      Of course the Russian "oligarchs" (modernized name for KGB thugs) and their boss Vladimir Putin would care since it has been they who have been substantial depositors in the bunkos on Cyprus, while their own nuttyon has never paid an external debt since prior to 1917 but only "rolled over" their "borrowings" from the rest of the world.  Of course the ordinary citizens of Cyprus, however few in number, would care.  But why should or would anybody else care?  Especially in the former United States of America, now Loonie Tied Studs of Merka, whose currency has been rising as a result of the renewed difficulties of its goofermint's criminal cronies in Europe.
      The answer is as plain as the felony abrogations of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments which the organized crime center Worsingdone District of Corruption has been perpetrating already against Americans.  It began as the felony thefts of the ratable property of cash paid public stockholders of vast swaths of formerly great American companies under the euphemism "stock buybacks" demanded by His British Lordship the criminal mastermind Greedspan commencing in 1987.  It continued with the criminal theft of the rightful incomes of the elderly interest income dependent retired commenced by Greedspan in January 2001 for the benefit of the largely foreign criminal gangs who ran the Surreal Estate Bubble against American housing costs from then onward.  It was enhanced by the reorganization of the former banking industry into a criminally slopperating bunko system wherein any criminal anywhere in the world could vacate any private financial account via the theft mechanisms of Automated Clearing House, Electronic Funds Transfer, Point of Sale Terminals, and the "Check21" forgery facilitating system, none of which have any validation from the owner of the funds stolen, using the routing numbers and other confidential personal information criminally published on infinitely hackable web sites.  It was especially aggravated by the felony illegal seizures of all stocks into the permanent adverse possession of largely foreign criminal gangs in the "transfer agent" and broke maker industries commencing in October 2007, with "authorization" from the criminally corrupt Securities & Exchange Commission at the behest of the foreign criminal gangs Gulled Mon Sux and Citicrap demanding that "Direct Registration System" in the name of their criminally taken over former New York Stock Exchange.  It has been further compounded by the felonious illegal seizure of all of the debt instruments they "sell" by the squandrous wastrel Loonie Tied Studs Treasury Department accompanied by their felonious demand for direct access to private financial accounts as part of transactions with their criminally slopperated "Treasury Direct" computer systems.  Last on this immediate listing, but not least, has been the conversion of their debts to the working people whose money was stolen for the Social Security Trust Fund (from which they the criminal thugs stole the entirety of the "Trust Fund" for other purposes) into an electronic swizzle system of yet more felonious access to private financial accounts and/or "debit cards" subject to being vacated at whim by their "computer" pogrommers.
      With such a criminal rap sheet, with massive squandering of citizen assets on criminal religionist wars and payments to freeloading fraud nonworking mere telebitchin watchers of criminal purpose political propaganda, with their unConstitutional refusals to collect the taxes due from their slave mongering, hate mongering against male citizens, war mongering, baby raping, homosexist "religion" cronies, with their corruption of the "electoral" process to prevent any Constitution compliant candidate from ever appearing on ballots against their criminal gang "political" potty appointees, who can imagine that the criminal thugs of Worsingdone, with their electronic printing presses facilitating the machinations of largely foreign criminal gangs and their tax system being used to pay the mass murderers of at least 100,000 Americans per year under pretense of "health care", don't intend sooner or later to engage in similar felony thefts of the private property held in financial accounts?  Their criminal cronies in the European theater are again test marketing the procedure of illegal seizures of private property in support of criminal gang goofermints and irresponsible bunkos.

130315  Private emails are not the only pump and dump schemes going on.  Had one show up as an advertisement on Facebook on Sunday March 10 from some guys posturing as "social web site" stock promoters. The only SEC filing ever for the company was on 110209, a Form D Notice of Exempt Offering of Securities, no balance sheets, no income statements, similarly nothing on the "company" web site, only a claim of "exemption" for selling stock to suckahs.  The hypists said it was a 25c stock destined for $1.47, while admitting in the fine print that they were being paid $2.2 mln to promote it and provided with 5 mln shares to dump whenever they please.  It had actually traded at 15.5c at the close on Friday March 8, had never been higher than first trading at 0.55, next day immediately dropped to 0.12, since trading as high as 0.26 low as 0.10. On the first effective day of the hype, this past Monday, the stock approached and then on Tuesday morning opened to 21c at its high. Since that time it has been steadily downhill to new all time lows at 6.5c, currently trading at 7c when I wrote this on Friday.  I had marked the FB ad as "offensive" after researching the "stock" but have been tracking its inverse progress since out of curiosity.

130313  Further to my Feb20 post about an ongoing classic PUMP AND DUMP:  the contradictions between what the hypists are saying and what the reports filed with the SEC are saying get downright amazing! Yes, in their latest tout received today, the hypists mention the Form 10K filed today, but rely on nobody ever reading it, ROTFL.  Among other things, the Form 10K includes a GOING CONCERN WARNING, falsely reports the outstanding shares as of 130308 without mentioning the ABSOLUTE CONTROL BLOCK of preferred shares issued a month before to the CEO, and details massive looting for "stock based compensation" in the air ninnies report which demonstrate that the company is losing money hand over fist even with the hyped "revenues" that the touts are emphasizing.

130310  It might have been amusing watching the eggs pert Robert Powell of MarketWatch prancing with his "What You Know About Taxes Is Wrong" but for the penalties and interest for tax evasion to be inflicted on his misguided victims following the advice he gave.  My attempt to correct the situation:
      The information about municipal bond interest is flagrantly false.  A substantial portion, typically 20% of the total, comes from revenue bonds which are NOT tax exempt.  Even at low income levels, they throw taxpayers into the Alternative Minimum 
Tax for an additional tax hit.  As for the ludicrous notion that states exempt muni bond interest, Pshaw! that applies in many states *only* if it is from munis issued by or in the name of *that* state.  Everybody else's bond interest gets taxed at full income tax rates. 

130304  I had to disagree with Stacy Curtin of the Daily Ticker and her source, "Washington Dysfunction Having Huge Impact on Business: John Paul DeJoria" as follows:
      On the contrary, Worsingdone *is* practicing the same kind of book balancing that the busymess community has been (at their behest).  Felony theft of the ratable property of cash paid public stockholders under the euphemism "stock buybacks" is replicated in theft of the entirety of the Social Security Trust Fund for wrongful other purposes. Use of "goodwill" to cover fraudulent wastage of company assets on "excess of price paid over fair market value of assets acquired" is replicated in 
goofermint refusal to collect the taxes due from their felony tax evading, slave mongering, hate mongering against males, baby raping criminal cronies in the "religion" establishment.  Illegal seizure of the property of American citizens in violation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments is rampant not only in the felony seizure of all stocks under the "Direct Registration System" by Worsingdone's criminal cronies in the fraud and theft busymess, but also by the goofermint itself in similar illegal seizure of all of the debt instruments "sold" by the squandrous wastrel Treasury Department into the criminally slopperated "computer" systems of they the debtors themselves. It's all the same criminal gang game against the American people, our Constitution, and our human and civil rights.

130220  What a classic PUMP AND DUMP looks like: Miami busymess started 080701 "to develop an Internet social website for wine lovers", 120926 acqd a different busymess and restated its plan to "importing and distributing bamboo based hygienic 
products". First traded 130110 at 1.05, down to 0.58 same day, then virtual straight line rally to close at $1.20 on 130208 on roughly 2.07x typical volume. After that close I got a tout from a Hong Kong spam and fraud gang using a special email addy that I use to deal with known or "suspected" spammers. Touts included "milestone corporate developments", "at least 130% gains in the immediate future", "a combined total of over 702 stores have currently ordered GNIN's products", "four separate sales contracts and one re-order announced since January", Large distribution contracts, "$3.00 in 30 days". That same day 130208, completed restructuring CEO Bruce Harmon's holdings to now 5.000 multiple 10x voting preferred shares along with ongoing 25.000 common shares. Meanwhile in the real world their 120930 Form 10Q showed Equity -121.654 less Dfrd Costs 2.885 less Oth Ass 0.100 net DEFICIT -124.549, 9mos Revs ZERO, Earns loss -73.334 (all US$ millions). How it wound out is shown in the graph.

130210  Just reviewed what is likely the all time worst fraudulent transferor of the ratable property of cash paid public stockholders to criminal cronies in the stock manipulation busymess:  IAC/InterActiveCorp (IACI).  $9.308 BILLIONS of such 
transfers while having DEFICIT TANGIBLE EQUITY (after deducting "excess of price paid over fair market value of assets acquired" in acky wishings and Other Intangibles from the *claimed* Equity) which on the 88.455 mln shares outstanding at 120930 was $-105.23 per share STOLEN.  IACI is most notorious for slopperating several of the divorce racketeering "match" web sites and it was an article about those wannabe abrogators of Article XIII of the US Constitution Amendments which induced me to review the craporation.

130125  It has been a particular sore point for me, desiring to hire some help for my Arboretum development project but unable to do so because of the fraudulent interference of goofermint, so when Rex Nutting of MarketWatch published his article "3 things Washington could do to create more jobs", I found it desirable to chime in with:
      Worsingdone's only concern about "jobs" is to increase "employment" of their own burro crazies. Absurd intrusion of those burro crazies into the "jobs" market is rampant.  It even extends to demanding employment of burro crazies by anyone needing 
as little as ONE TENTH OF A FULL TIME EQUIVALENT helper for anything. Personal or profit making business doesn't matter. Pay wages to as little as one tenth of an FTE "employee" and you are required to steal from yourself (not only in money but also in time to file absurd "employment tax" forms) and also to steal from anyone working for your objectives (as distinct from the criminal control objectives of Worsingdone).

130118  Tounge in cheek or otherwise facetious or simply proselytizing for the desires of the criminally abrogative goofermint, I don't know, but Lauren Lyster published an article "America Should Declare Bankruptcy: Doug Casey" about which I commented two hours later:
      Their parents and grandparents had NOTHING to do with it. The Nutty Own All Debt is a creation of totally corrupt, fraudulent, abusive, self appointing "politicians", members of criminal gang "political" potties, who go so far as to guarantee that no Constitution compliant candidates can even appear on the "ballots" in the fraudulent "elections".  Those "politicians" *stole* the money for the Social Security program from we working people and then gutted and looted the "Social Security Trust Fund" 
for squandering on criminal religionist wars and other fabrications and violations of human and civil rights. They print money for largely foreign criminal gangs in the fraud and theft busymess, illegally seize stocks into the fraudulent "Direct Registration System", illegally seize the debt instruments they issue into the criminally sllopperated "computers" of their debt drunk Treasury Department, and create felonious abrogations of Article V of the US Constitution Amendments (prohibits the taking of life liberty or property of any American without due process of law) under euphemisms such as "health care" supposed to be provided by 
a Guild of Torturers Maimers and Murdererss who have been "wrongfully killing" more than 100,000 citizens per year from one form only of their malpractices.  None of the parents nor grandparents had anything to do with that Nutty Own All Debt.  It was, is, and is guaranteed to continue to be the felonious thefts from America by the 545 criminal thugs who run Worsingdone District of Corruption. 

130115  Shades of the Sep 1998 collapse of "Long Term Capital Management" and its bailout by His British Lordship the criminal mastermind Greedspan with the help of co-conspirators in the bunko industry who took it down (after financing it aggressively). At that time, Lehman Brothers refused to participate in that bailout and was later taken down as part of the October 2007 illegal seizure of all stocks owned by Americans which was "authorized" by the criminally corrupt SEC under the euphemism "Direct Registration System".  Just watched "The Bank", a 2002 moo bee on the essence of the LTCM scam (with adwierdteasements for other garbage products besides those of the bunko industry inserted every ten minutes).  ROTFL.
      Somewhat less amusing is that the Australians (who made that moo bee) are key players (via one of their de facto bankrupt public craporations) in the felony abrogations of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments ongoing in the US "securities" industry.

130112  I have been analyzing the current members of a source list that years ago was primary for purchase ideas (Estimated Highest Annual Total Returns).  Finding nothing but de facto bankrupts (Deficit Tangible Equity), debt drunks (Debt Load 
Egregious), criminal thieves of continuing stockholder equity via fraudulent transfers to criminal cronies in the stock anipulation busymess (Greenmail Payments Egregious), and fantasizing embezzlers pretending they can steal ownership of the entire company for nothing input (for purposes of looting the public "market" for the stock) via freebie stock options while they're already being overpaid with salaries and fringe benefits. All part of the swindle system of illegal seizures "authorized" by the regulators of the increasingly Constitutionally abrogative "financial system".

121123  CNBC reported the views of a major financial corporation in their article "US Firms Playing Dangerous Game: SocGen" to which I replied the following afternoon:
      I am delighted to see that somebody with a bigger soap box to stand on understands the nature of the "stock buybacks" game that has been gutting and looting all and more than all of the stockholders equity out of vast swaths of formerly great American companies, along with increasing their debt loading to intolerable levels even when they still have "some" equity remaining.  For those with a sense of history, the same kinds of fraudulent transfers of stockholders equity to criminal cronies in the stock manipulation busymess, which have been aggressively encouraged and at times demanded by his British Lordship the criminal mastermind Greedspan and suck sezer Burn Yankee, were the primary cause of the Crash of 1929 and of the massive bankruptcies which followed during the 1930s.  No remaining equity and hugendous debt loading, with felonious foreclosers of the bunko industry holding the puppet strings, are the assured creators of the disaster which SocGen accurately foresees.

121021  Bernice Napach of the Daily Ticker published an article on October 19 under the title "U.S. Banks Under Cyber Attack from Iran: Is Your Money Safe?" about which I commented:
      Pales in comparison to the abrogations of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments perpetrated by the Frauderal Reserve Bored and the former banking now bunko system.  None of Automated Clearing House, Electronic Funds Transfer, Point of Sale Terminals, nor the "Check21" forgery facilitating system have any validation from the owner of the funds stolen.  Only the "sayso" of the criminal thief who has been facilitated in knowledge of the "routing numbers" for electronic theft by illegal publication on infinitely hackable web sites of every relevant detail of the accounts.  Along with felony theft from an account of mine (by a member of the bunko industry), I have seen far too many humans defrauded of being able to pay for groceries and other essentials because their accounts had been VACATED using those FRB abrogative procedures.  Insistence of Oh! Bomb Ah's US Treasury Dept on abrogative access to accounts of purchasers of their "bonds" and naggings from the Social Security Department to permit "direct deposit" are similar efforrts to replicate the "Nigerian Scam" in which promises of "payments into" prove to be unlimited "thefts from" financial accounts.

120808  In reply to an article by Robert Frank of CNBC, "The Rich Are Hoarding Cash -- and That's Not Good"  I commented:
      Such a strange analysis.  The Frauderal goofermint has allowed largely foreign criminal gangs in the fraud and theft industry to illegally seize all stocks into the permanent adverse possession of themselves and criminally slopperated "computer" systems.  The Treasury Dept has illegally seized all debt instruments that they issue into their criminally slopperated "computer" systems and insisted on felony access to private financial accounts.  The former banking, now bunko, system has been reorganized to allow any criminal anywhere in the world to vacate financial accounts using the confidential personal financial information feloniously published on infinitely hackable web sites via the unvalidated theft mechanisms of Electronic Funds Transfer, Automated Clearing House, Point of Sale Terminals, and the "Check21" forgery facilitating system.  The pompous Presidunce has belligerently proclaimed that nobody, perhaps except the freeloading frauds that he has been paying to sit home and watch his criminal propaganda on telebitchin, has ever built anything themselves but that it has all been the "work" of his criminal thug burro crazies.  Invest or attempt to build under such overtly feloniously abrogative of Article IV US Constitution Amendments conditions?  Pshaw! 

120511  Opting OUT of criminal schemes does not require signing and mailing forms to the proposers of criminal theft of money and/or property. Whether for illegal sales of sometimes unregistered securities to unwilling buyers or for illegal seizures into permanent adverse possession of de facto bankrupt gangs or for escheatment of private property to states proposing to seize "unclaimed" or "dormant" property, signed forms are required to opt *IN* to such schemes.  But there is a purpose for collecting all those machine replicable signatures: blatant FORGERY onto "opt in" forms at whim of the criminal autograph hounds.

120416  Stan Schroeder of Mashable reported the views of one of the "heroes" of the invasive "information sharing" establishment in his article "Sergey Brin: I'm Worried About the Internet" about which I commented (with some indication that my comments were never actually posted):
      Meanwhile back in the real world, Brin's felonious "information sharing" peers have illegally seized all stocks (never mind Google's own fraud against its shareholders) into permanent adverse possession of known criminal thieves and frauds in the 
"transfer agent" and broke maker industries where they are being subjected to criminal manipulation, electronic swizzling out of existence, nonsensical pretenses that any "computer system" can maintain "segregation of customer assets", along with the 
perennial frauds and thefts by the insiders of the criminally slopperated adverse possessors.  Similarly all "bonds" have been illegally seized by the felonious squandrous wastrel Treasury Department which insists that its debts shall never exist in the real world but only on its own criminally slopperated "computer systems" and goes further to demand felony access to the private financial accounts of anyone stupid enough to "buy" fraudulent securities which are never delivered to the purchasers.  Meanwhile in the real world, the homes of human persons and families who never had any mortgage debt against their real estate are being feloniously foreclosed based on the criminal purpose possession of "physical addresses" by the criminal gangs in the Constitution abrogating bunko business and the maintenance of similar "information sharing" abrogations of the illegal searches clause of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments.  Yes, there's a lot to be worried about relating to the "Internet", but it isn't Brin's abusive pretenses that defense of confidential personal information by "Facebook" (of which they do durn little regardless and often themselves facilitate felony identity theft) are somehow "wrong" and that Google's grotesquely ANTI-privacy "new privacy policy" is even Constitutionally permissible.

120410  One of the "liberals" promoting inflationary escalation of "wages" (while continuing the now decade long insistence that savers work full time all the time for nothing whatever), Steven Greenhouse of the New York Times, argued that the goofermint should go further "Raising the Floor on Pay" to which I responded:
      Those who talk about jobs being killed invariably ignore the real job killers: freeloading bureaucrats running fraudulent scams against everybody.  "Unemployment insurance" to pay perpetual freeloaders to sit home and watch abusive political propaganda on their telebitchins.  "Payroll taxes" to impose life destroying slavery, filling out absurd invasive and abusive forms and paying extra to support dysfunctional bureaucrats, on individuals who aren't criminal gangs with lots of slack empees to care for the pompous bureaucrats, but who need as little as one tenth of a full time equivalent helper. Medifraud coverage to further encourage the extortionate criminal assailants in that industry, which "wrongfully kills" 100,000 Americans per year with one form only of their criminal malpractices.  Overwhelming loads of pompous bureaucratic invasion commencing at ONE TENTH of a full time equivalent helper.  Those freeloading bureaucrats are a job killer quite regardless of where the minimum wage is set.

