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Securities Analysis Course
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Lesson 2  Balance Sheet Analysis
Lesson 3  Avoid Manic Blow Offs
Lesson 4  Pricing a Buy/Sell Decision
Lesson 5  Exceptions to Rules
Lesson 6  Municipal Bond Funds
Lesson 7  Real Estate Investment Trusts
Lesson 8  Registered Investment Companies
Lesson 9  Alternative Investments

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my creosote bushes
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Felony Identity Theft

130202  The history of how this site came into being is available in the "Odds and Ends" section above.  The vast majority of my articles, and especially the photo journals for the "Gardening" section have yet to be reassembled into this new web site.  What is already available is shown with links to it.  I remain active elsewhere on the whirled wide wubb, but unless I have something to say which quite genuinely relates specifically to the web site where it was originally posted or unless it is something needing to stay there relative to original inquirers on those web sites, it is easier on me for maintenance purposes to have all of my blogs in one place.
anima.gif      Et voila! welcome to Bob Grumbine's Central Blogging Site, a compendium and more or less comprehensive review of what this old coot has to say about the life and times in which I have managed to remain resident despite multiple efforts to terminate my finances, other human and civil rights, and even life itself on occasion.
      There is no photograph of me personally on this web site.  Had been a clickable access to one on the original public service professional web site.  Decided never again to include such a photograph online during some time I spent on Fascist Buch being subjected to their creation of, and irresponsbily lengthy failure to terminate the felonies in progress, numerous felony identity theft accounts using versions of my name and my Profile photo (duly reported to the Federal agency applicable to felony identity thefts at the time that they occurred) to support their homosexist Boston/ San Francisco political objectives and for other criminal purposes against me, such as hacking my computer to install malicious sorft WAR in their capacity as a web attack test bed for their "part" owner the convicted criminal predatory Microsoft monopoly.  As detailed in my lengthy photo treatise on Felony Identity Theft , I have become quite intolerant of the criminal activists who engage in those practices whether under the auspices of the convicted criminal predatory sorft WAR craporation or under the auspices of the "legalized" fraud and theft casino industry in my home state.  The animated gif that I use as my logo is a combination of my travel oriented Navajo sand painting with three of the other life forms that I have adopted from time to time because they express parts of my own character.
      Regardless of that absence of personal photo, there is a means for you to object to and/or comment on what appears on this web site via email to me  which I will see and reply to if appropriate and what you send is not the ubiquitous spam emails which seem to infest every email inbox extant.