120313  Matthew Craft, an AP Business Writer, got creative about "explaining" the current disastrous financial environment with his article "Why Are Americans Avoiding Stocks? Ask a Shrink" about which I remarked:
      The world of "let's YOU make believe" comes through loud and clear in the article.  It pretends that nobody noticed in October 2007 when criminal gangs in the fraud and theft industry illegally seized ALL STOCKS into the permanent adverse possession of notorious criminal thieves in the broke maker and "stock transfer" busymesses.  It pretends we the people must *believe* that the "computer systems" run by known criminal frauds and thieves will protect and preserve property that we pay for but never get.  It pretends we don't see it when mere paying agents for companies in which we long since owned stock criminally steal large chunks of the money due to us under such ruses as "ADR fees" and even the entirety of our rightful income in the fraud of involuntary "dividend reinvestment" into "shares" which they the criminal thieves keep in perpetuity.  It pretends we don't notice when they vacate the mere computer entries on their criminally slopperated compuer systems, as in fact at least one of the criminal transfer agents has already done to me.  It pretends we didn't notice when the most profligate wastrel debt drunk in the country, the US Treasury Department, not only refused to deliver any of the bonds paid for by citizens, not only insisted that they be "kept" on its infinitely hackable web site, but demanded felony access to our private financial acccounts for at whim thefts and/or vacating of account balances.  Psychobabble about how we the intended victims are behaving irrationally, in context of such felony thefts and criminal abrogations of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments, in context of "markets" which have been criminally manipulated by the "Plunge Protection Team" set up by Ronny Raygun in 1988, is patently absurd.  We simply aren't "making believe" that a total fraud and theft and criminal subjugation system set up to convert our money and property into the permanent criminal possession of international fraud and theft gangs is a "stock market". 

120210  Maintaining some semblance of rationality, Greg Emerson wrote "7 Reasons Why You'll Always Need Cash" the previous day and I added this comment:
      It isn't about drug dealers or tax cheats nor even the interchange fees and likelihood of tech failures. The need for CASH is based in the felony abrogations of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments by the former banking, now bunko, system. Electronic Funds Transfer, Automated Clearing House, Point of Sale Terminals, the Check21 forgery facilitating system ... all of them are devoid of validation by the human owner of the funds stolen.  A week doesn't go past without me seeing a human shopping for essentials such as groceries being defrauded of getting those essentials because one or another of the electronic thieves has vacated the "account balances" that they knew they had, but for the felony abrogation systems.  It is an at whim (of the criminal thieves) situation in which, if you believe in the electronic hucksters, you wind up devoid of spending capacity and in fact with nothing at all.  Never mind the excuse of one promoter of plastic "money" that he can't carry cash because his "wife would steal it all".  That's only an argument against the frauds of the divorce racketeering industry, nothing in favor of the frauds of the electronic theft industry.

120116  It was such a standard fraud and theft industry potty line set of argies that I might have ignored Glenn Curtis of Investopedia who wrote four days earlier "Tips For When To Buy, Sell Or Hold".  But I didn't.  Instead I remarked:
      Sounds like the standard broke maker party line:  (1) trust the air ninnies reports regardless of net effect on stockholders equity after deducting the fraudulent transfers to embezzling insiders via "stock options" and stock manipulators via "stock buybacks".  (2) root for the stock manipulation gangs stealing all and more than all of the ratable property of continuing stuckholders via "stock buybacks" at ludicrous multiples of Net Tangible Equity (when any at all remains) and being "financed" by fraudulent loans from criminal bunkos often intent on seizing whatever remains of the company which can't pay the fraudulent loans for no *business* purpose but only to enrich the stock manipulation gangs.  (3) go along with bulging expenditures for "excess of price paid over fair market value of assets acquired" a/k/a "Goodwill" cuz, after all, the daw turds of the MrrGrr And Acky Wishings salesmen do feel good about getting to attend uppity up Ivy League schools while your kids 
have to float loans to attend state loonie verse itties.  (4) Pay no real attention to whether there even *is* any Net Tangible Equity, something for cash paid public stockholders to own, only to the air ninnies reports created by stashing all expenses into 
"intangibles" accounts and glorifying "net income" which isn't even kept but distributed to embezzling insiders and stock manipulators.  Spose it all makes sense for the broke maker busymess and for the rest of the freeloading frauds of Wall Street and the bunko industry.  Makes not even cents, let alone dollars, for those of us whose life savings are going onto the line with every "buy" decision, whose assets are being stolen by the insiders and their criminal cronies in the stock manipulation "buybacks" busymess, and who wind up with nothing while the same criminal munchiment remains in control of the business when they file the actual bankruptcy papers to wipe us out.

120111  The article "Mobile Payments Could Replace Cash By 2016" by Brian O'Connell of Investopedia the previous afternoon was a doozy of hype for some scammers who have been particularly hazardous to me personally.  I replied:
      The fantasizers about their criminally slopperated computer systems taking over everyone's financial life so that malicious pogrommers can destroy human lives and functionality at whim are ignoring a key reality.  They have already destroyed functionality to a massive extent with their felony thefts from bank accounts with Electronic Funds Transfer, Automated Clearing House, Point of Sale Terminals and the Check21 forgery facilitating system.  That's even before factoring in the ludicrously large numbers of customers subjected to double billings, triple billings and other frauds against bank and other financial intermediary accounts.  None of those criminal thefts have ever been authorized by the owners of the funds STOLEN in violation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments using the Frauderal Reserve Bored's "official" felony facilitation of 
such abrogations.  Hardly a week goes by that I don't see a rational responsible human being defrauded of being able to take home the *groceries* and other essentials that they were trying to purchase because criminals had vacated their financial accounts behind the bogus "plastic money" that they carry with them.  Infinitely hackable cell phones, as demonstrated by the criminal hacks by Rupert Murdoch's yellow journalism gang in Britain, are even worse than the plastic trash systems.  Just got done talking a few hours ago with yet another young man who is learning THE HARD WAY what previous generations knew all along "you can't trust banks" because they facilitated the criminal theft of *his* meager funds on behalf of a criminal gang using the "online bill paying" swindle system.  Given the infinitely hackable nature of everything online, the criminal subversion of everyone's computers with the REMOTE CONTROL abrogation of Article IV US Const.Amends., the apparently even worse 
hackability of the radio wave based cell phone industry, the carnage already inflicted is more likely to create severe backlash against the felons promoting such criminal theft systems than the infinite acceptability they fantasize.

120103  Reviewing the annual report of a company in which I own shares, which arrived in today's postals, I noticed the fraudulent transfer during the year of $1473.773 mlns for 14.999 mln shs of "Treasury Stock", an average price paid of $98.26/sh while the highest price recorded during that year in public trading was $89.75/sh. While I've never been a fan of those fraudulent transfers to criminal cronies of munchiment, generally to facilitate criminal manipulation of stock prices, which radically reduce and sometimes eliminate stockholders equity, that impressed me as ludicrous and overtly criminal THEFT.  The company never responded to my inquiry into the "information" shown in the annual report.

111221  Nice little report written by Stacy Curtin of the Daily Ticker and published today about "Nomi Prins: How Many Regulators Does It Take to Screw Investors Out of $1.2B?" to which I added:
      Far worse than the $1.2 billions stolen by MF Global under pretense of "segregation of customer funds".  Far worse than the billions stolen by Madoff himself with his version of mere "account statements" in lieu of property.  Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments prohibits the illegal search and seizure of American property.  However inept the SEC in fact has proven itself as a regulator, they could not have failed to know that requirement, on them as an agency of the Frauderal goofermint.  Yet they "authorized" the felonious illegal seizure of ALL STOCKS into the permanent adverse possession of the 
notorious frauds and thieves of the "transfer agent" and broke maker industries under the euphemism "Direct Registration".  According to that treasonous abrogation, the owners of property are now *required* to rely on nothing but Madoffian statements of account issued by criminaly slopperated computer systems.  The only segregation of customer property that has ever amounted to anything is when the owners of property themselves have possession of our property, not when some criminal gangs "trusted" by a fraudulent and abusive and Constitutionally abrogative goofermint have stolen everything from everyone.

111214  FSLR was suggested as a rebound end of year situation on Yahoo 111206 when closing price was 46.11, run up as high as 51.89 the next day under suggestion of 15% gains.  Last I looked on 111214 it was trading at 35.52. When I looked into it, I found wildly ludicrous 3-5 year value projections in the Value Line Investment Survey.  On the SEC web site, I reviewed its Bored of Die Rectors.  Found 7 of the 9 were "questionable" including the CEO who ran the MeraBank swindle, that nearly 
bankrupted the company, against stuckholders of Arizona Public Service Company. Set it aside and am pleased that I did.  [The stock continued its losing ways out to June 2012 when it traded at 11.43, down -75.2% not up 15%.]

111209  Saw the article "Taken to Task: Ben Bernanke and His Bankster Buddies" and responded:
      The criminal abrogations of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments in which Burn Yankee and his bankster buddies have been engaging are legion.  None of Electronic Funds Transfer, Automated Clearing House, Point of Sale Terminals, nor the Check21 forgery facilitating system have any validation by the OWNER of the monies stolen.  The criminal thieves need only refer to the infinitely hackable web sites of the felony facilitating financial institutions to obtain the "routing numbers" into the account of anyone from whom they wish to steal (that alone abrogates the "illegal searches" clause). With the routing numbers the thieves are capable (and do) vacate entire accounts at whim.
      Hardly the only criminal abrogation in which Burn Yankee and his banksters have been engaging. Every time one of them "loans" money to a criminally mismanaged publicly owned company for purposes of "stock buybacks", the money paid out to criminal manipulators of the stock prices is criminal theft of the RATABLE property of the continuing stuckholders. Such criminal thefts of stockholder property have been aggressively encouraged by the Frauderal Reserve Bored ever since His British Lordship the criminal mastermind Greedspan took over in 1987.
      Then too there are the rightful incomes of the elderly interest income dependent retired which have been taken for fraudulent transfer to largely foreign criminal gangs.  When that criminal scheme of fraudulent transfers first began in 2001, there were many elderly forced out of their homes by the devastation of their rightful incomes. Nowadays, Burn Yankee has gone whole hog and rigged our incomes to ZERO while his criminal cronies continue to receive million dollar bonuses for criminal misuse of depositor money.
      No surprise that the criminal thieves who were surveyed showed enthusiasm about Burn Yankee's felonies against the American people. They're the ones getting all of the stolen money of which he has been facilitating the theft, along with all of the money that he has been creating with his electronic printing presses, along with all of the taxpayer money stolen via the Treasury Department for the "bailouts".

111128  In a chummy article by Tami Lubby of today, she reported that "Economic insecurity hits more than 1 in 5 Americans" to which I responded two hours later:
      Attributing the income losses to a "Great Recession" is misleading.  Eighty One Percent of my rightful income, and large percentages of the incomes of other elderly interest income dependent retired persons, have been flat out STOLEN by the criminal machinations of the Frauderal Reserve Bored transferring our incomes to largely foreign criminal gangs in the fraud and theft busymess.  As for savings, everything I have in the former "banking", now bunko, system has been made subject to felony theft via Electronic Funds Transfer, Automated Clearing House, Point of Sale Terminals, and the Check21 forgery facilitating system, none of which have any validation from the owner of the funds stolen but only the "sayso" of the criminal thief who has been provided with all the needed account numbers via Article IV US Const.Amends. abrogating criminal publication on infinitely hackable web sites.   Such felony thefts have been facilitated not only from "banks" but every other form of financial intermediary including Money Market Funds.
      As for savings once held in the form of "stocks" or "bonds", the felonious abrogation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments "authorized" by the criminally corrupt SEC into the permanent adverse possession of largely foreign criminal gangs, similarly publishing the details on infinitely hackable web sites to facilitate felony thefts not only by their own insiders but by every other criminal in the computerized world, has made all such holdings similarly insecure.  Instead of property, we Americans have been told to accept Madoffian "statements of account" issued by known criminal frauds and theives.  Even the US Treasury Department, part of that goofermint *required* to comply with the Constitution, is pretending that its slopperated "computer systems" are to be the exclusive owner of all bonds that I or anyone else "buys from" their squanderous gang.  They have further demanded criminal access to financial accounts elsewhere as a condition for any such irrational purchases 
from a debt drunk fraudulent gang.
      None of this is about "Great Recession".  It is entirely about massive felony theft by criminal gangs based in Worsingdone District of Corruption and "Wall Street" in flagrant violation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments.

111113  An article which appeared at (which surprised me as I was transferring this blog to my new web site by still being available) was titled "SEC Disciplines 8 employees over Madoff failure".  The trivial discipline involved, for years of what amounted to covering up one of the largest "discovered" frauds against investors, demonstrated the continued criminal corruption of the "revolving door" between employment at the SEC and sinecures with "regulated" frauds and thieves. The illegal seizures of the "Direct Registration System" authorized by that agency, imposing the central criminal act of nothing but Madoffian "statements of account" issued to owners of securities instead of actual ownership in the hands of the owners, remains in flagrant abrogation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments.

111107  There were some interesting points in "The Argument for Hiding Out in Cash" on TheStreet.Com, but I found it necessary to add:
      The details presented are "nice" but there are more important reasons for hiding out in cash:  (1) one can still *pay* for stocks but never get any because of the illegal seizure since October 2007 of all stocks into the foreign controlled computerized "Direct Registration System"; (2) financial accounts are not only illegally published on infinitely hackable web sites but subjected to illegal seizures via EFT, ACH, POST, and the Check21 forgery facilitating system, none of which have any validation from the owner of the funds stolen; (3) interest rates for such as bonds have been rigged to ludicrous low levels for the benefit of largely foreign criminal gangs in the fraud and theft industry and further, as for the Treasury Direct scam, are being illegally seized into the ludicrous possession of the *debtor* which demands criminal access to financial accounts as part of its scam; (4) the process of gutting and looting all and more than all of the stockholders equity out of formerly great American companies is continuing at a rapid pace under the euphemism "stock buybacks" so that purchasers wind up in the vast majority of cases with nothing but de facto bankrupt trash paper which isn't even paper but electronically swizzleable entries on criminally slopperated computer systems.
      All that remains is a rigged and manipulated online video *gambling* game run by largely foreign criminal gangs intent on fleecing Americans of all value of any financial kind whatsoever, no property, no value, nothing but "let's make believe" flying pigs with lipstick applied by the ruling foreign gangs.  Topping it all off is the "Remote Control" infested slopperating systems with which the naive are supposed to "access" those criminally run online video gambling games pretending to be financial accounts, thus infested so that any criminal anywhere in the world can seize control of the computers of those naive enough 
to play in the rigged online video gambling games.  They the foreign criminal gangs slopperating in the "name of" US government agencies have made cash the only holdable property.

111105  The fraud of "segregated accounts" always was ludicrous.  Clear demonstration now ongoing with the "disappearance" of "former" GS CEO Corzine's customer assets at MF Global.  Draws further focus on the flagrantly illegal seizure of all stocks, 
in violation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments, since October 2007 into the computer scam of "Direct Registration System" demanded by GS and Citicrap under the "name of" their fraudulently taken over former New York Stock Exchange. 
The only relevant segregation is to have human property in the physical possession of the owners, not in any criminally slopperated computer systems.

111101  With regard to the article "It’s the Leverage, Stupid: Jon Corzine’s MF Global Goes Bust", I observed:
      Former gang members of GS tend to forget after they leave that they no longer have the criminal corruption of regulators to bail them out of stupid decisions and ludicrous leverage.  They no longer have corrupt users of derriere vatives and thieves of stockholders equity such as Warren Buffet to lend billions to them. They no longer have former Spokespoison Pelosi's AIG to provide access to trillions of taxpayer funds to guarantee their irresponsible gambling positions.  They no longer have a corrupt SEC to allow felony illegal seizure of all assets of cash paid public stockholders via "Direct Registration System" and other Madoffian embezzlement artifacts.  So they continue on with the same irresponsible even when not overtly criminal behaviors that they got used to carrying out at GS and find that they no longer have those central "safety net" features provided by criminal corruption.  Severe lack of understanding on their parts of the central aspect of their former "successes".

111026  I have a rather "different" viewpoint from the typical Merkan debt drunk, as demonstrated in my response to the article "Your Debt: The One Thing Killing the Economy, Says Mark Dow":
      From the viewpoint of my own debt load of zero, real estate taxes already paid in advance, every purchase paid immediately in cash, the article is talking about freeloading frauds following the "theft euphemized as borrowing" approach of their Constitutionally abrogative self appointing self perpetuating goofermint. The criminal thefts authorized by that abrogative goofermint, such as illegal seizure of all stocks into the foreign run "Direct Registration System", theft of the rightful incomes of the elderly interest income dependent retired for the benefit of criminal gang takeover artistes and foreign gangs in the fraud and theft industry, facilitation by goofermint fiat of other abrogations of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments such as criminal theft of stockholders equity under the euphemism "stock buybacks" and illegal sales sometimes of unregistered securities to unwilling buyers using the "distributions" stolen from the owners of securities under the euphemism "dividend reinvestment" ... all of those criminal theft activities of the debt drunk fraudulent goofermint and their "campaign contributor" criminal gang puppeteers are severe impediments to every aspect of the economy.
      Allocating trillions to reimburse the losses of the criminal riggers of American housing costs against all American citizens in the Surreal Estate Bubble and allocating an additional $938 billions to the drunk and disorderly, pot pushing, criminal destroyers of human bodies and lives in the "health services" fraudocracy has further compounded the prior debt drunk behaviors of the goofermint. Only thing forthcoming from the abrogative goofermint is yet more schemes to steal from depositors and stockholders of the feloniously slopperating bunko system which, under its criminally facilitative publication of confidential personal financial information and payments devoid of validation by the owner of the funds stolen via EFT, ACH, POS, and the forgery facilitating Check21 systems, is already berserkly in violation of Article IV US Const.Amends. Cleanup of the debt drunk behaviors is going to have to start at the top of the criminal fraud and theft system with the goofermint that created it for purposes of bonusizing their campaign contributing criminal honchos in the "business" establishment.

111021  Not that "Earnings Because I Tricked Dumb Auditors" ever were relevant as anything but intentionally misleading hype, but the situation has become downright ridiculous.  Today's reports of "increased earnings" ignore the central reality.  Little or none of that reported "value for stockholders" gets to continuing stuckholders, neither as increases in Net Tangible Equity nor as dividends.  All and more than all of it is used as the basis for "loans" from bunkos for fraudulent transfers to criminal cronies in the stock manipulation busymess under the euphemism "stock buybacks" so that continuing holders wind up with LESS than they owned before.

110922    There was a revealing Freudian slipper in the article "How to Protect Young Investors From a Baby Boom Bust" written by Ashleigh Patterson of Reuters today, which I could not resist commenting about:
      The line "protecting principle was their primary investment objective" caught my attention.  That seems exactly what those ignoring the abrogations of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments are doing.  Never mind that human beings have been defrauded of ever possessing actual stocks since October 2007 by the illegal seizures into the "Direct Registration System".  Never mind that the former banking system has been turned into a wide open theft system with Automated Clearing House, Electronic Funds Transfer, Point of Sale Terminals, and the Check21 forgery facilitating system allowing any criminal anywhere in the world to vacate financial accounts devoid of validation by the owner of the funds stolen.  Never mind that the US Treasury Department, an agency of the "government" required to comply with Article IV's prohibition of illegal searches and illegal seizures, is refusing to issue any actual bonds, insisting that its infinitely hackable "online" computer systems are the only "bond" holdings, and demanding uncontrolled access to private financial accounts for whatever purposes their irresponsible programmers might want to access them.  Never mind the extensive use of derriere vatives which subjugate everyone's financial interests to the whims of the manipulative gangs using those instruments to rig markets, as they have been doing since 1986.  Never mind the theft of the *ratable* property of stockholders via the fraudulent transfers to largely foreign criminal gangs euphemized as "stock buybacks".  By golly, they pretend, let's make believe we still have a "market" for stocks even though we never actually get any stocks when we buy some and even though the Madoffian statements of account never disclose that foreign criminal gangs are busily stealing all of the equity out of our companies so that the vast majority have become de facto bankrupts.  Yup, it has become all about the *principle* of make believe rather than about PRINCIPAL which is the value that we investors must have in order to pay our bills and live our lives with any sense of stability and/or security.

110903  So "cute" watching felonious capo Burn Yankee "authorizing" felonious capo Jamie Dimon to steal the equity of continuing stuckholders of JP Morgan Chase for transfer to their criminal cronies in the stock manipulation busymess. Both capos of organized crime acting in felonious criminal abrogation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments which prohibits ILLEGAL SEIZURES of the property of American citizens, such as the *ratable* property being stolen by those fraudulent "stock buybacks". (To a very small extent, I have standing to object to that "authorized" criminal theft)
      The theft agreement between the capos of FRB and JPM was of particular interest to me because it was a branch of JPM, using the criminally abrogative ACH, EFT, POS and Check21 methods of criminal theft devoid of validation by the owner of funds stolen, which created a blatantly counterfeit and obviously forged theft of $10,000 from a financial account of mine at a criminally facilitative other institution which published on their infinitely hackable web site (similarly in violation of Article IV) 
the "routing numbers" for accomplishing that felony theft after more than a year of stalking me via the criminallly facilitative "credit reporting" services. But the rap sheet of felonies and attempted felonies by branches of JPM actually goes all the way back to 1962 (nearly 50 years ago).
      Most recent attempted felony by JPM was attempting to illegally take *possession* of my identity papers as a "condition" of withdrawing cash from my checking account at one of their branches. JPM never responded to my complaint about that attempted felony, defined as such under the Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act, by one of their branch supervisors. But the felonious abrogations of Article IV by the FRB, demanding that banks honor the mere pretenses of criminal thieves under ACH, EFT, POS, and Check21, devoid of validation by the owner of funds stolen but only "routing numbers" readily available on infinitely hackable web sites, are ongoing destructivve influences not only on the security of persons and property but on human functionality, thereby incapacitated from rational planning (and for many of their victims, even "going shopping" for necessities).

110821  Ran into sort of a new wrinkle today on the "Direct Registration System" illegal seizures of all stocks so that no American *paying* for stocks ever gets any stocks but only Madoffian "statements of account" from permanent adverse 
possessors who themselves have nothing but the corrupt computer systems of other adverse possessors backing their pretenses. In reply to a Yahoo article extolling stocks as "preservers of value" in hyperinflationary times, I mentioned the "pay 
without getting" and the gutting and looting via "stock buybacks" aspects. My reply was censored out of existence.
      As with the former Wall Street Journal, when their "editorial policy" changed radically from fair and balanced reporting over to unadulterated hype for the fraud and theft systems perpetrated by their adwierdteasers, I looked into YHOO's financial 
statements for an indication as to why I was censored. Turned out my criticisms of the theft of continuing stockholders equity were a "personal" matter with them since they have squandered $2.829 BILLIONS of their stockholders' equity beginning in 2009 on such fraudulent transfers of the ratable property of continuing stockholders in radical excess of remaining Net Tangible Equity to the manipulative gangs. I should note the difficulty of determining Net Tangible Equity because of the fluff of 
undisclosed excess of price paid over fair market value of assets acquired on one of their major "investments" and inconsistent misleading reporting on the other.

110814  "Tax the Rich" spewers are so bizarre.  They ignore the richest gangs who pay absolutely nothing for their "right" to criminally abrogate the civil and human rights of Americans.  Historically they have been torturers, maimers, and murderers of citizens who disagreed even slightly with their criminal thug rule.  They continue to promote slave mongering, hate mongering against male citizens, and war mongering to decimate male populations.  The super rich felony tax evaders are none other than those prohibited from having ANY special laws respecting them, as specified in Article I of the US Constitution Amendments:  CONGRESS SHALL MAKE *NO* LAW RESPECTING AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION.  Yeah sure, "tax the rich" but howsabout we start with the richest and most criminally abusive gangs of frauds and thieves runnning around destroying human lives?

110809  in reply to "US Closer to 'Junk Bond' Status Than Triple-A: Bove", I observed that:
      Treasury Direct's criminal access to financial accounts and insistence on permanent adverse possession of the "bonds" purchased makes it a totally fraudulent "borrower" regardless. The criminal abrogations of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments which have been implemented by that foreign owned and slopperated criminal gang euphemized as a "central banker", the Frauderal Reserve Bored, including uncontrolled unlimited theft of American financial resources via Electronic Funds Transfer, Automated Clearing House, Point of Sale Terminals, and the "Check21" forgery facilitating system, devoid of any validation by the owner of the funds and property stolen but only the desire of the criminal thieves to steal the funds and/or property and the criminal publication on infinitely hackable web sites of the "routing numbers" required to vacate accounts, have demolished any semblance of financial system. The illegal seizure of ALL stocks under the euphemism "Direct Registration System" into the permanent adverse possession of de facto bankrupt foreign criminal gangs in the "transfer agent" busymess has further compounded the criminality of the goofermint in Worsingdone District of Corruption which approved those flagrantly illegal seizures at the behest of foreign criminal gangs.  If anything, the author *understates* the severity of the problems which have been created by criminal thug goofermint.

110622  In reply to an article on AOL re the "Better Business Bureau", I commented (and had my post deleted for saying):
      There is more to the "BBB" story than the current flap over "pay for ratings".  In the Lakewood Colorado area, the "BBB" refused to accept a genuine and provable complaint about the criminal fraud perpetrated by the area's "repair service" under the General Electric banner. They refused to recognize the valid complaint about the criminal fraud which included taking money for nothing whatever in services rendered, promising a return visit if the lack of repairs proved ineffective (which that lack immediately did), and then refusing to do anything whatever about their apparently intentionally defective refrigerator design.  Instead their local chief honcho sent to me an absurd letter in which he referred to my valid and legitimate complaint as being "libel".  That is not mere "pay for ratings" but pay for complicity in covering up criminal frauds against consumers.

110509  Demonstrating the increasing censorship of "internet" media which joins the absolute dictatorship of what can be said in the previously conventional print and telebitchin propaganda spewing vehicles, I attempted to join a discussion on the Yahoo web site this morning.  Previous participants were "PennyHype", a Gingrich style promoter of the notion that "the rich" should be ripped off of all property on behalf of freeloading religionists, and "Ostrich", a promoter of the notion that the current political and economic situation is the best of all possible worlds.  Names of the discussants whose comments were acceptable to the Yahoo censors have been changed to protect the innocent and naive.  What I attempted to say, rejected by the Yahooligan censors as an "internal error", was the following:
      In fact, Ostrich, they the criminal gangs in the fraud and theft industry *did* steal everything that I have worked for decades to gather.  All of my rightful interest income, commencing in 2001 with Greedspan's setup for the Surreal Estate Bubble, which forced many of my elderly peers out of their homes when the radically reduced and ultimately eliminated interest incomes of the elderly interest income dependent retired were stolen for foreign criminal gangs in the stock and real estate manipulation busymess leaving many of my peers with nothing to pay for food and medications.  All of my stocks beginning in October 2007 when the UK and Saudi criminal gangs, who had taken over the former New York Stock Exchange, imposed their scheme of "Direct Registration" which is nothing but a flagrant criminal abrogation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments to illegally seize all American property into the permanent adverse possession of largely foreign criminal gangs notorious for their thefts, wipeouts, and misappropriation of rightful dividends income and of the property itself in some instances.  Meanwhile the criminally corrupt goofermint, which fostered those pogroms of criminal abrogation of American human and civil rights (in violation especially of Article IV which prohibits illegal searches and illegal seizures) has encouraged the largely foreign criminal gangs with $23.7 trillions of taxpayer money to reimburse *their* losses from the manipulations of the Surreal Estate Bubble and provide the financial oomph to carry out the rigging of oil prices to recent ludicrous high levels.  So yes, Ostrich, "they" did steal virtually everything of mine from me *personally*.  Not that PennyHype's scammers in the "penny stock" busymess would do any differently.  Only that the larger criminal gangs have already stolen everything.  Incidentally, it isn't "the rich" who got richer but exclusively organized crime, the major international criminal gangs, who appoint politicians to run things in their favor in Worsingdone District of Corruption.

090807  Got notice today of another aspect of the criminal abrogations of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments which have been arranged by Gulled Mon Sux, Citicrap, and others in the financial frauds industry.  By illegally seizing all stocks into their totally criminal purpose "Direct Registration System" what they're saying is what another of the fraudulent "record keepers" said to me today.  In short form:  "we the criminally subverted and Constitutionally abrogative frauds and thieves in the 'record keeping' industry get to decide who owns the property and gets to dispose of it for *their* benefit regardless of you having bought and paid for it.  Since we the criminal gangs have the only actual possession of any property whatsoever, it is entirely and absolutely up to *us* whether we or our criminal cronies can steal it permanently at whim and without even notice to you the person who bought and paid for it".
      No doubt the criminally corrupt sonofaBush SEC was entirely aware of the Constitutionally abrogative purpose of such adverse possession when they approved it on behalf of Gulled Mon Sux and Citicrap and the rest of the unregulated absolutely out of control "transfer agents" in the fraud and theft busymesses.  No doubt m.obAMA's criminal hubby was entirely aware of the meaning of his perjurious, Constitution abrogating, approval of the appointments of His British Lordship the criminal mastermind Greedspan and successor Burn Yankee when he joined in voting "for" those flagrant criminal abrogators of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments (what he swore a solemn oath to uphold) to run the Frauderal Reserve System.

090729  5:27am  Quite bizarre how there was no roasting of the corrupt Obama admin official who shotgunned the marriage of Merrill Lynch (long de facto and at that point utterly bankrupt) into Bank of America, rigging a ludicrous BAC stockholder destroying gross overpayment for that bankrupt crap heap (I have standing as a result of that outrageous fraud). Now we see the inevitable "Bank of Merrill" consequences in the closing of 600 bank branches in favor of crime infested "web only" access ... to a former "bank" which now is being Merrilled into providing no relevant banking services, just as Merrill itself has refused to provide any legitimate brokerage services in decades.  Us old folks remember when their "former" CEO was ruining around Worsingdone as a hat wearer of the Raygun admin to arrange criminal manipulation "rights" using customer securities to vacate short sale regs.
      For those who haven't yet figured out how "online" financial transactions are a criminal hoax designed to defraud and destitute its victims, I mention the following realities.  (1) Even the most proficient system designers in the financial industry have had their fraudulently misrepresented "secure" web sites hacked with significant losses at least to the companies and at least temporary disruptions of the financial activities of their victimized clients.  That cutesie little "padlock" you may have been shown is nothing but an "icon" having nothing whatever to do with system security, only with whether the programmer of the web site told Micey's corrupted slopperating system to show the cutesie picture.  (2) In order to access any of the financial web sites, one is required to be using a criminally abrogative computer slopperating system infested with "Remote Control" sorft WAR by the convicted criminal predatory Microsoft monopoly; you can't get onto any of the sites without using that criminally "modern" slopperating system; there is no relevant protection against any knowledgeable criminal taking over your computer system at whim regardless of any fraudulent misrepresentations by the designer of that abrogative of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments (illegal searches and seizures) criminal purpose Remote Control sorft WAR which can't be removed nor permanently disabled from any of the slopperating systems built by the convicted criminal gang since Millenium Edition.  I personally have been forced to watch while such criminal gangs have in fact taken over Remote Control of *my* computer absolutely without my consent and then had to clean up the criminal messes they made of my computer system and of my financial life.  (3) Instead of proof that you had anything to do with whatever the criminally corrupt slopperators of online web sites do themselves to steal your assets or to facilitate other criminal thugs in doing so, the only thing they've done is to write criminal purpose "contracts" in which you agreed or were required to agree that anything they might want to think was "you" is in fact legally capable of binding you and destroying your assets (Billy Clinton arranged for that "electronic signature" criminal purpose fraud against Americans, along with vacating Glass-Steagall).  (4) Even without help from the convicted criminal sorft WAR gang or criminally intended financial web site slopperators (who are already criminally abrogating Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments by publishing your confidential personal financial information on those infinitely hackable web sites), ANY systems administrator ANYWHERE along the circuitous path that your communications with those fraudulently misrepresented "secure" web sites traverses between your computer and the "financial" web site are entirely capable of running a full data tap on the electronic conversation.  They don't even have to know what the questions were nor what the answers mean.  They have only to repeat it and voila! they become "you" for whatever criminal theft purposes they might desire.
      So the bottom line is that having one of the largest former banking now bunko organizations in the country Merrilled into criminal abuse of customers under the "online" euphemism in place of legitimate branch offices is a flagrant *criminal* act, not a business decision and certainly not for the benefit of the already ripped off stuckholders of BAC whose net worth and assets were stolen by the criminal purpose marriage shotgunned by a criminally corrupt Obama admin official.  Frankly, the United States and the American people would have been much better off if the decades long fraud and theft gang against American human rights, civil rights, and financial rights had been buried instead of married to the former Bank of America.

090701  It's really shameful that Bill Clinton was so criminally corrupt with the fraud and theft industry as to allow them to scuttle the Glass-Steagall Act.  That was the Great Depression One legislation which prohibited banks from involvement in the "securities" industry, which corruption of "banking" was a primary necessitator of the Bank Holiday of 1933 when all of the frauds in that industry had to be closed simultaneously.  Most noticeable of the effects of that scuttling has been the theft of all of the stockholders equity and then increasing dippings into depositor money for the criminal purpose of "stock buybacks" from criminal cronies of the munchiments of the now bunkos at ludicrous multiples of net tangible equity (when any at all still remained) and of reckless endangerment of the viability of the former banks as they were encouraged by His British Lordship the criminal mastermind Greedspan to go further and further into deficit for purposes of stock manipulation to make insiders embezzling freebie "stock options" worth something.
      But it gets even more blatant when the bunkos treat any depositor with a couple of nickels to rub together as a target for criminal diversion of deposits into fraudulent "investment" contracts such as annuities and "guaranteed" products of the Ponzi scheme slopperators of the "insurance" industry.  Such "securities" are nothing but fraudulent promises made by criminally abusive de facto bankrupts.  The bunkos promote criminal diversion of depositor money into those things for the sake of the commissions revenue that they get up front from the Ponzi scheme slopperators.  They even hire onto their own staffs and/or facilitate "investment specialists" harrassing depositors in order to accomplish such criminal diversion.
      A review of the balance sheets of the Ponzi scheme slopperators making the fraudulent promises is inevitably disclosive of the nature of the criminal scheme involved.  One sample that I wrote up for a dude whose company has a couple of nickles of mine is illustrative.  I should mention that the only reason I wasted the time to review "yet another" fraudulent insurance craporation running a Ponzi scheme against investors was that the dude claimed the company he was proposing was "structurally different" from the vast majority long since necessarily rejected.  The numbers themselves vary from one such criminal scam to the next, but every one of the dozens of "insurance" companies that I have analyzed shows the very same Ponzi scheme features.  This particular sample claimed equity in its fraudulent business of 10,387 (all numerics are in millions of US dollars from the balance sheet of the fraudulent company involved).
      But there were also "Deferred Income Taxes" of 3120 shown as an "asset" on that balance sheet.  Game playing with the tax boyz and gullz can go either way and I am not willing to treat such games as being an "asset" to me as a creditor of the craporation involved.  Another of the pretended "assets" was Deferred Acquisition Costs and Acquired In-Force Policy Intangibles of 2585.  That is nothing but money long since paid out to sales personnel and "not yet" charged off against the income statement, a cute accounting trick having absolute zero value to me as a potential creditor and in fact demonstrating that the craporation involved is running a Ponzi scheme dependent on salesmen bringing in a continuous flow of "new blood" to be destroyed in their slopperation.  Entirely consistent with Genuinely Asinine Accounting Pretenses "authorized" by criminally corrupt regulators but of absolute zero real value to "investors" and serious negative implications about the nature of the busymess.  Then there is the euphemized "Goodwill" of 4626.  It is truly amazing how the frauds in the accounting busymess like to pretend that the excess of price paid over fair market value of assets acquired is "good" anything, as distinct from an admission of managerial incompetence and fraudulent transfers of the property of stock/ policy holders and the value behind creditor claims to their criminal cronies in other busymesses.
      Already in this sample, that gets us down to a maximum potential net equity of 56 millions trying to carry tons of billions of legitimate claims against the fraudulent busymess.  But there were more utterly phony line items pretended to be "assets".  One of the cutest is the "Other Assets" line, 6299 in this instance.  At least one company I know adds yet another such sweep it under the carpet line under the caption Sun Dried Asses of the fraudulent munchiments involved, but here only "Other" Assets which are known to be none of the legitimate tools of the busymess but only stuff so stinky that they weren't willing to admit what it actually was but hid it under the obfuscatory carpet of "Other", as if viewers of their finkle statements are supposed to be true believers in whatever scams they want to present rather than evaluators of meaning.  Last and rarely least in the sample was "Reinsurance Recoverables" of 15,452.  That is a nonsense phrase implying that somebody in the corrupt "insurance" busymess has some actual net assets with which to allow "recovery" of those amounts when the reality is that they've all built up a house of phony cards consisting of claims against "other guys" none of whom got it.
      The underlying reality of the sample fraudulent "insurance company" was net equity of DEFICIT -$21,695 millions.  Perhaps those trained to practice faith, hope, and charity as primary veer-tos, regardless of the suicidal nature of believing frauds and thieves, would buy into such a fraudulent Ponzi scheme.  Personally I wasn't interested and told the dude who proposed such a fraudulent "investment" that subterfuginous line descriptions of "assets" which are nothing of the sort was not basis for me to allow him to criminally divert my money to the de facto bankrupt Ponzi scheme slopperators involved.

090624 8:28pm EDT  In response to a Reuters article on titled "World's Rich Lose 20 Percent of Wealth" describing a Merrill Lynch World Wealth Report, I commented:
      What some don't realize is that Merrill is compiling a *target* list of those to do further injury to. They have already illegally seized adverse possession of all stocks, along with their criminally abrogative cronies at Gulled Mon Sux and Citicrap via the "Direct Registration System", in violation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments. They have been running a series of underwritings recently stealing the net worth of previous investors in a whole range of formerly viable companies, not even getting into the fraudulent grossly overpriced bailout of Merrill's wrongdoing munchiment imposed on BofA and its stuckholders nor into the ludicrous "bonuses" paid to abusively wrongdoing Merrill honchos for destroying the assets of customers and the investing public which comprises more than half of the American adult population.  The only greed demonstrated in any of this is the criminal abrogations of the US Constitution inflicted by His British Lordship the criminal mastermind Greedspan, by his successor Burn Yankee, and by the criminal thieves of Wall Street against the American people, our Constitution, and the property we have accumulated by thrift and perseverance despite the criminal machinations of manipulators such as Merrill.

090618  In response to an  article on AOL Money & Finance titled "Jack Welch calls Bernanke a national hero", I replied:  Coming from the guy who bankrupted one of my companies and ran the hype and hoop lala propaganda telebitchin channel which defrauded Americans of trillions during the Internet Mania swindles, that is about as damning a "praise" of Burn Yankee as might be conceivable.
      The ongoing criminal abrogations of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments (prohibits the illegal searches and seizures which publication of confidential personal financial information on infinitely hackable web sites and Electronic Funds Transfer et al methods for criminal thieves anywhere in the world to vacate financial accounts without knowledge let alone permission of the owner of the funds stolen) which the Frauderal Reserve Bored has been perpetrating since His British Lordship the criminal mastermind Greedspan commenced the "suspension of the US Constitution" advocated by Newt Gingrich and others make continuation of "the Fed" itself a questionably lawful slopperation.  Compound those ongoing criminal activities with the theft of all of the rightful income of the elderly interest income dependent retired for financing at negligible cost the criminal gangs which are stealing all and more than all of the stockholders equity out of American publicly owned companies via "stock buybacks" and for financing the profligate lifestyles of freeloading frauds in the surreal estate muckit and you have yet another atrocity being proposed by the master Welcher.
      Burn Yankee must go, as must the foreign criminal gang control of the US monetary system which was built into Woodenhead Wilson's criminal attack against America when he founded the Frauderal Reserve Bored during his "war to end all wars" against everyone other than Americans.
      I didn't mention it in my AOL post, but I recall that it was during Jack Welch's subversion of the former General Electric into a Ponzi scheme perennially selling more stock and bonds so as to transfer equity to criminal cronies in the stock manipulation busymess via "stock buybacks" that a not particularly clever subterfuge was introduced into their thereafter fraudulent reporting to the SEC.  Stock buybacks are a severe negative against cash paid public stockholders to the extent that the "market price" paid exceeds the net tangible equity of the company (usually negative as a result of Welch's mismanagement of GE).  Bargain sales of securities to insiders via "stock options" are another severe negative amounting to embezzlement of ownership, but they are "cash flow positive".  The fraudulent practice of hiding both of those frauds against cash paid public stockholders consisted of offsetting the cash flow negative against the cash flow positive so as to report a small amount of cash flow as a "net" of the two severe negatives against equity and stockholder value, thereby fraudulently concealing *both* of the real negatives that Welch and his successors have been inflicting on stock and bondholders.
      I also didn't mention in my AOL post that the practice of stealing all rightful income from savers and investors so as to finance what are there called "chaebols" at negligible interest rates has been a significant part of the reason that Japan has been in continuous recession ever since their blowoff phase more than two decades ago.  Failing to apply the discipline of rational interest rates to those using the financial resources of the society, without the consent off the owners of the funds being used as is always the case with intermediaries such as bunkos doing the "lending", inevitably and invariably leads to irrational allocations of resources to dysfunctional and wasteful projects and activities, often of negative societal value.
      Lastly I didn't mention that the criminal thug son of a preacher of the utterly foreign torture and murder "religion" imported from the European feudal thugocracies, Woodenhead Wilson, was also the criminal abrogator of Article I of the US Constitution Amendments (which prohibits the making of any law favoring the criminal gangs of the "religion" establishment) who originally had his daddy's and his criminal cronies' fraud and theft gangs exempted (by unConstitutional "law" making) from the payment of the income taxes which he so aggressively inflicted on all human citizens of the United States.  Perpetrated rather a large bunch of other criminal frauds against the American people which have been reverberating against us ever since, but the Frauderal Reserve Bored and the unConstitutional exemption of fraud and theft gangs in the torture and murder "religion" busymess were two of the worst of Presidunce Wilson's treasons against America.

090616  Every once in a while somebody talks sense in an online article.  Such was the case with the article "The Bear Market Never Ended" by Bert Dohmen, RealMoney Contributor, which was posted to the Yahoo Finance site on Monday June 15, 2009, 2:31 pm EDT.  Bert doesn't mention the triggering illegal seizure of all stocks in violation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments by the consortium of criminal gangs in the "transfer agent" busymess which began the slide from October 2007.  Nor does he mention the gutting and looting of all stockholders equity via the criminal theft mechanism of "stock buybacks", ongoing since His British Lordship the criminal mastermind Greedspan reintroduced that practice as part of the engineered blowoff and crash in 1987, which made vast swaths of formerly great American companies nothing but de facto bankrupt debt drunk grossly mismanaged trash heaps.  But he does mention enough of the relevant prognosis that I thought his article worth preserving for posterity, regardless of the short time things tend to survive on Yahoo Finance.  So here it is, recited in full:
  The stock market has had an eye-catching rally. Everyone is talking about the S&P 500 gaining 40% since the March 6 low. But we have to put that into perspective. The index dropped 46% from the October 2007 top to the March low. Just to get back to the level of October 2007, it needs almost a 100% gain. So far, it is quite short of that. In fact, I believe it will take a decade or much longer to get back to the 2007 top.
      During the [first] Great Depression, the first phase of the bear market ended in 1930. Then the Dow Jones Industrials rallied 51%. But after that, the Dow plunged another 64% into the 1932 low.  The bulls say that we have already seen the equivalent of the 1932 bottom. To me, that seems improbable. At the 1932 bottom, the Dow had lost 89%. Therefore, the bottom this March doesn't qualify as "the bottom" at all. In fact, given that we had the greatest speculative bubble of modern times, using the highest degree of leverage, and creating $1.2 quadrillion of derivatives which are being "delevered," the final bear market bottom should be much, much lower. At a minimum, the economic contraction will be much longer. We expect it to last at least until 2017, of course with periodic rallies. [That estimate coincides with my own original estimate created at the time of the March 2000 greatest fool blowoff in the Nasty Duck which was based on long cycle analysis relating to Kondratieff's work.]
      The Great Depression bear market bottom was three years after the prior bull market top. That would give us at the earliest a bottom in 2010. But remember, the 1932 bottom didn't end the Depression.
      Escalating inflation could reduce the amplitude of the next bear market phase by virtue of the fact that stocks could become inflation hedges, just as in the late 1970s. Then stock prices would rise in nominal terms, but not in inflation- adjusted terms. In other words, the value of the currency declines and stocks become a hedge against the declining purchasing power of the currency. With the massive money creation we are seeing, this is a possibility.
      In our view, we are currently seeing a typical bear market rally. In the last bear market that started in March 2000, there was a rally late in the year going into January 2001. Many high-profile analysts proclaimed it to be the start of the new bull market and advised "loading up the truck." We gave a new sell signal late in January 2001. That was right on target. And that's when the bear market really got serious.
      In early March this year, when we called the exact day of the bottom, we said the rally would go into late summer but it would be very volatile. We also said that it would be a bear market rally. We don't have a crystal ball, but we depend on our indicators to give us the clues as to the top. If we are right, this could turn into a painful trap for the bulls. It would present another great opportunity to sell short at the top.
      Sentiment right now is approaching euphoric levels among the analysts. The bullish consensus of index traders is now at the level last seen at the bull market top in October 2007.  Furthermore, corporate insider selling vs. buying, by the people who know how their business is likely to be over the next year, is at one of the highest levels on record. The sell/ buy ratio is over 8, meaning that for every share purchased, they have sold eight. Obviously, they are not that optimistic.
      The global financial crisis was caused by an implosion of excessive debt, due to uncredibly high leverage employed by financial institutions. The banking system has so far written off about $1.3 trillion of bad stuff. One very knowledgeable investment firm estimates that there is another $3.8 trillion to be written off. Geithner's PPIP plan has been shelved because no bank was interested in selling its bad assets. Why not? Because this would create a "market value," which other assets would have to be valued at. Evidence suggests that the banks are carrying some assets at almost three times current market value.
      The government is trying to resolve the excessive debt problem by creating trillions of dollars of more debt. That's always a strategy doomed to fail. You see, the current problem is that the excessive debt cannot be serviced. Therefore, creating even more debt which cannot be serviced only worsens the problem, especially in a deteriorating economic environment. A burst bubble can not be reflated. Be prepared.

090609 10:19:37am EDT  I replied to an article by Philip Moeller under the heading "The Best Life: Should You Manage Your own Portfolio" in the Money & Business Section of U.S. News & World Report online for Tuesday June 9, 2009.  What I had to say about it was added as a comment to the article itself and repeated here:
      There is a rather strange assumption in the article that the illegal seizure of all stocks by the consortium of transfer
agents in violation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments was ever acceptable.  For that matter that permanent
adverse possession by broke makers has ever been tolerable.
      Having had very large amounts of my net worth stolen by such criminal gangs in the trustee and financial intermediary and broke maker busymesses, the flagrant criminal abrogations of human and civil rights involved in that assumption are offensive to me.  It was in fact the criminal theft nature of the trustee and broke maker and other financial intermediary busymesses that persuaded me 48 years ago that I was necessarily going to have to manage my own money.
      When I pay my money for something, I expect to receive something of value. Transportable to my choice of where if ever to sell it without interference from thugs maintaining adverse possession and theft of the income and potential (actual in
some cases) wipeouts of the "electronic only" property.  That an author is capable of talking [favorably] about those criminal abrogations of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments (illegal searches via infinitely hackable web sites and illegal seizures via permanent adverse possession) seems very strange indeed to me.

090608  There are rare occasions when my sense of humor runs away with me.  I got to thinking this evening about the minimum financial resources required for a "comfort zone".  The amount itself varies from person to person but conventional wisdom generally holds that a person really oughta have at least six months of living expenses as cash reserves available without complications or risks.  Not subject to being fired or "outplaced".  Not subject to market volatility.  Not subject to anything but one's own personal control and ability to access when and only when the reserves are needed for something genuinely important to maintenance of one's own lifestyle.
      There are also comfort zones as to how much actual money (as distinct from plastic artifacts subject to electronic systems failures and defunctions) a person needs to carry with them.  One notorious widely published author wrote a puff piece for those plastic card pretenses at "money" created for criminal takeover of human lives by de facto bankrupt bunkos.  I suspected he had been bribed, as so much of the brutally censored financial press has been these days, to write that puff piece.  But when I questioned his promotions of plastic, he replied that he *can't* carry cash because his "wife" steals any currency that he might have in his billfold.  I've heard that same story about wiffeys from others of less notoriety and publication status.  Even if the area where my Little House is located weren't so notorious for lesbian criminal theft via divorce racketeering and related crimes against citizens of male gender, such truthful descriptions of the nature of wiffeys certainly should give pause to any male citizen contemplating getting involved with the typically lesbian oriented frauds who run that criminal system of slave ownership in violation of Articles XIII, XIV, V, and I of the US Constitution Amendments.
      But I have also heard of laws in at least some places which make an effort to keep vagrants off the streets of their towns.  The rationale for such laws is clear.  Vagrants have a tendency to disrupt and illegally harrass legitimate citizens even when they're not engaging in overt criminal acts against persons and property.  The only specific number that I've heard associated with such laws is "$20 in your pocket or go directly to jail".  My own comfort zone on money in pocket is higher than that, sufficient to take care of the normal kinds of shopping and small bill paying that I need to do regularly without ever having to touch those dreadful plastic monstrosities that the bunkos push off as the "equivalent" of actual money or which open essential financial accounts to criminal theft and vacating of entire balances if anyone else ever gets possession of the plastic.  Far worse thing as financial risk, those "debit cards", than carrying a personal comfort zone amount of currency with oneself.
      Anyway, where my sense of humor got involved in this discussion is when I asserted that I am most assuredly not and have every intention of never becoming a vague rant.  I am a highly specific rant, complete with relevant details and argumentation on behalf of my viewpoints.

090530  Watching real paint, of matching color, drying on a wall of my own that I painted today is soooo much more fun than watching the scammers of Wall Street "painting the tape" for their de facto bankrupt debt drunk trash papers.  Not only that but, according to the County which recorded my title, I get to keep my painted wall, unlike stocks which the criminal gangs of Wall Street have been refusing to deliver at all since their "Direct Registration System" was inflicted in October 2007 for permanent adverse possession in the hands of criminal gangs who also steal the "income" whenever they feel like it for involvement in criminal manipulations of those trash papers under the euphemism "dividend reinvestment" which is nothing but open market riggings and squanderings of the "income" at those rigged high prices with mere "imputation" to me so that I "get to" pay taxes on what I never could have nor ever will actually receive, all the while the criminal gangs maintain absolute permanent possession even of the fraudulently purchased securities "in the name of" this unwilling buyer.
      The criminally corrupt Infernal Re Venue Serve Ice has even authorized Real Estate Investment Trusts required, under the law, to PAY OUT to stockholders virtually all of their income or become taxable at the corporate level, to instead transfer "shares of stock" to those criminal gangs in the transfer agent busymess for *their* permanent possession with nothing whatever of value ever being available to me the owner so as to "qualify" as continuing REITs.  Everything for the criminal gangs and the thieving fascist munchiments.  Nothing for human beings.  Flagrant abrogations of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments prohibition of illegal searches and seizures at every turn.  That's the way the criminally corrupt Constitutionally abrogative Worsingdone District of Corruption is wucking these days.  But gaw lee, the recently criminal gang appointed Presidunce himself has referred to those criminally thieving viciously abrogative thugs running de facto bankrupt debt drunk craporations as if they were (never have been and never will be anything of the sort) "entrepreneurs" in excusing their thefts of taxpayer money for "bonuses" for creating the current Great Depression Two.

090515  7:01:56pm EDT   In reply to an article disclosing the intent of numerous "insurance" companies to steal from American taxpayers via the corrupt criminal scam of "bailout" funding arranged in Worsingdone, I wrote:
      Looking at the list of companies on the proposed "bailout" list of free money from American taxpayers, I see virtually every one of them has been engaged in massive criminal theft of stockholders equity via "stock buybacks" at ludicrous multiples of Net Tangible Equity.  For example, Allstate  munchiment stole $14.16 BILLIONS to "buy back" 368 mln shares from 1995 through 2006, paying an average of $38.48/sh vs $10.39/sh tangible 061231 equity, difference 28.09 x 368 = $10,337.12 (more than TEN BILLIONS) net Greenmail Paid is -159.9% of remg equity or $-16.62/sh STOLEN to give to those who *aren't* stockholders anymore.  Having stolen the stockholders equity to give to their criminal cronies in the stock manipulation biz, now they're looking to steal from taxpayers via the "bailout" fraud arranged in Worsingdone.  Only one readily available sample.  The rest of the looters of the US Treasury are every bit as flagrant about "anticipation of bankruptcy" fraudulent transfers of stockholder money.

090430  I have never forgotten the advice of Gerald M. Loeb in his book "The Battle for Investment Survival", which I read very near the beginning of my trading career in September 1961.  Gerry said that one should always have "a ruling reason" for doing a trade, as in *one* ruling reason.  In reality, most of my stock trading in the intervening 47.5 years has had a complex set of reasons for getting done.  Environmental circumstances, however, have radically "simplified" the situation.  There is very little rational stock trading that can be done these days.
      The crucial element to eliminating rationality from stock "ownership" has been the criminal theft practice of "stock buybacks" reintroduced by His British Lordship the criminal mastermind Greedspan during the manipulatively created "Crash of 1987" as described in  my article about it .  The underlying assumption of stock ownership had always been that the earnings of the owned business activities inure to the benefit of the stockholders.  Ratably in proportion to the number of shares owned was the implicit law of the matter.  The reality in a redefined environment, where criminal munchiments have been encouraged by quasi-governmental and by goofermintal authorities to steal all and more than all of the stockholders equity for fraudulent transfer to criminal cronies in the stock manipulation busymess, is that there is no benefit whatever to the owners of the earnings of publicly traded corporations.  If anything, the more "earnings" there are, the more the felons in the bunko busymess are eager to "lend" against that cash flow to the criminal munchiments for such fraudulent transfers to stock manipulators, leaving less than nothing in the way of equity, and typically little or nothing in the way of cash dividends along the way, for the cash paid public stockholders.  Vast swaths of formerly great American publicly owned corporations have been de facto bankrupted already by that criminal theft system.  Many more need only file the same financial statements that they've already filed with the SEC on the bankruptcy forms to complete the permanent wipe out of cash paid public stockholders.
      Finalizing the theft of all assets out of American "capitalism", foreign run criminal gangs in violation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments have illegally seized all stocks for permanent adverse possession by those perennial criminal thieves of income due to owners of stocks, the "transfer agents".  There is no longer any way that a human being can obtain possession of shares of stock nor to defend against the criminal abuse of "online" computer systems.  According to the criminal gangs, with the approval of the criminally corrupt Securities & Exchange Commission, there is only an online electronic "book entry only" criminal purpose computer system.  Those "Direct Registration" computer systems, placed online so that any criminal in the world can hack into them and modify share holdings at whim, are even more accessible to such as the de facto bankrupt itself foreign based transfer agent which has already demonstrated not only intent but reality of wiping out records of ownership at whim for transfer of all value to its criminal self.
      It has all become a grandiose version of the criminally thieving Bunko Trustee fraud and theft busymess, but with no way of ever breaking any of the assets out of the criminally adverse possession of the fraudulent gangs who "trust themselves" with permanent possession of everyone else's property, while being absolutely untrustworthy for any of the owners of the property thus stolen in perpetuity.  It was no surprise that the recently publicly recognized beginning of the intentionally created Great Depression Two was in October 2007, simultaneous with the final criminal theft of all stocks by the foreign run criminal gangs Gulled Mon Sux and Citicrap "doing business as" the former New York Stock Exchange via their Constitutionally abrogative "Direct Registration System" implemented with the approval of the criminally corrupt terrorist sonofaBush SEC.
      Under the circumstances, while numerous of my stockholdings were being run through the actual bankruptcy courts by the criminal munchiments who had already stolen everything of value via fraudulent transfers in anticipation of filing the bankruptcy papers, I implemented a "LESSatorium" against buying any stocks.  Ultimately I did resume buying a selected few things on a purely *lending* basis for the purpose of obtaining cash distribution yields in excess of 11% per annum.  I began with some closed end exchange traded municipal bond funds (not really stocks but traded in the same manner) in December 2008.  I continued with some real estate investment trusts after verifying that they not only had the resources to continue paying their indicated yields but that their balance sheets were not too far out of whack for the business they're in.
      Given the raping and pillaging environment in which criminal munchiments continue to be encouraged to steal the assets and incomes of cash paid public stockholders, including the opening out of the US Treasury itself to the worst of the criminal gangs rampaging on Wall Street by their criminal cronies in the Congress and Senate in Worsingdone District of Corruption, several of the criminal munchiments of those "verified capable" REITs have subsequently decided to "conserve capital" (less euphemistically describable as conning capitalists) by suspending the payments that they continued to be entirely capable of making but for their criminal intent to defraud cash paid public stockholders.  It has become all about criminal gang honchos supporting each other's criminal rampages against America at the expense of the American people and the owners of the busymesses that they mangle.
      My ruling reason for buying any of those now proven criminally mismanaged craporations was the indicated flow of cash distributions.  No more cash coming in to me, no more reason for owning the criminally mismanaged companies.  I have been gradually disposing of my shares of the worst of the criminal thief run craporations as a result of those violations of the laws of property ownership so as to further the mutual support system among criminal gangs against human and civil rights in violation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments.

090427  Ever since the swine flu stories began to flow out of Los Estados Unidos de Mexicanos, I have been having serious differentiation difficulties relative to the standard Wall Street huckster's line.  "Put some lipstick on this pig and see how it flies", i.e. pigs flying a/k/a swine flew is the primary business of the criminal thieves and charlatans and gutters and looters of everything of value out of publicly owned corporations and more recently out of the US Treasury.  There has indeed been a swine flew pandemic in the United States for many years now, virtually since the day that His British Lordship the criminal mastermind Greedspan was appointed by the fascist criminal religionist Ronny Raygun to destroy the financial and economic systems of the United States.  Definitely it remains a sickening set of problems.

090422  In reply #563 to the article by Paul B. Farrell of the CBS MarketWatch staff under the subject headings "Jack Bauer can't stop 'The Goldman Conspiracy' 10 reasons why Wall Street has absolute power over America's democracy" which was last updated 090420 at 7:13pm EDT, I commented under my "Tracker" monicker (which dates from the series of discussions of my own trading which I sent for a number of years to those who specifically requested such tracking information):
      Nice article Paul, even if it did leave out some crucial aspects:  (1) the criminal thefts of all and more than all of the stockholders equity out of vast swaths of formerly great American publicly owned companies under the euphemism "stock buybacks" engineered by representatives of Goldman and their training ground Hah Vahd Yahd (which itself engages in criminal theft of stockholders equity via that Great Depression I proven methodology); (2) the illegal seizure of all stocks in violation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments engineered by Goldman and its more than $40 billion [of thefts from the US Treasury under the "bailout" swindle] Saudi run criminal crony Citicrap via their takeover of the former New York Stock Exchange and the creation of a criminal consortium under the euphemism "Direct Registration System" to hold permanent adverse possession of everyone else's securities, to engage in criminal theft of income on those securities for use in their perennial stock manipulation schemes under the euphemism "dividend reinvestment", and for occasional permanent wipeout whenever the de fact bankrupt primary interests in the "stock transfer" busymess decide to capture parts of other people's assets to cover parts of their own abusively bankrupt financial condition.

090417  Completed the elimination from my time consuming stock tracking systems of a large group of companies which pay little or nothing in the way of cash dividends to stockholders.  They haven't been ownable by human beings anyway as a result of the antiConstitutional seizure of all stocks by the criminal gangs of Wall Street into their "Direct Registration System" in violation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments.  Further, their criminal munchiments continue or at least maintain the creative destruction criminal gang "right" to fraudulently transfer all and more than all of the stockholders equity to themselves and/or to cronies in the fraudulent and abusive stock manipulation busymess so that there can never be any accretion of value to stockholders equity which is the only thing that cash paid public stockholders ever own.  I also eliminated the known de facto bankrupts made so by previous criminal thefts of stockholders equity, the debt drunk frauds stealing capital from cash paid public stockholders while transferring control to criminal bunkos who finance the thefts of stockholders equity, and the remaining long established criminal thieves of stockholders equity who aren't "quite" de facto bankrupt nor debt drunk "yet" but are certain to become so as a result of their practices of criminal theft of equity for fraudulent transfers to insiders or to the criminal stock manipulators.
      Eliminating all of those nonownable fraudulent and abusive trash papers from my tracking systems created a major reduction in the amount of time and energy it takes to track those things that I do need to track.  From three major chunks of stocks, each with their own tracking systems requiring nightly update, my workload has been reduced to a single such system.  From about 1300 stocks prior to "taking out the trash", my nightly downloads have been reduced to 380.  That is particularly important when I'm out on the road and have to use an uncertain wireless communications system (between the Mississippi River and the coastal mountain range of California, connectable coverage varies from flimsy to nonextant; it is only in the major cities that I avoid where high speed wireless exists) or locate a motel with a pluggable telephone (ultra slow to go through a standard copper wireline modem).  Overall the changes amounted to a reduction of about 70% in the "must do it every business night" aspect of my work.
      Yet these drastic changes in maintenance requirements have no impact on the functionality of my decision support systems.  I still have all of my note files about stocks, instantly accessible, covering with varying degrees of completeness 4,007 currently active purported stocks and 454 historic companies which have been put out of the public's misery by the criminal gangs of Wall Street.  These notes are capable of being updated from new information from the  SEC web site  which remains quite useful despite the criminal corruption of the "regulatory" branch of the former SEC (mostly as required by the self appointing never elected criminally abusive and Constitution abrogating legis critters and goofermint administration in Worsingdone and as a result of musical chair playing of employees bouncing between playing "regulator" and being rewarded with sinecures in "regulated companies").  No way it can overcome the criminal thefts of stockholders equity, the thefts of all stocks by criminal gangs into electronic fraud record keeping, and the "creative destruction" gang rule of business generally.  But it is informative and I still have my accurate record keeping systems running to track the annihilation being inflicted by the criminal thieves who intentionally created this Great Depression Two from their catbird seats on Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue.

090415  Observed a new twist on the criminal thefts of stockholders equity via what is euphemized as "stock buybacks".  One of the egregious activists at such thefts of equity, as a result of having fraudulently transferred its corporate equity to criminal cronies in the stock manipulation busymess, recently quit paying the rent which it owes to a company of mine thereby endangering at least the value if not the viability of my entirely different company.  It is not only the stockholders (and depositors and the American people as a result of the "bailout" swindles in the situation of the criminal bunkos who have been carrying out the same kinds of fraudulent transfers of equity under the euphemism "stock buybacks") who are defrauded, gutted, and looted in violation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments by the criminal thieves of the "stock buybacks" swindle system.  It is also the business creditors and *their* stockholders and bond holders and creditors who are subjected to criminal destruction when any company engages in those frauduolent transfers of stockholders equity at the behest of Gulled Mon Sux, Hah Vahd Yahd, various criminal stock manipulation gangs styling themselves as "mutual funds" these days, and other proponents of fraudulent transfers of all and more than all of the equity of publicly owned companies to the criminal thieves.  Yet the supposed "regulators" have been and continue to be active facilitators of all of these criminal thefts under the euphemism "stock buybacks", establishing "rules" which only minimize the criminal thieves having to stumble over each others' feet as they haul away all value from publicly owned companies.

090410  Began the relevant final steps today towards reducing my personal workload evaluating stocks down to what might actually be useful.  Increasingly since His British Lordship the criminal mastermind Greedspan began his treasonous promotions of criminal theft of the property of cash paid public stockholders via what he and his "creative destruction" criminal cronies having been euphemizing as "stock buybacks", vast swaths of formerly great American companies have been subverted into de facto bankrupt debt drunk trash heaps.  "Earnings" have been made irrelevant by the reality of those criminal thefts whereby even future earnings have been mortgaged to the hilt to maximize the amounts of the criminal thefts by the "creative" destroyers of American capital, leaving a not merely empty bag but a deep hole in the ground where the stockholders equity was and is supposed to have continued being.  The criminal theft practice made virtually every such company carrying out the criminally promoted "stock buybacks" into at whim bankrupts with criminally abusive munchiments who need only file the same papers, that they've been filing with the SEC, onto the forms required by the bankruptcy courts so as to permanently wipe out the cash paid public stockholders including those who naively believe the frauds and liars of the "stock buybacks" criminal manipulation scheme who continuously spew that their criminal thefts of everybody else's property constitutes "returning value to shareholders" (all and more than all of the value to the selected criminal cronies of the fraudulent and abusive munchiments of the companies).
      The final death knell for American capitalism was when the criminal gangs, British run Gulled Mon Sux and Saudi Arabian run Citicrap who had been allowed to take over and subvert the former fair and orderly New York Stock Exchange into a fragmentation fraud pretense of "a market", used their control position in the markets to demand the fatal criminal abrogation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments which prohibits the illegal seizure of the property of any American citizen.  As approved by the sonofaBush criminally corrupt "Securities & Exchange Commission", the abrogation was presented as a "Direct Registration System" in which all stocks in all publicly traded companies were permitted to be kept in the permanent adverse possession of criminal gangs who have regularly been stealing income due to stockholders for involvement in their criminal manipulations of stock prices under the euphemism "dividend reinvestment" and from time to time wiping out the exclusively "book entry" electronic records of stock ownership whenever their criminal whimsy suggested to them that they might want to do that, in one particular instance because the foreign criminal gang allowed to take over a vast swath of all stock transfer agency is itself de facto bankrupt and bought the former corrupt and unreliable transfer agent businesses of others so as to "correct" its own bankrupt status by stealing the property of American citizens.
      Even on the surficial level of publishing confidential personal financial information on their infinitely hackable web sites, the criminal gangs running the stock transfer busymesses were already in flagrant violation of Article IV's prohibition of illegal searches, openly facilitated by the publication of that confidential information on those infinitely hackable web sites.  Making their regularly fraudulently abused "book entry" systems into the only and exclusive permitted form of "ownership" completed the process of stealing all stocks while maintaining at best an illusion in the minds of the naive that they still owned something because the criminal gangs were, for the moment only, willing to show them an online video gambling game which pretended that they did all the while the "owners" themselves in reality had nothing whatsoever and the "shares" in the game had already long since been subverted into de facto bankrupt trash paper.  Participants in the fraudulent game were not even to receive financial reports required by the securities laws which date from the 1930s since the sonofaBush's criminal thug SEC Chairman authorized the "notice and access" pretense of publication on web sites requiring use of the "Remote Control" criminally infested computer slopperating system.  "Of course" the criminally corrupt Bureau of the Public Debt adopted a similar electronically swizzleable "book entry" only system for subsequent issuances of "savings bonds".  Ludicrous that criminal thieves would be allowed to keep actual possesion of all stocks and that the debtor itself have the only permitted records of debt to the American people.  But that in fact is what the criminal gangs of Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue have done to the former United States of America.
     As a capitalist, I am not capable of continuing to believe the criminal thugs of Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue when they pretend that they exclusively are to be the only determinants of who owns what, if anything, devoid of any real world manifestation of ownership.  No stock certificates, no real bonds, no equity to own in the first place, all of those add up to no reason to pay good money for "participation" in the fraudulent criminal theft games of the perpetrators.  Perhaps especially not when they have been gutting and looting all genuine value out of the companies with their criminal theft mechanism of "stock buybacks" and embezzlements via "stock options".  Their entire activities for the past 28 years, since the fascist Wholly Wierd Californicatia wooden head puppet play actor Ronny Raygun married to an "alleged" member of the Communist Potty USA took over the presiduncy, have been in the direction of criminal theft and violent criminal abuses of the America people including homosexual molestations in the airports and elsewhere under pretense of "national security", criminal thefts at the borders of computers owned by Americans so as to use the criminal subversion of the former banking system to vacate financial accounts, and other crimes against Americans.
      So, recognizing the reality of the communist fascist international torture and murder religion run theft of all property from American citizens under the pretense of "efficiency for the transfer agents" (whose only real function has been transferring property away from its owners and into their own criminal pockets), I am removing the vast majority of the now trash paper that used to be functional economically sound American companies from my daily tracking and analytical systems.  Might as well make use of what remains of my life doing things that might be useful to me as wasting it all playing the criminal purpose online video gambling games that the frauds and thieves of Wall Street and Pennsylvania Avenue are rigging in violation of the Constitution of the former United States of America and in furtherance of their already begun to be recognized as such Great Depression Two.

090408  It doesn't help a bit when a company in which I have a material financial interest suspends payment of its cash dividends so that I wind up with zilch income of my own.  It doesn't help a bit with the criminal theft of 91% of my rightful interest income by the thugs of the Frauderal Reserve Bored so as to finance their further criminal takeovers of formerly great American businesses gutted and looted by the criminal thefts of stockholders equity which they have been encouraging and promoting since 1987 for no purpose other than bankrupting the entire American financial and economic systems.  As for capital transactions, which was the real source of the vast majority of my net financial improvement in most prior years, the criminal attacks against my companies are running hordes of them already through the bankruptcy courts leaving me with nothing but some memories of who "used to be" a company of mine.  The opportunities for locating financially sound companies in which to invest has entirely evaporated as a result of the illegal seizure of ALL stocks, by the criminal gangs who took over the former New York Stock Exchange, in violation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments with the approval of the sonofaBush's criminally corrupt SEC under the euphemism "Direct Registration System" (an electronic fraud in which criminal gangs take the opportunity to steal all income and wipe out the property records themselves at whim).  Opportunities had already thinned out massively as a result of the promotions of criminal theft of stockholders equity via "stock buybacks" which are nothing but fraudulent transfers of everyone else's property to the criminal gangs in the stock manipulation busymess.  Then there's the criminally corrupt Infernal Re Venue Serve Ice which has authorized criminal gangs to issue "electronic only" shares of stock instead of cash dividends so as to "attribute" the fraudulent rigged "market values" on the day of pretended distribution of those worthless, rapidly declining, unsaleable, and unownable fictions of fraudulent shares "as if" they were taxable income to me and other stuckholders "as of" the electronic only make believe date that the criminal gangs create the fictions.
      The emotional traumas of these destructions of property and income are every bit as real as they would have been if I hadn't known in advance what was happening.  The combination of those things that it doesn't help with makes the amount of the estimated taxes that I just sent to the various goofermints look totally whacky despite having been prepared strictly in accordance with their ludicrous rulez and regurgitationz.  My taxable income is falling so fast as the direct result of the criminal attacks against America and against Americans by the foreign dominated criminal gangs in Worsingdone District of Corruption that I may not even be required to send any further estimated tax payments when the second fiscal quarter requirement to pay such ludicrous amounts comes due two months from now.  If I am required to send anything more it is likely to be solely the result of those "phantom" attributions of nonexistent make believe "income" that I can never actually get ANY value from because of the criminally corrupt approval of such criminal theft methods.
      But it actually did help at least a little that I knew the "general scope" of what was coming in the way of the Great Depression Two that those criminal gangs created with their policies of fraud and criminal theft via their puppet goofermint as detailed in my companion article on this site The Crash of 1987  in which I detail with specificity the criminal methods which the Constitutionally abrogative criminal gangs posturing as goofermint used to create this second great depression which, because of the major criminal violations of human and civil rights ongoing by those abrogative goofermints, is destined to be far more severe than the first great depression.  During my first several years as a student at a dysfunctional homosexually regimented loonie verse itty (I graduated elsewhere much later after figuring out that the state loonie verse itty was never going to graduate anyone such as myself who didn't satisfy their requirement for being actively homosexual), I spent huge amounts of time in their massive research library.  I felt that I needed to know, for future reference, WHY my mother was so absolutely convinced that there was nothing at all "great" about Great Depression One.  So I read the huge bound volumes of the New York Times for the years 1926 through 1933 so that I might understand not only my mother's viewpoint but more importantly HOW to recognize it when ("as and if" were my original thoughts) the criminal gangs ran the same criminal scams against America yet again because so few participants in the markets these days qualified as having "learned from history" and were therefore and thereby "doomed to repeat it".  Emotional turmoil from the destruction of my property and the theft and vaporization of my income to the side, I'm glad that I knew about it and could make such few and perhaps futile preparations as I was able to make as a result of seeing the criminal gangs repeating the same criminal methods that I studied those many years ago.  In case anyone else ever reads this, the applicable conclusion is the famous quotation from Yogi Bear-uh (often spelled Berra) "It ain't over til it's over".

090406  I was reminded today while preparing my income tax returns of what is perhaps the silliest thing that a representative of a "financial" institution ever said to me.  Not fraudulent nor criminal, mind you, only utterly silly.  What brought it to mind was the latest 2008 criminal activities of the company that he works or at least at that time worked for.  It was in the process of winding up the estate of a deceased family member whose most recent "spouse" had been entitled to a lifetime income from the property.  The finkle salesman had the notion that, despite the massive criminal thefts that his orgie had perpetrated against me during the years that I had an "account" there, I might be persuaded to leave some significant portion of the value in the possession of his orgie or, he hoped, to bring all of the rest of my assets into their nefarious and unreliable clutches.  So he proposed the notion that all assets ought to be kept in a single "bucket" for "CONvenience".  I don't know if he was simply suffering a momentary bout of being honest about the nature of his flagrantly criminal orgie's activities or utterly naive about the meaning of the word that he used to describe what they wanted to do or presumptuous that I myself *didn't* know what the word means.  Fact is, way back at the beginning of my career trading securities, I had read "The Battle for Investment Survival" by Gerald M. Loeb in which Gerry described the BUCKET SHOPS of his own early career in the 1920s.  The word refers to gambling parlors in which the betting slips on the course of prices of individual securities were placed in a bucket pending changes in the prices of those securities.  When an individual stock price moved some small percent against the bettor, the gambling slip was wiped out, taken out of the bucket.  On those rare occasions when it moved favorably by some small percent, the gambler won his bet and was paid off.  The bucket shops themselves were significant participants in the intraday manipulation (not legally criminalized at *that* time but only since) of stock prices and quite active in rigging the market for individual securities so that bets made with them tended to produce losses for the bettors most of the time.  That is what a "bucket" shop, as defined by a long time participant in the markets by the time he wrote his book in the 1950s that I read in the early 1960s, in fact is:  a gambling parlor rigged against bettors.  Not that the thefts of major chunks of my assets by his criminal orgie dating all the way back to the beginnings of the relationship imposed by circumstances beyond my control, all by themselves, wouldn't have kept me from accepting his proposal regardless, but that silliness was the frosting on the cake.

090402 at 11:42pm  The criminal rampage of gangs in the "transfer agent" busymess against the property rights of Americans continues unabated.  I was told verbally in Feb 2008 that my mailing address had been properly updated. Then the fraudulent "notice and access" (requiring use of the criminally invasive Remote Control infested slopperating system) was sent to the more than year out of date address.  I am now told that the criminal gang "cannot locate" records of my ownership of one of my stocks held by me in the only rational form of ownership, stock certificate (that which freeloaders on the US Treasury have been aggressively prohibiting with their Constitutionally abrogative "Direct Registration System" for seizing all ownership into the overt control of their criminal gang syndicate so that "lost record" situations such as this can multiply and proliferate). I am providing information demanded by the criminal gang, but actual regulation of the frauds and thieves in that busymess is mandatory.

090402  For some time now I have been noticing a very strange inverse correlation between the rigged and manipulated jumps in the prices of stucks and bonds traded in the United States vis a vis the rigged and manipulated "international value" of the US Dollar.  It's "almost as if" the foreign puppeteered criminal thugs in Worsingdone District of Corruption were rigging the dollar to temporarily lower levels so that their foreign criminal associates can more cheaply obtain the currency to carry on the manipulation of stuck prices upward, then rigging it back upward to temporarily higher levels so that their foreign criminal associates can get more value when they dump the stucks that they manipulated during the first phase of this additional criminal theft scheme arranged with the assistance of their quislings in Worsingdone.  The "almost as if" notion doesn't hold together nearly as well as an assertion of intent in light of the massive foreign criminal gang control of Worsingdone itself where ONLY the thug representatives of foreign goofermints and the criminal representatives of fraud and theft gangs based in the United States have any representation at all in that narcophony criminal cesspool by the Potomac.  Mere citizens of America can't get through the pair of thirty foot thick iron curtains the criminal thugs have erected all around their seat of control and abuse of Americans.  The denizens of that criminal cesspool pretending to "represent" the people of the United States set foot outside their narcophony domain only to chat with the crime lords in the geographies to which they have been appointed as sales personnel for the foreign criminal gangs.  Even when receiving overwhelming disagreement with and opposition to their fraud and theft legislation from the American people, they do nothing more than a little dance of "considering" the overwhelming opposition and then proceeding with criminal scams virtually identical to the originals.  The scammers in charge have never been elected, as a result of felony identity thefts being used to assure permanent control of all of those sales positions by Worsingdone itself during the fraudulent "voting" process where nobody other than Worsingdone appointed criminal gang members is ever allowed to "run for office".  But they sure do have quite the system arranged for defrauding and destituting the people of the United States, now even allowing the major criminal financial gangs to directly loot and gut the US Treasury after they got done gutting and looting all equity out of formerly great American corporations via "stock buybacks" and other criminal frauds and thefts.
      Watching the gyrations in the markets created by the "Chaos Theory" successors in interest to the "Creative Destruction" criminal gangs led by His British Lordship the criminal mastermind Greedspan, one should never forget the Plunge Protection Team set up by the fascist religionist puppet Ronny Raygun of Wholly Wierd Californicatia in 1988 for his then recently appointed chairman of the Frauderal Reserve Bored.  It consists of the Chair of the Frauderal Reserve, a representative of the US Treasury to provide taxpayer money to carry out the criminal manipulations, a representative of the criminally abusive "futures" markets to do the major grunt work of rigging the cash market via the more readily rigged futzes, and a representative of the Securities & Exchange Commission to provide an "imprimateur" for the criminal activities of the gang.  That has been "how they do it" ever since criminal scheme to destroy the financial and economic systems of the former United States of America was set in motion leading into the  Crash of 1987 .

090322 at 12:05pm EST in response to a suckah seeking promotion of "getting back into the market" as a result of recent increasing quoted prices for some of the de facto bankrupt debt drunk craporations that remain after the criminal thefts of stockholders equity and ownership rights during the past two decades, I wrote:
      The key to understanding recent upflips in some stocks is the "Plunge Protection Team" created by Ronny Raygun in 1988.  Its function is to use taxpayer funding from the Treasury and manipulative activities in the "futures" muckits to rig the cash securities market to present the appearance of success of such things as the theft of hundreds of billions of taxpayer monies for gifts to those who bankrupted the former banking system and vast swaths of formerly great publicly owned companies with their fraudulent transfers of equity under the euphemism "stock buybacks".
      It is no coincidence that the all time highs in the market in October 2007 were virtually coincident with the criminal abrogation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments which diverted ownership of ALL stocks into the hands of a criminal consortium so that no American can receive actual value but only electronically swizzleable fictions on the infinitely hackable web sites of criminal gangs who regularly steal income for stock manipulation and occasionally wipe out the electronic records at whim.  Personally, I have no interest in paying for stucks when I know in advance that I can NEVER receive any actual stocks, that the vast majority pay little or nothing in the way of dividends or other cash distributions, and that the theft gangs are still engaging in criminal thefts of stockholders equity via their fraudulent transfers styled as "stock buybacks".
     Slightly OTOH, I have in fact squandered 6.69% of my total portfolio value during the past several months on some c.e.munis and some REITs where the indicated yields have been more than 11% per annum.  Adversely held in broke maker accounts, which I have never tolerated prior to the criminal system of subversion of ownership, but am having to do so currently for those few things that I was willing to buy "for the yields" after verifying that the companies involved have adequate resources to continue paying the yields and are not being unduly aggressive about stealing stockholders equity.  But as for "getting back into the market"?  Pshaw!

090317 9:19pm EST  In response to an article trivializing the defects of so called "online banking", while pointing out the average loss per incident from online banking fraud is about $30,000, I commented:  With "Remote Control" incapable of being removed from any slopperating system beginning from Millenium Edition; with the Internet itself consisting of an anarchistic group of SysAmins any one of whom can run a full tap on any communication crossing the web and replicate without having to know what was being said; with the criminal theft mechanisms of Electronic Funds Transfer, Automated Clearing House, Point of Sale Terminals, and the forgery facilitating "Check21" system totally devoid of any validation by the owner of the funds being stolen and only the desire of the criminal thief to steal (and with the routing numbers available on the infinitely hackable web sites); there is NO SUCH THING AS SECURE ONLINE BANKING nor secure web sites. Publishing the confidential personal financial information on web sites at all is a criminal abrogation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments as are each and every one of the illegal seizure methods detailed above. His British Lordship Greedspan was made a peer of their realm for perpetrating those treasons against Americans and B.S.Burn Yankee has promised to continue the same criminal abrogations. I never access online any criminally corrupt and abrogative orgie (they all are) which has any actual money of mine and won't until after the Frauderal Reserve Bored cleans up their criminal abrogations of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments.

090314  4:00pm EST  In response to one of the ubiquitous promoters of "give us all your money and we'll 'take care of' it for you" in an investments group under the euphemism "gone fishing", I wrote:
      As for me, I've "gone gardening" as described in the gardening area of [this Central Blogging Site].  Used to be I could see things growing by investing in public companies and having the earnings inure to my benefit as dividends or as increases in equity.  In recent years, the wrongdoing munchiments have been stealing the equity to give to their stock manipulating cronies to make their embezzling stock options "worth something" for awhile.  They have stolen so much that they're now heading into Phase II of the Great Depression Plan with the de facto bankrupt debt drunk trash heaps remaining.  Perhaps they still have "a little" time left as they gut and loot the US Treasury too, but not much.  Then they file with the bankruptcy courts the very same financial statements that they've been filing with the SEC.  Typically it's done on an everybody at once basis so that the illusion is created that it was some contemporaneous "black swan" rather than the intentional design of gutting and looting all value out of publicly owned companies.  When the vast majority of the holdings of any diversified plan consists of stocks devoid of remaining equity and bonds devoid of underlying value or prospect for recovery of principal, it is a mockery of the underlying concept of diversification which requires that the things among which one diversifies each and every one have identifiable value.  So for me, back to planting twigs that I can hope for awhile will become trees, planting seeds that might become flowers, adding the scarce and expensive (here in the desert) encourager "water", and spending small amounts on this avocation of mine instead of large amounts going along with a demonstrably and intentionally made defective scam of yesteryear (prior to the gutting and looting which has been ongoing and reported on the SEC web site).

090310  a fellow participant in an investments group expressed the notion that investing was "akin to gambling".  I replied:
I have several problems with the concept that investing is "akin to gambling".  In fact it is NOT supposed to be thus. We who buy equities are supposed to receive something of value for our money, ownership in responsibly managed businesses, NOT mere gaming chips wherein all of the value is being stolen by insiders and their criminal cronies in the market manipulation busymess via "stock buybacks" and embezzled via "stock options".  Not mere book entries on the infinitely hackable web sites of gangs known for their thefts of the income and occasional wipeouts of the records themselves.  When there are "earnings" they are supposed to inure to the benefit of we the owners, not to be used as collateral for corporate life destroying debt loading to transfer our equity to market manipulators via those "stock buybacks".  It is only criminal abrogations of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments (which prohibits the illegal seizures of American property ongoing) which have created the resemblance to "gambling".  Speaking to an odds playuh, however, I would comment that I think your "20%" notion ignores the vast swaths of major public companies which have already been made de facto bankrupt with the papers fileable at whim, probably in a mass sequence of bankruptcies as was done after the same theft mechanisms had been utilized to vacate companies of value prior to Great Depression One.

090303  There's a funny story that goes along with some shares of stock that I bought today on behalf of the bank of Boob where I work.  [The "bank of Boob" is a synonym for "me, myself, I and company".  I used it because these parts of my blog were written in a forum populated entirely with "employees".]  It is a stock that I first purchased back in January because its indicated dividend yield was 14.89% per annum, well over our minimum requirement these days of 11%.  Looked like a nice batch of shopping centers and malls in which we would gain an interest by owning some.  Their financials showed they had adequate Funds From Operations (FFO, the key measure of performance of real estate investment trusts, REITs) to cover that indicated dividend.  Walla walla ;( a very few days later they announced they were going to slash the dividend in half (there goes the qualification for us to be lending our money to them) to "conserve capital in these difficult times", a standard sleazy excuse made by munchiment thieves who wanna play play play as if their perpetual mono poly game was gonna last forever despite the collapsing American economy and financial system in this Great Depression II which is being aggravated by the intentional incompetence and deliberate malice of the thugs in Worsingdone District of Corruption promoting criminal activities against American citizens in violation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments and mortgaging the lives of our children and grandchildren to support their complicit criminal gangs.
      Anyway, being told that I had walked into a suckah game with a now indicated yield substantially below my employer's minimum standards, I promptly sold our shares into the market for enough proceeds to cover our costs of trading, to capture the announced dividend in full as profit on our involvement, and to recover our original capital.  Cool.  Nice day's work.  There were however some idjuts who played the desired trained seal game of clapping their fins together chanting the "conserving capital" mantra.  Said idjuts promptly ran the stock *UP* from where I sold our shares to a price fully 16.2% above where I sold within a week or two.  Eh wot?  Had the whirled gone totally crazy?
      Well no, actually.  Just some idjuts listening to words instead of realities.  After running the shares up 16.2%, said idjuts turned tail and began adjusting to the reality of a dividend only half of what had been expected prior to the slash and burn announcement.  Of course I continued watching the price of the shares in my systems set up for the purpose.  Today a month after I sold the bank of Boob's original batch of shares, I was able to buy a new substantially larger bunch of shares with the same money at a price -34% from where I sold our first batch for an indicated yield on the revised dividend schedule of 11.05% which is a smidge over our minimum requirement.  Coolisimo.  Idjuts relieved of their nonsensical belief system in words rather than realities and my employer is back in possession of some interesting shopping strips and malls with a realistic rate of return indicated.
      I should caution here, since others than myself might read this, that this really *is* Great Depression II and the accumulation of REITs which we've been gathering at the bank of Boob is currently priced in the market at -22.3% below what we paid for them.  It's a very dangerous business buying stuff that only *appears* to be of value.  Even so, that one situation is a thing that I caught in time, was able to get clear of the immediately indicated lower value, and then was able to reestablish our position at a later date.

090224  "Information sharing" is a rather strange concept in which financial companies presume a "right" to sell one's name and contact information to others in other financial busymesses for purposes of "marketing" other products and/or pretended services.  It is always presented as if it were "only affiliates" with whom the information is "shared" but in reality it is any criminal gang which pays a fee to the source that becomes an "affiliate" by paying that fee.  I was reminded of the problem today when a company with which I do some business sent me their little pamphlet about "privacy" which in reality has nothing to do with protecting my privacy but only with warning me that they're going to "share" my contact information with such "affiliates" unless I go to the trouble of "opting out" of their intentional and intended to be profitable violation of my right to privacy.
      The particular sender whose garbledygook pamphlet I received today was a previous violator of my right to privacy to an egregious degree.  Without warning, they gave my contact information to a "financial company" in a city with which I am overly acquainted.  A salesman in that purported "financial company" then sent a criminally abusive letter to me telling me that he knew about my financial account in that far distant city and was going to telephone me within a few days to sell his criminal "services" of wrongfully taking over my money and using it for whatever criminal scams he might want to use it for.  I instantly telephoned the source of the contact information and warned them that if the criminal salesman actually did make the announced telemarketing call for purposes of taking over my money it would result in the immediate filing of a "Do Not Call List" violation report with the Federal Trade Commission.  Apparently word got through to the criminal takeover artiste and the announced disruptive criminal purpose telephone invasion of my home was in fact not made.  By the way, it is the prohibition of illegal searches and seizures of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments, contemptuously abused by vast swaths if not all of the members of the "financial" busymess community, which is the basis of my right to privacy which they abrogate with such gleeful abandon.
      But seeing the garbledygook pamphlet telling me that I had to be proactive about *rejecting* the criminal invasion of my privacy involved in any such "information sharing", I promptly called the telephone number recited for "opting out" of that criminally abusive practice.  I was particularly eager to find out if my earlier rejection of their flagrant violation of my information had been recorded in their records and that my account was thereby already "opted out".  No, no previous record of me opting out.  But they are one extremely lucky bunch of financial scammers that their criminal "affiliate" wasn't successful in taking over my money.  Any of the possibilities of what he would have done with the money, even the best of the legal alternatives, would have resulted in the interim with a "diminution" in value of 30-50% of the amount involved.  Criminal scammers in the financial industry have been that destructive in recent years of the finances of human beings.
      So I growled some more today about making sure that there never could be any repeat of that earlier "information sharing" violation of my information and left them to deal with their criminally oriented "affiliates" to destroy the lives and fortunes of those less grouchy about listening to and acceeding to the wishes of criminal scammers making wrongful use of information to which they should never have been allowed access.  I'm quite sure that they have a whole lot of angry customers about whom they "shared" contact information who currently are facing such massive diminutions after being subjected not only to the wrongful contacts but to some or all of the criminal purpose suggestions of the gang that sent that abusive letter to me.  As noted, the peeps involved have every reason to be grateful that I'm such a grouch.

090224 at 4:28am  For anyone who hasn't already done so, I strongly urge you to read "Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds" by Charles Mackay LL.D. Especially see the chapters on the South Sea Bubble and the Mississippi Scheme wherein the goofermints of the times fleeced the citizens of their nations with the aid of criminal gambling scammers.  See also the Crusades chapter (you do recall trying to capture "Uncle Sam Been Lying" in Afghanistan and the Iraq crusade, doncha?). Those who are old enough might also read The Alchymists chapter (dot cons and dot gones of the Internet Mania swindles). Got involved in the recent miserableness of the surreal estate Bauble? Try the Tulipomania chapter. It's all good reading.

090222 at 10:37pm  Companies are not always so forthright as yesterday's post sugests.  A sneaky trick that some munchiments practice is writing off their fraudulent transfers of stockholders equity to insiders and criminal cronies via what they euphemize as "retiring" the shares acquired in "stock buybacks".  Makes the estimation of thefts of the equity of continuing cash paid public stockholders more difficult than simply looking at what they show as Treasury Stock since they show little or none.  Back to the cash flow statements for years in the past and into the footnotes to identify the "authorizations" of such nonratable fraudulent transfers of everyone else's property. The instant situation was more readily resolvable because, in process, the company in question has also built its debt load above my maximum permissible limits. Another day, another exclusion.

090221 at 1:50pm  It's pretty amazing some days what companies are required/willing to admit about their businesses in their filings with the SEC (if oneself takes the trouble to *read* the freaky reports). Had a company getting close to my preliminary estimate of what I might be willing to pay for shares as of Friday. Read its most recent Form 10Q wherein it mentions (in the Notes of course) that roughly 82% of its gross revenues depend on the Russian mafia and that said mafiosi are currently reporting losses on their slopperations in the US which adds pressure to efforts to breach the contract terms with the company in question which have been ongoing since 2007.  I've had previous experience with those criminal thugs in which they took over, for nothing of value, a sole American supplier of a strategic material due to the incredible incompetence and corrupt malice of the American monopoly control agency.  This time, stock excluded before this old dude even gets involved.

090220  Read an article on "Keeping The Dow Above 6,000" which was posted there today at 6:23am.  It began by stating the obvious The market is looking for a few things, a remarkably small number of things, to make believers out of people who own equities.  Then it goes on to wander around spewing standard goofermint bilge including (1) government "acknowledging" that the stock market matters; (2) timing and details of goofermint plans for, get this, air ninnies and freeloading empees; (3) who exactly gets the $700 Billions stolen from taxpayers for supporting the criminal manglers of financial institutions who are being kept in position to do more damage with that stolen money; (4) ramblings about the $275 addl billions for bailing out freeloading frauds from the mortgages they could never and never intended to pay anything on for real estate into which they had nothing of their own invested but only refi to support their profligate lifestyles on the "loans"; and (5) ramblings about the criminal thugs of the auto industry who stole more than all of the stockholders equity out of the companies via what are euphemized as "stock buybacks" and are now stealing from the US Treasury to keep their criminal munchiments in control.  Then the farcical article concludes that the market runs on hope and If there is none to go around, it will keep dropping.
      Yes indeed, we of the market are looking for a few things, none of which have to do with the fraudulent hype and hoop lala that the criminal scammers who created this Great Depression II with the support of corrupt legis critters in Worsingdone District of Corruption are spewing.  For one thing, when we pay good money for the paper floating around Wall Street, we do expect to receive something of negotiable *value* for our money, not the utterly worthless and infinitely hackable and infinitely vacatable bookkeeping entries on criminally slopperated Internet accessible computer systems where any criminal anywhere in the world can destroy our assets at whim and the criminal gangs running those fraudulent computers can also steal the assets and income (as they have been doing increasingly in recent years).  No more Die Recked Regurgitation Swindle in lieu of stock certificates that are registered and can be held in the personal vaults of the owners, not in the permanent adverse possesion of criminal gangs.
      Secondly, we are looking for the regulators to quit their helpfulness to the criminal thieves of stockholders equity out of publicly owned corporations under the euphemism "stock buybacks".  Thus far the only "fairness" of the rules they have implemented has been to help keep the criminal thieves from stumbling over each others feet as they haul away everybody else's net worth for purposes of temporary criminal manipulation of stock prices so as to maximize their criminal thefts at time of "buyback".  So we have wound up with vast swaths of publicly owned corporations now de facto bankrupt debt drunks all gussied up for a mass trooping through the bankruptcy courts to complete the wipeout of cash paid public stuckholders, the ongoing manglement of the assets by the criminal thugs who arranged the gutting and looting, and under the criminally corrupt goofermint scam for keeping the fraudulent manglers of the bunko system in control of the busymesses, taxpayer money being used to arrange the wipeout not only of the corporations but of generations of Americans to come.  They did the same thing, bizarrely under the same euphemism "stock buybacks" as part of creating Great Depression One.
      Thirdly, we really gotta have a functional banking system which respects Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments which prohibits, among other things, the criminal facilitation of illegal searches via publishing confidential personal financial details on infinitely hackable web sites and the illegal seizures devoid of any kind of validation by the owner of the funds stolen but only the "sayso" of the criminal thieves stealing it via the intentionally designed for criminal purposes Electronic Funds Transfer, Automated Clearing House, Point of Sale Terminal, and "Check21" forgery facilitating theft systems.
      Those three sets of criminal wrongdoing and abrogation of the civil and human rights cleared up, we might be able to get back to work evaluating the genuine worth of public companies.  Much less now than when His British Lordship the criminal mastermind Greedspan facilitated the Internet Mania swindles with a bit of fraudulent misrepresentations from the criminal gang telebitchin channel which sold dot cons and dot gones to the American people with resulting losses in the trillions of dollars compounded by Greedspan's intentional malfreasance in office.  Much less now than when Greedspan and his similarly criminally corrupt successor Burn Yankee stole the rightful incomes of elderly interest income dependent retired persons so as to run the now started to unwind Real Estate Bubble market to put freeloading frauds in possession of houses paid for with money stolen from savers and investors.  But perhaps there will be at least a little something left once the basic three prongs of the criminal theft trident have been eliminated.

090209  Even in a brutally rigged and manipulated muckit, there remains some value to the "three Ps of investing".  Those are:  (1) Patience to wait for the seller willing to agree to the price oneself has calculated as fair and correct for buying shares in the first place; (2) Patience to ride through the numerous incidents of prophet taking which occur along the way with the muckit feinting and faking out those with sufficient foresight to have purchased at appropriate prices; and (3) Patience to hold until there is a buyer willing to pay the price oneself has calculated as being the full value of the securities, typically years in the future from one's original purchase transaction.
      Lo and behold! after screwing around to slightly higher levels all morning long, some peeps decided that they were done screwing around and wanted some legitimate buyers for their shares.  Annoyed at Friday's nonsense rigging and machinations, I *lowered* my bid price for the rest of the shares that I had been bidding for on Friday (only by a penny but that was enough to recover the extra commission paid for the trivial lot that was sold to me on Friday) and entered a new order today.  Got the entire order filled by a single seller in a single transaction (none of the frequent dribs and drabs of onesies and twosies that often occur when I bid for a stock) at my revised price.  Cool.  Back to the drawing board to see if there's anything else scuttling around the rigged and manipulated and brutally subverted muckit place that might be worth exchanging serious cash money to purchase.

090206  Back in the "good old days" I would have bought some shares of stock today.  That was before the criminal thieves of stockholders equity, Gulled Mon Sux and Citicrap, were allowed to change the rules of the stock market so that price priority and time at price priority are no longer practiced.  Now they are permitted to trade *around* the highest and best bidder for cash and *around* the lowest and best offeror of shares for cash (causing shares to be sold for less or bought for more than the fair and orderly market would indicate).  With the market fragmentation that Gulled Mon Sux and Citicrap have been allowed to inflict, the only shares that I got today were a small fraction (about 5% of what I was bidding for) from a guy who was offering shares below my price at the time that I entered my order.  Meanwhile, numerous buttinskis were allowed to buy shares at my long since entered price while I got nothing at all.  Three hours and 12 minutes stolen out of my life watching the criminal manipulators rig the now fragmented markets to favor themselves and their chosen criminal gang participants.
      Ultimately perhaps not so bad.  Gulled Mon Sux and Citicrap, about a year ago, ordered that no human being is ever allowed to own shares of stock anymore.  Only criminal gangs whose computer systems publish the information so that every criminal everywhere in the world has the ability to steal the stock off of their infinitely hackable web sites and so that the criminal gangs running those computer systems can themselves wipe out the "ownership" records at whim (as in fact they have done to me in the recent past).  They call it a "Direct Registration System" which in fact is nothing but a criminal abrogation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments which prohibits the illegal seizure of the property of any American citizen by placing share ownership in the permanent adverse possession of the income and property stealing, false report generating criminal gangs in the "stock transfer" and "paying agent" busymess.
      All of these changes were "of course" approved by the criminally corrupt Securities & Exchange Commission which has been directed by the bribe taking legis critters (calling it "campaign contributions" doesn't change the nature of the bribe) to allow whatever criminal atrocities that pair of criminal thieves, Gulled Mon Sux and Citicrap, might want.  Now also, that same pair of criminal thieves has been allowed to steal from American taxpayers in the form of at least $10 billion and $40 billion respectively of the "bailout" money included in the crime encouraging "Bailout" legislation so as to keep the criminal munchiments of those de facto bankrupt debt drunk fraud organizations in control of the American financial and economic systems.
      No voters are allowed to vote for anyone other than the criminal thugs appointed by Worsingdone District of Corruption and their equivalent frauds in goofermints elsewhere.  So there can never be any change in the nature of the criminal abrogations of the US Constitution which the past 28 years of fascist homosexist criminal religionist rule has inflicted.  How depressing!  I guess that's why the situation is called "Great Depression II".

090204  I am well known as an opponent of the criminal religionist scheme to destroy the entire world with their Doomsday Machine being built at Yucca Mountain ninety miles northwest of Lost Wages.  My expose of that atrocity appears numerous places on the web including  Yucca Mountain Doomsday Machine  where I trace through the realities of what the criminally corrupt legis critters have been doing in furtherance of their torture and murder "religion".
      What is a funny business contrast in this situation is between MySpace and its Fascist Buch competitor (partly owned and slopperated by the convicted criminal predatory Microsoft monopoly complete with criminal hack attacks against visitor computers).  As a real world friend of mine can certify, Fascist Buch has some rather strange practices regarding shutting off access including pretending that my friend (whose name frankly isn't all that unusual) was "not a real name" (because she disagreed with some of their crime promoting Constitution abrogating fake accounts) while the criminal proponent of mass destruction who sent a friend request to me tonight under the name "Yucca Matters" by golly for sure must be a real name.  Oh yeah?
      Anyway, what the fake account, probably created by FB insiders as they do with so many of the computer generated fake accounts that they use to pretend to massively growing numbers for purposes of enhancing adwierdteasing sales revenues, had to say to me was Please join us in encouraging the U.S. Congress to resist Harry Reid's call to abandon science by shutting Yucca Mountain down or reducing the project's funding before the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has a chance to conduct a full review of the license.  As noted in my photojournalistic article, the senior Snitter and his junior cohort have been among the most active in writing criminal purpose legislation to get that Doomsday Machine project completed (all the while they prance around Nevada pretending to "oppose" it).  This latest fake "friend request" is, in its own way, even more peculiar than the "STEAL worker" that FB sent at me less recently (as if I didn't already have to cope with a bazillion STEAL wankers in my day to day business activities).
      How lovely it is to be able to visit MySpace as a friendless Old Coot, listen to some nice music of my choice on the cute little floatable music player (which keeps on even after I log off from MySpace if I want it to), write my little articles without interference so that anybody who wants to (no sign of anybody doing so) *can* read them, and get on with the photography and gardening that are of interest to me.

090203  Not all that surprising considering their previous record.  Having promised me as a depositor in one of their branches never to clear any item that wasn't in fact presented as a physical check with my verifiable signature on it, they instead allowed their criminal crony Citicrap to steal money from my checking account in gross violation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments (prohibits seizures of American property in the absence of written orders from the owner or a judge of competent jurisdiction).  Not just once but twice in a row.  Already then having stolen so much of their stockholders money as to be running on Deficit Tangible Equity, they squandered depositor money on the fraud of "stock buybacks" to the extent of  $7.775 BILLIONS during the period I was watching between Jan1 2000 and Mar31 2003.
      Now as one of the giftees of the criminally corrupt legis critters in Worsingdone to the extent of $25 BILLIONS more of taxpayer money, the frauds and thieves at Wells Fargo Company have rented scads of the most expensive rooms in the criminal gang center of Lost Wages Nevah Dare to potty potty potty at taxpayer and stockholder and depositor expense.  One would "almost" think they were so ignorant of reality as not to know about the felony identity theft rackets being run there in Lost Wages as detailed in my online article  Felony Identity Theft  which facilitate the criminal corruption of such empees as "lending officers" to provide further financing for the organized crime syndicate which runs that narcophony criminal cesspool and blight on my home state Nevada.  Except really it's just standard practice for their upper level munchiment to engage in fraud and theft from everybody regardless of structural relationship to their thieving selves.  What's another $25 billion from American taxpayers after all the money they've already stolen from stockholders and depositors?

090128  Saw a story in one of my regular news sources which initially struck me as horribly funny.  It was about the girl friends of "financial boy friends".  Leaching freeloaders to a woa man among them.  Worse in their own way than the divorce racketeers who destroy entire lives of male citizens.  Not even potential competition for decent working girls (when there were some prior to the fascist Raygun attacks against hetero citizens under his AFRaids banner).  But it did make clear (yet again) how influential the girls in male lives are on how the males behave in the rest of society.  It is the leaching behaviors of those girl friends of bunko and other financial fraud playuhs which explains much of their boyfriends' behaviors against America and civilization generally, the thefts of stockholders equity, the fraudulent mrrrr grrrrs and acky wishings, the loans for criminal purposes, the whole 110 yards of what has been done to destroy the American financial and economic systems.  Nothing but a masculinization of the freeloading fraud females those FBFs are relating to.  Bottom line not funny in the slightest.

090120  I should add here that I do, with some regularity, post commentaries on the AOL and CBS Marketwatch web sites when one of their regulars posts a blog serving as an appropriate leading question for what I have to say.  Had an especially good opportunity today to present my detailed history of the Crash of 1987 (and analysis of its subsequent disastrous implications) which appears here as  The Crash of 1987  in response to an article about the current set of crises in the financial and economic systems.

090119  Did some further rambling around MySpace tonight. Found some other groups talking about "stocks" with misleading headers and ill informed/off topic comments from others. There is no doubt that I "could" say things to try to educate the disinformed. But I have long since found on Usenet and elsewhere that such efforts are futeless. I have the right to remain silent about the realities that ignorant "traders" are facing in the current grotesquely manipulated and fraudulent "securities" markets and choose to do so, if only for preservation of what little time I have remaining in this life for more interesting and useful pursuits.  Avoiding the scammy "groups" altogether is an effective solution.

081211 at 9:51am  It has been "awhile" since I watched intraday trading *closely* so one of the ploys which has obviously been in use by the criminal manipulators of markets, ever since GS/C destroyed the fair and orderly publicly accessible continuous auction market which *was* the NYSE in favor of their abusive market fragmentation frauds, was "new" to me. Manipulator enters an order in SIZE on an out of the way *fragment* to have it appear on the consolidated quotes and instantly cancels it, thereby creating the ILLUSION of a peremptory bidder at higher prices. Trend following rabbits go chasing after the illusion and run the muckit higher (sometimes so that the criminal manipulator can unload an intended batch of shares at those higher prices).  Quite a "cute" trick observed multiple times in this morning's trading of a security of interest.  Probably illegal, but so is the criminal theft of more than all of stockholders equity out of publicly owned companies under the euphemism "stock buybacks".

081023 at 1:24pm  A problem quickly resolved "never was" a problem. That is an essential psychological orientation towards dealing with multiply problematical environments such as the securities markets. *This time* the fragmentation fraud was resolved, my shares got sold at my price as specified, a couple of hours after the problem arose and about an hour after I wrote about it here. Other times such problems have been much more difficult, e.g. the occasion during the collapse of the Nasty Duck subsequent to its Blowoff up to March 7, 2000 when I was heavily long of what is now QQQQ, had my order in, was watching tick by tick as trades were done *above* me and then a specific sale of my oddball unusual quantity at my price which the executions house came back and denied having done for *my* account (took it onto their own books as a quickly enormously profitable *short* position) leaving me heavily long through a massive 10%+ decline in the value of my position.  That took 5 weeks to resolve.

081023 at 11:22am  Fragmentation fraud is another aspect of the criminal manipulation and rigging of the former American securities markets.  Had yet another sample of it today. My order in the market since the opening. Exchange listed stock (not under the counter NASD nor Pank).  Rigged transaction stepped nearly 1% over my asked price to execute an order against a privileged criminal gang member's sale of nearly 25 times my quantity at that higher price leaving my order unfilled and both prior and subsequent trades at lower prices.  Fragmentation fraud against the public, in spades and depth and breadth ever since the fair and orderly, publicly accessible, continuous auction markets were turned over to known criminal gangs of long proven fraudulent activity against public participants in the securities markets.

081022 at 6:43pm  Reviewing one of the stocks in my portfolio today. Had been staying mostly within American property law out through its 050401 annual report. Then began the criminal thefts of stockholders equity which have been euphemized as "stock buybacks" by His British Lordship the criminal mastermind Greedspan and others of the "creative destruction" criminal rampage against America.  My stock went from having $10.02/sh of net tangible equity that mere three years ago to DEFICIT $-2.83/sh at 080704. Entirely the result of the criminal theft of $2.3735 BILLIONS from continuing stockholders for the benefit of the criminal thug cronies of the munchiment.  The thefts amounted to $-15.68/sh only partially recovered via intervening reported "earnings" during the three years. Oh yes, not so much as one penny of cash dividends for real continuing stockholders. Everything for the criminal thugs and de facto bankrupting more more more.

081010 at 5:47am  Refusal to issue stock certificates for *any* security, involuntary participation in criminally manipulative "dividend reinvestment" thefts of money due to owners of securities, theft of money due to owners for other purposes. These are some of the flagrantly criminal abrogations of property ownership which the corrupt transfer agent busymess has been allowed to perpetrate in recent years.  One such criminal theft, I got a letter back from the SEC saying that the criminal theft of my money was a mere "difference of opinion" (as to whose money it was, I gather).  It is not a matter of the owner having to fully document the criminal theft, as I did with the most recent major theft and diversion into an unauthorized sale of securities which the issuer could not legally issue to me an unwilling buyer. It is the flagrantly criminal abuse of transfer agents being allowed to do anything but what is directed by the owner of the securities.  Not the issuer nor themselves.

081010 at 5:05am  Commenting on some arbitrary and capricious dysfunctional redefining of computer systems, I noted that it was sort of like the criminal gang imposed Die Recked Regurgitation System which prohibits effective ownership of any securities by human beings but demands that all such things be controlled by unregulated irresponsible criminal thieves (of both money and, via swizzle stick electronic elimination of account balances, property) in the "transfer agent" busymess. While the PC Revolution was a good thing, the imposition of fascist criminal abrogations of human and civil rights, including the right to own property *oneself*, using the old main frame religion as its basis for criminal attack is quite unacceptable.

080912 at 4:36pm  Hope is not necessarily lost for those who did not adequately understand what was being done to them or did not timely complain about it to the company and/or the proper regulatory authorities.  I myself do not have status to file a class action lawsuit about the matter (not a lawyer), only standing to pursue my own demands for my own money.  However, as a result of my complaint, I got a call this afternoon from a representative of the SEC seeking to coordinate with FINRA as to who should take what action about the matter. I talked through the ongoing issues relative to my fellow stockholders who were coerced or otherwise defrauded in the apparent sale to them of unregistered shares which they did not voluntarily agree to buy at the high imputed price (from which the stock is subsequently down more than -23.6%) nor any other price.  I am not likely to be told of the progress of any resulting investigation since such matters are not discussed outside the SEC itself.  If anything happens as a result, it is most likely to be a notification from the company or from the regulatory authorities of a settlement of the questioned activities, at some unknown time in the future. But since I have been talking about the matter here, I thought I should mention this one ray of hope for others similarly situated.

080912 at 4:34pm  Forty three days past due is better than not at all. In this morning's mail I received a check for the money which was due to me on July 31 from my holdings of Greater China Fund but was diverted by Prudential and PNC into the scheme about which I wrote complaint letters on August 19.  So now I get to pay taxes on the income received as part of my Ides of September estimated tax payments ;(. But instead of a mere imputation with nothing of value ever received by me, at least it is real income :) which can cover the resulting taxes. My standing to complain about the matter is thereby ended, subject to the check clearing.

080905 at 5:12pm  The copy of my complaint sent to the Attorney General of Rhode Island in the city where the thefts occurred was strictly a courtesy.  It was sent "as if" the long standing negligence of that office about prosecuting organized crime doing business there was "not" part of the reason the criminals there feel free to run their thefts of investor money and property. A pair of "forwards" landed on my desk over time, each to offices further from the scene of the crime, most recently to an uninvolved state far away from the criminal thieves.  In the state and city where the criminal thefts occurred, with now *two* known gangs carrying out thefts of investor money and property in Providence Rhode Island, it was not surprising to see their officials playing diversionary games. Other copies as yet unresponded.

080821 at 5:05am  What to do when "financial" companies engage in criminal theft?  In the situation that began July31 and was reported here on Aug12, no corrective action had been made as of Aug19.  I prepared a detailed complaint with the original addressed to the "Chief Legal Officer" of the Closed End Fund, copy to PNC.  Since it involves a registered broker/ dealer, Prudential, exercising improper influence as "administrator" over a closed end investment company so as to establish fraudulent adverse possession of investor property and to make illegal sales of unregistered securities to unwilling buyers, a copy was sent to FINRA.  Since transfer agents are subject to regulation by them, a copy was sent to the Enforcement Division of the Securities & Exchange Commission.  Since a Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization doing business in the state of Rhode Island carried out the actual criminal theft of my money and property, a copy was sent to the Attorney General of that state.

080813 at 12:40pm  The so called "losses" being reported by financial companies this past year have been mere unwinding of previous grossly fraudulent reporting of "assets" which never were worth what they cost. Known incapable "borrowers" with no conceivable means of repayment (other than more more more fraudulent "loans").  The scary aspect is when the bunkos begin being required to write off the trillions of dollars of criminal purpose "loans" they made for "stock buybacks", to fraudulently facilitate transfer of all and more than all of the equity out of publicly owned companies away from ratable ownership by cash paid public stockholders to criminal cronies of the munchiments.  The vast swaths of formerly great American "borrowers" for that theft purpose are long since de facto bankrupt. They just haven't "yet" filed the papers in *bankruptcy court*, already filed as reports to the SEC, to complete the process of wiping out cash paid public stockholders and many creditors.

080812 at 5:46am  There is a new twist on the criminal theft implicit in electronically swizzleable ownership held only by de facto bankrupt criminal gangs in the "transfer agent" busymess. Having assured me in June 27 telephone call that I would receive no less than the prorated amount of cash (55%) from the major distribution amounting to more than one third of the value by my Greater China Fund, PNC Global Investment Servicing then stole the entirety of my money and subverted it into a "book entry" on their criminally slopperated electronic system nominally in "more shares of stock" at a ludicrously high rigged price.  Major tax liability due immediately on the Ides of September when my estimated taxes must be paid.  Nothing whatever of value received by me and recovery of the stolen money and shares depending on the functionality of regulatory agencies.  Quite the set of criminal theft systems that Wall Street has been implementing during this eighth year of the reign of the terrorist sonofaBush.

080803 at 10:33pm  Certain personal information can no longer safely be given out to anybody, such as social security number, because of the access it facilitates to the corrupt bunko system and other financial intermediaries facilitating illegal searches/seizures violating Article IV US Const. Amends. When I began negotiating to buy a car recently, I made clear there would be no such disclosure, a paid on delivery deal.  This weekend, waiting for the criminally corrupt bunko system to issue the needed cashiers check, the dealer made ludicrous renewed efforts to obtain that SSN to run a "credit check" on me so as to close the deal "quicker" before Monday.  Reminded me that the issuer of the "warranty" has been de facto bankrupt for years and made clear the dealership is so flagrantly dishonest as to attempt such criminal invasion of my personal financial system.  As a result, I may not buy the car.  Key point is to review the financials of the company on the other side of any significant transaction.

080720  A former friend was all gungho for each and every aspect of the criminal abuses of cash paid public stockholders of formerly great American companies.  Allowing the nonratable fraudulent distributions (criminal thefts) of stockholders equity out of formerly great American publicly owned companies by criminal cronies of the munchiments via what are euphemized as "stock buybacks".  Allowing the fragmentation frauds of Bernie Madoff's under the counter swindle system [not the Ponzi scheme that he ran against private parties separately from his official NASD capacities] to be expanded to all stocks with the takeover of the former New York Stock Exchange by two of the worst market riggers and thieves on Wall Street, Gulled Mon Sux and Citicrap.  Allowing criminal theft of financial account balances devoid of authorization from the owner of the money via specifically designed theft mechanisms of Electronic Funds Transfer, Automated Clearing House, Point of Sale Terminals, and the more recent "Check21" system for facilitating forgery.  Allowing the broke maker industry and more recently the criminally thieving "transfer agents" to retain permanent adverse possession of stocks instead of ever issuing anything out in certificates of value to the owner.  At every step of the criminally thieving way, my former friend was all gungho for the changes, even bragged about how *he* was being allowed to rip off other stockholders via the fragmentation frauds that GS and C implemented.
      Despite our differences of opinion on real world concerns about genuine ownership of property consistent with numerous aspects of the Bill of Rights in the US Constitution, especially Article IV which prohibits the illegal searches and seizures involved in the practices to which I was objecting, I had for a long period of time been providing him with occasional detail listings of my calculations on the values of stocks.  He had been asking for a week or two prior for a new set of my calculations.  In response to another of his repeat requests, I emailed back to him:

Not likely. . . .  trivial things like helping a friend commit financial suicide by getting involved in a criminally rigged muckit where they're now even refusing to issue any ownership certificates to those of us who pay for the criminally mismanaged stucks are not on my agenda.
     However, if you want to do the math yourself ... I would be happy to provide you with the formulas that I was applying in my now ignored until further notice proggie that churns out the [subject] report.  That way, I won't be responsible for anything you might buy as a result of the now misleading illusions set forth [in the source documents] "as if" little things like de facto bankrupt trash paper craporations could depend exclusively on air ninnies for remaining afloat on the criminal rigging being done by theft of taxpayer money from the US Treasury.  With the now guarantee that the *next* Presidunce is going to be a signed sealed and delivered personal representative of Gulled Mon Sux and Citicrap, along with probably being under the control of a personal official of the medifraud murder establishment if m.obAMA is the appointed next criminal occupant of the Witty Houze, it's going to be "at least" four years before any prospect of rational muckits will exist.

On Friday 080718, just prior to my email to him, the DJIA closed at 11,496.57 and the NYSE closed at 8453.85.  On Friday 090213, just prior to my entering this writeup in my blog, the easier to manipulate and rig DJIA was at 7850.41 (down -31.7%) while the more generally reflective of true market conditions NYSE was at 5206.76 (down -38.4%) from their levels at the time of my email.
      It would be nice if I could report that my former friend was paying at least a little attention to what I was saying instead of reciting to me all the criminal babble of his legalized fraud card playing butties and of the heavily fraudulent and brutally censored "financial press".  But no, he was so wound up in the "inevitability of success" of the criminal schemes against America and the American people that he stayed fully committed to the trash paper being floated around on the breezes of criminal theft and illegal market manipulation.  Leastwise, so he said and demonstrated at least partial truth of what little he was still willing to say by refusing to talk of any specifics of what was happening to himself during the unwinding of the criminal manipulation scheme whenever I grouched to him about the massive losses being inflicted on me with my *radically* smaller (got down below 10% of total portfolio value at one point while he was vaguely pointing to the 75% range) exposure to long stucks holdings.
      Anyway, he and I aren't speaking to each other any more.  Something to do with my objections to being sent his latest "Stupid Investment of The Week" notions of how his criminal butties could steal my money too.  Perhaps compounded, if anything he ever said about having been a financial peer of mine was true (some doubt about even that what with his support for every criminal theft scheme to come out of his gambling cronies fertile lower level latrine content mouths), by his own shame at *agreeing* to have his own, at one time measured by him to be equivalent to my own, "stack of chips" stolen by the criminal mechanisms that he so aggressively favored.

080718 at 7:10am  The criminal thieves in the broke maker industry are getting bolder still.  Got an email last evening reporting that one of them stole "big money" from the account of a real world friend for diversion into questionable (commission paying) fraudulent (electronic swizzle only) "certificates" of the de facto bankrupt bunko industry. Tried to suggest that my friend file a complaint with FINRA about the criminal theft and my email response was blocked by the convicted criminal predatory Microsoft monopoly (exempted from penalty by the fascist goofermint) which runs his WebTV communications.  The fascist criminals who have been running America into ruin have their theft systems durn near perfect now when we Americans can't even talk with each other about their thefts and other crimes against us.

080523 at 10:17pm  Got a phoney call from an insurance company of my involuntary acquaintance which reminded me of one of the worst Ponzi schemes currently being run against the American people. On the balance sheets of the typical "insurance" craporation are such items as "Deferred Policy Acquisition Costs".  Those are payments to sales people, money gone, of no benefit to stuckholders nor insureds, but allowed to be reported as "assets" under Genuinely Asinine Accounting Pretenses.  Then there are the massive "Reinsurance Recoverables" which is a house of cards in which the de facto bankrupt craporations pretend that "each other" is going to provide claims payments out of net worth that NONE OF THEM HAVE.   Compound those fraudulent "assets" with the criminal thefts of stockholders equity via "stock buybacks" that the companies have been doing from their criminal cronies in the stock manipulation business and what America now has pending is a disaster of horrendous magnitude.

080523 at 10:38am
      "Win $1,000,000 Easy Money!!! Loosest Slots in Town! Pay Outs 98.6%!!!"
      "We only steal 1.4% of every amount put into our slots along with your time to futz with our stupid bells and whistles. The allusion to a big payout may be challenged on grounds of defect in our fraudulent and deceptive machines"
      One of the times they did that last part of the game was on a lawyer who sued them.  The two statements are equivalent. Spin doctoring in the first statement.  Real world description in the second.  These days many simply take all of your money and inflict a plastic card which is supposedly encoded with your "balance", adding yet another element of theft to the biz, by which electronic swizzling can vaporize your balance.
      Be aware of the practice of spin doctoring. Look at both sides of the spinning whirligig, the one they want you to see and the one that's real. Need I mention that this isn't only applicable to life with one armed badnits?

080520 at 10:49pm  I wrote in a Facebook group forum:  It has now been three weeks since the tenth of the criminal trespasses by their GE Money Bank subsidiary onto my Do Not Call List telephone premises.  The parent company stock has been on my "avoid" list for even longer than I have been on the national Do Not Call List. The reporting obfuscations and horrendous financial machinations in which that parent company engages are beyond the scope of this Facebook group at this time, a major exercise in forensic accounting analysis even to understand what all they're doing to rip off investors. As a result, a series of seven Wall posts and the beginnings of a discussion of "the General Electric Ponzi Scheme" have been deleted from this forum as a no longer useful distraction. This group may (or may not) ever get into analyses that complex but for now, we're not there.  [Followup addition in 2009:  there were four more identifiable illegal telemarketing calls and filings with the Federal Trade Commission re the Do Not Call List violations.  During my response to the last of them I stated that, as a result of their criminal trespasses into my home via those illegal telephone calls, "You can be very sure that I shall never again do any business with General Electric nor the Mervyn's retailer you pretended to be representing"]

080408 at 12:55am  Little to do with the underlying analysis of financials which is the core concern, but there is a technique that I use in pricing my trades that I thought might be of interest to you.  I typically won't enter an order to trade unless the market is already quite close to my justifiable pricing.  But if the market "doesn't like" and doesn't execute my order as originally entered, I do the opposite of the emotional response.  Instead of adjusting my pricing to meet the market, I adjust in my favor: bid less, ask more.  Usually not a whole lot of change but "some".  For stocks, that practice is virtually autonomic with me.  What brought it to my attention for mention here is that I'm working in a different kind of market currently, in which I have few completed trades, and for the first time today implemented that same strategy.  May not be "logical" but surprisingly enough it works out for me most of the time.

080329 at 8:46pm  The criminal gang from San Diego (I recognize the voice of their fraudulent telemarketer) has resumed their illegal telemarketing calls beginning with the fraudulent assertion "This is not a telemarketing call" and pretending to be delivering a "personal business message" to a person known never to have been associated with my telephone number. Anyone with a personal call makes sure they're talking to the intended person rather than demanding that the victim of their criminal violations of the NoCall List "hang up" when they the frauds are spewing at a telephone answering recorder. Next time they make that criminally abusive illegal telemarketing call to my telephone they shall be recorded in full for delivery to the FTC for prosecution.

080311 at 7:57pm  I have previously written about the criminal corruption of the former banking system.  There has been a gang using illegal telemarketing as described in my  Do Not Call List  article as the lead in to using that criminal subversion for theft from bank accounts.  They have been making illegal telephone calls to me at least once a week for the past several months.  Mostly I have been filing complaints with the National Do Not Call center since my phone has been on the Do Not Call list since virtually Day One.  Tonight I decided to run a "whois" web search on the fraudulent "Platinum Visa" slopperation web site that they run and found that the gang involved is SVM Inc, 12707 High Bluff Drive, Suite 200, San Diego CA 92130.  Whois record created 3/30/06 updated 2/28/08. I intend that they cease and desist their criminal ($10,000 per incident penalty) telemarketing calls to my phone.

080306 at 6:22pm  Happy 75th Anniversary of the National Banking Holiday March 6-14, 1933 during which then brand new President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his brand new Congress (which completely replaced the Great Depression I causing Herbert Hoover congress) closed all of the banks in the United States so as to clean up the incredible mess which the criminal rampage of the Hoover Administration had created.

080224 at 4:26am  I have a personal policy which some others find strange. There is so little general comprehension of the dangers involved in trading stocks that when somebody asks what I do for a living my answer is one of the variations on NOYDB.  So someone asking this apparently successful old person, without first demonstrating any of the financial acumen prerequisites for SURVIVING the Battle for Investment Survival, is likely to be misled by any simple answer I could give, e.g. "trading stocks", into thinking that might be a cool way to make their own living.  Alternately, they might be one of the huge number of people who were severely scorched by such criminal machinations as the Internet Mania swindle system and view me (who was diligently ignoring the kiting trash paper and buying good stuff that was being thrown away by the naive trash paper chasers) as being part of the cause of their pain and distress. Lose/lose situation for me and the naifs if I answer anything other than NOYDB.

080125 at 6:33am  ROTFL. "People don't read anymore" according to computer industry honcho Steve Jobs, as quoted in an emailed Tech Republic news story this morning. Amazing conclusion! Moments before I had finished modifying an open order that I have in the market (lowering price, increasing quantity)in response to the Form 8-K filed yesterday by a company of interest to me.  What I *read* in the Form 8-K was that the company lost some money in the quarter just ended and had squandered stockholder money on fraudulent transfers to criminal cronies via "stock buybacks".  Not enough losses or squandering to cancel the order altogether, just enough to require lowering my bid price.  I got the info by *reading*. Methinks the honcho has been doing too many of those little pills for which he was notorious back when he founded his company.

080121 at 8:11pm  Reading the New York Times business section this evening I saw the first reference to what has been obvious for ages to me as a Reader of SEC Financial reports.  Talking about some minor declines in stock prices now in progress, the article mentioned that reliance on derivatives by self styled professionals could make the situation very much worse.
      I went through the Crash of 1987 (and 1962 and numerous bear markets before).  1987's Crash was *created* by derivatives traders for the purpose of facilitating criminal theft of stockholders equity which has been going on ever since via His British Lordship the criminal mastermind Greedspan's insistence that companies "buy back" their own shares at ludicrous multiples of Net Tangible Equity, if any.  That creature of the Raygun fraudocracy, the negligibly margined "futures" markets, were designed as a tail for the purpose of wagging the cash market dog. Now some others are catching on to counterparty risk. How nice for them ;)

080110 at 10:14am  Worthy of mention is that two other countries have information which comes close in quality, albeit somewhat harder to search through than the SEC web site.
    In Canada, the primary web site is  the Toronto Stock Exchange  with many financial reports available at  the Sedar web site
    In Australia, the primary web site is  the Sydney Stock Exchange  with leads to company web sites which typically have useful information comparable in quality to that found on the SEC web site in the United States.

080108 at 7:09am  Gambling is relying on chance, the turn of a card or the spin of a wheel in typically rigged "games", to determine the outcome. Investing has two separate and distinct meanings. As used by sellers of "investments" it typically means "you give us your money forever and maybe, only maybe if we feel like it, you get some of it back".
      But there is also the original, pre salesman, meaning of the word "investing" which is carefully analyzing all available facts to determine that there is something of value involved, estimating what one can get back *out* of a deal as accurately as one can, and only then, if and only if the expectations of benefit exceed the costs by a sufficient margin, going into the transaction with a cautious eye on subsequent events so as to exit if one's expectations are not satisfied. This latter meaning is *why* I became a reader of SEC financial reports. The facts available on that web site are the best and most realistic that I have found anywhere.

080107 and circa that date:  Reading the home page of ZenWarrior, who started the Stock Talk group [on MySpace], I noticed his blurb about thinking it was fun to have run $4500 up to $2.25 million and then back down to zero during the Internet Mania swindles circa March 7, 2000.  During the same time period I was busily creating massive tax problems for myself selling positions in stocks, often bought years before for reasonable costs, at ludicrous high selling prices.  I was also busily scarfing up batches of really good stuff that crazies were throwing away for "quite reasonable" prices, in order to chase after the fancies and frauds of the Internet Mania swindle system, which purchases have been creating tax liabilities for me ever since via income and capital gains.  As far as I'm concerned, none of it is any fun, all of it is work, often quite difficult and anguishing work and certainly personal roller coaster rides, such as ZenWarrior extolled, are among the most Beau Ring of all possible scenarios.  But as a result of him getting the proper link in place for the EDGAR search engine which is the center piece of my own stock research, I did join his Stock Talk group 080107. What happened was a total flame war by Zen Warrior against anyone having anything to say other than the conventional "we's dumb" about churny burny online video gambling being the only way to "trade".

080104 at 8:28am  As for my sloth in removing deposits from a known de facto bankrupt bunko which has been acting even more strangely than expected, it has to do with the reality that the highest risk of loss is when money is "in transit" through the criminally corrupted bunko system.  Publishing confidential financial information including account numbers on infinitely hackable web sites is an overt criminal abrogation of Article IV of the US Constitution Amendments prohibition of illegal searches.  Allowing any criminal thief anywhere in the world to steal account balances devoid of authorization from the owner, simply for knowing the "routing numbers" which they can (and have in situations where my money was stolen) obtain from the infinitely hackable web sites is similarly a criminal abrogation of the civil and human rights of American citizens. It is a very messy and difficult situation which His British Lordship the criminal mastermind Greedspan has treasonously inflicted on the United States

080104 at 8:23am  Replying to a comment from a reader in an online discussion forum, I observed that it *is* for most people a question of perhaps "not yet" having to read SEC Financial Reports.  Until the fraudulent transfers of stockholders equity to criminal cronies of munchiments via "stock buybacks" was reintroduced and aggravated in the past decade, I myself didn't feel the need to read the SEC reports when making trading decisions.  Air Ninnies, euphemized as "earnings", and even "book value" still had some meaning because they weren't being aggressively stolen by insiders and other criminal thieves of the ratable property of cash paid public stockholders. Nowadays, even knowing what the current theft/flow through ratio is on those fraudulently reported "earnings" isn't enough because yesterday's honest munchiment can readily turn into tomorrow's de facto bankrupt debt drunk fraud system.

080103 at 3:14am   I replied to a comment from a reader in an online discussion forum who asked "Are you going to withdraw?" from the bunko that has been dealing fraudulently.
      As far as my ownership stake in the company, those shares were sold in 2003 when I discovered the criminal thefts of stockholders equity via "stock buybacks", which is a euphemism for fraudulent transfers of everyone else's equity to criminal cronies. My one sadness in *that* aspect of the situation is that so few people are Readers of SEC Financial Reports that the vast majority of continuing stockholders see only the Ponzi style *illusion* of quarterly increased dividends without understanding that there is only an increasingly huge hole in the ground where their equity is "supposed to be", based on thefts from depositors and creditors of the bunko.
      As for my deposits in that bunko, that is going to require a longer term workout, a process that I have "started" but not yet finished because of the essential nature of *having* a "banking" relationship.

071230 at 3:53pm  Further on the bunko situation, some detail about a particularly noxious aspect of what was happening on the lowest level. Visually comparing the signature on an order presented at the counter against the one on record on the signature card is entirely appropriate. Pushing a point with signature verification completed but *comparing* an identification paper against the internal record of the one being carried by the person would be only "questionable".  Making a new RECORD of the identification card numbers on every transaction is an open invitation for any embezzler within their orgie (such as the wannabe possessor of others identity papers) to engage in criminal theft from the account.  The orgie in question has already stolen BILLIONS of equity at the corporate level from its continuing stuckholders, hence this low level craze for creating embezzlement opportunities is especially noticeable.

071228 at 10:43pm  The name has been omitted because I still have deposits there.  Whenever a company I'm doing business with acts strangely, I look at the SEC web site to see their financials.  So when a bunko did such things as attempting felony possession of my ID papers, disruptions of my ability to direct payment of my funds, and even a gratuitious hit on my fragile old shoulder from an empee who insisted on mispronouncing my name, I looked them up.  From net tangible equity of $9.76/sh at 011231 their thefts of equity for making greenmail payments to criminal cronies slashed them to DEFICIT $-7.03/sh at 030630 (about when I sold my shares) and further to DEFICIT $-15.44/sh at 070930.  With a massively exposed mortgage loan portfolio at ludicrous low rates, their reserves are trivially less than 1% of loans out.  Still maintaining the Ponzi style illusion of "increasing dividends" every quarter to stuckholders.  Yup, cause to be concerned even if the irresponsible bunko regulators never shut them down.  [Follow up note in 2009:  they were in fact shut down, without any mention being made of their criminal theft of their stockholders equity and depositor funds, in late 2008]

071211 at 7:47pm  It has been sitting down there in the "equity" section of the balance sheet ever since I started accumulating the 0.43% of total portfolio value that I have in the shares. Of course I always look for those phony "Preferreds" and Minority Interests and "convertible" debt, when they're in the "equity" section and deduct them from the Equity amount as I should since they are PRIOR CLAIMS on the assets before the stuckholders get anything.  Old coot (foolish human person) that I am, I have been ignoring the "Deferred Compensation" entry in the equity section for years now despite the obvious fact that it is for sure going to be paid long before the stuckholders get anything at all. Along with my holdings being a serious loss approaching the full 0.43% of total portfolio value, it is a shame against my evaluation prowess that I have been ignoring that defect.

071101 at 11:11am  There are times when the SEC Financial Reports are not enough. Case in point is the current meltdown in the mortgage muckit wherein freeloading frauds using money stolen by the Frauderal Reserve Bored and its bunko members have been living wildly beyond their means and rigging the costs of housing to ludicrous levels for the entire American people.
      A series of "mortgage insurors" have started selling at levels where my normal valuation techniques would indicate buying them.  In fact I did buy a first tax lot of one of them but then balked at buying my normal second tax lot of that one on a scale down and completely avoided another mortgage insuror.  The reason: the freeloading frauds using the "free money" stolen from depositors at ludicrous low interest rates to pay for their profligate lifestyles have absolutely nothing at stake in the houses for which they overpaid during the free money inspired "boom" in house prices.  Their empty promises are starting to come home to roost.

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